Friday 1/2/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Greenlee tries to get Ryan's attention, but he has Kendall on the brain. Mia tries to get Juan Pablo's attention but he has Greenlee on the brain. Kendall tries to get Aidan's attention, but he knows she's simply using him because Ryan dumped her, so he returns to Mia. Greenlee confronts Kendall, knowing she's lying about being pregnant. Ryan returns to Greenlee. Mia and Aidan are busy getting it on. Kendall invites Juan Pablo to go have a drink with her. A guy who has entered the cabin, who is Juan Pablo's supposed friend, has some suspicious items in a tool box.

Adam and Mary are certain that Babe is sleeping with Jamie, JR has discovered them together and JR's and Babe's marriage will be over. But Jamie discovers Babe is only ready to sleep with him so he will leave her alone and let her go back to JR. Right when they are together in the hotel room, JR enters. Jamie hides in the closet. JR tells Babe he has his doubts about her being faithful. But they leave together with no conversation about divorcing.

Tad is with Krystal. While his sole intent is supposed to be getting information from her about Babe and Jamie, he ends up sleeping with her. Simone, Liza and Brooke know that they've left together, and what they are up to.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron learns that the truth is about to come out, envisions how it would be if he could have his way and misreads a situation. Alison fears that she may be hurt if she reveals the truth, tries to confess but is interrupted by a beeper, finds an abandoned baby’s mother going into the Intensive Care, grants the woman 5 minutes with her baby and is pushed in a scuffle. Barbara can’t tell the truth as that will get her son in trouble for sure, is hurt that her son would say she was involved in trying to frame him, knows that her son would be okay if he had never agreed to marry and loses sympathy for her son. Chris finds the rules have been broken and is angry that a hospital worker doesn’t understand what is really going on in a child case.

Dusty tells that a suspect is going down and convinces a twin to work for justice. Holden comes to get his wife to spend time with the children, recognizes a familiar piece of clothing and sees that his family seems back on track. Lily is sure that she can take care of her family by herself, is confused when asked to come and make cookies, changes her mind about going out when she speaks with her son, gets a babysitter, demands that a suspect be arrested or she will go to the tabloids and swears vengeance. Lucy sees no reason to talk of what would be if things were different, but would be willing to talk if things were different. Mitzy misses a chance to get an ally as she broaches a subject and is interrupted, is accused of defying an order and realizes that the jig is up. Paul can’t make the others see that he is being framed, finds the cops lazy, is booked, puts his mother in the spotlight and says again that he is being framed.

B&B by Lea

Brooke insisted she is doing the right thing by ending her marriage to Ridge. They will have their love and this last night. Brooke returned the wedding ring he gave her. Stephanie arrived with Brooke’s bags and with Hope. Brooke planned to get away for awhile. Ridge blamed his mother for Brooke’s decision. Stephanie asked Ridge to let Brooke do the honorable thing. Brooke swore to Ridge one day they would find their way back to each other.

Deacon took steps and he felt pain. Oz confronted Deacon about Bridget. Oz presented Bridget with a wedding gown.

Days by Danielle

Roman and Kate’s wedding reception continues despite the few setbacks. John, Bo, and Hope search the perimeter of Tuscany looking for Tony. Celeste predicts that at the stroke of midnight another loved one will fall. Roman meets his doom when he comes into the Tuscany kitchen alone to get evidence that proves Nicole killed Colin. He is shocked when he unmasks the killer shortly before the killer slashes Roman’s throat with a sword. Later, Nicole reveals to Victor that she has the evidence that Roman went into the kitchen to get but won’t reveal how she got it. Philip finally arrives to join the reception. Celeste’s vision comes true as Kate comes out of the kitchen to stand under the flower covered arch, covered in blood and screaming.

GH by Nicole

Sam hops om Sonny's jet and says he owes her for testifying. He agrees to drop her off for a cut of the fortune. They get stuck in a shack, and get wet in the rain. Carly calls Jason and tells him something is wrong and asks him if his feelings were intense. Carly confronts Alcazar about the night on the Haunted Star. Nik finds Emily in the water on the shore, resusciates her and tells her he cannot live without her. Cody is confronted about the fortune and tells them to look for Sam. Jax offers Courtney a job.

