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Mork and Mindy was a hit show in the late 70's about Mork, a naive alien, who lands in Boulder, Colorado. He is found by single woman Mindy and she takes him in.  They then have to keep his secret hidden while Mork learns about life on earth.  Of course, they eventually fall in love.  Popular comedian and future movie star Robin Williams starred as Mork, and Pam Dawber starred as Mindy.  Many of the jokes in the show came out of William's frenetic ad-lib style of comedy.


  • Robin Williams appears on "The Ellen Degeneres Show" Monday 8/6 (Rerun from 11/17/11).
  • Jonathan Winters (Mearth) stars in the movie "Certifiably Jonathan".
  • Robin Williams will guest-star on the Discovery Channel show "Curiosity" this fall. How Do Drugs Work? Hosted by Robin Williams Sunday, November 13th at 8pm e/p
    Since time immemorial, human have ingested substances designed to give them superhuman energy, strange visions, otherworldly sensations. Sometimes, the reasons have been ritualistic, sometimes religious, sometimes simply recreational. What is their chemical makeup? How do they alter the body and the brain, and why are many of them so addictive – and often deadly? Robin Williams, who’s experienced both the highs and the lows of substance abuse, takes us on a candid, shocking and sometimes sobering journey into the psychophysiology of psychotropic drugs.
  • Tonight Show: Look below as Robin Williams shares his very funny and very R-rated song! You can see those highlights and more in last night's episode here: VIDEO
    Most Expensive Sketch Ever (01/21/10)
    Since NBC still has to pay for the show's sketches, Conan lets loose...
    Robin Williams pt.2 (01/21/10)
    Robin sings a farewell song to Conan!
  • Mork & Mindy bubble gum card photos!
  • Watch "Mork and Mindy" videos on YouTube!
  • Click here to download an MP3 of a radio interview we did with the BBC about M&M and this page!  If clicking doesn't work for you, then right-click and choose "save as" and then listen to it in your favorite MP3 player.  It's only about 8 1/2 minutes long..
  • Tom Poston (Mr. Bickley) passed away May 1st, 2007.
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Updated 8/6/12


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