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Primetime  TV Links Page

General TV Links to visit

This is just an unofficial fan page, we have no connection to any shows or networks.

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a) The Best 2) Episode Guides only 3) The Rest  

WWW-TV  With links to thousands of tv-related websites (banner)

a) These are the best resources, the ones we use the most:

TV Guide Online Besides having the online version of the magazine and a schedule of shows, it also has lots of news that's not in the magazine and tons of pages about tv shows past and present. 

The Futon Critic  Great resource for TV news! Lots of great news and spoilers

b) Episode guide pages:

Our episode guide page

Boris Ammerlaan's Episode Lists

The Episode Guides Page Guides for almost every show

The Guides Page A good collection of American TV show guides by Daniel P Andersson (no longer updated).

The Log Books Many scifi TV episode guides

The Nostalgia Pages-Radio and TV Logs Episodes Guides for some old shows.

c) The rest, in alphabetical order:


Lots of TV stuff

10star  Watch TV shows online for free (streaming) button TV

The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Find out who won/was nominated for Emmys!

AfterElton covers gay TV actors and stories - very funny, too!

Ain't-it-Cool Coaxial News The latest TV news!

Alex's A Trek to the Stars A collection of different show pages.

Certified Expert Click Here for Other Experts (button) All Experts  Ask TV experts questions.

Amazon TV Downloads  Download TV shows to watch, very cheap!

Amazon TV DVD's Buy many TV or movie DVD's here and help our site...

American Society of Assistant Cinematographers Cool!

Anime TV Series

TV questions answered at Answer Bag!

ARA Famous Awards Page that lists different entertainment and sports awards

Audiences Unlimited A source for free TV show tickets.

AudioSparks The music that powers Hollywood

Auman Museum of Radio and Television

Australian TV Guide



The Broadcast Training Program  non-profit organization for minorities

with TV celebs!
Gossip with celebs!

The Business of Television

Buzzworthy Radio Many celebrities interviewed here!

CastTV Videos Great site with lots of TV shows

The Celebrity Cafe Recaps, reviews and more

Celebrity Pictures Archive

Celebrity Prank Calls and Soundboards

Charity Folks  This auction site has many auctions for meeting TV and other celebrities!

The Classic TV Archive

The Classic TV Home Page About shows from the '70's and '80's.

Clicker Online TV Guide for TV Shows Online

Click for the Coffeerooms (button) Vote for our site The Coffeerooms A great place to discuss your favorite shows!

Collect Toy Maniac

Columbia House Order TV show videos here!

Crackle A great place to watch comedy and other stuff...

Creatures of the Night TV Horror Hosts

Cult TV

Cult TV Viewing Evolution

Culture Vulture

The Daily WAV Daily TV .wav files

Desktop Nexus tons of great wallpapers


DISH Network

Do You Remember the 70s, 80s and 90s? With a TV section

Drew's Script-o-Rama TV and Movie Transcripts

Early Television & Pop Culture Archaeology Club Great Facebook group

Earthstation 1: The TV, Movie, and Radio Themes Page

Edogo TV Interesting TV Site!

Entertainment Weekly's TV Site

Episode Guide Links Actually links to TV shows

The 80's Server All about 80's culture

edrive (button) Entertainment Drive Cool professional site.

Entertainment Wallpaper tons of great TV and celebrity wallpaper

EuroTV Interesting page about European TV.

FaceInHole Get your picture to look like TV stars!

Favorite Hunks
Blog with lots of photos of hunky actors and models, including soap stars (WARNING, there is nudity).

Film Quotes and T.V. Trivia

Former Child Star Central Funny e-zine about former child actors.

Free TV Tickets! Attend A Live Taping Of Your Favorite TV Show.  Great place to buy fridge magnets for your favorite shows, etc.

Funny Or Die  Tons of great comedy from comedian/actor Will Farrell (SNL) and others.

Fuse.TV  Music videos and more

Gallery of Celebrities Photos of celebs

Game Show Central

Garn's Guides many episode guides

Giant Daytime TV Daze  Lots of episode guides and other info; not just daytime

glaad Advertising Media Program  Improving lesbian, gay etc. perceptions through better advertising

The Guide The L.A. Times entertainment site with great movie reviews.

Guidewriters TV Series guides

Here Is TV  Reviews and recommendations of TV shows


Hollywood Home Page Yahoo group for people who want to get ahead in Hollywood.

Hollywood Network All sorts of great stuff, check it out! This is the place to go for actors information online. Great TV merchandise for sale, too.

Hollywood Reporter

The HTK TV Site Good TV Site with lots of current information

Hulu  Watch many TV shows for free here!

The Internet Movie Database Search for any information you'd want to know about movies, t.v. movies, actors, etc. Includes all t.v. shows!

Invision TV

Jam! Television

Jean Graham's Short Stories and Fan Fiction Archive Tons of great TV stories

JimHalterman TV news, interviews and giveaways

Jump the Shark Now owned by TV Guide

Justin.TV Live streaming video from around the world

TV, Movie, Music merchandise.

Kennedy TV SF Guide  Lots of info about TV scifi, fantasy, and more

KSite TV

The Late Night TV Page Find out what guests will be on the talk shows! Entertainment news site

Like Television  Download and watch TV and movies!

