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South Park Episode Guide

Recaps of the "South Park" Shows!

Episode Guide Mr. Hankey's favorite episodes...

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101 Cartman Gets An Anal Probe Cartman is visited repeatedly by aliens, who also take Ike.

102 Weight Gain 4000 Kathie Lee visits to give Cartman an award, so he beefs up for TV.

103 The Volcano Episode While the gang are out hunting with Ned and Jimbo, a volcano starts to erupt.

104 Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride When Stan finds out his dog is gay, he tries to change him; meanwhile, Chef wants Stan’s attention focused on the big football game.

105 An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig  For a school project, the boys try to make a pig and an elephant mate; meanwhile, a giant clone of Stan wrecks the town.
106 Death Stan’s grandfather begs him to kill him, so Death visits; meanwhile, the town’s parents visit Washington DC to protest Terrence and Philip.

107 Pink Eye (Halloween Special) The townspeople turn into zombies while the boys try to have fun trick-or-treating.

108 Damien (Cartman's Birthday) The new boy in school tries to fit in while his father the devil gets ready to fight Jesus in the ring.

109 Starving Marvin (Thanksgiving Special) The boys order a watch but instead get an Ethiopian boy; meanwhile, raging turkeys terrorize the town.

110 Mr. Hankey (Christmas Special) Kyle, a Jew, feels left out at Christmas.

111 Tom's Rhinoplasty (Valentine's Day) Wendy is upset when Mr. Garrison leaves his job after getting plastic surgery and is replaced by an attractive substitute teacher.

112 Mecha Streisand When the boys find a special triangle, Barbra Streisand schemes to get her hands on it so she can be the most powerful creature in the world.

113 Cartman's Mom Is A Dirty Slut - Part 1 Cartman tries to find out who his real father is.


201 Terrence and Phillip Special (Comedy Central's April Fools Joke) Terrence and Philip try to save Celine Dion’s child from Saddam Hussein, who tries to take over Canada.

202 Cartman's Mom Is Still A Dirty Slut - Part 2 Mr. Mackey is fired for losing drugs at school, so he really gets into drugs; meanwhile, Cartman finds out more about his mom than he wanted to.

203 Chicken Lover  Officer Barbrady has to admit he can’t read while someone goes around town screwing chickens.

204 Ike's Wee Wee  The boys freak when they find out that Kyle’s family is going to circumcise Ike, and Kyle is annoyed when he finds out that Ike is adopted.

205 Conjoined Fetus The boys play dodge ball and go to the championships with Chef, while the townspeople try to make the school nurse feel better about her deformity.

206 The Mexican Staring Frog of Sri Lanka The boys help Ned and Jimbo with their TV show, causing Jesus to be more competitive.

207 Flashbacks AKA City on the Edge of Forever The school bus crashes.

208 Summer Sucks The townspeople search for ways to make this year’s 4th of July celebration exciting, since fireworks have been outlawed.  Meanwhile, Mr. Hand is stolen and Cartman takes swimming lessons.

209 Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls A film festival threatens Mr. Hankey.

210 Chickenpox When Kenny gets chickenpox, the parents of the other kids send Stan, Kyle, and Eric over to his house so they can get it "while they're young".

211 Roger Ebert Should Lay Off The Fatty Foods AKA Planetarium The children are brainwashed when they take a field trip to the local planetarium; meanwhile, Cartman tries out for a Cheesy Poofs commercial.

212 Clubhouses The boys compete to build clubhouses so they can play truth or dare with the girls.

213 Cowdays The town celebrates their annual cowdays, but they don't anticipate that the giant wooden cow is going to affect the local cows in a strange way.

214 Chef Aid Chef is sued when he protests that Alanis Morrisette stole his song, so the boys go to celebrities that Chef knew to raise money for his legal fees.

215 Spooky Fish Stan's Aunt Flo brings him a pet fish that kills people; when the kids investigate, they find a doorway to a parallel universe.

