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Clark and Alicia in "Obsession"

First aired February 18, 2004

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The CW's Official Description:

Clark (Tom Welling) is forced to use his powers in front of Alicia (Sarah Carter, Black Sash), a new girl at school, but he is surprised to find out she has powers of her own. The two develop a bond through their shared secret, but things turn ugly after Alicia becomes obsessive about sharing Clark with anyone else - especially Lana (Kristin Kreuk). Meanwhile, Lana asks Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) to investigate Adam (guest star Ian Somerhalder).

Allison Mack, Sam Jones III, John Glover, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star. James Marshall directed the episode written by Holly Harold.

Detailed Description:

By Nadine

Clark Kent (Tom Welling) and Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) are on a field trip with their Economics class to visit LuthorCorp. Lionel Luthor (John Glover) is there to give them a brief introduction, and tells them a little about individuality and knowing when to break the rules. Both Clark and Chloe seem bored, and Chloe even seems uncomfortable with Lionel's speech. She makes a sarcastic comment that Lionel overhears, and asks her if she has a question, she doesn't answer. Lionel ends his talk and the group move on. As Chloe and Clark are walking away, Lionel walks up to them and tells them that it's nice to see them again, and that he is glad to know that they are looking to the future. Chloe and Clark catch up with the group who is taking the elevator down. As Chloe enters the elevator, she sarcastically tells Clark, "Welcome to the Lionel Luthor exhibit. Next floor, victims, sycophants and hatchet-men". The teacher doesn't allow Clark to get into the elevator with them, saying "How about I split up this jaded little fan club. Mr. Kent take the next cart".

As the door closes, Alicia Baker shows up next to Clark, she's obviously also missed the elevator. As they wait for the next elevator, Clark tries to act smart, saying "Elevators, too much demand, not enough supply". Alicia tries very hard not to laugh, and doesn't respond. They get into the elevator. Clark presses the button for the lobby, the door shuts but nothing seems to happen, the elevator remains on the 39th floor. Then, a bell rings, and the elevator crashes down at full speed. Both Clark and Alicia are thrown to the ground. Clark takes a second to think what to do. He notices the security camera in the elevator, and burns it out with his heat vision. The elevator is crashing fast, and Alicia is screaming. But she realizes that his stare caused the camera to burn. Clark then punches a whole through the elevator wall, and grabs onto the rail that the elevator is sliding down. It takes a few seconds for the elevator to halt to a stop as Clark is holding on to the rail. Alicia is shocked, and asks him what Clark just did. Clark, still struggling to hold onto the rail, begs her not to tell anyone what she just saw. At that moment, the doors start being pried open, and a voice from a LuthorCorp security informs them that they are trying to get them out, that it won't be long. Clark and Alicia realize that it wouldn't be long before security finds out how the elevator is being suspended on the 19th floor. Without a word, Alicia steps up to Clark, puts her hand on his shoulder, and they both shimmer away. Since Clark lets go of the rail, the elevator crashes down to the bottom, at the same time as Alicia and Clark reappear in the lobby. Clark is shocked and asks Alicia what she just did. She tells him that she knows he didn't want to get caught, and she wanted to help. She is interrupted by LuthorCorp security and the rest of the class running up to them, shocked and bewildered at what happened. She begs him not to tell anybody now that he knows her secret. The teacher asks them if they're ok, and Chloe wanders how it happened. Clark says he doesn't know more than that they managed to get out before the cable broke.

 Alicia is walking to school, and Clark catches up with her. He thanks her for saving his life the day before, and she confesses that it's actually a relief to be able to share her ability with someone. "Is that what it takes to be friends with you?" asks Clark. "I guess I deserved that", she answers, but admits that she's really not as stuck up as everybody makes her out to be. She explains that she just doesn't want to get close to anyone, in case they found out about her and thought she was a freak. She feels it's better to be alone, even if it means that people think she's a snob. She explains that her abilities only started with the meteor shower, and she explains she can teleport herself and anything she touches, "anything I wanna take with me", she says, smiling coyly at Clark. She asks him if his ability started at the same time. "Everything is pretty much related to the meteor shower, right?", he answers in a round about way. They are obviously very attracted to each other, and even when the bell rings for class, they find it hard to walk away from each other. She tells him she can't believe that he's like her, and he tells her he understands what she means. He watches her walk away.

Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) walks up to the apartment above The Talon and opens the door with a spare key. She calls out for Adam Knight (Ian Somerhalder), but he is not there. She starts searching the apartment. Under one of the shelves, she finds Adam's diary. At that moment, Adam walks in and asks her what she is doing. She asks him about the diary, but he says he wants it back, that it is private. She won't give it back and reads from it. Everyday seems to be an entry about Lana and Clark's whereabouts and interactions. She demands to know why Adam's been spying on them, but he tells her she's no better, snooping in his apartment. She tells him that first he threatens her, then he spies on her, and that she won't stand for it, that she wants him to leave. He responds that tenant laws are not that simple, that she can't just evict him, and that he's not going anywhere.

Clark finds Alicia in the physics lab, and asks her if she wants to work on a paper with him. She answers by asking him out on a date, which he promptly accepts. They are both shy and obviously very attracted to each other. On his way out of the lab, Clark bumps into Lana who wonders why he is smiling so much. She tells him about Adam's journal, and admits she thinks it's more about Clark than her. She tells him that he shouldn't worry though, because she is going to get Adam evicted. At that moment, Alicia walks out of the physics lab and walks past them, stopping to tell Clark that she will see him at seven, smiles at Lana and walks off. When Lana, amused, looks inquisitively at Clark, he gives her a lame excuse about them being in the same class, obviously very upset that Lana should find out that way.

Alicia and Clark are both in his barn, looking through his telescope at the stars. She impressed him with her knowledge of astronomy. She admits to being a science geek. Clark sizes her up and responds, "You don't look like one". She asks him about how he managed to burn the security camera in the elevator and he tells her about his heat vision. She asks whether he's ever told Lana about what he can do, and he explains that no, that was one of the issues of they're relationship, that he could never be completely honest with Lana. "Like you are with me?", asks Alicia. She tells him that she had once liked this boy, but that he had freaked out when he found out what Alicia could do. Clark tells her not to worry about what others think. Clark drives Alicia back to her house. As he is walking her to her door, she admits that her parents are very protective of her, and don't truly understand everything about her abilities. She starts telling him that they even tried to stop her from using her abilities, but doesn't tell Clark how they tried to stop her. Clark explains that his parents, on the other hand, are great, extremely supportive and very concerned. They get really close and are about to kiss, but Clark pulls away, and they both giggle it off. She goes inside the house, and he walks backwards down the steps and nearly trips and he watches her go in. As he gets into his truck, we see that Alicia has teleported from the front door to her bedroom window where she can observe Clark drive off.

Clark is in his bed, sleeping (bare-chested, of course...), when Alicia suddenly appears sitting on his bed, not wearing a lot more... She startles Clark who knocks over his alarm clock with a big thump. She tells him she didn't want to startle him, she just wanted to surprise him. She tells him that she knows he wanted to kiss her earlier, and that he should just do it. They get very close.. and well, you're gonna have to watch the scene for yourself... Suffice it to say that they have their hands all over each other, when Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) walks in, wondering what the thump was and if Clark had fallen out of his bed. He is shocked to find his son in a very "indecent" situation.

As Clark is walking down the stairs (he's dressed now), he hears Jonathan and Martha Kent (Annette O'Toole) discussing boundaries and limitations. Clark arrives in the kitchen and informs her parents that Alicia is gone. "What'd she do Clark, climb out the window?", asks Jonathan. "Actually, she teleported out", answers Clark. He tells his parents everything, and that Alicia knows about his strength and about his heat vision. Clark however, defends himself by saying that he didn't tell her about getting sick around meteor rocks. He explains that he feels really comfortable around her, that they're a lot alike and that he thinks he has found someone he can actually have a relationship with. Suddenly, we see that Alicia has been listening at the door all along and has heard everything. She seems very happy to hear about Clark's enthusiasm for her.

