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Clark and Perry

First aired October 29, 2003

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The CW's Official Description:

MICHAEL MCKEAN GUEST STARS AS SUPER JOURNALIST PERRY WHITE - Perry White (guest star Michael McKean, “A Mighty Wind,” “Best in Show”), a once promising journalist whose career was destroyed by Lionel Luthor (John Glover), arrives in Smallville in search of alien stories for a tabloid news show. In spite of being constantly inebriated, Perry believes he has witnessed Clark (Tom Welling) using his extraordinary speed, so he devises a dangerous scheme to expose Clark's superpowers. Meanwhile, Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) learns that Perry has powerful incriminating evidence of Lionel's shady past.

Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, Sam Jones III, Annette O’Toole and John Schneider also star. Written by: Mark Verheiden. Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc

Lane Smith as Perry White Michael McKean
Lane Smith as Perry White in "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" Michael McKean as Perry White in "Smallville"

Detailed Description:

By Nadine

Clark Kent (Tom Welling) is watching the news on television, where the reporter is explaining that a comet impacted the sun causing an enormous solar flare that has led to many power surges in Kansas that is being described as one of the most significant astronomical events of the last century. Jonathan (John Schneider) and Martha Kent (Annette O'Toole) walk in with the groceries, and Clark goes to help them. Martha is surprised by Clark’s interest, and he explains “actually, it’s a relief to be researching a cosmic disaster that has nothing to do with me”. Clark then superspeeds off to meet Pete Ross (Sam Jones III).

At the Wild Coyote, a local Smallville bar, a man (Michael McKean) is slowly getting drunk in the afternoon, watching the same news report. He asks the barman whether he believes that there are powers greater than we can know, somewhere in the universe. The barman doesn’t seem to care and asks whether he can now switch back to the game. The man grudgingly agrees. He then makes a toast to “Littleville, Kansas, and all the little Kansasians in it”. When the man asks for one more drink, the barman refuses, and gets the man thrown out of the bar.

Clark is superspeeding down the road, while the drunken man is driving in his car, while speaking on the phone and looking at the map, all at the same time. An employee card for X-Styles Magazine is hanging from the rear view mirror in the man’s car. He is completely distracted, trying to fold the map back. Clark is superspeeding ahead of him, but slows down to a normal walk, when he notices strange markings on the road. To the man driving his car, it seemed like Clark appeared out of nowhere, and the man looses control of him car while trying to avoid Clark standing in the middle of the road. The car sways straight into an electrical pole, and halts, then the pole crashes onto the car. Some of the wires land on Clark’s foot, which of course does not affect him in the slightest. He superspeeds to the car, tears the door off, and picks the man up and superspeeds him a safe distance away from the car. The man is shocked by what he’s just seen, and stars at Clark with his drunken double-vision, unable to utter a word. Clark asks him if he is ok, and the man manages to utter, “You pulled the door right off the car with your bare hands? You walked right though the power lines”. But Clark replies, “You’re a little drunk, Mr….?” “White, Perry White”, the man replies.

Clark is working on the farm, using his strength to build a fence. As he pushes one of the pickets into the ground, he pushes one too strongly and it practically disappears into the ground. Jonathan walks up to him, telling him to take it easy. Clark thinks he just misjudged his strength. Jonathan tells him that Perry White checked himself out of the hospital late last night. He also wonders how much Perry White saw of Clark’s superpowers, but Clark tells his father that the paramedics confirmed that Perry’s breathalyzer was off the charts and probably doesn’t even remember his name. “Clark! Clark Kent”, they hear someone shouting. Perry White shows up, having gotten a ride from a local farmer. As he walks up to them, Perry tells Clark that last time he saw Clark, Clark was frisbeeing the door right off his car and ignoring the high voltage lines. Before Clark can respond, he introduces himself to both father and son. Jonathan asks Perry how he’s feeling and Perry explains that his car is crunched, that the sheriff has suspended his license and that his Assignment Editor is yelling at him. “You’re a reporter?” asks Clark. “In a past life”, Perry replies. Perry explains that right now, he works for X-Styles, “cable TV’s one stop to the paranormally-inclined.” He also explains that he is here researching the meteor shower and the bizarre phenomena that it spawned. “Don’t tell me you believe any of that nonsense”, jokes Jonathan. “It’s right up there with the Tooth Fairy”, Perry jokes back. Perry then notices the pickets waiting to be put in the ground, and sees no tools around. He wonders out loud, but Clark changes the subject, saying that he was sure Perry didn’t come all the way out just to thank him. Perry becomes serious for a second and says that he has actually come to discuss a settlement, saying that the reason he crashes his car was because he swerved to miss Clark. But he smiles and explains that he doesn’t want to make it difficult on them. He says that he needs a local who knows the territory and who can drive him around. “You loan me Clark for a couple of days, we’ll call it even”.