216 Merry Christmas Charlie Manson! Cartman's friends join him in Nebraska for his family holiday.  Stan goes without permission and Cartman's uncle busts out of jail with Charles Manson.

217 Gnomes The gang has to work with a jittery Tweek to write a paper for school and end up getting caught in the middle of a town fight against big corporations. All Tweek cares about is the Underpants Gnomes that keep stealing his underpants.

218 Prehistoric Ice Man Stan and the gang accidentally discover a man frozen from 1996.  Mephisto wants to dissect him.  Cartman just wants to be like his Australian hero.


301 Rainforest Schmainforest The boys are forced to take a trip to the rainforest with a dorky children's choir, but they get lost. Kenny finds love with a girl from the group.

302 Spontaneous Combustion Stan's father is asked by the mayor to find out why South Park residents are suddenly bursting into flames; meanwhile, the boys mix up "erection" with "resurrection" and think they have to crucify Cartman in order to save Kyle's parents' marriage.

303 Chef's Mama AKA The Succubus Chef gets engaged to a woman that completely changes him, making the boys think that she might be evil.

304) Tweek Vs. Craig  In shop class, the boys try to convince Tweek and Craig to fight each other; meanwhile, their new shop teacher can't forget his dead fiancée. 

305)  Jakovasaurs The boys go camping and discover a strange species (that sounds and acts like Jar Jar Binks in "Phantom Menace"); the town helps to save the almost-extinct species but then wants to get rid of them because they're so annoying--all except Cartman.

The South Park Movie: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut (7/1/99) The gang goes to the Terrence and Philip movie, "Asses of Fire", which is full of profanity.  The parents and other adults gang together to protest, which results in a World War against Canada, the possible execution of Terrence and Philip, and the coming to earth of gay lovers Satan and Saddam Hussein. 

306) Sexual Harrasment Panda The school brings in a sexual harrassment panda to teach the children about the subject, but it results in everyone suing each other.

307) Cat Orgy Cartman fights Stan's sister.

308) Melvins AKA Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub The adults have a millenium party but Stan is stuck with the geeky kids; meanwhile, the ATF thinks the party is a bunch of cultists about to commit suicide.

309) Jewbilee Kyle takes Kenny with him and Ike to Jew Scouts camp, where they meet Moses and a bear.

310) Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery While the gang try to figure out how to scare the 5th graders, the group Korn visits for a Halloween concert.

311) Chinpoko Mon The gang get brainwashed by Japanese toy manufacturers who want to use their toys to take over the US.

312) Hooked on Monkey Phonics Two home school kids start to interact with the local kids and learn South Park social skills.  Cartman decides he wants to be home-schooled, too.

313) Starvin' Marvin in Space Starvin' Marvin rescues his people with the aid of aliens from another galaxy.

314) War AKA the Red Badge of Gayness Cartman the drunken townspeople to take their civil war re-enactment out to the real battlefields so the south can win--and he can make Stan and Kyle his slaves.

315) Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics Mr. Hankey hosts a musical Christmas special that spoofs many classic Xmas shows, including Frosty the Snowman, Perry Como specials and the 1978 Star Wars Christmas Special.  "Christmas in Hell" may be my favorite!

316) Are You There, God? It's Me, Jesus Cartman and the gang think they got their period.  Jesus tries to get his father to make a big new year's appearance.

317) Worldwide Recorder Concert  Mr. Garrison visits his family when the class takes a field trip to Arkansas.


401) Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000 Cartman goes to jail for throwing a rock at Token; will the gang be able to win the big sledding contest against the girls without him?

402) The Tooth Fairy's Tats 2000 The gang learn that there's no tooth fairy but get the idea to steal other kid's tooth fairy money.

403) Quintuplets 2000 Haven't watched this one yet

404) TIMMY! 2000 The new retarded boy, Timmy, is diagnosed with ADD; soon the rest of the boys are, too.  Timmy joins a band that pisses off Phil Collins.