Back at school, Pete Ross (Sam Jones III) tells Clark that Alicia's been spreading the word all over school about Jonathan busting them in his room. Pete thinks it's awesome and Clark seems happy by this reaction. He opens his locker and is shocked to find Alicia's re-decorated it with pictures of her all over. She walks up to him and asks him if he likes them. "Oh, I... I do..." he stutters, but tells her that they may be moving a little too fast. He tells her that he thinks that maybe they should be setting some boundaries and limitations. "We're special Clark. People like us don't have boundaries and limitations", she answers. She holds him close and kisses him, calling him "sweetie" and "gorgeous", and tells him she'll be thinking about him.

Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) gives Clark some friendly advice about the situation Clark is in. He hints to Clark that maybe Clark did something to encourage Alicia's behavior. He wonders what Clark must have done that was so impressive that she would develop that type of obsession for him. Clark asks Lex what to do.

Clark shows up at Alicia's house. Mrs. Baker seems delighted to see Clark. Mr. Baker also welcomes Clark. As he walks into their kitchen, Clark sees all the trophies that Alicia seems to have won. They tell Clark that Alicia is not here, but that they are thrilled to know that she is dating "such a nice young man". Clark tries to explain that they are not dating, but Mrs. Baker tells Clark that Alicia is special and that if she thinks Clark is her boyfriend he should just go along with it. He tells them he knows about Alicia's abilities. He asks them how they kept her from teleporting. Mr. Baker tells Clark that they used to keep her in a special room. Mrs. Baker then goes on to explain that Alicia begged them to let her out, and promised not to abuse of her powers, but now they never know where she is or what she will do. Clark x-rays the house and noticed a room with walls made of lead. Mrs. Baker begs Clark to go along with Alicia. Clark walks out, and, as Mr. Baker is closing the door, he tells Clark that there was another boy that Alicia liked a lot, and that it didn't end well, and that Clark should be careful. As Mr. Baker closes the door, we see Alicia standing right there. She walks up to her father, saying, in a threatening voice, "You shouldn't have said that Daddy".

Lana and Lex are in The Talon, and Lana has obviously asked Lex to help her with the Adam situation. He is glad she called him and tells her that he trusts her instincts. She tells him about the journal. He tells her that he will take care of Adam, but she tells him that she looked into tenant laws, and that it can take up to six months to get rid of him, and that she can't wait that long. "Believe me, there are definitely ways of getting rid of someone a lot faster than that", answers Lex.

Clark arrives back in his loft to find that Alicia has re-decorated. She's added a picture of herself in a frame on his desk, but flowers and candles all around. Then he notices something strange in the Smallville Yearbook that is left open on the desk at the page where Lana signed Clark's book. Alicia has used scissors to cross out Lana's face on the yearbook. Suddenly, Alicia's standing right behind him. She says that her parents told her he wanted to see her. He asks her why she's redecorated, and she answers, "I thought you'd like what I've done to the loft. It's more us now". She explains what she did to the yearbook by saying that she knows he used to go out with Lana, but that it's time to move on. He tells her that there is no "us", but she won't listen, telling them how special they are, how they belong together and that the proof is that he didn't tell Lana his secret, he told her. Suddenly she gets a call on her cellpone, and she informs Clark that her father is in hospital, that he has fallen down the stairs. She doesn't seem to upset about it.

They arrive at the hospital, where Alicia's father is unconscious and on a respirator. Alicia seems distraught and hides in Clark's arms. Sheriff Adams (Camille Mitchell) shows up and asks to speak to Alicia. She informs Alicia that they think there was an assailant, that Mr. Baker was hit on the head, and that he was found in the basement that had been locked from the inside. Alicia starts to cry and keeps hugging Clark, but Clark is not buying it and asks her straight out if she did this. She tells him that she did it for them, because her father was trying to keep them apart. He tells her that she needs to talk to the sheriff, but she teleports away before he can catch her.

