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TV Nation & Awful Truth Episode Guide

"TV Nation" & "The Awful Truth" Recaps

TV Nation (1994-1995)


PREMIERE (aired July 19, 1994 in USA)  Michael Moore hears  about the North American Free Trade Agreement and moves the show to Mexico;  Rusty Kunde finds out who has an easier time of getting a cab: a  distinguished black actor or a convicted white felon; Merrill Markoe visits  the quietest prison in America.  We go house hunting in contaminated Love  Canal and Michael Moore goes in search of the Russian missile pointed at  his home town.       

THE NEW KU KLUX KLAN  (aired July 26, 1994 in USA) Michael  Moore asks what exactly can the chairmen of  American companies do?  Karen  Duffy finds out how some people are getting rich off  people with AIDS.   Louis Theroux meets the new Ku Klux Klan Michael Moore enjoys the fruits of  victory with a tour of  free and democratic Kuwait.  Merrill Markoe meets  the happiest animals in America.      

THIRD SHOW(aired August 2, 1994 in USA) Michael Moore goes to Washington to see  how much democracy he can buy for $5000.  Karen Duffy  takes a trip to the least visited state in the country. Louis Theroux goes  door to door with Avon ladies in the Amazon. Roy Sekoff sniffs out what  happens after New Yorkers flush their toilets. A day with Dr. Death.      

PRODUCT PLACEMENT NIGHT  (aired August 9, 1994 in USA) Merrill  Markoe gets advice on where to go on vacation from some people who aren't  going anywhere.  Louis Theroux visits President Clinton's real home town,  Hot Springs, Arkansas.   For the first time on broadcast television, it's  the TV Nation Health Care Olympics, with Bob Costas and Ahmad Rashad.  It  used to be that royalty in Britain was just for the few.  But now their  titles are for sale. Tonight, meet Lord Mike.  More of our shameless attempt  to get higher ratings on 'Product Placement Night'.      

TV NATION DAY (aired August 16, 1994 in USA) Louise Theroux  visits Americans who are preparing for the end of the world.  Have your  pencils sharpened -- it's the broadcast premiere of the TV Nation "Get  Ready For Prison Test".  How is TV Nation coping with the end of the  Cold War? Tonight we're hauling Communism in our own 18-wheeler.  Michael  Moore conducts his own shuttle diplomacy to end the war in Bosnia.  How  Americans are celebrating TV Nation Day.       

GUN NIGHT  (aired August 23, 1994 in USA)  Merrill Markoe  talks to those "talk show people" Michael Moore threatens to move  the show to New Jersey and the mayor of New York is on the spot.  After  serial killers like John Wayne Gacey and Geoffrey Dahmer, what if a very  strange man moved into the house next door -- wouldn't the neighbors  notice?  And be sure to join us for more of Gun Night on TV Nation.      

GOLF NIGHT  (aired August 30, 1994 in USA) Michael Moore joins  American corporations in the trend towards downsizing and temping Ben  Hamper takes a look at a growing phenomenon in the American workplace -  sabotage on the job. Roy Sekoff finds out: will the American public respond  to any old junk mail?  Michael Moore returns to the land where caning  began - Great Britain, and Mike gets more tips on how to improve TV Nation.      

1994 YEAR END SPECIAL(aired December 28, 1994 in USA)  Tonya,  OJ, Bobbitt, Menendez, plus Michael Moore is in a holiday mood and tries  to give a  thousand dollars to America's neediest corporations.  First the  dive bomber, then the machine gunner; so TV Nation hires a security guard  for the White House.  TV Nation asks you, the viewers, to choose which  country the US will invade in 1995 Steven Wright drills the experts on what  the New Year has in store for the US.  Plus, Karen Duffy gives Satanists a  ride in our jacuzzi.  And our salute to last November's Republican victory.   And of course, Tonya, OJ, Bobbitt, Menendez, and The Meat Puppets. 


#1  (aired 7/21/95) Anybody can run for president in this country, so  TV Nation registers ex-con Louie Bruno for next  year's election.  Jeaneane  Garafolo finds that some public beaches are really private, so she  organizes her own beach party.  Louie Theroux finds out what it really  takes to clean up crime.  Rusty Cundieff discovers that Mississippi is just  getting around to abolishing slavery, so he goes there to get some slaves  of his own.  Michael Moore takes a bite out of corporate crime with Crackers  the Crime Fighting Chicken.      

