Thursday 1/1/03 Short Recaps

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Happy New Year

AMC by Jennifer

not airing today

ATWT by Glynis

B&B by Lea

Days by Danielle

not airing today

GH by Nicole

not airing today

GL by Megan

Happy New Year!!!

Bill wants to speak with Eden about Tony. He needs her help keeping Tony under wraps. Joey asks Edmund for advice on giving Tammy his baseball ring. After, Joey awkwardly gives his baseball ring to an excited Tammy, admitting that he had a little help with the presentation from Edmund. A delighted Tammy shows her new ring to Edmund. Christopher makes a dinner date with Olivia. Reva admits to Christopher that all the old feelings she had for Josh have come flooding back like a miracle. Josh tells Bill that he doesn't want any new projects started at Lewis without his approval. Bill convinces Josh to change his mind and promises to keep him appraised of every decision. Jeffrey has mixed emotions about Marah waking up in his bed. Neither Jeffrey nor Marah seems to want this to end, but they made a deal that last night was out of time. Jeffrey teeters on the verge of opening up, but pulls back. Marah, tears in her eyes, rushes out. Ed tells Josh that so far, Michelle hasn't made the connection between the photo of the car and Maryanne. Josh wishes the whole thing would fade away. Marina's willingness to hope falters in the face of Shayne's latest setback. Cassie arrives at the hospital to check on Shayne. Reva admits to her sister that she might have finally pushed Josh too far. Marah learns about Shayne's surgery. Jeffrey tries to be his usual, contained self but his mind drifts to thoughts of Marah. Reva notes that something is bothering Josh. After Marah sees Josh in deep conversation with Ed, she has to wonder. Shayne wakes up.

OLTL by Traci

not airing today

Passions by Brenda

not airing today

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Angelo finds a hot stripper a little too ungrateful, can see the writing on the wall and is willing to twist the head off a troublemaker if need be. Bobbie offers a deal. Brittany is upset that an important contact hasn’t shown his face and takes the keys of her drunken father before heading home. Cameron reveals that he has all night for a special lady, and then his mean streak comes out. Frederick makes a drunken, threatening statement and puts himself in danger. JT can see that Raul has been missing out, and knows that having peace means a roommate quitting her job.

Nick refuses to give up his project. Nikki finds common ground with her husband. Raul gives a back rub and waits for details, and advises that the guys at Marcino's are not people to mess with. Raul refuses to take a little black book, as he will not start living again. Sharon is assumed to be a lady of the night, tries to get off with a simple explanation and clocks a woman-beater and rapist. Victor gives walking papers, decides to get someone from outside the family to run the company, feels that he is doing the right thing by admitting to his faults and provides his love with gifts and reinforces that he will always be filled with love.

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