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What Matthew Watches 3/1/03

Sundays: Sundays always start off with either "60 Minutes" at 7:00 or if FOX is showing "The Simpsons," I'll flip over there at 7:00. 8-9 is always "The Simpsons." 9:00: "Law & Order: Criminal Intent", and at 10:00 it's a toss up. I was watching "Boomtown" and then I started watching "Kingpin," but I also like "Dragnet" on ABC. 

Mondays: Usually CBS comedies (well not "Yes Dear" woof!) 10:00: "CSI: Miami." 

Tuesdays: I don't watch anything until "24" at 9:00. Then it's either "Judging Amy" or "The Shield," which by the way is an excellent cable show. 

Wednesdays: On Wednesdays I only usually watch "Law & Order" at 10:00PM. 

Thursdays: 8:00 "Survivor" 9:00: "CSI" and 10:00 "ER" or nothing at all. 

Fridays: This is the worst night for TV and that's okay because I'm normally not there. If I am, I usually wade through horrible specials or award shows. I watched "Queens Supreme" for a couple of weeks in January, but I think it got cancelled. I will sometimes watch "Law & Order: SVU," but of the three it's my least favorite. The characters get way too involved in the cases and often times we see into their personal lives. For me, I don't really care to know about the detectives' personal lives. "Law & Order" and "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" do a good job of keeping their characters' personal lives out of the show. After all the shows aren't really supposed to be about them. 

Saturdays: Probably worse than Friday nights. If I'm around and I'm lucky, I get to see special eps of all the three "Law & Order" shows. Sometimes CBS will throw a CSI our way too. Otherwise, it's movies, movies, and more movies.


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