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First aired December 8, 2005

Season One  - Season Two - Season Three - Season Four - Season Six  - Season Seven - Season Eight

Season Five:  Arrival - Mortal - Hidden - Aqua - Thirst - Exposed - Splinter - Solitude - Fanatic - Lockdown - Reckoning - Vengeance - Tomb - Cyborg - Hypnotic - Void - Fragile - Mercy - Fade - Oracle - Vessel

Official Description - Detailed Description

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The CW's Official Description:

Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) is given an envelope with damaging information that will destroy Jonathan's (John Schneider) life and must decide whether he will use it as it will also bring harm to Clark (Tom Welling) and Martha (Annette O'Toole). Before he can decide what to do, Lex is shot and falls into a coma. He dreams that his mother (Alisen Down) visits him and shows him the life he could lead if he walks away from his father (John Glover) and LuthorCorp. In this alternate life, Lex is happily married to Lana (Kristin Kreuk) with a baby on the way. Meanwhile, Chloe (Allison Mack) asks Clark to use his powers to deliver Christmas presents to needy kids. Erica Durance also stars. Holly Harold wrote the episode directed by Rick Rosenthal.

Detailed Description:

By: Luis Huerta

The song “The Spirit of Christmas” is heard as Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) arrives in his sports car in Granville, Kansas. Lex goes out of the car and enters a place called Lonzo’s Tavern, he walks inside and meets a hit man called Griff. Lex asks Griff why he couldn’t meet him at the mansion. Griff tells Lex that he doesn’t make house calls and that if Lex wants to use Griff then Lex has to meet him in Griff’s own terms. Griff asks Lex asks if he is ready to break down Jonathan (John Schneider) Kent. Lex tells Girff that he is assuming he has a grenade to launch at Jonathan. Griff smiles and tells Lex that he might and that since Lex is in the public eye, he has to be careful with the decision he makes. Lex looks at Griff with a serious look as Griff explains to Lex that what’s printed about people like Lex is gossip no matter if its fact or lies. Lex tells Griff to give him twenty four hours to think about Griff’s offer, Lex turns around and begins to walk away. Griff tells Lex that Lionel (John Glover) would have solicited Griffs services without thinking about the repercussions. Lex stops walking and as he gives Griff his back, Lex tells Griff that he wants to consider all his options before accepting any of Griffs services. Griff asks Lex that if the holiday spirit got him sentimental. Lex turns around and as he walks towards Griff, he tells him that if Lionel finds out that Lex and Griff meet than Griff won’t make it to New Years. Lex turns around and leaves, as he exits Lonzo’s Tavern he unlocks his car and two gang bangers come up to him. One of the gang bangers pulls out his gun and pints it at Lex as he tells him to give him the keys to his car. Lex tells the gang banger that he’s not looking for trouble as he puts his hands up. The gang banger takes the keys away from Lex’s hand and then demands Lex to give him his watch. As Lex removes his watch a shoot is heard, Lex turns around and sees the female gang banger with a gun. She smiles at him and shoots Lex again, Lex begins to fall slowly to the ground and a bright light is seen.

When the bright light fades Lex is seen lying on a bed inside a room. Lex sits up on the bed and as he gazes at his window he sees that it’s a sunny day. Lex gazes to his side and sees Lana (Kristin Kreuk) lying in the same bed sleeping. As Lex is about to wake her up a boy jumps on the bed and tells Lex that its breakfast time. Lex has a confused look and asks the boy who he is, Lana wakes up and tells Lex that he promised their son Alexander to take him out for pancakes. Lana gets up and as Lex looks at her, he sees that Lana is pregnant. Lana tells Lex that she will help Alexander get dressed and they leave as Lex sits up in bed with a confused look. Lex gets up from bed and as he picks up his shirt he sees the mark from the healed bullet wound, he touches it and asks himself what’s going on. Lex walks to the restroom and looks at himself in the mirror for a while. Lex opens the medicine cabinet and pulls out some pills, as Lex closes the medicine cabinet he sees his dead mother in the mirror. Lex asks his mother if he’s dead or dreaming, his mother tells Lex that he is alive and in disbelief Lex pours water on his face and as he looks at the mirror he still sees his mother. Lex tells his mother that what’s happening to him is not real, his mother tells Lex that it is real as long as Lex makes the right decision. Lex turns around to ask his mother what she means but she fades away and Lex looks at the space with a confused look as the bright light shines and Lex is lying on the floor and the rain comes down as he is wounded.

