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Chloe, Clark and Lana in "Crisis"

First aired March 3, 2004

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The CW's Official Description:

ADAM ATTACKS LANA -- Clark (Tom Welling) receives a panicked call from Lana (Kristin Kreuk) and hears a gunshot before the line goes dead, but when he arrives at the Talon he is stunned to discover she is alive and well. Clark realizes the phone call came from the next day and that Adam (guest star Ian Somerhalder) is the one who will shoot Lana. Upon taking Clark to the Luthorcorp lab where Adam was being kept, Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) finds all of the staff murdered and suspects his father (John Glover) is behind it.

Allison Mack, Sam Jones III, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star. Ken Biller directed the episode written by Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders.

Detailed Description:

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This episode was aired with a 'parental discretion advised' warning at the beginning, the first episode to do so.

Presumably the last appearances of Françoise Yip as Dr. Lia Teng and Ian Somerhalder as Adam Knight.

Maybe a coincidence, but the van says "Speedy's Heat & Air." In the comics, the superhero Speedy is Roy Harper, ward of Oliver Queen (Green Arrow). Could be an in-joke, as Oliver Queen appears in a headline in the very first episode of Smallville.

Given the temporal paradoxes involved, how the heck does Lana even know that Clark was at the crisis hotline center the second time around? He'd already established with her that he was acting on the original telephone call. The only way she'd know is if Clark told her he'd be some distance away, which is pretty dumb.

When Lana saw Adam knock Jonathan out, why didn't she call 911 from the house?

How is it that Clark couldn't tell which direction Adam headed in the van. It seems his super hearing and x-ray vision should easily picked up the van. Also, he knows what the van looks like, since he can tell what the insignia is from the repairman's clothing. Once he got out of sight of the repairman, why couldn't he super-speed around Smallville and find it? Also, can he not see the tire burnout from the gravel shoulder, and the tire tracks since the side of the road was damp?

As of the end of the Adam story arc, it still isn't very clear why Lionel sent Adam to check up on Clark and Lana. Lionel has hundreds of loyal lackeys and could pay to get more - couldn't he find one of the right approximate age with injuries that needed physical therapy (or could fake it)? Instead Lionel selects someone who is receiving an experimental liver treatment upon whom in part Lionel's resting his own hopes of a cure, who has a dubious background and is publicly reported to have died, and who doesn't appear to be very mentally stable anyway (either originally or due to the treatments), and sends Adam to Smallville. None of these seem to add up to make Adam a very qualified person for infiltrating Smallville and getting close to Lana. As Lionel said, he usually isn't that sloppy.

The first time Clark gets the phone call from Lana at the crisis center, how come no one wonders how he got to Lana at the Talon so fast? Especially that curious and annoying as hell sheriff? Or the room full of people working at the Center who suddenly had a large man in primary colors yelling into a phone and then suddenly disappearing?

Jonathan was hit with a tire iron and was fine the next scene but Chloe had a bruise on her head and an icepack after her altercation with Adam. Don't you think Jonathan would show some signs of being hit with a tire iron?

Clark doesn't seem too smart in telling Lex he knows about the meeting with Teng. Lex was there. Teng was there. Now Lex knows Clark was nearby and that someone mysteriously/magically stole the serum. Would Clark, knowing that Lex has been suspicious of him in the past and even having nightmares of Lex finding out he's super-powered, really give Lex that much of a clue?

It would make much more sense for Clark to just stay with Lana for the entire day of the murder. There's some indication that Clark was trying to stop Adam well before he got to Lana, and possibly save anyone else Adam might have killed. Still, you'd think that, say, an hour or two before sunset or when the weather report shows rain, Clark would just go to Lana and stay with her.

When Clark, Chloe, and Lana were listening to the playback of the tape, you hear Lana say "Clark, it's happening" with the rain in the background. But when Lana said that, she was still inside the building.

Shouldn't Clark and (presumably) Pete have some training when dealing with a crisis hotline? Do they just let people wander in off the street and deal with suicides, broken households, etc.?

Where's the army of lawyers that Lex has referred to many times in the past? When Cage interrogates him and Clark, they're nowhere to be seen and Clark is the one who has to pull the legal card to get out.

In Suspect, Lionel was shot by Sheriff Ethan in the chest but (somehow) received extensive kidney damage. Now Lionel has a hepatitis-like disease that is destroying his liver. Lionel's interest in the resurrection serum seems to stem from about the time Suspect aired in the second season, so it seems very likely the shooting and the acquisition of his disease are related.

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