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Jonathan and Martha kissing in "Resurrection"

First aired February 25, 2004

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The CW's Official Description:

While his father (John Schneider) is awaiting surgery, Clark (Tom Welling) befriends a young boy, Garrett (guest star James Kirk), whose brother Vince (guest star Tahmoh Penikett) just died from liver failure. However, everyone is shocked when Vince shows up at the hospital alive and seemingly well - until his liver starts failing again. In a desperate attempt to keep his brother alive, Garrett straps a Kryptonite bomb to himself and demands that Vince be given Jonathan's liver or he will blow up the building.

Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, Sam Jones III, John Glover and Annette O'Toole also star. Terrence O'Hara directed the episode written by Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer.

Detailed Description:

By Nadine

Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) is getting his heart checked out by his doctor, Dr. Scanlan. Martha Kent (Annette O'Toole) is very concerned. The doctor is recommending a triple bypass, and wants Jonathan to have it immediately, because he feels that Jonathan could have another heart attack anytime, and that the next one could be fatal. He also informs Jonathan that the operation would only mean for him to be in hospital for a few days. Jonathan wonders if open-heart surgery is the only way to go, asking if the surgery could also be fatal. But Dr. Scanlan reassures Jonathan that there is a greater risk in not having the operation. Clark Kent (Tom Welling) is waiting at the other end of the hallway, but uses his super-hearing to eavesdrop on the doctor's diagnosis. However, he is interrupted by Garrett Davis, who is also standing in the waiting room, and who is loosing his temper over the vending machine not giving him his soft drink. Clark helps him out, and they start talking. Garrett explains that he's been in this waiting room regularly for two months now, waiting for his brother Vince's condition to improve. But he explains that Vince needs a new liver, and that he may not have long to live without one. Garrett inquires about Jonathan and Clark tells him that Jonathan will have to have open-heart surgery. Garrett tries to lighten the mood and promises Clark that they will both laugh about this a year from now.

At that moment, the loudspeaker announces a Code Blue in Vince's room. Both Clark and Garrett run to the room and stand at the door while Dr. Yaeger and his team are desperately trying to revive Vince. Garrett is screaming Vince's name, and the doctor urges Clark to get Garrett out of the room. Clark tries holding Garrett back as the doctors continue to try to resuscitate him. Vince flatlines. Dr. Yaeger calls the time of death at 2:43pm. We see someone writing the time of death on a sheet, and just above is a PDA with an email waiting to be sent with the message "Subject is ready for pickup". As soon as the time of death is written, the person sends the email.

Clark and Martha watch as a social worker counsels Garrett on his loss. Clark explains that both Garrett's parents are dead and that his closest living relative is an uncle in Germany who is going to take a few days to get here. Martha feels very sorry for him and feels that he should not be in foster care on a night like this, and tells Clark that Garrett can stay at the farm with them. Clark tells his mother he overheard Dr. Scanlan's diagnosis, and Martha tells Clark that Jonathan is not sure whether he is actually going to have the surgery yet.

Jonathan is still in the hospital room, holding his chest, while he reads over some of the material on open-hear surgery. Clark walks in. Jonathan inquires about Garrett, and Clark explains that he is in shock, which is what happens when the most important person in one's life dies. Clark explains to his dad that he knows about the surgery. In a very emotional moment, Clark begs his father to go ahead with the surgery, explaining how Garrett is so lost without his brother and how Clark would be just as devastated if something happened to Jonathan. They hug and Jonathan agrees to go ahead and fill in the required paperwork. He also reminds his son that he shouldn't worry, Jonathan's not going anywhere.

Vince's body is wheeled to a medical helicopter waiting on the roof of the hospital and flown off.

Back at the farm, Garrett is thanking Martha for putting him up, and Clark and him discuss the situation. Garrett explains how the liver transplant would have changed everything, and how he can't believe this is it, he expects to see Vince walking in at any moment. Martha comes back to tell Garrett that the crematorium called, wondering where they should send Vince's ashes. Garrett is shocked and confused, saying that Vince is supposed to be buried next to his parents.

Vince's body arrives at Dr. Lia Teng's (Françoise Yip) secret lab, where she opens the body bag, grabs a huge needle, and injects a serum right into his chest. Suddenly, Vince wakes up and sits up. "Welcome back Vince", says Dr. Teng.

