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Pacific Palisades Cast Info

"Pacific Palisades" Actors and Characters!

Daphne Ashbrook (Julie) guest-stars on NCIS 3/22/11 on CBS.

Finola Hughes (Kate Russo) is best known as Anna Devane Lavery Scorpio on General Hospital and All My Children, but she also co-starred in the TV sitcom Blossom and has appeared in many movies and tv shows. She can be heard in the new DVD cartoon "All-Star Superman".

Michelle Stafford (Joanna Hadley) left her popular role as Phyllis Romalotti on The Young and the Restless to take the job on PP. She won a Daytime Emmy for that role, which was much different from the sweet Joanna. She was a real psycho witch! She has since returned to that role and the character is no longer psycho.

Greg Evigan (Robert Russo) has had the lead in many TV series, including BJ and the Bear, My Two Dads, and Tekwar, and had a major role in Melrose Place before taking the PP job. He also is a musician and singer, with an active home page.

Paul Satterfield (John Graham) also started on General Hospital but has been in quite a few primetime soaps including Hotel Malibu and Savannah. He had roles in both The Bold and the Beautiful and One Life to Live. Paul has also done many, many guest-starring roles in primetime.

Jocelyn Seagrave (Jessica Mitchell) played Julie on Guiding Light and a hooker on Savannah before taking this role.

Joan Collins (Christina Hobson), of course, is an internationally-known actress and former Dynasty star. Did you know she guest-starred in a classic Star Trek episode? FOX was probably hoping her appearance on the show would boost the ratings, but I guess it didn't. I think they made Christina too one-dimensional, personally. What made Alexis fun was that she also had a sort of vulnerability.

Lucky Vanous (Matt Dunning), so deliciously evil on PP, was best known for his great Diet Coke commercial where he played the shirtless construction worker all the business women ogled. He also was on All My Children for one or two days, making a guest appearance with Carol Burnett.

Natalia Cigliuti (Rachel Whittaker) was previously on Saved by the Bell and 90210. She did a fine job on PP, but I don't think the writers really knew what to do with her. Plus, she looked too old to be a teenager, if you ask me. She was on All My Children for a while after leaving PP.

Kimberly Davies (Laura Sinclair) is an Australian actress, who was in the Australian soap Neighbours for many years. She was one of my favorites on PP. I thought she had a great mischievous smile and pretty eyes. I loved it when she dressed up as a nun! She is very popular in her homeland.  She has done many guest-starring roles since PP, including Silk Stalkings and Early Edition (with Paul Satterfield as a costar on the last one!).

Jarrod Emick (Nick Hadley) hasn't had a lot of acting experience that I can see. Doesn't he remind you of Darren on "Bewitched"? I would have liked to have seen this character's growth over a few years, to see whether he really did get tempted by Laura or some other California girl.

Dylan Neal (Cory Robbins #2) was too cute to play the sleazy doctor. I think I read he was Canadian. He previously played Dylan on The Bold and the Beautiful. He played Pacey's older brother, Deputy Doug Witter on Dawson's Creek.  He stars in He Loves Me on Lifetime 3/7/11.

Joel Wyner (Cory Robbins #1) has been in a lot of TV shows. He also wrote and directed a new movie, "Pale Saints".

Brittney Powell (Beth Hooper) has been in quite a few movies and TV shows, including the TV movie "L.A. Johns" where I think she played a stripper or hooker.

J. Trevor Edmond (Michael Kerris) has done quite a lot of TV, including 90210. Too bad Rachel dumped him! Did she even tell him why before they flew back to Minnesota?

Paul Carafotes (Jake) you may not remember, but he was the guy Cory tried to get favors from, I think he owned the bar where Cory set up the mafia guy in the back room. I will always remember him from Knots Landing, he was fun on that as Harold. He has been a semi-regular on many primetime cop and lawyer dramas.

Dirk Blocker (Chuck Furness, the building inspector) is the guy who finally turned in Matt in the last episode. He is Dan Blocker's son (Hoss on Bonanza).

John Reilly only appeared in the last episode, as the rich man Christina goes after. I would have liked to have seen where that went, since he is one of my favorite actors. He was Sean Donely for many years on General Hospital. He also appeared on Beverly Hills 90210, Sunset Beach and Passions.

Gianni Russo (Frank Nichols) often plays a bad guy or mafioso; I guess that's why he was in The Godfather, Wiseguy, etc.

Mimi Kennedy (Amy Nichols) had a short role as Frank's wife, but she is always superb in everything she does. She was on Homefront and Savannah, among many other things. She is also a television writer and helped scribe Homefront.. 

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Updated 3/6/11  


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