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Clark and Jonathan fighting in "Phoenix"

First aired October 8, 2003

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The CW's Official Description:

JONATHAN USES HIS NEW POWERS TO BATTLE CLARK – After Jor-El grants Jonathan (John Schneider) temporary superpowers, he and Clark (Tom Welling) engage in a destructive battle atop the LuthorCorp building. Meanwhile, Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) returns home and must determine whether it was Lionel (John Glover) or Helen (Emmanuelle Vaugier) who arranged his plane crash.

Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, Sam Jones III and Annette O'Toole also star. James Marshall directed the episode written by Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders.

Detailed Description:

By Nadine


Clark breaks into the LuthorCorp building and office, and then into the safe. There he finds a small metal box. As he is about to walk out, Jonathan is standing there. Jonathan tells him that his biological father helped him find Clark. Clark says that he didn't listen to Jor-El then, and he's not about to listen to Jonathan now. Jonathan asks him nicely to come back with him. Clark grabs his father and throws him against the wall. Jonathan falls to the ground, but Clark is surprised to see that his father gets up without any injuries. "Son, you're coming home with me. NOW!". Jonathan superspeeds towards Clark, and pushes him out of the LuthorCorp 60th Floor office. They both start falling to the ground...


Father and son fall all the way down the 60 floors of LuthorCorp and into it's basement. They continue fighting. They are both as strong one as the other. "Looks like my old man has been working out" says Kal/Clark (Tom Welling). Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) tries to get the red kryptonite ring off Kal's finger, but can't. Jonathan grabs Kal and throws him into a wall, Kal comes out of the rumble with his shirt torn. He tears the rest of the shirt off, and his father sees the scar on Kal's chest. Jonathan asks what Jor-El did to him, and Kal responds, "He made sure I'd never forget who my real father is". He then throws a pole at Jonathan. As Jonathan ducks to miss it, Kal superspeeds up to Jonathan, pushes him against the wall, and holds him there by the throat, his fist about to punch Jonathan's head in one final blow. Jonathan stands there and says, "Come on, do it! if I raised a son that can kill, then KILL!", but as Kal goes to strike him, Kal purposely strikes the wall next to Jonathan's head, smashing the class ring in the process. Immediately, Jonathan falls to the ground as his temporary powers leave him, and Clark lands on the ground in pain, has his chest scar glows one final time and disappears. Clark runs to his father who is lying on the floor, extremely weak.

Back at the Kent farm, Martha Kent (Annette O'Toole) is gazing at family photos, as father and son return. She runs into her son's arms. Clark apologizes for everything, but she tells him they never blamed him. Jonathan is week and falls onto the couch.

Lionel Luthor (John Glover) is standing in his broken-into office, thinking, when Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) shows up behind him, pointing a gun at Lionel, and says, "Abraham threw Isaac on the pyre to prove his faith to God, what is your excuse?". "Why would I murder my own flesh and blood?", Lionel asks. Lex is shocked to learn that Helen Bryce (Emmanuelle Vaugier) is in the mansion living comfortably. Lionel tells Lex that the story she told was that Lex saved her life and gave her the last parachute as he went down in the crashing plane. But Lionel knows that that is not what really happened. He tries to convince his son that he kept searching for Lex but that Helen cannot be trusted, since, as his widow, Helen just became one of the richest women in the world. Lionel also encourages Lex to ask Helen what happened to the blood sample after Lex returned it to her.

Clark and Jonathan are in the caves, and Clark learns that Jonathan made a deal with Jor-El. Clark explains that he's not sure he wants left to go back to being the way it was. He explains he felt freer as Kal-El. Jonathan wants them to face problems together, as a family, but Clark explains it is not that easy. Clark shows his father the metal box he stole from LuthorCorp, and Jonathan opens it to find Clark's blood vial. They confirm it is Clark's blood by putting it next to green kryptonite and watching it boils. Jonathan encourages Clark to focus on the people closer to home while he worries about Lionel Luthor.

Morgan Edge (guest star Rutger Hauer) and in Lionel are Lionel's office, exchanging sarcastic pleasantries, and we find out that both men go way back. Lionel complements Morgan on the break in and on buying off Helen. "The idea was to steal the vial and sell it back to me at a healthy bark up, right?", asks Lionel. Lionel threatens Morgan reminding him that he still has information on a murder Morgan committed years ago. He orders Morgan to return the vial within 48 hours.

Clark walks up to Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) in The Talon with a simple "Hi". "Hi? I don't even know what to say to that Clark", replies Lana. Clark ties to apologize. He realizes that he really messed things up. Lana tells him that she doesn't really know who he is. She knew that he had told her that there were things about him that she wouldn't understand, but she didn't want to believe it. "I was protecting you", says Clark. "From what?", asks Lana. "That's the part I cant figure out, because the only thing that keeps hurting me, is you". Clark tells her he missed her every second he was away, but he can't keep doing doing this to her. "Then don't", she says. Clark tells her he is not sure if he is going to stay in Smallville. "When you decide, let me know", Lana answers, and leave to go to the storage room. Through the swinging door, Clark sees her crying.

