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The O.C. Favorite Quotes

There are so many great quotes from the O.C, that I had to split them up. Maybe it should be a comedy instead of drama,  don't forget to submit your favorite quotes, email us. Please make sure to put the name of the episode the quote is from.

  • "Every day is a fashion show for these people." - Seth - "The Pilot"
  • "Oh wow, I should really learn how to knock.. just in case there's a threesome going on.. in the bathroom."  - Seth - "The Pilot"
  • "Do you want to play Grand Theft Auto? It’s pretty cool. You can like, steal cars and… Not that that’s cool. Or uncool. I don’t know…" - Seth to Ryan - "The Pilot"
  • "Do you like my hair this straight? Or is too Avril Lavigne?" - Julie to her younger daughter - "The Pilot"
  • "And she would if she had the chest to hold it up. It’s called puberty honey. It’ll happen." - Lady at the fashion show on why the girl was in Calvin Klein instead of Vera Wang - "The Pilot"
  • Ryan: "Actually I hit him first..."
    Marissa: "Well, hard to believe you are not more popular." -  "The Pilot"
  • Luke: "Welcome to the OC Bitch". The Pilot"
  • Seth: "At least I don't shave my chest"
    Luke: "What'd you say?"
  • Seth: "I said you looked nice in that sweater vest. It was a compliment!" - "The Model Home"

  • You know what I was thinking? With this being your last night and all we should do something special. I don’t know, possibly get a couple tattoos or some hookers and lose our virginity, right? Okay dude, I don’t know. Or we can dive into a shark tank if that’s what your into? - Seth -"The Model Home"
  • Ryan: "So I'm now property of the government, take the name 082965."
    Seth: "Hey, at least it’s better than death breathe Seth."  - "The Model Home"
  • Sandy: "There’s no need for sarcasm"
    Seth: "I wasn’t being sarcastic"  - "The Model Home"
  • Did you seriously bring a loofa? - Seth -"The Model Home"
  • Marissa: "Why won’t you tell me where we’re going? This is pretty far away"
    Seth: "Oh wow, complaining, that’s interesting considering no one invited you."
    Marissa: Before I came along you were on a skateboard. "The Model Home"
  • "You know what I like about rich kids? *punches Luke* Nothing." - Ryan -"The Model Home"
  • Ryan: "I didn’t tell her anything. I think the black turtle neck in August tipped her off."
    Seth: "Okay, I was going for stealth, and also it's slimming." - "The Model Home"
  • "Hey, look it’s someone’s birthday, I guess my invitation probably got lost in the mail" - Seth -"The Model Home"
  • "I think by the end of the night, she might know my name" - Seth - The Gamble
  • "The Star Wars Convention! Her top was off, couldn't you have at least said X-Men for me?" - Seth - The Gamble
  • "Got to go find a another delinquent youth to endanger the community. Maybe a black kid or an Asian Kid" - Sandy - The Gamble
  • "Rabbit foot, vamanos!" - Summer - The Gamble
  • Ryan: "I used to want to be an architect"
    Kirsten: "What do you want to be now?"
    Ryan: "Seventeen"
    Kirsten: "Me tooo..." - The Gamble
  • "My mom ditched me, I burned your wife’s house down, how is this okay?"  - Ryan - The Gamble
  • "Still hasn’t called ya? He was in lock-up, maybe he’s into dudes now" - Summer - The Gamble
  • Jimmy: How’s your mom?
    Seth: Uhh.. just..married! - The Gamble
  • Julie: *turns off tv*You will not believe what Sandy Cohen said to me! He basically called me white trash. He said I was from riverside!
    Jimmy: Honey, you are from riverside
    Julie: It was his tone.  - The Gamble
  • Cause for me Summer, its always been you. Always...and...i've tried to fight it. And i've tried to deny it...and i can't do it. It's undeniable."-Seth (submitted byKarebearr33)
  • "Do you know what girls find sexy?"
    "Dudes that play waterpolo?"- Seth (submitted by AbbeyAL)
  • The Following all submitted by Kate L.
  • Seth: She’s got Tahiti written all over her. (moans)
    Seth: You guys really wouldn’t hurt me, because that would be so clichéd. (They pick him up) I guess you’re fans of the cliché. (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth: I listen to the same music as Marissa Cooper? I think I have to kill myself.
    Seth: I don't know. He did say something about going down to Mexico and gambling on cokfights. I mean, I don't know what kind of jurisdiction you guys...
    Seth: I know. Fifth grade, when you two got your mack on, during our class trip, to the Museum of Tolerance back of the bus. Classy lady. (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth: The Star Wars convention? I'm sorry. Her top was off. You couldn't have at least said "X-Men" for me?
    Seth: So then she says, blow on these, and clearly, she's talking about, ya know, those, but I...being the total gentleman, I blow on the dice, of course. (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth: Dude. You're a Cohen, now. Welcome to a life of insecurity and paralyzing self-doubt.
    Seth: Oh, you’re a really good barbequtionist.
    Seth: Wow, you just got your butt kicked. You didn’t even fight back. Dude, you really are a Cohen. (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth: Speaking of which, do you think I could pull off the wifebeater? You know, switch up my look?
    Seth: They're parents. They work for us. (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth: See they’re like puppets and I’m puppet-master
    Seth (to Ryan): Is it twisted to find my potential grandma really hot? (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth: Ryan? Ryan. Look at me, this is me here, okay? Amigo. Now I
    know you're hurting, and i think you need to unburden your soul.
    *sits on bed, and pats the bed space next to him* Anytime, i'm here to help.
    Seth : Shh, eavesdropping, I hear like a wolf. (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth : See? You know, strangely, I think my JewFro benefits from this.
    Summer : You're Jewish?
    Seth : Yes, that's why I feel so comfortable in this desert heat. (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth : okay, i know that denial is a very powerful coping mechanism. But i just think Summer, that it's time that we paid lip service to our lip service. (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth: God! Dad, those eyebrows are out of control! (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth: Because we're going to school with like 300 Luke's, minus the redeeming social qualities. (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth: So when you lost your virginity I was playing Magic the Gathering
    Seth: Wait hang on, I'm not going anywhere until somebody tells me what happened last night, Mom please fill me in. MOM! I. Oh I get it, I'm just here for the comic relief. (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth (to Ryan): ...despite what the Penthouse letters might suggest, two girls and one guy... it's not all it's cracked up to be. (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth: So Marissa's with Ryan.
    Kirsten: WHAT?!
    Seth: I said, Marissa's in Chino.
    Kirsten: I cant hear you!
    Seth: I said, (Kirsten turns off blender) MARISSA'S IN CHINO! Wow, that really does happen in real life!
    Julie: What!?
    Seth: I said Marissa has my chinos, I love those pants! (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Ryan: I was just over there. They seemed really happy.
    Seth: Yeah? And by happy, do you mean... (whispers) gay? (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth: I'm not afraid of Summer or Anna... well i'm not afraid on Anna. (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth: I’ve got Jesus and Moses on my side, man. (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Kirsten: That you get from your father. (submitted by Kate L. )
    Seth: Oh, my God. They’re coming in? *checks his eyebrows*
  • Seth: I'm going to go make magic happen. I feel like my hair is working for me tonight. (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth: Yes. You’ve really painted a picture for me. I feel like I was there. (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth: Whoa. Seperate seats, you guys. Come on, there's no sex in the champagne room. (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth: I'll probably just do what Ryan and Marissa are doing. (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Hailey: That little short girl next door? (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth: No, (raises hand above head) puberty happened. She's a laker (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth (to Oliver): Dude, I can't believe you live in a penthouse, man. This place is ridonkulous (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth: to himself Luke has a gay dad. Luke has a gay dad. to Luke Hey, buddy, can't wait to see it! (submitted by Kate L. )
  • Seth: What happened to Seth/Ryan time? (submitted by Kate L.)
  • Summer: What are you? Like 70? Seth: On the inside yes. (submitted by Kate L.)
  • Ryan: I don't play golf , Seth: Not true, buddy! You don't play golf very well. (submitted by Kate L. )