The Log Book

The Magrathea/SFTV Page! Used to be a great guide to Scifi TV but is not updated any more

Message Central  Forums and some TV show info

Metro Entertainment Autographs, toys and more

Miss TV Girl Good TV blog with lots of info!

Morty Port  Lots of TV info

Mr. Media A cool weekly column that is syndicated in papers.

The Munchkyn Zone Reviews of all sorts of Scifi TV shows

The Museum of Advertising Icons Collectibles from TV and print ads.

The Museum of Broadcast Communications In Chicago

The Network & Cable TV Guide

Newshare Studio Briefing Daily info from the entertainment industry! (no longer updated)

The Nielsens Those people who rate our TV shows.

90s TV & Radio Pages

Nostalgia Central  All about pop culture from the 60's-80's

Old TV Series
Links page for old tv series like The A-Team and Dallas divided in categories and ranked alphabetically.

Orwell Project about reality TV

Pazsaz Entertainment Network Great original pages about different TV shows.

Pieces of Flair Great Facebook app that lets you add cute sayings to your profile - do a search for any TV show or celebrity!  Great fun!! Send them to your FB friends, too!

Platinum Celebs Pics, news and more

Pop Culture Guide Covers many TV shows

Primetime Nights TV Forum

Project 80's Site about 80's TV shows with summaries and more

Retroland  About pop culture 60's-today

RewardTV trivia site where you can earn points for stuff

Sally McMillan's TV Hangout 

Save Our Show  Site to help you save your favorite show.

Screen Source- The Movie and TV Information Guide Good collection of information.

Seahaas  House of Schlock, wavs, and other fun stuff

Showcase - Television Without Borders All about provocative TV shows.

Simply Scripts  Read TV Scripts Online

TV Single Dads Hall of Fame (button) Single Dad TV Hall of Fame Unusually-theme site that mentions a lot of shows not usually covered on the Web.

Sitcoms Online Links and more!

Soapsgirl's TV Multimedia Page Lots of great TV pictures…

Spunky Bean Covers many TV shows

Strike TV Watch many online soaps!

Stuntplayers Directory

T-Shirt King

Talkin' TV Our great Facebook group

The Television Info Page Directory of lots of TV show sites.

Television Legends Fascinating page…although too small.

Television Quizzes Nice interactive trivia quizzes.

Television Tunes  Awesome site with tons of TV themes!

Television Without Pity

Tim's TV Showcase An impressive page about a lot of different shows.

TKTV Used to be a great TV site but no longer updated

Toon Tracker Hear themes and parts of classic cartoons and TV Shows.

The Top TV Shows of the 70's Lists of the top shows

Television Forum at

Total Media, Inc.  A great site for buying videos, cassettes, or computer discs.  Great site with lots of info about all TV shows!

TV Acres

The TV Addict

TV Buzz Board

TV By the Numbers All about ratings AKA Zap2it

TV Cream about classic TV

TV, Eh Canadian TV site

TV Fan Online
Large site for both daytime and primetime TV, with news and a lot more.

TV in the 50's Classic TV site

TV Is King!

The TV I.V.

TV Jobs Broadcast employment services Same as above but different website and company

TV Locations

TV Of Your Life  Preserving TV classics

TV Overmind

TV Party Great Site!!!

TV Petitions

TV Shows on DVD  Find out all about your shows on DVD.

TV Sounds

TV Trivia

TV Trivia Links A great help for trivia fans…


The Ultimate Cult TV Page Lots of info and pics about many cult TV shows!

The Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide Television section.

Variety  The influential entertainment magazine's site

VideoETA  Find out when your favorite TV show or movie is coming out on DVD

Vidiot's Site  Covers Star Trek and other UPN shows extensively, plus a few others and some general TV info.

Vintage Radio & TV A tour of home entertainment equipment from 1895 to 1955

Wikipedia The online encyclopedia's TV section.  free live TV from around the world

XFinity Comcast's site for watching TV online

Yahoo's Television Page Huge directory of Websites devoted to TV.

Yahoo TV  Show info, pictures, listings and more!

YouTube Great site with many video clips, including TV shows, commercials, and more.

Links checked 7/8/12 by Suzanne

Check out our other Links pages for General Daytime Links, All My Children, Another World, As The World Turns, Bold & Beautiful, The City/Loving, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, General Hospital: Night Shift, Guiding Light, One Life to Live, Passions, Port Charles, Sunset Beach, Young & The Restless, International and other canceled soaps, Current TV Show Links, TV Network Links, Celebrity Links, 24, Blackadder, Alias, American Gothic, American Idol, Angel, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Boston Legal, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, CSI, Dawson's Creek, Drew Carey Show, Earth 2, Eerie Indiana, Fawlty Towers, .Ghost Whisperer, Grey's Anatomy, Grossepointe, Herman's Head, Heroes, Hi Honey I'm Home, Hollywood Heights, House, Howard Stern, Jericho, Larry Sanders Show, Law & Order, Lois and Clark, Lost, Mad About You, Mork & Mindy, The O.C., Pacific Palisades, Police Squad, Red Dwarf, Remington Steele, Savannah, Sledgehammer, Smallville, South Park, Space: 1999, Star Trek , True Blood, TV Nation, and Vampire Diaries.

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Page updated 8/3/12

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