At the Luthor mansion, Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) is meeting with Dr. Claire Foster (Lorena Gale), a psychiatrist. But he is making small talk about his father Lionel Luthor’s (John Glover) taste in art and about his own thoughts on remodeling the office to something more modern. The doctor states that she had hoped that today’s session would have been more productive. Lex agrees, stating sarcastically that it must mean he is in denial. He then states that he has nothing to hide. So the doctor asks him to tell her about what happened to him on the island. She says that official reported that when they found Lex, he was raving about some imaginary enemy. Lex claims that he was suffering from malaria, but the doctor confirms that she saw his blood work and that there was no trace of disease. She explains firmly that she absolutely wants to discuss his conflicted feelings towards his father. Lex cuts her short, explaining that the only reason that they are meeting is because LuthorCorp’s insurance carrier insisted that he submits to 5 psychiatric therapy sessions, and now he has, their time together is over. Flustered, the doctor leaves.

Clark and Perry walk into The Talon. Clark is confused on why Perry didn’t want to see more than two meteor craters. Perry explains that that is just background, and that what he is looking for is substance, a human dimension. Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) walks up to them and Perry introduces himself to her. He tells her that he would like a coffee, a couple of doughnuts and an interview, as he slams a magazine onto the counter, it is a copy of the issue of Time Magazine where Lana was on the cover, as a little girl, on the day of the meteor shower, after she had just lost her parents. Both Clark and Lana are shocked, and Lana immediately gets tears in her eyes as all the events of that terrible day come flowing back. “Maybe this is a joke to you, but my parents died that day”, Lana tells him, nearly in tears. “And I’m sorry, but that makes you newsworthy”, Perry replies. Clark tries to get Perry to leave, but he warms Lana that he will be back with a camera crew. Lana can’t believe that Clark is with Perry and asks them both to leave. As they leave Perry insists that he needs to put Lana in front of the camera. At the same time, he’s already onto his next mission, finding out more about The Smallville Torch, because the paper has “developed quite a rep in the bugged-eyed monster circle”. He asks Clark to meet the editor, Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack), and he knows that Clark knows Chloe, because he is holding a copy of The Torch for which Clark has written an article.

Perry is staring in amazement at the Wall of Weird when Chloe walks in and confirms that all the stories are true. Perry doesn’t seem to believe her and makes fun of her assumptions and theories. He hands her his card, as he tells her that she would be perfectly suited to appear on X-Styles, stating that “it’s not everyday that I meet another junk journalist with a penchant for the bizarre”. “I have a penchant for the truth, something your freaks and shrinks gave up around episode two”, replies Chloe, obviously insulted and disgusted by Perry’s attitude and behavior. Clark decides Perry has upset enough people and is done for the day. As they walk out, Chloe stares at his business card and notices his name. “You’re THE Perry White?” she asks him. His sarcastic smile disappears and he doesn’t answer and walks out, telling Clark that they should pick up the tour tomorrow. “Clark, do you have any idea who that was?” asks Chloe, in obvious amazement and admiration.

Lana pays a visit to Lex, who is trying to relax, sitting with his eyes closed, listening to a recording of sounds of the ocean. “It’s strange… When I was on the island, I came to hate the roar of the ocean. Since coming back, I find it’s the only thing that relaxes me”. Lana tells Lex about the reporter who came to harass her today for her story. She explains how insistent he was and that he was returning tomorrow with a camera crew. She also explains how she has spent the last fourteen years trying to put everything behind her, and in an instant, the reporter brought it all back. She tells him that Clark is no help. When she tells Lex the reporter’s name, Lex’s expression changes and he promises Lana, “I’ll make sure he never bothers you again”.