Clark and Garrett have gone to the hospital to try and figure out what happened. The doctor explains that Vince's body was first transferred to Metropolis General for an organ donation, and they are the ones who sent the body for cremation. She says, however, that there is no error, that this seems to have been Vince's wish, she shows Garrett the forms with Vince's signature. Garrett refuses to believe it, saying that his brother always told him that he wanted to be buried, and is shocked when the doctor suggests that maybe Vince may have been hiding this from Garrett. Garrett is hysterical, and is convinced that the documents have been forged.

Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) is on his cell phone in his office, upset with an embassy official, stating "Well, I think your embassy would keep tabs on North Koreans who've recently been deported", and then hangs up. Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) walks in, and he informs her that it seems that Dr. Teng has disappeared. Chloe tells Lex that she found out that the reason Dr. Teng is in this country is because she married a LuthorCorp employee in an arranged marriage to get her Green Card and stay in the US. Chloe also tracked down her husband, who is a security guard at the old Metrom pharmaceutical building, a building owned by LuthorCorp, that Lionel Luthor (John Glover) has been refusing to sell for years. Chloe explains that she thought it was strange that she would notice a delivery truck pulling up to the building, since she also thought the company was shut down. Lex wonders about this, explaining that everyone had advised Lionel to sell off the property, but that Lionel insisted the neighborhood was about to be revitalized. "The only thing being revitalized in that neighborhood is the graffiti", answers Chloe.

Clark and Garrett are back in the barn, discussing the situation, when suddenly, Vince walks in. Garrett runs to his brother to hug him, but Clark is confused, and asks for an explanation, since Vince had been pronounced dead. Vince explains they were wrong, and that all he knows what that he woke up in a lab with a woman doctor standing over him with a needle "the size of Kansas". Vince wants to leave, but Clark thinks he should get himself checked out. Vince explains they have to disappear, and then, suddenly, he starts feeling pain in his eyes. He manages to tell Clark that the lab is somewhere in Metropolis, before he begins to bleed from his eyes, and then falls to the ground and passes out.

Vince is brought back to the hospital, where Dr. Yaeger is shocked and unable to explain the situation. However, he does explain that whatever was done to Vince was only temporary, and that Vince's liver is rapidly deteriorating, and won't last much longer. Garrett wants the doctor to just contact the lab and get more of the cure they gave him, but Dr. Yaeger has no idea what lab it could be. He assures Garrett that they are doing everything they can, but that this is the first time he's ever had a patient come back to life and no one is quite sure how to proceed from here. Garrett tells Clark that he won't be able to bear loosing him a second time.

Clark goes to visit his father in his hospital room. Clark wants to stay while Jonathan is having his surgery, but both Jonathan and Martha agree that Garrett needs Clark right now, and that Clark should go and try and find the lab, and that his time is better spent doing that than waiting for Jonathan's surgery to be over. Jonathan gives Clark his blessing to leave his bedside.

On his way out, Clark bumps into Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk), who is coming to offer moral support to Martha. They talk about Garrett, and Clark tells her everything that's happened. Lana tells him that she's seen this before. She explains that she found an obituary for Adam Knight from five months ago that said that he had died from a rare liver disease, just like Vince, and that she had also seen Adam bleed from his eyes. She explains she never told anyone because Adam threatened her. She now has no idea where Adam is, he seems to have disappeared for more than a week. She also remembers seeing Adam taking a certain serum that must have been keeping him alive.

Garrett is talking to his brother, when Dr. Yaeger informs Garrett that there is nothing more they can do, that they are just making Vince comfortable. He suggests that maybe it was time Garrett started saying his goodbyes, but Garrett walks off, shocked, repeating that he is not going to let Vince die.

Jonathan is ready for his surgery, and Martha and him are sharing a moment before they wheel him to the operating room. He reminds her that there is a chance the surgery may not be successful. He reminds her of their promise about Clark, "When he's ready, you have to let him go". Martha gets all chocked up, and answers, "When that day comes, you'll be standing right beside me"... A very touching moment...

Clark is at The Torch with Chloe, explaining that he would rather keep busy than wait around on a surgery when there's nothing he can do to help. He wants to find out what brought Vince back to life. Chloe's source at Metropolis General informed her that the only two organ donors that arrived yesterday were both females. Clark realizes that that means that the chopper must have taken Vince's body directly somewhere else.

