Monday 1/5/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Maria has a premonition that Edmund's life is in danger. She rushes to find him. Edmund is at the cabin with the 6 people who are stranded their and ready to leave. Kendall and Greenlee both accuse Ryan of still having feelings for the other. Mia and Aidan have just hooked up. And there is a suspicious guy there who is supposed to be there to help Juan Pablo.

Babe and JR have another argument where she is worried about his distrusting her and she accuses him of seeing her as another girl to mess around with, not his wife. But they reconcile again. Jamie talks to Maggie, at the party, about his obsession for Babe. Maggie urges him to get over Babe. Simone knows that Tad has just slept with Krystal. She goes to find him after Krystal has left and they sleep together.

ATWT by Glynis

Annabelle calls an old friend and plays the blackmail game. Carly forces her way in and is warned to go home and keep her nice set-up. Craig remembers making an anonymous call and takes an old bag to a place to stay. Dusty ties up money to prevent bail and turns his nose up at an apology. Holden threatens to pull out the rug if he sees anything funny and is told that he isn’t helping. Jennifer defends her mother and has a serious talk with a sibling. Jessica is pleased to hear that her client has found a way to get out of jail. Katie and her beau find the door open and her baby gone, later she finds 2 babies. Lily is open to talk about the Roller Palace and makes up with a significant other.

Mike finds rabbit tracks and while towel-clad, helps a friend get over the hump. Mitzy can’t help being happy about a recent arrest, finds things are finally going her way and doesn’t allow an enemy to walk away from her. Molly tries to make up but gets told to go to hell, and threatened with charges. Paul learns that his situation is more serious than it was when he is told that his assets have been frozen; he refuses money for bail and gives a well-deserved hug. Rosanna is stopped when she tries to rush to her friend, is given an offer to head over to the station escorted, and ends up going there alone.

B&B by Lea

Ridge looked at pictures in Brooke’s office. Nick stopped by to talk. Ridge told Nick it was his fault the marriage ended. Ridge vowed Brooke and Nick would never be together raising the baby. Stephanie told Eric that Brooke had left town. Eric found the situation sad. Stephanie said the family would be there for both of them.

Massimo and Jackie met for lunch and she told him that Brooke ended her marriage last night. Jackie asked her husband to take the afternoon off, but he couldn’t. Eric found Jackie at the restaurant and they discussed the baby situation. Eric invited her to take a walk on the beach and she declined. Massimo arrived to see Eric kissing Jackie’s hand as she left. Massimo warned Eric to stay away from his wife.

Days by Rebecca

Bonnie and Mickey go home together!

Bo and company find Tony outside trying to fight them off, but he fails. Bo and John followed by Sami and Marlena run into the kitchen to find a dead Roman. Kate, covered in blood, refuses to believe that Roman is dead. Nicole is happy that Roman is dead, and it seems like she is still a suspect! Everyone at Tuscany, however, feels that they have found the killer - Tony.

GH by Nicole

Emily and Nik read the treasure book and imagine what life was like back then and the love that Constance and Nikolai had. They find the last page of a map is missing. They agree to go look for it. Carly and Alcazar kiss on the bridge as Jason watches and Carly tells Alcazar that she does not want him. She goes back to the Penthouse and cries when Jason comes in and tells her that he saw them. She says she does not love Alcazar and needs to get him out of her system and asks Jason not to tell Sonny so he doesn't destroy himself again. Courtney and Brian talk at Kelly's about how hurt they are. Liz makes an attempt to be Courtney's friend, Courtney is surprised but welcomes the friendship. Dillon talks with Georgie at the hospital, she tells him they need to move on, he gets upset and starts yelling. Justus tells him to stick by the woman he loves. Sam gets bitten by a scorpion in the shack and Sonny takes care of her, while she is mumbling about the treasure map.

GL by Megan

While Reva keeps vigil at the hospital, Jeffrey pays a visit. She is struck by his repeated kindness to her and her family and wonders if someone new in his life has made a difference. Jeffrey sidesteps any question that would lead to Marah and instead asks Reva to look at the license plate that came off the car they found at the river. Without knowing it belonged to Alan or even that it had been submerged, Reva surprises herself by "reading" the tag -- and seeing someone drowning. At first, she believes it's Shayne and fears for his recovery; but once she's reassured her son is all right, Reva sees the true face of the drowning man. The face belongs to Josh.

Carrie gives Marah, Marina and Michelle her perspective on what happened to Maryanne Caruthers while Josh, Alan, Billy, Buzz and Ed are forced to look once more at the choices they made that fateful evening in 1977 when they met Maryanne at the county fair. Alan recalls slipping a drug into a pitcher of beer that he then distributes to Maryanne and the other guys. The men remember cramming into a car, drunk and reckless, only to crash into the river. Josh recalls his brush with death when Billy pulled his drowning brother from the river. But all the men recall that despite their searching, Maryanne never resurfaced. They made a pact on the riverbank to never speak of what had happened that night.

By the end of the day, Josh, Alan, Billy, Buzz and Ed must reaffirm, once again, the solemn pact they made thirty years ago on a night they can, God help them, never forget.

OLTL by Traci

Bo and Michael/Al tried to resuscitate Gabrielle but were unsuccessful. Gabrielle is now dead. Nora went looking for Troy and called John to let him know what was going on. Rex tried to get close to Jen but she still just pushed him away. Marcie and Greg continued to spend time together at Ultra Violet, along with Marcie's brother Ron. Starr did not want her mother Blair to call the police on her father Todd. Dorian still wanted Blair to call them anyway. David found out that Walker was really Todd.

Antonio and Jessica spend some time alone together. Michael/Al was hurt by Gabrielle's death. Vicky tells Kevin not to rush into anything with Blair. Just as Kevin is leaving, Kelly comes by to talk to Vicky. Kelly blames Blair for her marriage breaking up. Kevin tells Kelly that he is planning on announcing their separation. Starr leaves with her father Todd after he comes back.

Passions by Brenda

Antonio and Beth discuss locking Sheridan up in the psych ward. Antonio is having second thoughts, but Beth tells him that it is the best thing to do for Sheridan. Beth tells Antonio to keep fighting for Sheridan, so that he can be with her and Luis will come back to her. Whitney looks out the window from the Crane nursery, where she is spending time with Fox and little Ethan. She is totally stunned to see her mother and Julian sharing passionate kisses in the garden.

Theresa is in jail, charged with kidnapping. Julian makes an offer to her attorney. Woody delivers the message to Theresa that Julian will drop the charges and she can be released, if she agrees not to seek custody of little Ethan, but Theresa refuses.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Angelo beats his meat, and then makes a hasty retreat. Bobbie tries to plead his case. Brittany shows her naivety, but still tries to talk sense to her father. Drucilla fakes interest in new developments. Frederick loses his temper, thinking that his daughter is going to end up with scum and vows to see the end of Bobbie and his business. Gina was shocked that the party went as long as it did, and seems to understand why people might find a stranger strange. Jack sees a huge sacrifice has been made and agrees to meeting later that night. Michael learns a deadly secret and can only offer to be a good listener.

Neil doesn’t want to play hooky today, as he must learn the flower’s secret, but then learns the flower is in competitor’s hands. Nick is concerned that an associate hasn’t called, but heads out to work anyway. Nikki vows to find out the details of the previous night. Phyllis proves her loyalty once and for all, but at the same time has taken Newman out of the running, and then she realizes that she may have been duped. Sharon remembers her crimes and admits to doing more than the expected.

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