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Quiz #3

1. What does Lana's dad do for a living?
a.  Doctor
b.  College professor
c.  Lawyer
d.  Reporter

2. What did the Indians want to protect from LexCorp's bulldozers?
a.  Sacred caves
b.  Indian graves
c.  A forest
d.  Sacred mating grounds

3. How did Clark get into the LexCorp building to rescue Lionel and Martha?
a.  He flew.
b.  He dug from underneath.
c.  He climbed up the side.
d.  He jumped from the next building, "The Daily Planet".

4. Which TV series did Annette O'Toole co-star in during the 90's?
a.  Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
b.  Nash Bridges
c.  General Hospital
d.  The Cosby Show.

5. Which two teens live in the same house?
a.  Clark and Pete
b.  Lana and Chloe
c.  Lex and Chloe
d.  Lex and Clark

6. In which TV show did Sam Jones III guest-star as a murderer in 2003?
a.  Law & Order
b.  CSI
c.  The District
d.  The Practice

7. In which state does the show take place?
a.  Kansas
b.  Illinois
c.  Nebraska
d.  Idaho

8. What are the first three words we hear of the show's theme song?
a.  Somebody save me.
b.  I feel my wings have broken.
c.  There are no words.
d.  We need a hero.

9. Which comic book company owns the rights to Smallville?
a.  Marvel
b.  DC
c.  Horse
d.  Future

10. Why can't Clark play football?
a.  He is not coordinated enough.
b.  He was kicked off the team for fighting.
c.  He's too strong and might hurt someone.
d.  He can't shower with the other guys.

BONUS: What do Lana and Clark's future gal pal have in common, besides him?
a.  They are both Asian.
b.  They are both reporters.
c.  Their initials are LL.
d.  The both live in Smallville.

1.  c
2.  a
3.  d
4.  b
5.  b
6.  d
7.  a 
8.  a
9.  b

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Updated 08/21/04


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