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Lex and Lana in "Forsaken"

First aired May 12, 2004

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The CW's Official Description:

PETE IS TORTURED BY A CROOKED FBI AGENT - Clark (Tom Welling) decides to tell Lana (Kristin Kreuk) his secret so they can finally be together. Meanwhile, an errant FBI agent (guest star Gary Hudson) kidnaps and tortures Pete (Sam Jones III) to try and force him to reveal Clark's secret. Also, Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) panics after the FBI gives him 24 hours to turn over information on his father (John Glover) or face jail time, but help arrives from an unexpected source.

Allison Mack, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star. Terrence O'Hara directed the episode written by Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders.

Detailed Description:

By R. J. Taylor

Lana (Kristen Kreuk) and Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) are sitting side-by-side in his mansion, and Lana is thanking him, obviously for the Paris tourist books and his help selling the Talon. Lex offers some advice, "Just remember, a smile goes a long way, even in Paris". Lex offers Lana a plane ticket to smooth the transition, but Lana refuses because she already has one. Lex informs her that it is a first-class, open-ended ticket for whenever she's ready to say goodbye to Smallville. Also informing her she has to accept it, because it is a gift. Lex says that it is going to be a year she'll never forget, at which point in time Clark (Tom Welling) walks in. Lana informs him the 'big day' is on Saturday and says goodbye to Lex.

"Clark, you need to let her go" responds Lex. Clark replies with, "I suppose I don't have much of a choice". Lex states that she is the one who wanted to leave, and if there is anyone who set that ball in motion, it was him, and that all Lana ever wanted was for Clark to be honest with her. Lex continues saying that if Clark is not willing to step up, he needs to move aside and let her get on with her life.

We go to a brown haired girl lying in bed, that looks slightly younger than Lana, who is looking through a photo album of various Lana pictures and an article about the Talon closing. A speaker voice says "Time for lights out, good-night Emily." We see a window looking into her room with a series of computers and surveillance monitors, the man logs off and turns out the light on a sleeping Emily. After he's gone, she gets out of bed and escapes by walking directly through the wall.

At the Talon, we see the owner, an older gentleman with gray hair, looking over various documents. Some paint cans fall down and he turns around and puts them back up. Emily is standing behind him very angry and stating that the place doesn't belong to him. He confuses her for Lana and states she already signed the papers. Emily suddenly lunges her hand into the man's chest, and says the Talon belong to Lana as he collapses onto the floor.

Clark and Pete (Sam Jones III) are playing basketball discussing Pete's parents going through with the divorce, with his mother moving to Wichita for a Federal Judgeship opportunity. Pete finally admits that if he finally told Clark, it would definitely sink in. Clark says that Pete isn't losing his family, that it's just changing. He continues, "Trust me, I know how hard it can be when you find out your parent's are hiding things from you." Pete says he isn't going anywhere because he didn't go through 3 years of high school to miss out on senior year. Clark wishes Lana felt that way. Pete says that the whole 'yo-yo thing" with Lana has got to stop. Clark states that Pete sounds like Lex, because Lex thinks that Clark is the whole reason for Lana leaving. Pete agrees. Clark asks Pete if he ever wishes that Clark didn't tell him his secrets. Pete says that it can be rough covering for him, but no ones ever put that much trust in him before. He soon realizes that Clark is thinking about telling Lana everything so that she won't leave for Paris.

At Smallville High, Clark is discussing with Lana about her going through her stuff and how he thinks its brave that she's going to Paris. Clark asks Lana if she'd like to have dinner with him that night, and Clark says that there's something he needs to tell her, that he should have told her a long time ago. Lana agrees in hopes for some answers.

Outside Emily's room, Lionel Luther (John Glover) is showing a picture of Emily Dinsmore ("Accelerate") from 11 months ago compared to a modern day picture of the Emily that escaped. Emily's father states that she looks just like her mother. Lionel states that her mother couldn't move through a brick wall. Lionel inquires about how she can do it, and Mr. Dinsmore replies that molecules are vibrating so fast that they can be absorbed through matter. Lionel wants to know where she would have gone, and the best assumption is back to Smallville. He also says that not matter what age Emily may appear to be, her emotional development is that of a child. Lionel states that she's not a child, she's a failed experiment and a colossal liability. Mr. Dinsmore is sent to retrieve her.