405) Pip  Haven't watched this one, either, but it's basically Great Expectations

406) Cartman Joins NAMBLA Cartman thinks he's too mature for his friends so he goes online to find new ones.  Kenny tries to stop his parents from having another child.

407) Cherokee Hair Tampons Kyle gets a fatal kidney disease so Stan tries to save him.  The parents fall for a fake holistic peddler.

408) Chef Goes Nanners Chef declares the town's flag racist.  The schoolchildren must decide whether it is or not.  Cartman and Wendy share an unexpected attraction.

409) Something You Can Do With Your Finger Cartman decides to start a boy band

410) Do The Handicapped Go To Hell? Satan is dismayed to find that Saddam is back and trying to get back into his life.  The boys worry that they will go to Hell.

411) Probably Cartman becomes a preacher to the South Park children while Satan tries to decide between his new lover and Saddam.

412) Fourth Grade The gang go to the next grade, which they don't like.  Meanwhile, their new teacher tries to track down Mr. Garrison.

413) Trapper Keepers A robot from the future wants Cartman's new trapper keeper

414) Helen Keller! The Musical The kids have to put on a show and want it to be spectacular.  Timmy befriends a scrawny turkey.

415) Fat Camp Cartman is sent to a fat camp while the other boys get Kenny to eat disgusting things for big money.

416) Wacky Molestation Adventure The kids get their parents sent to jail and take over the town.

417) A Very Crappy Christmas The kids try to cheer up Mr. Hankey and then have their own animated special.


501) Scott Tenorman Must Die Cartman has a rivalry with another kid.

502) It Hits the Fan A mysterious plague comes to the earth because of the word shit being used too much on television.

503) Cripple Fight Big Gay Al gets thrown out of scouts and Timmy fights with another crippled kid that everyone seems to like better.

504) Super Best Friends The boys get into a cult run by magician David Blaine.  The only ones to stop them from the mass suicide are Super Best Friends: Jesus, Buddha, Moses, et al.

505) Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow The boys promise to get Terrance and Phillip to appear at Earth Day festivities, but the duo have broken up.

506) Cartmanland Cartman inherits one million dollars, and Kyle starts to question whether he should go on living in a world where Cartman is happy.

507) Proper Condom Use The adults decide that the 4th graders should learn sex education because they are masturbating dogs for fun, but Mr. Mackey and Ms. Chokesondick are not experienced enough to teach them about it.

508) Towelie The boys get a new video game system and get hooked.  They meet Towelie, a mascot, and get caught up in a power struggle with secret government agencies.

509) Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants The boys send money to Afghanistan and get a box in return, leading the government to investigate. The boys stowaway on a government plane to return the goat and end up fighting with Osama.

510) How To Eat With Your Butt Cartman puts Kenny's face on a milk carton with his own butt as Kenny's face, but then some butt-faced people appear in town to see if Kenny is their long-lost child, so Cartman laughs so hard that he loses his ability to laugh.  Butters keeps getting in trouble for making faces.

511) The Entity Mr. Garrison decides to build his own transportation device because of horrible airline service and inconvenience.  It works great, even if it does require homosexual-like sexual behavior to run it, and it makes him very successful.  Kyle's annoying nerdy cousin comes to visit and drives Kyle crazy, so Kyle tries to get rid of him.

512) Here Comes The Neighborhood Token, the rich (black) kid in town, is not happy with being different from the other kids, so he invites other rich people to move there and it becomes like the next Aspen (all of the rich people are black celebrities).  The townspeople go up in arms to stop their town from changing and being taken over by the "richers".

513) Kenny Dies Cartman finds a crashed truck with aborted fetuses and figures out a way to sell stem cells to get rich.  Stan and Kyle have to deal with the fact that Kenny is going to die from a terminal disease.

514) Butters' Very Own Episode Butters looks forward to his annual anniversary dinner with his parents but ends up accidentally outing his father.  He gets lost when his mother tries to drown him in a fit of depression, and he has to find his way back home through some horrible places in the city.  Meanwhile, his parents become local celebrities like the Ramseys as people think Butters is just missing and his mother tries to hide what happened by blaming it on "Some Puerto Rican guy".