Clark returns to the hospital and find the pilot who took Vince's body into the chopper. The pilot doesn't seem to want to cooperate, but Clark threatens to get him arrested for these illegal operations, so pilot agrees to fly Clark to where he flew Vince the previous day. The pilot drops Clark off on the roof of the building in Metropolis. As he stands there, he overhears a conversation from below. Lex is standing in the lab, he has obviously just walked in, and is telling Dr. Teng how surprised he is to see her. She is obviously not happy to see Lex. He tells her he is aware of her immigration status. He recognizes the vial of serum, but she warms him not to touch it, it is delicate. "If you don't leave at once, I'm notifying your father.", threatens Dr. Teng. "Can't you just send me to the principal instead?", responds Lex sarcastically. He wants to know the origin of the blood platelet serum, and threatens to have her deported back to North Korea. Clark is outside the door, trying to figure out what to do. Just as Lex finishes his sentence, a blast of wind runs through the lab, and suddenly, the serum vial has disappeared. Both Lex and Dr. Teng are freaked out and unable to explain where it went.

We see Dr. Scanlan start to perform Jonathan's surgery as planned. Martha is waiting with Lana who is reassuring her. Pete Ross (Sam Jones III) shows up to wait with them, and Martha is so happy to see him. At that moment, Garrett comes charging in, demanding to see Dr. Yaeger. When the doctor shows up, Garrett demands that Vince get a liver transplant immediately. Garrett opens his jacket to show that he is strapped into a kryptonite bomb, and figures that way, the doctor will comply with his request. Martha remains calm and tries to talk to Garrett, but he just warns her to back off. Everyone is petrified.

Outside, the police arrives and blocks off the entrance to the hospital. Clark shows up, and tries to speak to Sheriff Adams (Camille Mitchell). He tells her that his parents are in the hospital, and so she lets him through and updates him on the situation. He explains that he knows Garrett, and that he has a serum that can save Vince. The Sheriff is reluctant, but realizes this may be her only hope.

Back inside the hospital, Pete explains to Martha that there is no way that Clark can help they here, since the bomb is made of kryptonite, that Garrett must have gotten from his parent's business, a demolition firm that uses meteor rock to destroy buildings. Martha tries to reason with Garrett, but Garrett explains that he has to do this, even if he ends up in jail for it. At that moment, the phone rings, and Garrett picks it up. Clark tells Garrett about the serum, while the sheriff listens in on the conversation. Garrett agrees, as long as only Clark comes in, but Sheriff Adams refuses to take that risk. But Garrett will not agree to a deputy bringing the serum. Clark negotiates with Garrett, that he will come in if Garrett releases the hostages. Garrett complies.

Meanwhile, Jonathan's operation is still continuing as planned.

All the hostages are evacuated, as Clark is entering the hospital. He meets his mom, Pete and Lana as they are being evacuated. Martha warms Clark that Garrett's bomb is made with kryptonite and begs him to be careful.

Outside, the sheriff orders her deputy to find a good vantage point, and to try and get a clean shot and take Garrett out.

In the hospital, Clark shows Garrett the vial, and puts it down on the ground for Garrett to come and pick up, claiming he doesn't want to get close to Garrett while that bomb is on him. As Garrett picks up the vial of blood platelets, it seems like the liquid begins to boil, due to its proximity to the meteor rocks in the bomb. Clark recognizes that it is the same effect that his own blood has when exposed to the rocks. Garrett asks Clark whether it is supposed to do that. Clark doesn't know. Garrett calls Dr. Yaeger and gives him the vial and tells him to inject it into Vince's chest. The doctor wants to know what it is, but Garrett doesn't want to waste time. The doctor injects it into Vince, but nothing seems to be happening. Garrett thinks that Clark lied to him. Garrett orders the doctor to get Vince a new liver, but the doctor doesn't have one. Garrett disagrees, reminding him that he currently has a patient in the OR, and that they should use his liver. Clark warns Garrett that he is not touching Jonathan. But Clark has to keep his distance, and Garrett explains that he doesn't have another choice, that Vince is all he has, and that at least Clark will still have his mother. The doctor also tries to reason with Garrett, saying that the chances of success are very slim. Clark begs the doctor not to do this, and the doctor agrees that he can't, but that there are 20 other patients in the building and is doesn't know what else to do.

The police deputy is on the roof of the building across the road, and is aiming at Garrett through the window. He waits, and gets a good shot. He shoots. It hits Garrett. Garrett begins to fall backwards onto the ground in slow motion, but has enough time to detonate the bomb. As the bomb detonates, Clark superspeeds into the radiology lab down the hall, grabs a lead-lined blanket, runs back to Garrett, grabs the bomb with the blanket, tears it off Garrett and wraps it up, and superspeeds out of the hospital to a respectable distance and throws the bomb far away from him. All in the time it takes Garrett to fall the ground.