Chloe (Allison Mack) and Lana are talking in the Talon when they run into Emily, who poses as the new owner's daughter, Emma. 'Emma' asks for Lana to stick around and show her the ropes and every detail on how to run the Talon, and Lana's happy to do it. Lana returns her extra set of keys to Emily stating that she feels she handing over half of her to life to 'Emma'. Emily says that it's in good hands.

Clark walks in on his mother making bread and they begin to discuss Clark wanting to tell his secret to Lana and how hard it is to say goodbye. Clark hopes that if he tells her, that he won't have to say goodbye. When Martha (Annette O'Toole) realizes what he wants to do, she lectures him about Pete having a hard time with it, and how it's a big responsibility. Martha, who is unsure, asks if he thinks Lana is ready, and Clark states how Lana keeps asking him to be honest, and that Clark owes her the chance to decide for herself.

Back at the Talon, Lana is reminding 'Emma' about certain deliveries and other various things she needs to know when Emily states that it was fun spending a day with Lana and that she doesn't think she should leave because they should become friends, maybe even best friends. Lana states that she's sorry they won't get a chance to know each other better. Emily says, "We already do silly! I'll show you." As the pieces fit together in Lana's head, with a worried look she turns around to run, when she hits Mr. Dinsmore. He explains the entire Emily Dinsmore situation and says Emily needs help, and has to get back to LuthorCorp. He suddenly goes speechless as he falls to the ground in front of Emily, who has her hand covered with blood. "You have to forgive me, I forgave you! That's what friends do," as Lana runs the other direction, right into Emily. Emily knocks her out.

Lana wakes up on a bed, which we soon realize is in a room sealed with glass walls in a larger dark. She screams for help and throws things at the glass in hopes of freeing herself, to no avail.

At LuthorCorp, Lionel is telling Lex how he needs his help with an executive who has proven himself in so many ways, and he wants to reward his efforts or accomplishments with a promotion. Lex states his confusion, but soon realizes that it is himself who is being referred to and has some sly comments with Lionel about trust. Lionel pulls a wire out of Lex's shirt and yells how he is betrayed by his own son, but Lex says that he's protecting himself like he was taught. Lionel is angry about their problems being in the open. Lex states how he had nothing to do with the murders of Dr Lia Teng (Françoise Yip) and her team at the Metron lab ("Legacy"). Lex interrogates about what could be so important that he would risk everything on these obscure projects. Lionel says that Lex hasn't given him any reason to trust him. Lionel kicks Lex out as the phone rings. The man on the phone says "Yeah, It's Loder, the kid hasn't found anything. If he doesn't, believe me that I'll make sure it stays buried.", Lionel replies, "Good. And our other situation?". "I'm looking into the Ross kid, " replies Loder (Gary Hudson), as he opens a confidential FBI folder on Clark Kent.

Back at Clark's loft, his father (John Schneider) is learning about Clark's motive to tell Lana his secret and realizes that he's not going to be able to talk Clark out of it. John says, "You see a father is supposed to help his son build a life, not try to hold him back from one. I still think it's a bad idea, but honestly Clark, I don't trust my instincts the way I used to. I just hope you can trust yours."

Back at the Talon, Clark introduces himself to Emily, and asks where she is. Emily says, "Oh, she didn't tell you? Lana's gone. She already left for Paris." Clark is trying to make sense of it, because she wasn't supposed to leave for two more days. Emily informs him that she hated goodbyes. Clark just storms out.