GL by Megan

Ed sees Marah, Michelle and Marina talking at the hospital -- and already frazzled, believes they are conspiring to ask him more questions about Maryanne Caruthers. When he attempts to put them off, he realizes their questions were just about Shayne. Later, he nearly gives Shayne the wrong medicine, and for Ed, it's the last straw. He goes to Company and tells Buzz, Billy and Josh he can't keep the secret any longer. Billy brings Alan into it but no one can talk sense into Ed, who tries to leave. It promises to get violent, quickly, when Ed charges out the door and Billy roughly pulls him back, insisting what they know stays in the room. But they're unaware that Michelle has "had it" as well, having witnessed Ed's medical blunder and knowing it's somehow tied to the stress he's feeling -- stress she now fears she put him under by bringing up Maryanne to begin with. She returns to the museum and angrily summons Carrie, demanding the whole story. Carrie is happy to oblige. Harley visits Phillip, and against her better judgment, questions him about things at Spaulding. Getting nothing, she assures him all his friends want him better, soon -- and leaves. She reports in to Jeffrey, who is aware of her visit and asks if she got anything. When Harley rails against the way this job is setting her up against the people she loves, Jeffrey is affected. After Harley goes, he picks up a message Marah had left for him, and he silently and sadly deletes it.

OLTL by Traci

Flash had a bit of a scare while she and Riley preformed a song at Ultra Violet. Micheal/Al tried to cut in on Marcie and Greg. Daniel showed up at Lindsay's party drunk. Lindsay was happy that people showed up. Troy tried to convince Nora that he is being framed and he did not commit the murders. Bo and Gabrielle plan to announce their engagement. Paul calls Kelly and tells her that Kevin was with Blair.

Rex tries to make Jen feel better. Todd searched for Blair. Kevin and Blair made love, afterwards Blair told him it was a mistake and it can't happen again. Micheal/Al kissed Marcie at midnight. David saved Dorian from being caught by the insuarance investegater because of her diamond necklace. Gabrielle thanked Micheal/Al for the kind words that she gave him which helped her a lot. Todd followed Blair home and chased her through the house. Bo finds Gabrielle's body in the bathroom while there is a music box next to her.

Passions by Brenda

**Rebecca and Julian tie the knot, while Judge Reilly performs the ceremony. Eve cries at the wedding, and T.C. thinks she is crying because of his opinion that the marriage is a farce.

**Theresa has a bad dream about little Ethan being taken from her, and she declares that she is going to go get her son from the mansion. Whitney and Fox tell her not to do anything to jeopardize her custody rights. As soon as they leave to attend the wedding, Theresa goes to the Crane mansion and gets caught by the security guards,as she is leaving with little Ethan. Rebecca tells the guards to call the police, and Judge Reilly informs Theresa she is too irresponsible to have visitation rights. Theresa is hauled off to jail.

**Luis and Sheridan share a romantic New Year's Eve, while Antonio goes to see Alistair. Alistair talks Antonio into signing the papers to have Sheridan committed to the psych ward again, and this time it could become permanent.

**Ivy and Sam talk about beginning their relationship again, just as Grace has decided she made a terrible mistake and goes to tell Sam, but she sees Sam and Ivy share a kiss.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Angelo is sent to drop off some car keys and leaves a bit of advice for a worried wife. Anita gets a visit from a pissed off partner and admits that she understands his point of view. Bobbie gives solace. Brittany reaches a new understanding with a love. Jill shows up at Marcino's for a late drink and asks if she is over the hill. JT is invited to hang out with his roommates and asked if he things that Marcino's could get ugly. Michael finds a tattler working overtime to undo the wrong that he did. Miguel finds a Newman in a Newman in a terrible state.

Nick taunts an enemy who has no one to go home to, refuses to tell about Victoria’s absence and finds bruises on his wife’s face. Nikki is very concerned about Sharon’s whereabouts, makes a call to find her and then looks out at the cottage wondering where the girl could be. Raul tries to make a loved one see that her father is in danger. Sharon clocks a killer in the head, later she finds out that the man is dead, she picks up the phone then drags a dead carcass out the back door of a motel, leaving it in the snow, near the dumpster and then tries to get herself home driving in the snow.

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