Meanwhile in the Kent farm, Martha (Annette O’ Toole) pulls out baked Christmas cookies from the oven. As she puts them on the table Jonathan tries to grab some but gets burned. Martha tells Jonathan that the cookies are for the party and that she thinks that there are a lot of politicians “with their hands in the cookie jar.” Jonathan tells Martha that he understand why she doesn’t like the idea of Jonathan running for state senate but that since it’s Christmas Eve, he wants her to forget about that and enjoy the moment. Jonathan gets close to Martha and kisses her on the lips while he grabs one of the baked cookies from the pan. In the living room Lana sets an Angel on top of the Christmas tree. Lana tells Clark (Tom Welling) that most of her Christmas’s were spent by her self in front of an artificial tree. Lana gets close to Clark and thanks him for saving her from another plastic store bought holiday, as they are about to kiss Clark’s phone rings, he answers it while Lana leaves to help Martha. Chloe (Allison Mack) tells Clark that she has a problem and needs Clarks help.

Lex is rushed to the Smallville Medical Center. Dr. Skanlin tells his aids that Lex has multiple gunshot wounds in the shoulder and mid-abdomen. Dr. Skanlin asks Lex if he could hear him, the doctor picks up one of Lex’s eyelids as he pulls out a small lamp and points it at Lex’s eyes. The bright light is seen and as it fades out Lex’s son Alexander is rushing towards the car while Lana tells Alexander to wait for Lex as he comes out of the house carrying a baby car seat. Lana tells Lex to back by six to go to the Kent’s Christmas party. Lex looks at Lana with a confused look as she tells him no to spend too much money and embrace the middleclass lifestyle since they’re in a budget. Lex asks Lana what does she mean by a budget, Lana gets close to Lex and tells him that it has been seven years since Lionel cut off Lex’s platinum card. Alexander tells Lex to hurry up so they can buy the tree, Alexander grabs Lex by his jacket and pulls him towards the car and as Lex opens the door he tries to accommodate the baby car seat but gets desperate as he doesn’t know how to do it. Lana pulls Lex out and tells him to let her do it, she tells him that she hopes Lex will learn before she gives birth to their baby daughter. Lana tells Alexander to hop inside the car, she gets close to Lex and apologizes to him for mentioning to Lex that they’re in a budget, she tells Lex that she understands that he wants the best for them and that she loves him for that. Lana kisses Lex on the lips and leaves. Lex looks at his son in disbelief as Alexander waves at him, Lex goes inside the car doubting if what’s happening to him is real or not.

Lex and his son look at trees in a tree stand. Alexander is amazed at all the trees he sees, Lex tells his son that his mother told him not to spoil him by buying Alexander what he wants. Lex gazes at a side and encounters Chloe and Clark as they also look at trees. Lex runs towards them and tells them he is glad to see them. Chloe asks Lex if he is a father again. Lex pauses and tells Chloe that he is not a father yet, as Lex is about to tell Chloe and Clark what he thinks is going in, Alexander runs towards them and tells “Uncle Clark” to make him fly. Clark picks up Alexander and gives him some turns. Clark apologizes to Alexander for not being around him, Clark tells Lex that he has been busy at the Daily Planet working as a full-pledged reporter.
Chloe smiles at Lex and tells him not to let Clark’s comments fool him because she is about to have her book published in January. Chloe explains to Lex that the publishers loved the idea of a Luthor Corp expose, complete with an anonymous tell all source. Chloe hugs Lex and thanks him as she tells Lex that she could have not done it without his help. Clark puts Alexander down and tells Chloe to hurry up so they can pick a tree and arrive early to the party. Chloe walks towards Clark and as they leave, Clark tells Lex that he will se him later at the party Alexander calls Lex and shows him one of the biggest trees from the sale. A bright light shines and reveals Lex in a hospital bed unconscious. Lionel enters the room and tells Dr. Skanlin to tell him what’s wrong with Lex. The doctor tells Lionel that Lex was shoot and that his life is no longer in danger but that he will be paralyzed from the chest down. Lionel looks at Lex and back at Dr. Skanlin with a serious look as the doctor explains to Lionel that Lex’s internal bleeding created a blood cloth that is compressing his spinal cord. Lionel pulls out his cell phone and tells Dr. Skanlin that Lex will get better because he wants him removed from the clinic. Dr. Skanlin tells Lionel that Lex is not fully stabilized and that if they operate on Lex he might die. Lionel assures Dr.Skanlin that Lex will walk and then Lionel asks for Dr. Lithbeck on the phone.