PAYBACK NIGHT (aired 7/28/95) Michael Moore hires a KGB agent  to spy for TV Nation.  Louis Theroux finds out why so many tourists are  crazy for Jerusalem.  Karen Duffy finds lines, lines, and more lines and  brings relief to women around the country with the johns of justice.  TV  Nation visits a used car dealer who went to a government auction and came  home with a nuclear bomb factory.  All this and more tonight on TV Nation.      

#3 (aired 8/4/95) Tonight Crackers the Crime Fighting Chicken.  Seeks  justice in the city of brotherly love.  Michael  Moore goes to Newt  Gingrich country to get big government off his back.  Louis Theroux tracks  down  the electronic nose and why it's a threat to humans.  Jeff Stilson  visits a town that's going to Hell.  All this and more war reenactment battles. 

BROTHERLY LOVE  (aired 8/11/95) Tonight, TV Nation proves that the one  thing hate groups hate most is love.  Michael Moore goes on maneuver with  the Michigan Militia.  Jeff Stilson profiles the latest plan to save  America's cities, brightly-colored fish.  Michael Moore meets the face that  launched a thousand squad cards.  TV Nation sends KGB agent Yuri Schvet to  spy on our competition.  All this and more tonight on TV Nation.      

BULLY REUNION NIGHT(aired 8/?/96) Tonight, Crackers the Crime  Fighting Chicken strikes a blow for workers in Detroit and learns to fly.   You don't have to be a weather man to know which way the wind blows.  Rusty  Cundieff presents the TV Nation weather man.  Sinners can be winners with  Jeanene Garafolo's consumer guide to the confessional.  What's happened to  the Democractic party?  Yuri Schvetz, TV Nation's KGB spy, finds out.  Meet  Ivan and Andy.  They want to put people in jail for watching t.v.   Jeff  Stilson finds out why people in Britain need a license to watch the tube.   Revenge is sweet-or is it?   Find out when TV Nation Correspondents are  reunited with their childhood bullies on Bully Reunion Night.  All this and  more tonight on TV Nation.      

#6  (aired 8/?/95)Tonight Mike touches power by trying to hug all 50  governors.  It worked on Noriega, and it sort of worked on David Koresh.   Louis Theroux tries out psychological warfare at the OJ Simpson trial.   Rusty Cundieff visits Rosemont, IL, the town that wants to keep the rest  of the world out by putting police and gates at its city limits.  You can  look for the union label, but you can't touch.  TV Nation meets some newly- organized members of the labor movement.  TV Nation feels the pain of a  vanishing breed:  white men.  All this and more, tonight on TV Nation.      

#7 (aired 8/?/95) Tonight Michael Moore enforces the Contract with  America.  Louis Theroux shoots guns with the newest NRA member, Ted  Nugent.  Karen Duffy travels to Britain to turn a coal mining town into  part of Argentina.  Crackers the Crime Fighting Chicken ruffles some  feathers in St. Louis.  All this and more, tonight on TV Nation.

The Awful Truth (1999-2000)

A lot of this was taken from the official site, but we had to put it in order and fill in a lot of stuff.

Moore takes a group of Puritans down to D.C. to show Ken Starr and the Congress how next time to conduct a proper (and affordable) witch hunt.
Moore plans a funeral for the father of a 4-year-old and invites the CEO of Humana HMO. The man may soon die because Humana has denied coverage for a pancreas transplant.

A quiz show that pits the wealthy against working class in a battle of common knowledge.
Michael drives a hot pink Winnebago full of gay men and women determined to "protest" their way through states with anti-sodomy laws on the books.

Crackers goes to Disney World to confront Mickey Mouse about Disney's less-than-stellar treatment of their employees.
Relive the holiday spirit as Mike brings his merry band of carolers -- all who have lost their larynxes due to smoking -- to the offices and homes of tobacco executives and lobbyists. 5/2/99 UPS SAL
Michael's own collection agent, a dock worker named Sal, tries to collect the 2,000 jobs the United Parcel Service promised but has not delivered to striking employees.
PRESIDENT JEFFERSON talks about the presidential scandal.
Mike visits the Indian and Pakistan ambassadors to the United States and inquires about the nuclear arsenals of the world's newest nuclear powers.
Find out the winner of the 1999 Awful Truth Man of the Year award. One of America's richest men turns out to be the owner of one of the biggest polluting companies in the country. He's also building one of the biggest houses in America with over thirty bathrooms.
Would you rather listen to George Will and Cokie Roberts or nails on a blackboard?  It's a tough call.
MICHAEL BANNED FROM ROCKEFELLER CENTERBecause of the first story above, Michael receives a restraining order to keep him from the Rockefeller Center area--including NBC studios.