601) Freak Strike The kids figure out that talk shows like to have people with deformities as guests, so they make Butters look like he's got testicles on his chin in order to win prize money from the shows.  They find there's a whole group of freaks that make the talk show circuit, and they take Butters in as one of their own and decide to go on strike.  When Butters wins the prize, a trip to a Putt-Putt golf course that the other boys can't benefit from, Cartman goes on a talk show with his mother as an "out of control" child so that he can win, too.

602) Jared has Aides Because of seeing Jared in Subway ads, the boys decide to have Butters lose weight so they can be rich and famous like Jared, so they get sponsored by the local Chinese restaurant.  Butters gains weight instead, so his parents ground him.  Jared comes to town and shareshis weight loss secret that he has "aides" (meaning personal trainers), shocking everyone who thinks he has AIDS and is advocating it to all.

603) Asspen The boys' parents go on a trip to Aspen where they have to listen to a timeshare sales pitch which ends up taking over their whole vacation. The boys learn to ski and are surrounded by teens from a bad 80's-style movie where Stan is forced to race against the local tough guy.

604) The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer The kids force themselves to watch a bad kids' show (where Russell Crowe travels around the world beating people up) in order to see the new trailer for Terrance and Phillip's movie, but they keep getting interrupted and having to move around town to different TV's.  Chef can't figure out how to use his new TV and it ends up turning into a robot and walking around town smashing things.

605) Fun With Veal The boys visit a ranch and learn that cute baby cows are going to be slaughtered, so they abduct them and hide them in Stan's room, which results in a hostage situation.

606) Professor Chaos The boys decide to fire Butters as their new best friend and hold auditions for another one.  Butters decides to become an evil super-villain named Professor Chaos and destroy the world.

607) The Simpsons Already Did It Cartman buys sea-men (like sea-monkeys), thinking they will be something cool, and is disappointed in what he gets, so the kids pour them into the teacher's coffee.  She dies, and the news says that semen was found in her stomach, so they think they will be held responsible.  They go to the lab where she is being autopsied and steal the semen, then hide it back in Cartman's fish tank, where it grows into a real civilization.  Meanwhile, Professor Chaos still tries to destroy the world but finds that all of his ideas have already been done by The Simpsons.

608) Red Hot Catholic Love Church attendance is down because of the Catholic priest scandals, so Priest Maxi travels to the Vatican for guidance.  He finds that all of the priests are pedophiles and ruled by a giant spider.  The children are interviewed by counselors to find out if they have been molested, but instead they wonder why someone may want to stick something up their butt.  Cartman thinks that maybe people can shove food in their butts and crap out their mouths, so he tries it.  Meanwhile, all of the townspeople become atheists and soon they are also following Cartman's example.

609) Free Hat The boys get upset to find out that their favorite movies are being re-released with changes in them, so they try to get a movement going, where they give out free hats to get people to join, but people are more interested in freeing a serial baby-killer named Hat.  The boys end up facing the Wrath of Lucas and Spielberg as they try to steal the only original copy of "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

610) Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society  BeBe wants plastic surgery to get her breasts reduced because the boys revert to cavemen whenever Bebe is around and fight, and the girls suddenly have turned on her.  The boys almost destroy the town and themselves.

611) Child Abduction Is Not Funny News reports scare the parents of the town that their children are not safe from abductors, so they hire the guy who runs City Wok to build a big wall like the one China has.  He tries but has to constantly fend off Mongol hordes.  The parents send their children away to protect them from each other, so the children are adopted by the Mongolians.

612) A Ladder to Heaven The boys try to return a winning ticket to get tons of candy, only to find that Kenny was the one holding the ticket.  They break into his house to find it.  Cartman makes cocoa from some powder (Kenny's ashes) and ends up being possessed by the spirit of Kenny.  The boys try to build a ladder to heaven so they can ask Kenny where the ticket is.  The adults find out about the ladder, it becomes a national focal point for sympathy, and the government uses it as an excuse to start a war with Saddam.

