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Savannah Information & News

All About "Savannah"!

Savannah cast pic

Actor updates!

Ted Shackelford on Y&RTed Shackelford (Charles) has been appearing on "Young and the Restless" in 2006 and 2007, first as William, and now as his brother, Jeffrey.


Paul Satterfield picPaul Satterfield (Tom) has appeared in many TV shows and movies.


Mimi Kennedy pic Mimi Kennedy (Eleanor) co-starred in the ABC sitcom "Dharma & Greg", now seen on reruns in syndication.  In 2006, she appeared in a guest-starring role on "Young & The Restless".  She continues to appear regularly in primetime TV and movies. She guest-stars on "Scandal" 4/12 on ABC.

David Gail pic David Gail (Dean) had joined the cast of the daytime drama "Port Charles"! I was lucky enough to meet him and get his picture in July 1999. He was SO nice and I got to talk to him a bit about Savannah!!! I thought he was much better looking now (better haircut, better role maybe).  And my husband had drinks with his dad in the bar, too.  But for some reason they fired him in 2000 (said he had "personal problems"--hope he's okay!).  He continues to appear sporadically in TV and movies.

Jamie Luner picanother Jamie Luner pic Jamie Luner (Peyton) starred in "All My Children" in the role of Liza Colby (a role previously played by another, very popular actress).   The show was canceled in 2011, but she has been busy with other projects. She guest-starred this year in "Supernatural" on The CW. It re-runs this week 8/17!

Alexia Robinson picAlexia Robinson (Cassie) left the top-rated soap The Young and the Restless playing a lawyer named Alex!  She has been keeping busy in many guest-starring roles on TV and in movies.

Robyn Lively pic Robyn Lively (Lane) was a guest-star on The X-files and since Savannah has been a guest star on many shows, including "Early Edition" and "Love Boat: The Next Wave". Robyn briefly played Bob Newhart's daughter on the CBS sitcom "George & Leo".  She continues to work in primetime TV and movies. She guest-stars on a re-run of CSI 8/15 on CBS.

Brian McNamara picBrian McNamara, Terry (Lane's ex-fiance) stars in "Army Wives" and has also been seen a lot on primetime shows over the years. 

Shannon Sturges pic Shannon Sturges stars in "River Ridge", a web soap opera. She played a lawyer on the soap "Port Charles" in 2002.  On September 6, 2001, Jack Enzo Kelley was born to Shannon Sturges and Michael Kelley, their first baby!!  She subbed for McKenzie Westmore as Sheridan on "Passions" in 2005.  Otherwise, Shannon has starred in many TV movies and guest-starred in many shows.

Ray Wise pic Ray Wise (Edward) has been in lots and lots of TV shows. He guest-stars on a re-run of "NCIS" 8/7 on CBS.


George Eads picGeorge Eads(Travis/Nick) stars in the hit show "C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation".  Check it out, it's a cool show.  It is about forensic investigators in Las Vegas and it's produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, who gave us such action hits as "The Rock" and "Armageddon".  Eads was profiled in Parade Magazine!  See the article 


Did you know....?

  • The series was created by Constance M. Burge who went on to do the show Charmed for the WB.  Aaron Spelling produced both shows as well as many others.

  • Our page was the first and best Savannah page on the Web.

III.) Old News: 

Aaron Spelling, creator of "Savannah" and many other shows, died this past weekend (June 23rd weekend).  We all mourn the loss of this creative visionary!

From TV  Savannah Star Cast on The Young and the Restless
The Young and the Restless has cast someone to replace Signy Coleman as Hope Adams Wilson when Victor has a vision of his former wife in the July 14 episode.
The recast is Beth Toussaint, who was a series regular on Aaron Spelling's nighttime sudser Savannah as Veronica Koslowski. She is also the real-life wife of Jack Coleman, who played Gay Steven No. 2 on Dynasty.

 Thanks to Michelle for this news: Grapevine' yields second CBS crop-- Who says there are no second chances in TV? CBS' Grapevine sitcom, canceled in 1992, resumes production next week in Miami. The revamped comedy, about the lives and loves of the South Beach set, is expected to premiere in March. Jonathan Penner, Steven Eckholdt and Lynn Clark were the original stars as restaurant owner David; his sportscaster brother, Thumper; and David's girlfriend, Susan, a cruise line executive. But producer David Frankel has recast the show. Eckholdt, who played Thumper, now is David to George Eads' (Savannah) Thumper; Kristy Swanson (Early Edition) is Susan. Frankel (Miami Rhapsody) refused to give up on Grapevine and brought it up with the past four programming chiefs at CBS. The network finally said yes, with some modifications. "The tone of the show this time around is sweeter and gentler, with more romance," Frankel says. His unofficial co-star is Miami. "There's a really sexy quality to the city," he says, "from the sultry air to the fact that people don't wear a lot of clothes here." From the 11/26 issue of USA Today

Thanks to Denise who told me: Shannon Sturges is in a new TV movie called Silent Predator. It airs on TBS June 13.
older news: My pal who worked on the show emailed me: "Just got an email from Shannon Sturges who is in a Fox MOW that will air on July 29th....and also told me about a trip to Africa. " Shannon was in the movie "Terror in the Mall" on FOX. She was also on Love Boat recently.

Eads was a recurring character on ER 97-98 season as a paramedic. Someone told me this story, don't know if it's true: "My best friend and I were at a bar in Westwood, CA. And I saw him from across the bar and went up and started talking to him and his friend, and the bar closed, and my friend and I went to his house and played on his sony playstation until like 4am, so we stayed at his house and he took us home the next morning. Very sweet guy, at first I didn't know who he was, but then I did, but it didn't matter. His house is very nice, and I saw him in his Calvin's, he has a very nice body..but he is a small guy. About 5'7 or 5'8, and very toned. Anyway, it was cool..."  I'll bet!  Girls, don't go home with people you don't know, even Savannah actors! ;)

In Spring/Summer 1997, Paul Satterfield (Tom) and Mimi Kennedy (Eleanor) had joined former Savannah castmate Jocelyn Seagrave (ex-"Rita") on the FOX nighttime soap "Pacific Palisades" but unfortunately that show was cancelled, too.

The WB has canceled Savannah and two other shows. If you feel like it, write to them at the below address and complain. Or join Nicholas' efforts to get FOX to pick up the show.
Let's tell all our friends to write the WB Network to let them know how much we love Savannah and want it back. The Warner Brothers Network (WB) 4000 Warner Blvd., Bldg. 34R Burbank, CA 91522 (There is no email address that I know of). Thanks to Meredith for this suggestion.
From Reuters/Variety May 14th: "Leaving the schedule are Brotherly Love, Life With Roger and Savannah, the latter of which was the talk of last season's upfront presentation after a strong midseason debut. Garth Ancier, president of the WB's entertainment division, said Savannah had a "rough season creatively," but attributed its cancellation to the fact that serial dramas don't repeat well, making the investment too expensive."
Jeremy Thompson has lost his email address for the Save Savannah campaign but he urges you to send a letter to the WB address above. You can also email Nick to add your emails to ask for the WB to bring the show back.

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