Lex surprise Helen in the mansion. She hugs him, and can't believe he is alive. She said she never gave up hoping. She apologizes for lying to everyone. She says she woke up to find the pilot parachuting from the plane. Lex was sleeping and she realized that he had drunk a whole glass of champagne and she hadn't, and he must have been drugged. So she couldn't be brave, she took the parachute and jumped. Lex doesn't believe her, he says he knows that she sold the blood to Lionel. She says it was in order for Lionel to leave them alone. She offers to have the marriage annulled. "For what it's worth, I do love you", she says. She walks off.

Clark drives a moving van to the farm, and sees Morgan's limo parked there. He asks Clark for the package, but Clark says he doesn't have it. Morgan starts dialing the police, A darker side of Clark appears as he breaks the door off the limo, grabs Morgan and threatens him and orders him to leave the farm and never return.

Clark goes to visit Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) at the Smallville Torch. Chloe is surprised to see him here. Clark is surprised that Chloe never told anyone where he was. She says that it is what friends do for each other. He tells her he tried apologizing to Lana, but that things are probably over between them. Chloe realizes he doesn't want to stay, but she tells him that sometimes we just have to stay and face out demons.

As Clark starts moving the farm furniture into the van, Lex shows up. The guys are happy to see each other. Lex tells him about his hallucination on the island. Lex realized it helped him get a real good look at himself. "Lex, I guess we all et to look at our dark side sooner or later", Clark says. "Problem is, if you stare at it long enough, it can get hard to tell the two sides apart", answers Lex.

Chloe meets Lana at The Talon. Chloe thinks that Lana is trying to ignore her. Lana is upset that Chloe lied to her. Chloe compares it to the times Lana didn't mention that Clark and her were in love. Lana refused to compare the two, stating that this situation is so much worse, because it affected so many other people. They both realize that Clark was a different person in Metropolis. Chloe does admit that for a while, it felt really good being the one that Clark confided in again". "Clark's always been more comfortable talking to you", says Lana. "It's because he is not in love with me", answers Chloe.

Lex finds Helen packing her bags. Lex has other plans and wants to give the honeymoon a second try. He tells Helen that they are similar creatures that are perfect for each other. She is worried about Lionel, but Lex promised her that that wont be a problem.

Clark walks into the barn to find Morgan holding Martha and Jonathan hostage. Martha is at one end of the barn with one of Morgan's men pointing a gun at her. Jonathan is at the other end of the barn, with another man's gun pointed at him. Morgan tells Clark that he knows Clark is quick, but there is no way he can save both of them that quickly. Clark doesn't have the blood, but Morgan says that he's not sure Lionel would understand. So Clark takes a jar, then takes out a piece of green kryptonite. It weakens him so that he is able to cut himself with the rock and poor the blood into the jar. Before he can replace the rock, Clark collapses.

Morgan is waiting for Lionel by the piers. Lionel comes out of his limo and Morgan gives him the jar. "Intriguing presentation", says Lionel. "It's not the packaging that's important", says Edge. "Unless you don't trust me". "Trust?", asks Lionel. "Trust never had anything to do with our relationship". Lionel walks to his limo, where he gives a woman in the car the jar. She collects a sample and tests it right there, and confirms it is the right blood. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say the blood was liquid gold. I can't imagine what the real source would be worth to you".  Lionel admits that he does not know who the source is, and Morgan smiles and reveals to Lionel that this is a new sample of blood, not the original, and that it is taken straight from the source.

Back at the farm, Morgan's men are order to strap green rocks to Clark's chest, and to take Clark to the piers. They use to moving truck to carry Clark in. At that moment, Lana arrives, and asks them if they have seen the Kents. They grab Lana and bring her to the barn. They are about to tie her to the wall just like the Kents. Lana puts her kickboxing lessons to good use and together with the Kents, the manage to kill one of the men, while the other drives off with the van and with Clark.

Lex and Helen are in the jet, toasting to a second chance. Helen notices that Lex is not drinking. But Lex starts joking about her maybe dozing off if she drank to much. Helen wonders what is going on. Lex explains that he didn't realize why Helen forgave him so quickly for stealing the blood. She continues to try and convince him that it is his father's doing. "If my father wanted me dead, he wouldn't have failed", says Lex. Lex explains what really happened on their wedding night. Helen had Lionel's pilot killed, and hired her own. The pilot touched down on a small island and dropped Helen off. She then paid the pilot to fly up again with Lex drugged in the plane. He flew far enough to cover her tracks, and jumped out, but it seems the parachute never opened. Lex gives her more details of how he figured it out. Helen admits that she never killed him that day because she really did fall in love with him. She decided to learn from her mistakes, and points a gun at him. Lex tries to grab the gun, and they fight. In the process, the pilot gets shot. Lex runs into the front cabin and attempts to stabilize the plane. As he continues to pilot the plane, he looks back into the cabin to see that Helen has grabbed a parachute and jumped off.