613) The Return of the Lord of the Rings to the Two Towers  Stan's parents realize they accidentally put a raunchy porn video into the Lord of the Rings box, which they lent to Butters' parents.  Butters sees some of the video and acts strangely.  The other boys get the video and try to take it back to the store before the older kids can get it, playing like they are on a Lord of the Rings-like quest.  A very funny takeoff on Lord of the Rings and funny even to those who haven't seen it!

614) The Death Camp of Tolerance  Mr. Garrison is sent back to the 4th grade and learns that if he gets fired for being gay, he can sue for a lot of money.  So he tries everything he can think of to get in trouble, including inviting "Mr. Slave" to class and inserting a gerbil up his butt.  When the children try to complain to the parents, they are sent to a tolerance camp that's run like a Nazi concentration camp.  Meanwhile, the gerbil tries to get out of Mr. Slave and his is a strange subplot.

615) The Biggest Douche in the Universe Cartman is dying because of Kenny's soul, so Chef and the boys take him to see John Edwards.  They are disappointed in him except for Kyle, who freaks out at the idea that his grandma is watching him, so he runs off to join Jewleeard.  Chef and Mrs. Cartman take Cartman to Scotland so Chef's folks can use voodoo to get Kenny out, while Stan tries to convince Kyle and other people that Edwards is a fake (just a big douche).

616) My Future Self n' Me Stan's parents hire an actor, from a corporation that specializes in getting kids off drugs, to pretend to be Stan's wasted future self. Instead, Stan turns the tables on his parents, with the help of Cartman, who has started a new business to help people wreak revenge.  Butters also gets a future self and uses Cartman's services for his parents.

617) Red Sleigh Down  Cartman tries to be really good before Christmas so he won't get on the "naughty" list.  He gets the idea to bring Christmas to the children of Iraq, so he enlists Mr. Hankey's aid, and Mr. Hankey gets the boys in touch with Santa.  Santa is shot down over Iraq, so Jesus and the boys must try to save him, and Christmas.


701 I'm A Little Bit Country  

702 Krazy Kripples Timmy and Jimmy start a gang called "The Crips" (people who are crippled from birth) in reaction to all of the attention that Christopher Reeve is getting.  They get involved with the real Crips and help kill some Bloods.  They find that this is not the kind of gang they wantd to be involved with.

703 Toilet Paper The boys get into much more trouble than you might imagine after they TP a teacher's house.  Kyle has tremendous guilt from what they did, and the adults act as if they killed someone or something. Cartman threatens to kill Kyle if he confesses.

704) Cancelled The boys (including Kenny) have deja vu when an alien satellite dish comes out of Cartman's ass.  They are abducted by aliens and find out that Earth is a huge reality show.  Then they find out it's been canceled so they must convince the network aliens not to cancel it.

705 Fat Butt and Pancake Head Cartman makes his hand look like a Jennifer Lopez wanna-be.   Much to Kyle's disgust, Cartman's hand gets a lot of attention, praise, and money. Eventually, Cartman, too is disgusted when the hand seems to have its own mind and gets attention from Ben Affleck.

706 Lil' Crime Stoppers The boys play junior detective and solve some cases, so the police make them junior detectives and assign them real cases, which result in many deaths.  Meanwhile, Butters learns to masturbate.

707 Red Man's Greed The casino Indians buy up the town to make way for a new highway.  The kids try to put a stop to it while the adults give in.

708 South Park is Gay! The people of South Park catch the metrosexual trend, trying to look as gay as they can.  Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison tries to stop the Queer Eye guys, who are really Crab People.

709 Christian Rock Hard Cartman becomes a Christian rock star. Kyle and the others try to get their own band together, but instead get arrested for downloading music from the internet.

710 Grey Dawn Old people take revenge when their driver's licenses and other rights are taken away, after one too many driving accidents.