Lana is back in her confined, glass room, in the upstairs of an old building that was once used for stabling horses. Emily walks in smiling, while bringing food and talking about them being best friends. Lana looks worried and states that they can be friends without having her locked up, but Emily is convinced that this is best and they cannot be friends if she leaves for Paris. Besides Lana's protestations that they can write letters and Emily can come visit, Emily still thinks things are better this way, because she doesn't want to see Paris, and she doesn't want Lana to leave. Lana tells Emily that you can't force somebody to be your friend, it happens over time when you trust each other. Emily gets mad yelling that she knows what a friend is, and that a friend is somebody who would jump in a river to save you from drowning. Lana says a friend wouldn't keep her locked up. Emily states that nobody will look for her because they all think she left for Paris, and Lana begins to cry.

At the Luthor Mansion, Lex is confiding to Clark about his father discovering the wire, and the conversation turns negative about hiding things from your best friend. Clark interrogates Lex about Lana's plane ticket, saying that she already left, despite Lex's open-ended ticket claim. Clark says that according to the daughter of the new Talon owner, whenever she wants, was that day and now Lana's gone. Lex responds with, "Clark, the new owner doesn't have a daughter."

At the alley behind the Talon, Clark surprises Emily with questions about Lana and how Lex found out she never got on a plane. Clark demands the whereabouts of Lana, and Emily refuses by saying, "You were nicer to me when I was little, you told me you were different too. So you know what it's like, to be left alone, without anybody." She then super-speeds away, and Clark chases after her and realizes she just went through the wall.

At the Torch, Lionel surprises Chloe by saying that he needs her help, and that he wants her friendship... with Lana Lang. He then describes that a young woman in his care went missing and that her father can no longer be located as well. He describes that they were childhood best friends, as he hands a modern-day picture of her to Chloe and tells her about how sick Emily is and that he expects a call from her.

Back in the glass room, Lana offers Emily more 'make-believe' tea, and then smashes the teapot into Emily's head, knocking her out. She grabs the keys and runs out the door, straight into the bodies of Mr. Dinsmore and the new Talon owner. Stopping for a moment, she keeps running down the stables directly into Emily who says disgustingly, "You're not my friend anymore."

Back at the Torch, Chloe and Clark are talking about Emily Dinsmore and her spurt of rapid growth, along with her ability to walk through walls. Clark then figures out why Lex wants to find her so bad, because he's working with the FBI to put Lionel away, and illegally cloning would do the trick. Then they figure out that Emily is keeping Lana at the stables, where they used to play when they were kids.

Lana is strapped to a bed in the glass room, while Emily starts turning on some sort of poison gas that is filling up the room. Lana starts coughing and passes out, while Clark comes super speeding up, after X-raying the stables and finding there location. He breaks the glass, turns off the gas, and then frees Lana and makes sure she's okay. Clark super-speeds after Emily through the barn and outside. He uses his heat-vision to break the supports of an old water tower. It falls down and the current is more than Emily can run into, so she gets pushed back and is unconscious on the grass.

At night-time, Pete is being pulled over by the police, which turns out to be Agent Loder, who "has a few questions that won't take long." Agent Loder tells him to get into his car for a routine check.

Back at the Luthor mansion, Chloe and Lex are discussing about the information on how Lionel hired Morgan Edge to kill Lionel's parents. Lex admits that his videotape of Morgan Edge's confession was stolen ("Shattered"), but Chloe says she's discovered Lionel's voicemail confession. Lex wants to know why Chloe is helping, so she admits that she can't get out of Lionel's grip my herself.

At what seems to be a dock, Agent Loder is interrogating a bloody Pete about Clark. Pete insists he knows nothing, but Agent Loder can see right through it. Lex appears and demands that Loder release Pete, and expresses his disgust for the fact that Lionel has been paying Loder off. He demands Loder get back to the case he was assigned, and threatens him about his "unique interrogation methods." He then hands Loder a transcript of Lionel's voicemail confession, telling him that that's all the evidence he'll need to take down Lionel Luthor. As Loder leaves, Lex makes sure that Pete is right and then tells him that Clark is probably right confiding in Pete, rather than Lex.