Clark walks into the Wild Coyote to find Perry drinking again. “Mr. White, I’ve been looking for you”. “And here I am”, answers Perry, “You may have the makings of a reporter yet, Kent”. “Like you used to be?” asks Clark, “Chloe and I did some checking after you left”. “Memories fade, but a Google search never forgets”, answers Perry. Clark tells him that he knows that Perry used to be one of the best journalists in Metropolis, and wants to know what happened. But Perry just continues to make drunken jokes, unwilling to explain. Clark continues to ask questions, claiming that it’s the journalist in him that wants to know, and that he believes that if someone has a gift, they shouldn’t give up on it. But Perry continues to joke around. Clark starts walking Perry out of the bar, “I don’t get you, kid. I strong-armed your parents, picked on your girlfriend and ticked off your lady editor, and still, here you are, trying to play the hero.” Sometimes Clark’s faith in his fellow-man outweighs his common sense”, states Lex as he enters the bar. Perry looks worried and scared when he sees Lex, telling him that if this is Lionel Luthor’s idea, Lex can tell him that he has no intention of visiting the past. Lex tells Perry that this has nothing to do with his father and tells him that it is time to go. They leave the bar. Lex drives Perry to the bus stop. He tells Perry that he wants him to stop harassing Lana and that he should stop his nasty habit of annoying teenagers for a story. He reminds Perry of the time he had come to Lex’s boarding school for a story and Lex had sniffed him out as a reporter immediately. Lex gets upset remembering it, stating that he was only sixteen and Perry was scrounging for dirt on his father. Perry realizes that this is what it is all about, Lionel’s secrets. “If you really had anything on him, it would have come out then”, says Lex. He then warns Perry that he should be on the 4 o’clock bus and drives off. Perry pulls out his flasks as he stands on the road waiting for the bus.

Clark returns home to tell his father that Perry has left town. Jonathan is happy to hear it, and asks Clark to help him with lifting the tractor onto the block. Clark goes to lift the tractor, but can’t. He tries again, still nothing. It’s like all his strength has gone. Jonathan encourages Clark to try once more. This time, Clark hardly has to lift a finger, his superstrength goes overboard, and the tractor goes flying into the air and across the fields.

We see Perry waiting for the bus, drinking out of his flask, when the tractor comes hurling down and crashes onto the ground right in front of Perry. Perry is shocked and tries to figure out what just happened. He keeps staring at the sky, and doesn’t notice Clark superspeeding up to him, having followed the tractor’s flight. Perry is even more shocked to find Clark standing in front of him, and notices that there is no car there, and wonders where Clark came from. Clark is embarrassed to see Perry there and to see that he would have been so careless with his superpowers.

The police are around the scene of the tractor “accident”, and Jonathan has also arrived. Sheriff Adams (Camille Mitchell) is trying to understand the Kents’ story, that someone was trying to steal their tractor, and that Clark tried to follow them but that, by the time he reached the scene, the tractor was just lying there in the middle of the road, and that it must have fallen off the thieves’ truck. Perry is standing there and interrupts, assuring the sheriff that the tractor fell out of the sky. “And last night, you were begging the nurses to get the flying monkeys out of your room”, the sheriff tells Perry. She obviously doesn’t believe a word he’s saying, and encourages him to catch the next bus out of town. As the police continue to investigate, Clark apologizes to his father about the tractor. Jonathan is not worried about the tractor, he is worried about what is happening to Clark’s abilities, and that their “family has wound up smack in the middle of Perry White’s radar”.

Perry White walks hesitantly into The Torch office, and Chloe welcomes him with a sarcastic but friendly comment. She offers to help him find what he is looking for. He wonders why her hostility has gone, and she answers, “Because you were once the kind of reporter that I would like to be”. She wonders what happened to the great reporter. “You know, the only thing that’s worse than never landing the story of a lifetime?” says Perry, “Having it and being afraid to write it.” He further explains, “Lionel Luthor can be remarkably persuasive”. She is shocked when she realizes that Lionel Luthor may have had something to do with Perry’s change of career. He hints to her that he obviously had a good story that Lionel did not approve of, and that Lionel used his power to stop Perry’s journalistic career. As they are speaking, Perry is looking at the articles hanging on the Wall of Weird, and asks about the symbol that was written in fire onto the Kent Farm’s barn. He tells Chloe that Clark intrigues him. This seems to worry Chloe.