Approximately 43 million Americans don't have health care.  In response, hospitals like Franklin Memorial in Farmington, Maine are trying new ideas like workcare.  Under work care, people who can't pay their bills are forced to work around the hospital to pay them off.  When we heard that New York's own Jamaica Hospital was going to start a work care program, we went there to check it out.  Was work care just wacky enough to work?  Since George Clooney wasn't available, Mike decided to use his celebrity status to get this thing off the ground.
MIKE AIR-DROP TVS ON AFGHANISTANThe new religious government in Afghanistan has given everyone in the country 15 days to turn in their TV sets, or else. Michael decides to air-drop TV's on Afghanistan so they don't miss his show. 5/23/99 WHAT'S HAPPENED TO OUR DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
The Awful Truth profiles Defense Secretary and poet William Cohen, a decidingly unmacho choice for such a macho position in President Clinton's Department of Defense.
ISEELUCY.COMMike puts a camera on Lucianne Goldberg from his website.
(I missed this one so there may be more)

Go West, young men and women (and other people too), as Michael Moore loses himself in Montana, the beautiful state where many Americans go to lose themselves and others go to lose their mind. The Unabomer, the Montana Freemen--how it that such a gorgeous place has so many kooks? See The Awful Truth and find out.
What's a spokescamel to do when fired after 20 years of service? That's Joe Camel's dilemma in this segment of The Awful Truth. Join Michael and Joe as they visit the New York Career and Job Center, looking for work.

Crackers the Corporate Crime-Fighting Chicken engages the help of Willie Nelson to battle corporate chicken farms in Ohio.
What do you give a man who has everything? Michael presents the richest man in the world with housewarming gifts, including a weedwhacker.

 6/13/99 ? TURDONIA
Ted Turner owns more land in America than the entire country of Belgium, so Michael Moore decided that Ted should form his own nation.
At the end of WWII, Swiss banks accepted billions of dollars stolen by the Nazis from victims of the Holocaust. The Awful Truth sends Adolph to Switzerland to get the money back.

Michael Moore enlists the help of an Iraqi cab driver from New York to inspect America's weapons of destruction.
Anticipating events a couple years from now, The Awful Truth initiates a hunt to find Hillary Clinton a new husband. 6/27/99 ? OUR WEDDING
Michael Moore engages Malachy McCourt to preside over services in front of the New York Stock Exchange, as Daimler-Benz weds Chrysler in one of the biggest corporate mergers ever.
A laid off American auto worker is smuggled into a GM plant in Mexico to see if he can get his job back below the border.

Michael Moore travels around the country to investigate whether or not the employees at Manhunter, the #1 employer in the country, are minding a corporate memo instructing employees not to talk to Michael Moore. A corporate challenge game ensues. Who will win? Manpower or Michael Moore and The Awful Truth?

SEASON TWO of The Awful Truth (summaries from the Bravo site)

5/17/00 201 OUR PORTABLE MOSH PIT The premise is simple: The first presidential candidate to jump in our traveling mosh pit wins the endorsement of "The Awful Truth". No money needs to change hands, no back room dealings, none of the normal compromises that go along with presidential endorsement hunting - just jump in, and it's yours! PISTOL PETE A gun safety mascot for the real world. The NRA's gun safety mascot is Eddie Eagle, who teaches kids how to use guns safely. Pistol Pete teaches kids the lessons they need to learn to use guns the way they're really used in America in 2000. How to remove a bullet, how to beg for your life once your legally owned handgun is stolen, etc. Correspondent Jay Martel also pitches Pistol Pete to the gun manufacturers and the NRA. THEME-CONVICT ENDORSEMENT NIGHT All night long, actual convicts endorse popular products.