Back at the farm, Pete drives up to Clark. Clark notices the cruises on Pete's face and asks what happened. "FBI Agent decided to go off payroll, wanted to know about you. Don't worry, I didn't tell him anything." Pete says that Clark can't always be there, and that he has to look out for himself. Pete says, "You gotta look out for yourself." Clark realizes that Pete is moving to Wichita, and Pete admits that he lied earlier. He said that everyday he's worried he's going to slip up, and accidentally expose Clark. Clark wants to know why he wasn't told earlier. Pete replies, "Because you needed a friend, and so did I." Clark tries and tries to talk Pete out of it, by saying that he doesn't have to change, and that nobody will know they're friends. Pete says that there's a lot of things he can handle, but he couldn't live with himself knowing he betrayed Clark. Pete starts to cry and says, "I'll see you around Clark," and hugs him. He then quickly walks to his car and drives off.

Back at the loft, Lana tells Clark that Emily disappeared from Belle Reve hospital as soon as she was admitted, even under a heavy sedation. Clark comforts her that Lionel Luthor will make sure she'll never come back. Lana expresses her regret for missing their dinner because she was really looking forward to it. Lana says that there was something that he wanted to tell her, and Clark just kisses her on the cheek and tells her, "Have a great time in Paris. I hope you find what you're looking for." She nods and says goodbye to Clark and walks away slowly down the stairs.

At LuthorCorp, Lionel is sitting in his office, when suddenly Lex walks in. Lionel mistakes his visit for Lex asking him for forgiveness, and Lex responds by telling Lionel not to make him out like his own personal Judas. Lex congratulates Lionel on "sweeping another mishap (Emily Dinsmore) under the rug". Lionel replies that Belle Reve has a habit of misplacing its patients. Lionel then goes on to discuss the importance of details. Lex says, "It's a good thing I'm a fast learner. You went through all the trouble, of having your own son committed to an asylum and shooting 600 volts of electricity through his body ("Asylum") just to cover up your trespasses. But like I said dad, you've gotten careless." At this moment, the doors behind him open and 4 FBI Agents come in, including Agent Loder, who says that Lionel Luthor is under arrest for the murder of his parents, Lachlan and Eliza Luthor. He then proceeds to put handcuffs on him and begin walking him out the door. Lionel stops at Lex to say, "Be careful son, don't forget, Judas hung himself with his own rope." Lionel is then escorted out the door by all the FBI Agents.

Written by: Raymond J. Taylor

All detailed descriptions © Copyright 2000-2008- All Rights Reserved


Last appearance of Samuel Jones III as a regular... He will be missed!!! We will keep updating you on Sam's projects, so keep checking his bio here. did Lex find Pete and Loder?

Emily seems to be holding Lana at a farm. While it looks to be a fairly large farm, there doesn't seem to be any sort of specialized equipment. So why does she have a huge tank of chlorine gas?

After Clark rescues Lana, she coughs a few times then appears to be fine. Chlorine gas is not only poisonous but also caustic. She would have had severe chemical burns in her throat and lungs, not to mention her eyes and exposed skin, after even brief exposure.

It's extremely unlikely that the FBI would arrest Lionel for the murder of his parents. Except in very specific cases, homicides are almost exclusively under state jurisdiction. It's possible that it could be part of a larger federal case pending against him, although they don't seem to have any evidence to tie him to another crime.

So Lana just blindly accepts that Clark broke through a Plexiglas wall, knocked down a water tower, and managed to capture a girl who can move faster than the eye can see? As far as we see, she doesn't question any of it in the least.

For someone who supposedly has the mentality of a child, Emily does a pretty good job plotting things out for how to capture Lana.

So where did Emily get all this stuff? Despite having the mentality of a child and (presumably) relatively little exposure to high-tech learning, she manages to build an airtight, soundproof, glass/plastic containment cell with ventilation, toiletry (one assumes), and everything. There are skilled adults who couldn't put together that kind of thing.

When Clark is running after Emily, they are both running at super-sonic speed. When Clark knocks over the water tower, it should fall at normal speed. Emily would have easily ran past it before the water even hit the ground.

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