Jonathan, Pete and Clark are discussing the problem with Clark’s abilities and that they seem to be coinciding with the solar flares. Pete explains that there seems to be technical and communication glitches all over the state, and Clark says that that is what he feels like is happening to him, one moment he is completely helpless, and the next his powers go into overdrive. They start wondering if his superpowers originate from the sun’s power. Jonathan is reading more about it, and finds that, according to the latest article, it should all be over by the following night, which means Clark’s problems would also stop. Clark then realizes that all he needs to do is not to use his abilities for the next 24 hours and everything would go back to normal. At that moment, Chloe shows up to give them the heads up that Perry is still in town and that he is interested in Clark.

Lex is irate as he speaks to Dr. Claire Foster. She has apparently refused to sign off on his psychological release and is recommending further sessions to be continued on an infinite basis. Lex accuses her of wanting more face time with a celebrity patient, but she tells him that he has experienced so much emotional and physical trauma and that he needs help. “Lex, if you don’t let your demons out; they could consume you”. She tries to reason with him, but he orders her to get out.

Perry shows up at the Kent Farm again, and tells Clark that he’s finally found his story, and that Clark is his story. He tells him he has all the proof he needs, with all the things that have happened in the short time that he has been in Smallville. Perry also tells Clark that he’s done further investigating, and realized that Clark always seems to be at the right place at the right time, and has saved so many people. Clark continues to assure Perry that there is nothing special about him. At that moment, Martha calls Clark to help her. Clark tells Perry he has to go. Clark starts running to the house, at “normal running” speed, but his powers get out of control, and without him wanting to, Clark superspeeds to the house. Perry sees it with his own eyes.

It’s late at night, and Jonathan is waiting for Clark, who gets off a bus heading for Metropolis. Clark explains that once he started superspeeding away, he couldn’t stop, and it took him half way across the country. But, when he tried to get back, he could hardly manage a jog. He had barely enough money to afford a bus ticket back to Smallville. Jonathan is worried that this problem is getting completely out of control. “I’m glued to the couch until the solar flare passes”, Clark assures his father. But his father tells him that Perry saw Clark superspeed away, and that Martha managed to give him some excuse to get him away for the night, but that he would probably be back soon.

Perry shows up at the Luthor mansion. Lex is obviously upset to see him, but Perry tells him that he is willing to give him all the information he has on Lionel in exchange for everything Lex knows about Clark. Lex can’t imagine that the information on Lionel is that serious, or he knows that his father would have done more than just destroy Perry’s career. Perry explains that he had given strict instructions to many lawyers to publish the information in the event of Perry’s untimely death, and that there was nothing Lionel could do about it. Perry then tells Lex that he knows about the car crash and how Clark saved his life. He knows that “there is no way you could have walked away from that crash without the miracle that is Clark Kent”. Perry thinks that it is now no coincidence that Lex and Clark are friends. “The Lex I knew wouldn’t shake your hand without an ulterior motive. You must have something”. Give it to me and I’ll deliver you a story that will be new meaning to the phrase ‘Sins of the father’”. Lex lashes out, punches Perry and pins him to the wall. “Looks like the jungle living really took a toll on you”, says Perry. Lex threatens him and tells him to stay away from him and from his friends, “Trust me, there won’t be any blood on my hands when they find what’s left of you.” Perry walks away, and Lex is left standing there, shaking, shocked at his sudden outburst of anger and violence.

The Kents and Pete are stuck in the house, as Perry stands outside with a news and camera crew, waiting for something to happen. Clark is walking around in circles, visibly upset, saying that he feels like a prisoner in his own house. He actually gets so upset that he starts getting a headache, and before he can control it, his heat vision turns on, and he sets the curtains on fire. Clark grabs a blanket and tries to put the flames out, but he burns himself, as his powers desert him. Jonathan puts the fire out with an extinguisher and tells his son that he just has to hold out until tomorrow. But Clark realizes that this could be too dangerous, that next time, he may set the whole farm on fire, endanger his parents and have Perry White catch the whole thing on tape. They realize he can’t spend the night on the farm, but Perry is standing outside. So, Jonathan creates a diversion, but racing the truck out of the barn and out of the farm. Martha comes running out of the house and runs after the truck for a few seconds screaming, “Clark! Clark, come back”. Perry and the crew assume that it is Clark trying to escape, and they rush into the news van, and follow the Kent truck out of the farm. After a few miles, Jonathan stops his truck in the middle of the road. The news van is forced to stop too. Perry and his crew is shocked to see Jonathan, who tells them that Clark is not here, and will not be returning until they have all left.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, Pete and Clark get their camping gear into Pete’s car and plan on only returning in the morning.