Clark gets home, only to find Alicia waiting in the kitchen. Martha is in the back, setting the table. Alicia tells Clark that Martha asked her to stay for dinner, and that she's just trying to get to know his family. Clark tells her that she needs to turn herself in. She angrily chops a cabbage in half, and tells Clark that he is her boyfriend and that he should be protecting her like she protected him. She threatens him to give away his secret or to hurt his family, and then disappears.

Clark has told Chloe about Alicia's obsession and her ability. Chloe reminds Clark that one of Alicia's weakness is Clark himself. Clark realizes he knows her other weakness, and has a plan, and he asks Chloe to help him.

Chloe shows up at the Bakers'. She pretends to look distraught and asks Mrs. Baker where Alicia is, because Alicia's boyfriend Clark is in trouble. Alicia shows up from behind her mother, and asks Chloe to explain. Chloe tells Alicia that the sheriff suspects Clark of having something to do with Mr. Baker's accident. Mrs. Baker is about to say something but Alicia shuts her up. Chloe explains that the sheriff has a theory that Clark was upset with Mr. Baker for not allowing Alicia and Clark to see each other. Alicia asks if Clark is under arrest. Chloe says that no, he's hiding out, and that he told Chloe to get Alicia, claiming that Alicia is his only chance. She seems happy to know that Clark is finally needing her, and asks where he is.

Alicia goes to the boiler room of the school where Clark is hiding out. He runs to her and is happy to see her, but tells her that he needs her help, that she has to give herself up to save him, because the sheriff suspects that he did it. She tells him that she can't give herself up, but that they can run away together. He tells her she's right, that it is the only way. She seems really happy, so he tells her he has an idea, takes her hand and tells her to come with him. He pretends that he is about to take her back up the stairs, but then hears a noise, and tells her they should hide. He pushes her into a lead-painted room, where lead paint pots are still lying around. She asks him if he is trying to trap her like her parents did. She keeps repeating that they are meant for each other, but he won't listen. Suddenly, she pulls out a meteor rock, and Clark falls to the ground. She kisses him before she leaves, explaining that once she gets Lana out of the way, they will be great together. She leaves him lying there and walks out.

Lana is taking the trash out behind The Talon when she finds Alicia standing right in front of her. Alicia threatens her with a knife and demands to know what is so special about her that Clark can't get over her. Lana doesn't understand. She runs away and back into The Talon, only to find herself face-to-face with Alicia again. Lana tries to tell Alicia that there is nothing going on between herself and Clark, but Alicia informs Lana that Clark is still in love with Lana. She also tells Lana that Clark told her his secret, the things that he wouldn't tell Lana. She then pushes Lana against a pillar, and Lana falls unconscious to the ground.

Clark is still lying there, unable to move due to the meteor rock lying next to him. Suddenly, he notices the pot of lead paint by his feet, and manages to knock it over to spill over the rock. He then superspeeds out of the room to The Talon.

Clark arrives at The Talon just as Alicia is kneeling over Lana to kill her with a knife. He calls out to Alicia who turns around. Clark throws a lead paint can at Alicia, and as it reaches Alicia he uses his heat vision to burst the can open. The lead paint falls all over Alicia, which means she is unable to teleport anywhere. He runs to Lana who is just coming to and holds her tight. "Why Clark, why?", cries Alicia.

Lana comes to see Clark to thank him. She inquires about what the secrets where that he seems to have told Alicia. He tells Lana that Alicia said a lot of crazy things. "She also said that you were still in love with me. But that was crazy too, right?", asks Lana. "Right", lies Clark. They are interrupted by Martha welcoming Lana in, but Lana is upset and says she has to leave. Martha tells Clark that one day, he will find the person that is right for him. He explains that for a while, he thought it was Lana, but that he could never be honest with her, and then he thought it was Alicia, because they were alike. Martha tells Clark that he is special. "Maybe that means I'll always be alone".