711 Casa Bonita Cartman arranges for Butters to go missing in order to take his place when Kyle invites him to go to a Mexican-style Disneyland.  Cartman convinces Butters that a meteor has wiped out almost all of humanity.

712 All About the Mormons? After Stan is forced to fight a Mormon boy, he becomes fascinated by his nice family but ultimately realizes that they are pretty dumb.

713 Butt Out The boys take up smoking after viewing a totally lame anti-smoking presentation at their school.

714 Raisins Wendy breaks up with Stan, so he tries to win her back; Butters falls for a waitress at a Hooters-like restaurant.

715 It's Christmas in Canada  


801 Good Times With Weapons

802 AWESOM-O Things get out of hand when Cartman dresses up like a robot to get Butters' secrets to use against him--the government and Hollywood both want the robot for their own uses.

803 Up the Down Steroid Competition is fierce in a special olympics-type game, where Jimmy takes steroids to get an edge and Cartman has to convince the committee that he's handicapped.

804 The Passion of the Jew

805 You Got F*cked in the Ass Stan has to put a team of dancers together to compete against an orange county school.  Butters won't help because of a tragic incident in his past.

806 Goobacks People from the future arrive and take jobs that nobody wants, which leads to a big fight over how crowded the town has become and how they are taking everyone's jobs.

807 The Jeffersons Michael Jackson and his family move into town, attracting all the children with his toys and animals.  The kids feel sorry for his children, while Cartman wants to be his best friend, and the local police want to frame him because he is rich and black.

808 Douche and Turd The school has to vote for a new mascot after PETA protests their use of a cow. Much to Kyle's dismay, his argument with Cartman ends up making it an election between a giant Douche and a giant Turd.

809 Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes The evil Wall-Mart comes to town and lures everyone (including Cartman) with its spell and low prices; Stan and Kyle work to break the spell and save the town, which is losing all of its other businesses.

810 Pre-School  

811 Quest for Ratings 

812 Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset Wendy tries to be like the other girls, who emulate Paris Hilton and dress like sluts.

813 Cartman's Incredible Gift Cartman gets a head injury, which leads people to think he is psychic, so he helps the police solve crimes; this gets him in trouble with other psychics when he won't join them.

814 Woodland Critter Christmas Stan helps forest creatures to build a manger for their lord, but he discovers they work for Satan.


901 Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina Mr. Garrison gets a sex-change operation, so other town folk get plastic surgery, too; including Kyle, who wants to play basketball.

902 Die Hippie, Die Cartman tries to get rid of the hippie problem in town, but no one takes him seriously until drastic measures are needed.

903 Wing The boys become agents to make money; when their client Token is wooed away by another agent, they get another singer in order to beat that agent.

904 Best Friends Forever Kenny dies and goes to heaven, where he has to beat the evil on his new PSP.

905 The Losing Edge The boys goes to desperate measures to lose their baseball games so they can have their free time back.  Meanwhile, Stan's dad picks fight with the other dads in the stands.

906 The Death of Eric Cartman When the others start ignoring him, Cartman thinks he is dead and that Butters is the only one who can see him.  Butters thinks Cartman is haunting him and fears he will be put away for being crazy.

907 Erection Day Jimmy wants to compete in the school's talent contest, but first he has to get rid of his recent problem of sudden erections..

908 Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow When the nearby town of Beaverton is flooded from a beaver dam breaking, a national emergency is called; the adults fear the global warming crisis, while the kids try to get the disaster victims some help.

909 Marjorine Butters pretends to be a girl in order to spy on the girls for the other boys and learn the secret of their future-predicting device.

910 Follow That Egg The kids have to carry around eggs so they can learn how to be parents; meanwhile, Mr. Garrison wants to stop the local gay marriage bill from being signed so that Mr. Slave can't marry his new boyfriend.

911 Ginger Kids Cartman builds local fear of red-headed kids but then ends up joining them and starting a pro-red-headed movement.

912 Trapped in the Closet Stan joins the Scientologists, who think he is the second coming of their founder, L. Ron Hubbard; this causes Tom Cruise to go into Stan's closet and not come out, no matter how much they beg him to.