Perry shows up at The Talon. Lana asks him to leave, telling him that he would probably be more comfortable at the Wild Coyote. Perry apologizes to her, explaining that he often doesn’t know how to control himself when he is onto a story. Lana asks him why he doesn’t just stop if his job bothers him so much. “Because I’m a journalist. It’s in my blood. And sometimes you have to push to get the truth, even if it hurts”, answers Perry. Lana still insists that she wants him to leave. He explains to her that he doesn’t have a car, and promises her to leave Smallville, if she would give him a ride to the bus stop. Lana agrees.

As Clark and Pete are setting up them gear, Lana calls Clark on his cell phone. Whatever it is she tells him, Clark sounds concerned and tells her to wait for him, that he will be right there. He tells Pete he has to go to Saunders Gorge, but as he tries to superspeed away, he finds he can barely run. “I got nothing, Pete, it’s all gone”. They both get into Pete’s car. When they get to Saunders Gorge Viewpoint, Lana is there, visibly shocked. She tells them that, as she was driving Perry to the bus stop, he pretended to be sick. She stopped the car, and he ran out of the car and to the Viewpoint, and got up on the ledge of the gorge, and threatened to kill himself if she didn’t call Clark. Clark walks up to Perry, trying to convince him to get down. But Perry has a better idea. He tells Clark that he knows about Clark’s powers, and that, if he jumps, he knows that Clark will rescue him. Clark tries to reason with him, telling him that he has no powers. Perry says that they will find out. He jumps off the ledge and into the gorge. Clark tries to hold on to him and stop him, but gets dragged down with Perry. Perry has tied his ankle to a rope, tied to the ledge. They both fall down the gorge to the length of the rope, and then are stuck, dangling there. Perry is held by his ankle, head down towards the bottom of the gorge. And Clark is below Perry, holding on to Perry’s hands, unable to do anything. Perry tells him that this would be a good time for Clark to unleash his powers, but Clark, for the last time, tells him that he has no powers.

Lana and Pete are standing above, powerless. Clark yells at Pete to go fetch the rope from the camping gear in the car. The rope that is holding Perry starts to break under the weight of both men. Pete ties one end to his car, while Lana runs back to the gorge with the other end of the rope. She throws it down to Clark, who is holding onto Perry for dear life. Clark manages to grab Lana’s rope and hold on to it. Meanwhile, the rope that Perry is hanging from breaks completely and Perry manages to grab onto Clark’s waist. Lana tells Pete to start driving, but Perry is barely holding on, slipping down to Clark’s knees. Pete dives his car forward, the rope slowly bringing them both up, Clark just barely holding on to the rope, and Perry barely holding onto Clark. Finally, then make it all the way up, and back over the Viewpoint’s fence. Both men lie there scared and out of breath, and Clark stares at his hands that are torn and bleeding from holding onto the rope. Perry realizes that Clark has absolutely no powers.

Lex and Dr. Claire Foster are talking, and Lex makes her understand the deeply confidential nature of what he will be telling her in their sessions. She tells him that it is the point of therapy, in order to regain control. They agree to start tomorrow, 10am, and shake hands.

Clark is back to his normal self, working on the farm, since the effects of the solar flare are no longer there. Lana comes to see him. He thanks her for everything. They talk about everything that has happened. She tells him that she went to the graveyard to see her parents, and had realized that she hadn’t been there in months. But she knows her parents weren’t upset, that this is the way things should happen. She tells Clark that she told her parents that the reason she hasn’t come to see them in such a long time is that there is someone else in her life, someone she really cares about. She also told them that they were in a kind of strange place at the moment, but that she is still hoping that they can work it out. “The important thing is”, she concludes, “They know they will always be in my thoughts”.