Lana walks in to the apartment above The Talon, and is startled to find Lex there. She notices that all Adam's things are gone, and she is delighted. She thanks Lex, but he tells her that he can't take credit for this, that his security people have been unable to track Adam down. They both wonder then, where Adam could be.

We see Adam, at the end of a long, dark lab, strapped down to a chair. Lionel walks in, switches on the lights, and puts surgical gloves on. He tells Adam that he had hired Adam to get become Lana's best friend and to find out everything she knew about Clark. But instead, he has alienated her. Dr. Lia Teng (Françoise Yip) walks in, informing Lionel that she has his medication. Lionel tells her that it will no longer be necessary, because Adam is no longer a participant in their research program. But Dr. Teng tells Lionel that Adam will die without the serum. Lionel walks out, and Dr. Teng follows him out. Adam is left struggling to get out of the chair, begging for help.

All detailed descriptions © Copyright 2000-2008- All Rights Reserved


Once again the Kryptonite doesn't affect Clark until it's pulled out. It happened several other times with Pete, Clark's dad, and others. Does everyone have lead lined pockets?

When Lana was reading Adam's diary, the dates she announced were different than the dates provided by the Closed Captioning.

The message that Lana wrote in the Smallville Yearbook last year was: "Best memories this year spent cramming at The Talon with the gang. Thanks CS, CK, PR, LL for always sticking by me. You guys are the best. Can't wait for summer, relaxing at Crater Lake, riding through the fields, and of course, NO homework! Everyone come visit me at The Talon for some iced coffee and other summer drinks! I'll see the rest of you in the fall! Take care everyone!" Of course those initials stand for Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent, Pete Ross and Lex Luthor. Over that, Lana had signed Clark's yearbook and written: "To Clark. The boy next door who became so much more. xoxo Love Lana"

So the elevator first crashed from the 39th floor and stopped at the 19th floor, since Clark was holding onto the rail. There LuthorCorp security tries to pry the doors open. But then Clark lets go of the rail, since Alicia teleports them down to the lobby (we know it's the lobby since the rest of the class is there, it may even be a floor below since the class is seen running down a few steps). So wouldn't LuthorCorp security wonder how, one second they're holding on for dear life on the 19th floor, and the next second, the cart is pulverized to the basement and Clark and Alicia are safe and sound in the lobby? Surely Lionel would have wanted an explanation of the elevator malfunction and found something a little odd about this, which would have peeked his curiosity about Clark further.

In the same way, when Chloe asks them if they're ok, Clark answers that yes, they managed to get out before the elevator crashed. That could only mean that they would have gotten out either all the way up on the 39th floor or when Clark temporarily stopped the elevator on the 19th floor. If Chloe understood by that, that they had gotten out on the 39th floor before the elevator even began moving, then how does she explain them standing in the lobby seconds later (she didn't necessarily know that the elevator had had a pit stop on the 19th floor). If Clark was trying to say that they got out on the 19th floor, then LuthorCorp security would deny that, since they were standing there trying to get them out.

Aren't there any cameras in the lobby? That would get Alicia and Clark on tape as they teleported there?

When Clark and Alicia are walking to school the day after the accident you can see mountains in the background.

Clark is smart enough to burn out the security camera in the elevator - why didn't he do that at the asylum in "Asylum" when he was rescuing Lex? At least we never saw him do it.

When the teacher tells Clark to take the next elevator, she only addresses him, she obviously hadn't seen Alicia who arrives a second after the elevator door has shut. This strange, because there seems to have been enough room for just Clark to get into that first elevator with the others. Also, it seems unlikely that the teacher would have left Clark on his own on a school trip to take the next elevator, just for the sake of ending his conversation with Chloe.

Alicia asks if Clark is ready for a boring, complicated physics explanation for her powers - he says he is and she says, "Basically, the meteor shower affected my body and allowed me to teleport myself." Did she really think that was boring and complicated?

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