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Clark and Willowbrook

First aired May 5, 2004

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The CW's Official Description:

JOHN SCHNEIDER DIRECTS — When a Kiwatche Indian (guest star Nathaniel Arcand, “The Lone Ranger”) steals a mythic knife from the caves, he is bestowed with superpowers similar to Clark’s (Tom Welling), causing the young man to believe he is the legendary Naman, “the man who fell from the stars.” Clark learns the Kiwatche legend foretold of a knife that could kill Naman and sets out to reclaim it before the young Indian can use it on Lionel (John Glover).

Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, Sam Jones III, Annette O’Toole and John Schneider also star. John Schneider directed the episode written by Ken Biller.

Detailed Description:

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When Chloe and Pete are discussing Pete's family situation, you can see a picture of Clark on the Wall of Weird.

Many references to Clark's (presumed) future clothing and accessory choices. When Clark's parents find him on the stairs bleeding, Jonathan rips open Clark's button shirt to reveal a blue undershirt, just as the future Clark wears his blue supersuit under his reporter garb. Clark once again has a red blanket over his shoulders, resembling a cape. And Jeremiah has glasses in his "mild-mannered" identity until he gets superpowers, and then gets rid of them.

According to, there was initially an extended scene at Lex's manor where he throws a surprise birthday party for Lana, and Jeremiah attacks Lana. Presumably the scene was cut due to length, although you can still see people setting up for the (unexplained) party in the background when Lana confronts Lex over the sale of the Talon.

Bits of the John Williams/Superman main theme, and the "Fortress of Solitude" theme, are used throughout, albeit a little garbled.

When Clark hits Jeremiah with the tree, Jeremiah lands clenching the dagger in his right hand (he doesn't drop it). Then in the next scene when he bounces to his feet, the dagger is clearly in his left hand. He then runs at Clark, and the dagger is back in his right hand.

Where the heck were the Sullivans going to get the money to buy the Talon? Mr. Sullivan's out of work, and even if they had bought it, given that Chloe knows Lionel is going after her father, wouldn't they be worried that Lionel would somehow mess them up there too?

How did Jeremiah draw the symbol on the shades so smoothly? Try drawing something on Venetian blinds sometime - they sway and bend at any kind of serious pressure. And the faster you draw, the worse it gets. But the symbol is drawn picture-perfect.

The dagger is flat with a double sided blade, but the scar it leaves on Clark is X-shaped.

More of a directorial misstep then a goof, but when Clark, Martha, and Jonathan are discussing the myth, John Schneider brings over a cup for Martha, fumbles it a bit, and seriously interrupts the flow of the scene.

When Jeremiah stabs Clark, it goes in low and left (camera-right) into Clark's stomach. But at the house, before Jonathan heals it and when we see the subsequent scar, the wound is almost dead-center and just below his sternum.

How did Lex find Lionel at the burial grounds? If Clark led him there, there's no mention of it. But if Lex were looking for his dad without Clark's help, wouldn't he have brought help with him? Security guards? Anybody?

The "prophecy" of the knife is kinda vague. Early in the episode Clark says "if the wrong person touches the knife." There could be millions of "wrong people" who aren't supposed to touch the knife, and only one or two "right people" (Clark and Jeremiah, presumably). But later in the wrap-up, Clark goes much further and says because the knife dissolved when Lex or Lionel touched it, that "proves" one of them is Ziget.

Given what Clark knows about what goes on at Belle Reve, and Lionel's connections there, he seems awfully complacent about the fact they've got a comatose Jeremiah on their hands.

Jeremiah has the world's largest private office for a teaching assistant you'll ever see on a campus, anywhere.

Why does Clark duck when Jeremiah blows up the SUV? He's invulnerable, for Pete's sake, and has been tossed into blast furnaces, hit by vehicles multiples times, etc. Is he really going to flinch?

If the knife is supposed to crumble when it is in contact with Ziget, wouldn't this be a bad choice of weapon for Jeremiah (believing Lionel to be Ziget)?

Does no one in Smallville have any consideration to knock? Twice this episode, Lex and the Professor just entered the Kent farm and made their way into a room in the house and barn.

Clark can't figure out if it's Lionel or Lex who is supposed to be Ziget, yet he should have noted that the blade was not glowing when Jeremiah was going to "sacrifice" Lionel, and it only started to glow after Lex arrived.

Why does Lionel go to Smallville Medical to get checked out? He's got millions and millions of dollars - can't he afford a personal physician? Particularly given all the other injuries he's got, being on death's door with his liver condition, etc.

Near the end of the episode, when Pete and Chloe are hugging, Pete's left arm is under Chloe's right arm when his back is facing the camera. But when Chloe's back is facing the camera, Pete's left arm is over Chloe's right shoulder instead of under her right arm.

Lana - still not much of a businesswoman. When she sold off her share of the Talon to Lex, what did she expect him to do with it? If she cared, why didn't she ask? And if she did, did Lex lie to her? Or why is she surprised about Lex's plans now?

Why did Jeremiah wait what appears to be several hours to kill Lionel? It's clearly nighttime when he stops the limo, but he doesn't do anything until the next morning. There's no mention made that the ritual kill has to be made at sunrise or anything goofy like that.

Lex's version of the Prophecy brings to mind the idea that all things are relative, meaning each person sees everything in their own way. Einstein used the example of a walking person. To the eyes, not the mind, of the person who is "moving" they see continuously from the same spot, and it appears that everything else around them is moving. This is where Lex's interpretation plays in - he sees the "evil" Ziget as a person who could stand up against the overwhelming power of the "savior," keeping him "in check" by doing this "evil" becomes "good", so what one person sees as "good" another can see as "evil." All that matters is what side of the line you're standing on and the label you've given yourself. But finally by pulling all this mumbo-jumbo into a prophecy we see that while all things are relative, everyone is meant to play a part. So where Lex may be seen as "evil" he really is keeping Clark in check, so Lex plays his role in the creation of "good" Clark simply by being evil, you cannot know sweet without tasting sour, so the only reason we can see Clark as good is because of Lex's evil.

There were several phrases used in this episode that are synonymous with Superman Lore. Willowbrook tells "Naman" that "your secret is safe with me." Jonathan tells Clark that he could be "Earth's Greatest Hero," one of Superman's titles, or that he could be it's "most mild-mannered citizen," a reference to Clark Kent's identification as a mild-mannered reporter.

Coincidentally or not, Nathaniel Arcand appeared in the TV show, "Jeremiah," in the episode "Man of Iron, Woman Under Glass", which isn't too far away from "Man of Steel."

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