Clark drives Perry to the bus stop one final time. Perry tells him that he is still confused about Clark, simply because Clark always seems to forgive people, and always tries to save people, even people like Perry. Perry can’t believe that people as good as Clark actually exist. But he says that it has given him a new outlook on life, and that it has been 17 hours that he has been sober. As the bus approaches, Perry tells Clark that he thinks he know has the courage to go back to real journalism, and that he wants to finish one of the biggest stories he had. He also mentions that he still has a friend at the Daily Planet, and thinks that things might work out for him there. He gets on the bus and tells Clark that he’s even been reading a few of the stories Clark has written for The Torch. “And?” asks Clark. Perry answers, “Well, they’re rough, and half the time you bury the lead, but I see a glimmer of hope. If you ever make it to Metropolis, look me up. I owe you one!”

All detailed descriptions © Copyright 2000-2008- All Rights Reserved


Michael McKean (Perry White) is married, in real life, to Annette O'Toole (Martha Kent).

First appearance of Dr. Claire Foster (who was mentioned in the preceding episode, "Slumber"). Dr. Foster is Superman's psychiatrist in the comics.

Director Jeannot Szwarc also directed the Supergirl movie, and worked with Christopher Reeve on Somewhere in Time

John Glover doesn't appear in this episode.

Michael McKean is billed as "Special Guest Star."

Strange Coincidence - This episode features a big subplot involving solar flares. Strangely, the week this episode aired, the sun really was experiencing large solar flares.

The scene of Perry jumping to get Clark to reveal his powers echoes the scene in Superman II where Lois throws herself into Niagara Falls. In both cases they fail to get Clark to reveal he's super-powered through this ploy.

At the end of the episode they play "Walking in Memphis". On the Adventures of Lois & Clerk, Perry White is a big fan of Elvis Presley.

Pretty clear parody on the X-Files TV show, including some bits about how the X-Styles writers make up stories similar to the incidents in Smallville (an allusion to some krypto-mutants are similar to the bad guys on X-Files?). Michael McKean (Perry White) played Morris Fletcher in several X-Files episodes, and Lorena Gale (Dr. Claire Foster) also appeared in two episodes of X-Files. And at the end of the episode The Post-Modern Prometheus, they played Cher's "Walking to Memphis," while here they played the remix.

When Sheriff Adams tells Perry "And don't call me chief", it's a line often said by Perry White in the comic books and movies, usually addressed to Jimmy Olsen.

We should probably just give up and figure no matter how many freaks, weirdoes, and wives are going to try to kill Lex, he's not going to have any security guards or have anyone call him up when Lana or whoever decides to wander in. (Perry later in the episode is the rare exception here.)

Lana must miss seeing Clark use his super-strength and speed in the barn at the end by a second or two - given everything else in the past and this episode, haven't they learned Clark shouldn't be using his super-powers unless he's absolutely sure no one could be around seeing him.

We should also just resign ourselves to the deep gorges, flowing mountain streams, and towering mountains of Kansas.

Perry can see that Clark has no powers by his hands being severely rope burned. However, he fails to notice that Clark's hands healed so quickly after only one day. For rope burns that bad you would need to have them wrapped in gauze for a few days. Perry even shakes Clark's hand just before he got on the bus.

When we see Lex talking to Lana, the handles of the Japanese swords in the background are turned to the right (signifying War). Later when Perry is there the handles are turned to the left (Peace). Does Lex just pick them up and swish them around from time to time?

The Kent's truck was at the very least dinged up in the last episode 'Slumber' but here it's fine.

Pete is driving yet another car from the massive fleet of vehicles he apparently has at his disposal. At least this one survived the episode unscathed.

At the end, Perry says he is going to work for the Daily Planet with the help of his friends there. But it's been established Lionel already has a lot of influence there (getting high schooler Chloe a job as a columnist). Won't Lionel just keep him from working there as well?

In the second-to-last scene in the barn with Lana, Clark says "I meant what I said back in the gorge". But Clark didn't speak to Lana more than a word or two. Presumably when he was about to die on the rope, (or after he was saved), he said something to Lana that was later cut out.

When would Perry have had a chance to tie that rope on his leg? Presumably Lana was with him the whole time.

How many fences does the Clark farm have? Seems like Clark is not just repairing fences, but putting in poles to make a new one every few weeks.

What with the truck last week in "Slumber" (now mysteriously repaired), and the tractor this week, do the Kents have any vehicles left?

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