The van makes it's way to the piers. Clark wakes up and tries to free himself as the van approaches Lionel's waiting limo. "I hate mysteries", says Lionel as he and Morgan walks towards the van. At that moment, Clark uses his heat vision to make the van explode and disappears without Lionel ever being able to see who was in there. Lionel believes that there was no one in the van, and, as one of Lionel's men tries to get Lionel away from the burning van, the others try to shoot at Morgan, who fires back from behind one of the limos. As he tries to get into the limo, Morgan trips and falls off the pier into the water. Lionel's man thinks Morgan may be dead. Lionel demands to see Morgan, but his men drive him away. As the limo drives off, we see Clark climbing out of the water.

Lionel congratulates his son on his Machiavellian move earlier that afternoon. Lionel explains that he knows thanks to the surveillance on his plane. Lex knows Helen is not dead, but that she will only let herself be found when she wants to be. Lex admits that he knows Lionel would understand, and that he survived on the island thanks to all the tests that Lionel put him through. Lex wants to learn more from his father. He wants to accept Lionel's offer of running LuthorCorp together. He extends his hand, and Lionel shakes it and hold its. "Good to have you back, son", says Lionel, and the two men hug. Lex is relived, while Lionel is still concerned about this sudden turnaround.

The Kents are boxing up the final belongings. Clark tells them that he has closed the door on his time in Metropolis and called the police to tell them where all the money was that he stole. At that moment, Lex walks in. He hands a contract to the Kents, and they see that he has bought the farm, and has put their names in the deeds. Jonathan tries to say that they can't accept such a thing, but Lex answers that "there's nothing to accept but my gratitude". He explains that the only thing that saved him on the island was the compass that Jonathan had given him on his wedding day. "The least I can do is help you keep the farm". Lex just hopes he can now be considered part of the family. Everyone smiles and Jonathan accepts.

Clark is hanging the "Kent Farm" sign back up. Lana rides over on her horse, and is glad to learn that Clark is staying. She admits that it would probably be better if they put a lot of things behind them. She asks him not to protect her anymore, that she can handle it. She really wants to know him. But Clark can't. He remembers the way she looked at him in Metropolis and never wants to see that look again. She reassures him and tells him that he wasn't himself, but he explains that he was, that he is the one that chose to let that part of himself out, and that it may happen again. Clark explains that he wanted them to work out so much, and that the whole of last year, he tried so hard to be the right guy for her, but that he's not, and that this will never work. As Lana gets back on her horse and rides off, she tells him, "Clark, you never had to try".

All detailed descriptions © Copyright 2000-2008- All Rights Reserved


Sam Jones III (Pete Ross) does not appear in this episode. Having only appeared briefly in the previous one, he sure hasn't been active in the season so far.

Why didn't Clark's hand or arm show any signs of meteor rock pain (green veins pulsating) when he picked up the meteor rock to cut his arm for Mr. Edge.

Is throwing the vial of blood against the barn wall really destroying all evidence of it? Not only would there be a bloodstain there, but presumably the Kryptonian cells are just as indestructible as Clark is.

Clark has shown on many occasions that he can move faster than the human eye, not to mention a speeding bullet. Even with their guns directly against Martha and Jonathan, Clark could easily have reached both of Edge's goons before either was even capable of reacting. Also, that would have a far better idea than revealing his only weakness to Edge. Plus...Clark, also has heat vision, which Edge presumably doesn't know much bout. It just seems unlikely Clark couldn't handle the situation with his powers.

Helen is willing to murder her own husband for his money. She also sells the greatest scientific discovery of all time, a sample of genuine alien blood, to the highest bidder. And yet, she retains the medical ethics not to reveal Clark as the source of that blood? Surely Lionel offered enough for that information. Why would she continue to protect him?

If Lionel keeps surveillance on his jet, wouldn't that have been helpful in putting Helen behind bars after she miraculously returned from the wreck with her fraudulent tale of survival?

Surveillance implies he was having someone watch the plane from the outside, so wouldn't the watcher notice when she had Lionel's pilot killed and her own substituted?

Why exactly hasn't Edge placed someone in the back with Clark? Wouldn't he want to make sure there's no way Clark had escaped? Also why not bring his parents along? After all, that was all the insurance he had against Clark beating them up.

Does Lana really think Morgan's thugs look like movers? They've got a moving truck and all, and the Kents are moving, but the two thugs are dressed in off-the-rack business suits - not exactly the uniform of moving men on duty. But she just goes up and casually asks them where the Kents are.

So, is Lana just going to be cleared on the murder/manslaughter/accidental charge without mention? Seems like the local sheriff might kinda wonder about that, as well as why the Kents were being held hostage by the thugs of a major crime lord (or Metropolis businessman, or whatever Morgan Edge was publicly known as).

Metropolis is in Kansas, a three-hour drive from Smallville (according to the show's creators). Ummm, where the heck would you find a major dock/port area in Kansas like the one where Edge meets Lionel? It's pretty clearly an ocean-type harbor/dock area, or at least the kind of thing you'd find on a major body of water like the Great Lakes.

Black mark on Jonathan for leaving a pitchfork laying around with the tines pointing out at chest level. Guess the Kents don't have to worry about OSHA standards or anything.

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