5/24/00 202 THEME NIGHT--COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATIVE NIGHT A celebration of the new phenomenon of "Compassionate Conservatism"-We have two teams of conservatives competing in the following events: dunk the homeless in a carnival dunk tank, Pie the poor (Pie throwing contest), Pin the Tail on the Illegal Alien, Bobbing for Blacks, Spank the single mom, and an all out "chicken" contest on the shoulders of the working poor. AFRICAN AMERICAN WALLET EXCHANGE In the aftermath of the Amadou Diallou verdict and the recent revelations about racial violence in Los Angeles, its open season on African American men for the police in America. Mike starts a program to teach African American men how to protect themselves. Including a street side wallet exchange in which he encourages men to turn in their black wallets (which can easily be mistaken for a gun) for a bright orange "safety" wallet.  JEB V. GEORGE The states of Texas (Governor George W. Bush) and Forida (Governor Jeb Bush) have turned capital punishment into a state pastime. They are two of the most enthusiastic proponents of the death penalty. Correspondent Jay Martel looks at the brotherly rivalry of the Bush brothers through the prism of a football rivalry, complete with pep rally outside an actual execution in Texas.

5/31/00 203 NURSING HOME KUNG FU America's Elderly are frequently subjected to abuse and neglect at the hands of the large companies that administer care at Nursing Homes. Correspondent Karen Duffy teaches a group of elderly people self defense so they can fight back. GIULIANI SEX SHOP The mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, passed a law which stated that in order for a pornographic store to stay open, 60% of the merchandise on the shelves had to be categorized as "non-pornographic", only 40% could be porn. Michael Moore opens a store which features 40% smut, and 60% Giuliani for Senate memoriblia. THEME NIGHT--BRIT V. CANUCK "HELP THE DEAD GUY" NIGHT A man sat on a NYC subway train for 5 hours before anyone noticed he was dead. We test to see if our allies would react any differently.

67/00 204 WE TURN IN HOLIDAY INN A number of maids working for the Holiday Inn hotel chain were trying to organize a union. Rather than let them organize, Holiday Inn called the Immigration and Naturalization Service and had them all deported. As payback, Michael checks in to various Holiday Inns across the country and turns them in to the local police for any violations he can find. SAL V. BMW Sal Piro, the "Awful Truth" Bill Collector goes after BMW to claim reparations for the slave laborers the auto company used during World War II. 6/21/00 205 ELECT THIS POTTED PLANT We follow "The Awful Truth" candidate for House of Representatives in the State of New Jersey, a ficus tree. We go through the fundraising and stumping process with our candidate. Michael serves as campaign manager for the one candidate who will never vote for pro-life issues, never fire a gun, never take dirty money. FICUS ELECTION RESULTS An update on how our Ficus candidate fared in the congressional primaries in New Jersey. 

6/28/00 206 MR. PIMP GOES TO WASHINGTON We introduce "The Awful Truth's" answer to campaign finance reform. A man who knows something about selling oneself for money, a street pimp. Michael takes our candidate to the halls of the US Senate, where Mr. Pimp can slap some sense into the current occupants of the house as he tries to take control of the money flowing between Congress and Political Action Committees. THEME NIGHT-TAXI MIKE In 1994, Michael did a piece demonstrating that New York City cab drivers were more likely to stop for a white convicted felon than they were for an award winning black actor. Well six years later, nothing has changed. In fact, actor Danny Glover filed suit against the City of New York late last year after he and his daughter were bypassed five times on a street corner. Michael decides that enough is enough. He gets his own yellow cab and cruises the city, picking up only African Americans. MALE APARTHEID WORKS! Michael Moore celebrates minority rule in a nation that is 52% female and 48% male.

7/5/00 207 THE CULTURAL DIFFERENCES OF CANADIAN BEER WORKERS Molson brewing company closed down its factory in Barrie, Ontario recently and moved a number of the jobs there to Toronto (60 miles to the South). When workers from Barrie inquired about following their jobs to Toronto, an executive from the company told them they could not because "the cultural differences would be too disruptive". Correspondent Ben Hamper investigates the cultural differences between Barrie and Toronto. CORPORATE CRIME UNIT-EPISODE ONE Michael uses some of the techniques that have proven successful in the war against street crime to combat corporate wrongdoing. He sets up a neighborhood watch in upper crust Union County, New Jersey and encourages residents to rat out corporate crooks. He takes a parole officer to a known criminal corporation. He sets up a "Safety Checkpoint" at the entrance to an industrial park and questions potentially criminal motorists. He takes a group of Guardian Angels to patrol the mansion lined streets and industrial parks of Union County. PUT THE HOMELESS IN STORAGE Correspondent Karen Duffy looks at a trend that's becoming increasingly common in America-homeless men and women living in storage lockers.