913 Free Willzyx The kids are conned into thinking that a whale needs their help to go back to the moon, so they get a rocket-ship in order to send him there.

914 Bloody Mary Stan's dad decides he is an alcoholic, so he goes to the local statue of the Virgin Mary, which is bleeding out of its ass, to get healed.


1001 The Return of Chef Chef returns after going missing, but he has been brain-washed by a child molesting cult, so the boys work to save him.

1002 Smug Alert  Haven't seen it yet

1003 Cartoon Wars Part 1 Cartman and Kyle have an epic battle and cross-country chase in order to save or destroy "Family Guy".

1004 Cartoon Wars Part 2  Cartman goes to Hollywood to put a stop to "Family Guy". He finds out that the show's writers are manatees.

1005 A Million Little Fibers Towelie kicks his drug habit and writes a book about it, but he can only do so if he pretends to be a man. When Oprah discovers he is really a towelie, the public turns on him.

1006 Manbearpig The boys help Al Gore search for the Manbearpig, but he ends up trapping them in a cave, where Cartman thinks he's found treasure.

1007 Tsst Cartman's mom can't control him any more, so she gets TV's Dog Whisperer to help her train him.

1008 Make Love, Not Warcraft The boys save the world by playing Warcraft and defeating a renegade player.

1009 Mystery of the Urinal Deuce The school searches for clues about who left a piece of crap in the urinal; meanwhile, Kyle gets blamed for 9/11, thanks to Cartman.

1010 Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy Kyle finds out that his brother is having an affair with his teacher.

1011 Hell on Earth 2006 Satan wants to throw a big party for Halloween.

1012 Go God Go (1) Cartman can't wait for the new Wii to come out, so he has Butters freeze him for a few weeks. However, he ends up in the future instead.

1013 Go God Go XII (2) Cartman gets embroiled in futuristic politics where they are having war between atheist factions; he only wants to get his Wii to work.

1014 Stanley's Cup In order to get his bike back, Stan must coach a Pee Wee hocky team.


1101 With Apologies to Jesse Jackson Randy gets in trouble for saying the N word, while Cartman gets in trouble for laughing at a midget but doesn't care.

1102 Cartman Sucks Butters' father sends him to a gay conversion camp, while Cartman tries to get back a photo that might make him look gay.

1103 Lice Capades The boys try to figure out which classmate to blame for them having lice, while we see the trials of a whole lice civilization  in Clyde's hair.

1104 The Snuke Cartman gets paranoid about a new muslim classmate being a terrorist, which leads to a 24 spoof.

1105 Fantastic Easter Special When questioning what bunnies have to do with Easter, Stan inadvertently stumbles onto a mass secret conspiracy, similar to the one in The Da Vinci code.

1106 D-Yikes! After the boys hire Mexicans to write their essays, Ms. Garrison becomes a lesbian and helps defend a lesbian bar from Persian takeover.

1107 Night of the Living Homeless Homeless people who act like zombies take over the town. 

1108 Le Petit Tourette Cartman pretends to have Tourette's syndrome, but Kyle is the one who gets in trouble when he tries to tell everyone that Cartman is lying. 

1109 More Crap Randy competes with Bono over who passes the world's largest bowel movement.

1110 Imaginationland The gang chases a leprechuan, who warns of a terrorist attack.  Cartman insists that Kyle suck his balls to pay off a bet they made. The boys go to Imaginationland, which is attacked by terrorists. They hold Butters hostage and release evil imaginary characters on the world.

1111 Imaginationland: Episode II The boys try to help the government save Imaginationland with a Stargate-like device as Butters is declare the one true hero who will save them all.

1112 Imaginationland: Episode III Good and evil prepares to do battle in Imaginationland as Butters learns how to use his powers to save the world.

1113 Guitar Queer-o Kyle and Stan compete over Guitar Hero. 

1114 The List Kyle gets depressed when the girls name him as the ugliest boy in school, which leads him to try to burn down the school. 