Meanwhile at the Daily Planet Chloe explains to Clark that she is in charge of collecting the toys from the Planet’s toy drive. Chloe tells Clark that she has doubled the number of toys that the Daily Planet collects for Toys for Tots than the previous year. Clark tells Chloe to tell him were he fits in the situation and Chloe tells him that the toys need to be delivered that night and that the teamsters are on strike. Clark says “so instead of calling Fed Ex you called me?” Chloe tells Clark that she knows that it’s a big favor to ask but that since Clark can run faster than a speeding bullet, he can deliver the toys and avoid disappointing all the underprivileged children. Clark tells Chloe that he will deliver some on his way to the party. Chloe tells Clark that he is her hero and they enter the room where Chloe works. As they enter a mountain of toys is stacked in one side of the room. Clark says to Chloe “this isn’t Toys for Tots, this is Toys R’ Us.” Chloe tells Clark that there are a couple thousandth toys give or take, she gives Clark a map that has the addresses of where the toys need to be delivered. Chloe grabs a nearby Santa hat, puts it on Clarks head, and takes a picture of him.

From a helicopter view of Metropolis a red light is seen, as Clark super speeds delivering the presents. Clark enters a house and as he sets a present by the Christmas tree, he looks at aome cookies and milk that are set on a table and as he super speeds out of the house, he eats the cookies and drinks the milk. When he enters another house a boy catches Clark setting the presents under the tree and tells Clark that he is not Santa. Clark puts on his Santa hat and tells the boy that he is the new improved model. The boy points at his window and tells him that Santa is dangling in the roof. Clark super speeds to the top of the roof and sees Santa drinking alcohol. Clark warns Santa that he is too close to the edge of the roof, Santa tells Clark that it makes it easier to jump and offers Clark a gulp from his drink. Clark offers Santa a seat and to talk to him and jump of the roof later. Santa sits by Clark and tells him to give him a good reason why he shouldn’t jump of the roof. Clark is speechless as Santa explains to Clark that people in the world focus more on taking things and complaining about life instead of celebrating Christmas like it used to be which was the time of year were people wanted peace around them and do good things of will for each other. Santa gets up and as he walks to the edge of the roof he yells that the spirit of Christmas is dead and that it will take more than Santa to revive it. Clark looks at Santa with a worried look.

Back at the Smallville Medical Center, Lionel enters the room, with a team of nursing aids and tells Dr. Skanlin that Lex will be airlifted to the Davis Clinic, where a neurosurgeon is standing by to operate Lex. Dr. Skanlin tells Lionel that Lex can’t leave but Lionel tells the doctor that he wants Lex to walk. The bright light shines and Lex is driving his truck as he parks in the drive way of his house. Alexander tells his mother to come out and look at the tree. Lex tells Lana that he bought the tree for himself because after his mother died Lionel did not allow Christmas to be celebrated at his house, this was a lonely and bleak time for him and the tree reminds him of all the trees he dreamed of all the years he couldn’t have one. Lana gets close to Lex and tells him that she understands that he wants the best for them and that Lex tells her the same thing every year, Lex hugs Lana and looks at the sky.

Back at the roof of the house Santa tells Clark that he was wrong in thinking that the spirit of Christmas is dead, when he finds out that Clark and Chloe tried to play Claus by delivering the toys themselves. Santa tells Clark that in him he sees the spirit of Christmas alive. Santa gets up and tells Clark that he feels much better as he walks, he slips and falls of the roof, Clark super speeds and catches Santa, as he goes down Clarks arms Santa looks at Clark surprised at his abilities and leaves.

Back at the Davis Clinic the surgeon instructs his aids on the operation and as he is about to operate the bright light shines, Clark opens the door of his house and greets Lana and Lex with a smile. As Lana and Lex go inside, Lex hugs Clark and when Lex walks inside the house Jonathan approaches him and tells him that he would be proud of him even if Lex was his son. Jonathan walks with Lex towards a cabinet and when Jonathan opens it he pulls out an award and shows it to Lex. Jonathan tells Lex that he has become a better person and in front of everyone Jonathan announces Lex with the Kansas Humanitarian Award. Lex looks at Jonathan with a surprised look as Jonathan announces that Lex is the finest man he has ever known.

Later that night Lex stands outside the Kent house talking to his mother. Lex tells his mother that it has been the best day of his life and thanks her. His mother tells Lex that it doesn’t have to end and that he could have that life. Lex asks his mother that if he chooses that life what he have to do to get it. His mother tells Lex that he has to make the right decision by following his heart instead of his ambition. Lex tells his mother to explain to him what she means by his decision but is interrupted by Clark who asks Lex who he is talking to. Lex tells Clark that he was talking to himself, Clark walks close to Lex and Lex tells Clark that his life didn’t turn out the way he planned it but that in the end he was very happy. Clark tells Lex that he has had a wonderful life and highlights some of the things that have happened to him. Lex also tells Clark that he doesn’t understand how he ended up with Lana. Clark smiles and tells Lex that Lex became the kind of man she could love, Lex asks Clark what held him back in his relationship with Lana, Clark tells Lex that he just wasn’t ready and that he might never be. Clark puts his hand on Lex shoulder and tells him that his is glad to see Lex and Lana together and still maintain a good relationship. Martha enters and tells Lex that Lana got sick. Lex goes to the hospital and sees the birth of his new baby girl as he sits by Lana’s side. The doctor gives Lex and Lana their baby wrapped in a towel. Lex tells Lana that he has an amazing Christmas. Lana begins to caress her baby and begins to feel pain, the doctor removes the baby from Lana and takes Lex outside the room. Later that day Lex walks back and forward, the doctor comes out and tells Lex that Lana has lost a lot of blood.