Meanwhile, in the operating room, Dr. Scanlan and his team feel the tremors of the bomb blast as things start shaking in the room. They stop for a few seconds until everything is stabilized, checks with his team that everything is ok, and give the order to continue with the operation.

Back at the Metropolis lab, Dr. Teng takes Lex down to the lower floors to show him where Adam Knight is. She explains that Lionel told her Adam was no longer a participant in the research, and to stop giving him the serum, but Dr. Teng couldn't do that, as that would just kill Adam. But she now has a problem and can't keep giving Adam the medication, because the blood platelets are in extremely rare supply. She is hiding Adam in the lab. Lex wants to know where the blood platelets come from, but Dr. Teng explains she doesn't know. She assures him she is telling him the truth, that she wouldn't lie to him, since he is her only way out from under Lionel's grip. She just knows that it has the remarkable ability to revivify new tissue (just like Clark is able to do). She shows him where Adam is hidden, in a cell at the back of the lab. He is shaking. She tells him that he is deteriorating fast, because she doesn't have enough of the serum, and that Lionel won't send her any more.

Back at The Talon, Lana is in Adam's old apartment desperately trying to clean up the place. Lex walks in and asks her if she knows where Adam is. He asks her if she is being completely honest with him. She assures him she is, and doesn't tell him about her conversation with Clark and the relevance to Garrett's case. Lex gets close to Lana, and tells her that if ever she feels like talking about Adam, he's always there. He explains he just wants to make sure that Adam is out of her life for good, just like she asked him to.

A few days later, and Jonathan is walking out of the hospital. As Martha and Clark walk him out, Jonathan realizes that something is still bothering Clark. Clark explains that he thinks Lionel is behind all of this, and tells them about hearing Lex talking to Dr. Teng. He explains that the serum acted in the exact same way as his own blood does when in close contact with meteor rocks. He explains that he thinks that Lionel has found a way to use him blood to bring people back to life. This makes Clark wonder if he shouldn't come forward, since his blood may be able to save lives. He is thinking that maybe there is something inside his blood that could repair Jonathan's heart permanently.  Jonathan explains to Clark that he will, later, save a lot of lives, but Clark states that the only life he is interested in saving is Jonathan's. "You do", replies Jonathan, "you save my life everyday that you're with us, and we wouldn't trade that for a single moment without you".

Clark comes to see Lana at The Talon. She is glad to know Jonathan is alright. Lana feels guilty, and that she should have said something about Adam sooner. She's upset with herself for having been threatened into silence. Clark tells her that he understand about keeping secrets in order not to put other people in danger. Clark reminds her that she can always tell him anything, and she reminds him that that goes both ways. She then asks him what he thought was in the serum, and he replies, "I have no idea", and walks off.

All detailed descriptions © Copyright 2000-2008- All Rights Reserved


Adam appears, sort of, but Ian Somerhalder isn't credited and it's unlikely that he even played Adam for the brief glimpse we see of him in shadows.

John Glover does not appear in this episode.

Bruce Harwood of X-Files/Lone Gunmen fame has a brief role as the MedVac pilot, but for some reason he isn't credited.

Jonathan's doctor's name seems to have changed from MacIntyre (see "Vortex") to Scanlan. He's played by the same actor (Julian Christopher) in both instances, so presumably it's supposed to be the same character.

Clark managed to head on into the radiology lab, find a lead-lined suit, grab the bomb and take it a good 500m away from the hospital in the time it takes a radio wave to propagate roughly 8 cm. Hence he traveled at over 60 times the speed of light (or 19 billion meters/second). So why when anyone goes missing, can't he find them? He could cover every square meter on the planet (including ocean) in 0.02 seconds.

How did Vince know Garrett and Clark were at Clark's barn?

How did Clark explain how he got rid of the bomb after Garrett was shot and the bomb exploded outside of the hospital? Or how the bomb just disappeared and/or blew up miles away?

Usually when someone has bypass surgery they would need to stay in the hospital more than a few days.

The sniper waited until Clark moved a bit out of the way, then took the shot on Garrett. So...what did he see Clark do? To his point of view, Clark would have literally vanished. Even if Clark returned (which isn't shown), unless he assumed the exact same precise position the sniper would have noted a major continuity "jump" in Clark's position.

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