7/12/00 208 THEME-STOP AND FRISK NIGHT We salute America's loss of civil freedoms by having a bunch of retired policemen stopping and frisking passers by at random as we introduce the pieces in the program. CORPORATE CRIME UNIT-EPISODE TWO Michael uses some of the techniques that have proven successful in the war against street crime to combat corporate wrongdoing. (EPISODE TWO IN A SERIES OF THREE) C'MON, HE IS DUMB ENOUGH TO BE A COP! A man in New London, Connecticut was rejected from the local police force because his IQ was too high. Correspondent Jay Martel goes there to prove that he is actually stupid enough to be a law enforcement officer. NO TRIALS ALLOWED Nevada County, California's public defenders office has been neglecting its duty. Rather than defend the citizens that are referred there, the lawyers who staff the office have made a science of getting them to plead guilty to avoid a court trial. Dozens of innocent people have been sent to jail after copping pleas to crimes they didn't commit because the public defenders office coerces them into doing so to avoid a court trial. Two separate independent investigations have condemned the office for this practice. Michael goes to Nevada County to make their jobs even easier, he reads the entire city its rights and collects signed pleas from the entire population to eliminate the hassle of trying to collect them after arrest.

7/19/00 209 REPLACEMENT MIKE Michael Moore is so tired of constantly going into corporate lobbies and being thrown out that he auditions a series of "replacements" for his job-an attack dog who speaks with Mike's voice, a dozen red beret wearing five year olds, three Victoria's Secret models, and two Cuban Grandmothers. Their target: Tosco-an oil refinery corporation with a dismal safety record. SPRAYING GIULIANI An epidemic of mosquito borne West Nile Virus killed 3 people in the New York area last summer. The city and state paid millions of dollars to instigate a spraying campaign to wipe out the bugs. 141 people have been killed by excessive force by the police department in New York under the administration of Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Correspondent Jerry Minor does the right thing and sprays City Hall to eliminate the mayor. CORPORATE CRIME UNIT-EPISODE THREE Michael uses some of the techniques that have proven successful in the war against street crime to combat corporate wrongdoing. (EPISODE THREE IN A SERIES OF THREE)

7/26/00 210 WHEN IN NEW YORK CITY Correspondent Karen Duffy picks up a busload of actual tourists in Times Square and take them on a tour of New York that their travel agents haven't told them about-The 70th Precinct where Abner Louima was tourtured, an overcrowded classroom, an actual working sweatshop. ARE YOU A VICTIM OF GW BUSH AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Presidential frontrunner George W. Bush is not only firmly against affirmative action, he's a sub par student who turned his mediocre grades into a slot at both Yale and Harvard business school. Michael looks for people with better grades who were denied a spot at these schools because George W. is the heir to an American political dynasty. POST THIS FROM THE BIBLE Congress recently passed a bill that mandated that schools post the 10 Commandments in classrooms. Michael goes to congress and posts appropriate bible quotes ("It's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven") in the offices of the bills supporters.

8/2/00 211 SADDAM GAS Gas prices in America are going to hit an all time high this summer. Michael looks at how far Americans will go to get cheap gas. He opens up Saddam Gas, gas for 50 cents a gallon, all the proceeds going to support Saddam Hussein. He also indicts the UN's oil for food program by offering gas for free to anyone who donates canned goods for Iraqis starving because of the US bombing. (Which continues today) GULF WAR SYNDROME FUN RUN The US government denies the existence of Gulf War Syndrome, the disease that's affected thousands of Gulf War veterans since 1990. Michael goes to the Pentagon and stages a fun run of veterans with the disease for the benefit of a Defense Department representative. SUSSEX COUNTY, VA One of the 10 fastest growing communities in the country, according to the US Census Bureau. But people aren't moving to Sussex County, prisoners are. The County's growth can almost entirely be attributed to two huge new prisons that have been constructed there in the past 10 years. Karen Duffy goes to Sussex County to investigate the future of American Population Growth. 8/2/00

8/9/00 212 THE TERRORISTS HAVE WON There are huge swaths of the United States in which women can not exercise their right to choose an abortion because the right to life groups have scared all of the doctors who will perform that procedure out of the county/state/city/etc. It's the first time in the history of the Republic that terrorist tactics have worked to force a change (in fact, if not in law) in public policy. Michael goes to the Pro-life groups and surrenders the pro-choice movement, then "celebrates" the pro-life victory with a victory ticker tape parade. CLINTON NEEDS A JOB IN 2001, WE GET HIM ONE OF THE 20,000,000 Bill Clinton will be out of a job next year. We try to get him one of the 20 million jobs he's claimed to have "created". Part time, no benefits, low pay - a cherished spot in America's "new economy".

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