  • Sandy: (About Danny) that guy makes Ryan look funny
    Seth: no, that guy makes Marissa look funny
    (submitted by Summer)
  • Summer: go away I'm studying naked
    Seth: that's supposed to make me go away?
    (submitted by Summer)
  • Sandy: to Anna, Seth, and Summer) hey ladies
    Seth: dad, don't call me a lady
    (submitted by Summer)
  • Julie: is this a booty call? (submitted by Summer)
  • Seth: so when you were losing your virginity, I was playing magic: the
    Ryan: you still play magic
    Seth: yeah but not as much
    (submitted by Summer)
  • Seth: I could save you an empty seat on my lunch table
    Summer: there's nothing but empty seats at your lunch table
    (submitted by Summer)
  • Summer: (to Anna) HEY! we were having a conversation here!
    Anna: oh sorry, I didn't know insulting him counted as conversation
    Seth: yeah well, if it doesn't, we've never spoken
    (submitted by Summer)
  • Seth: I know it seems like not much progress has been made but, well I
    guess, yeah, not much progress has been made
    (submitted by Summer)
  • Seth: what if the girl I am supposed to be with just went to pittsburg?
    Ryan: what if she went to chino?
    Seth: why would Anna go to chino?
    (submitted by Summer)
  • Seth:(snaps) oh snap! (submitted by Summer)
  • Summer: we're from orange county
    Paris Hilton: orange county?! eww!
    (submitted by Summer)
  • Seth: I heard some really bad music and I knew it could only be
    self-indulgent actors with instruments
    (submitted by Summer)
  • Seth: (about luke and julie) maybe they're not having sex. Maybe they
    just rent motel rooms to spoon and watch charlie rose
     (submitted by Summer)

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