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For Volunteers Only!

Please fill out this questionnaire and then please hit submit; it will arrive in our email-box. The only people that see this form's answers is our core management team (Suzanne, Gisele, and Boo).

Here are the questions...Thank you for taking the time to send us your answers. This information is private and will not be shared with anyone else.

Why do we ask these questions? Some people may feel some of these questions are personal. Some of it is so we know what kinds of things you can do or what TV shows you watch, so we know what you bring to the site. Some of it is just so we can get to you know you and can keep you guys straight from one another. Some of it is so we can send you presents at Christmas. There is no other reason, so please don't be paranoid! :)
Feel free to leave out information if you'd like.

If you haven't visited our site before, please make sure to click on the choices at top, such as "business plan" and "plans" . Thanks!

Please fill out this form below, as it's required of all our volunteers and helps us get to know you better! If you have any problem with answering these questions, please email

Please make sure you have read the volunteers page thoroughly and carefully!

Page updated 9/12/10

Your First and Last Name:
Your Email Address
For update/recap writers only--
which soap do you write updates or recaps for?
What other soaps do you currently watch (if any)?
What is your age (general decade is okay)?
What is your birthday, so we can send you a card?
Do you have a web page (if yes, what is the URL)?
Do you have an IM address (ICQ, AIM, MSN or Yahoo)
you can give us (so we can chat with you)?

Please give us your phone number, which will only be used in
case of emergency only. (we will give you ours as well).
Please send us your address to receive holiday cards or gifts
in December (we will not share this with anyone else).

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