Lex goes to the mansion to see Lionel, he opens the door to the living room and tells Lionel that he needs help. Lionel tells Lex that he knows otherwise he wouldn’t be at the mansion. Lex walks towards Lionel and tells him that Lana is sick and that a specialist needs to see her. Lex tells Lionel that he needs the jet to take Lana to the Davis Clinic in Metropolis. Lionel smiles and tells Lex that he is in a sorry situation, Lex lowers his head as he walks towards Lionel and tells him that knows he has had his differences with Lionel but since Lana is the mother of his grand children he should help her. Lionel says to Lex “How could I have grandchildren when I don’t have a son.” Lex closes Lionel’s laptop and tells him that he can save Lana in anger. Lionel gets up and tells Lex that he wont help him because every decision Lex has made, got him to that moment, beginning with the day Lex forfeited the senate race to Jonathan Kent seven years ago and that since Lex gave up on his family, Lex gave up the money and the power that would have enabled Lex with the ability to save Lana. Lex turns around and begins to walk away as Lionel tells Lex that he hasn’t forgot him the day he said he didn’t want to be a Luthor.

When Lex goes back to the hospital, he grabs Lana’s hand and tells her not die. She tells him to be strong for his son and new born daughter and dies. Lex begins to cry, his mother touches Lex’s shoulder and tells him that she is showing him a better life. Lex asks her if a better life is a life of pain where everyone dies. His mother tells Lex that she showed him a life full of love. The bright light shines and Lex wakes up at the Davis Clinic .Lionel stands by Lex and tells him that he was shoot but is going to be ok.

Back at the Daily Planet Chloe types on her computer as Santa walks inside and greet Chloe. She asks Santa what he wants and he tells her that he meet Clark and found out what he and Chloe did for the kids. Santa walks towards Chloe and tells her that he wants to help her deliver the toys. Chloe seems doubtful but is convinced as Santa tells her that he is familiar with the job. Chloe turns around to grab the map and as she is going to give it to Santa he disappears with the presents.

In the Davis Clinic, Lex tells Lionel that Dr.Lithvak told him the odds of survival of his surgery, he tells Lionel that it’s a pretty reckless rule to die. Lionel explains to Lex that opting for Lex to have surgery was a deliberate decision. Lex tells Lionel that it wasn’t Lionel’s decision to make because he went against the doctors advice and that he wanted Lex to have the operation because Lex couldn’t stand having a cripple for a son. Lionel tells Lex that he gave him a chance to live and walk, he backs away but Lex grabs his arm and asks Lionel how he could play God with his life.
Back at the Kent farm everybody is having a good time at the party. Chloe explains to Clark her encounter with Santa as they sit by the window. Martha announces to everyone that it’s snowing and they will have a white Christmas. They go outside the house and Lana hugs Clark and wishes him a merry first Christmas.

Back at the clinic Lex looks at the window as Griff enters the room. Lex tells Griff that he thought he didn’t make house calls. Griff tells Lex that with the given circumstances he made an exception Lex tells Griff that the Luthor’s are made of expensive and though material and that his near death experience made him realize that what he wants more than anything is to live happily ever after. Lex explains to Griff that the secret to living happily ever after lies in the money and power because once you have those things you can secure everything else. Lex tells Griff that he wants him to pull that pin on the grenade, to find it, or fake it as long as it knocks Jonathan Kent out of the race because he wants to be senator and he wants it all. Griff tells Lex to consider it done and leaves. Lex faces the window and as the camera backs away his mother stands beside him but begins to fade out leaving Lex all alone inside the hospital room.

Season One  - Season Two - Season Three - Season Four - Season Six  - Season Seven - Season Eight  

Season Five:  Arrival - Mortal - Hidden - Aqua - Thirst - Exposed - Splinter - Solitude  - Fanatic - Lockdown - Reckoning - Vengeance - Tomb - Cyborg - Hypnotic - Void - Fragile - Mercy - Fade - Oracle - Vessel

Official Description - Detailed Description

See also: Quotes - Music - Transcripts

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