Season 12

1201 Tonsil Trouble Cartman gets AIDS and gives it to Kyle.  They have to visit Magic Johnson to get the cure.

1202 Britney's New Look When Britney Spears visits South Park, the boys try to get pictures of her to make money; she shoots herself in the head, so they have to help her get away from the papparazzi.

1203 Major Boobage The boys learn about drugs, so Kenny gets addicated to sniffing cat urine ("cheesing") because it takes him to a fantasy world  with a large-breasted woman. This leads to the banning of cats, and Randy getting back into "cheesing" as well.

1204 Canada On Strike Canadians go on strike and demand money from the internet. The boys get upset that Terrance and Phillip are not making new episodes, so they try to make money on the net themselves. 

1205 Eek, A Penis! Mr. Garrison tries to get his penis back while Cartman teaches a Mexican class how to cheat. 

1206 Over Logging The people in South park run out of internet, so Stan's family heads to California to find more internet.  Eventually, Kyle fixes the internet.

1207 Super Fun Time The boys are taken hostage while on a field trip to Pioneer Village; Cartman and Butters help save everyone while holding hands.

1208 The China Probrem The boys want to have Lucas and Spielberg arrested for raping Indiana Jones, while Cartman worries that the Chinese are invading.

1209 Breast Cancer Show Ever Cartman is worried when Wendy plans to beat him up for making fun of her during her presentation about breast cancer.

1210 Pandemic The boys start a Preuvian flute band but wind up in trouble with the government and have to go to Peru to stop any more bands from coming to the U.S.  Their efforts don't stop the giant guinea pigs from invading. 

1211 Pandemic 2 - The Startling Stans family tries to avoid the giant guina piigs.  The boys escape Peru and learn that the head of Homeland Security is an alien giant guinea pig who is behind the invasion. Only Craig can save the day.

1212 About Last Night... Chaos ensues when Obama wins the election, which is the perfect cover for he, Michelle and McCain to pull of a big jewel heist.

1213 Elementary School Musical The boys get annoyed at how popular "High School Musical" is to everyone in school.  Stan is jealous that singer Bridon might steal Wendy, so he helps him become a basketball player. 

1214 The Ungroundable Butters thinks that some kids are real vampires, and then he becomes one, too.  The goth kids get annoyed that the vampire kids are stealing their coolness.

Season 13

1301 The Ring Kennytakes his new girlfriend, Tammy, to a Jonas Brothers' concert, hoping to get sex, but instead she gets a purity ring. The Jonas Brothers hand them out because their evil boss, Mickey Mouse, wants them to do it as a cover for his selling sex to little girls.

1302 The Coon Cartman gets annoyed when he poses as superhero The Coon, but nobody cares. He tries to find out who the other superhero is, the popular Mysterion. 

1303 Margaritaville The townspeople try to deal with the failing economy. Kyle tries to help them out.  Stan tries to return a Margarita-making machine.

1304 Eat, Pray, Queef Women fart from their vaginas, and it becomes a world-wide feminist sensation, causing men to be disgusted and outraged.

1305 Fishsticks Jimmy writes a popular joke, but Cartman tries to take credit for it.  The joke causes Kanye West to do crazy things.

1306 Pinewood Derby Randy uses sophisticated technology to help Stadn wijn a race, which leads to an alien being holding them hostage.

1307 Fatbeard Cartman convinces most of the boys to join Somalian pirates; they are disappointed that they aren't like the pirates they've seen in movies, but Cartman manages to make them over into those type of pirates anyway,

1308 Dead Celebrities Ike sees dead people, so the boys have to help Michael Jackson and the other dead celebrities move on to the next world.

1309 Butters' Bottom Bitch Butters starts his own business selling girl.s kisses, modeling it after what he learns from pimps.

1310 W.T.F. The gang makes their own wrestling shows, angering their school's wrestling coach.

1311 Whale Whores Stan tries to stop the Japanese from killing dolphins and whales.

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