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Lois and Clark: Adventures of Superman News

Find news here about the show and its cast!

Dean Cain competes in the new reality show "Stars Earn Stripes" on NBC starting Monday, August 13, at 8 p.m. Richard Belzer (Inspector Henderson) is one of the stars of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" on NBC.

Teri Hatcher appears on "The View" Tuesday 7/3 on ABC.

Bruce Campbell (Bill Church Jr.) stars in "Burn Notice' on USA Network.

Older news:

Michael Landes (ex-Jimmy) guest-stars on "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23" 5/30 on ABC.

"Jane By Design" Season 1 summer premiere
Tues., June 5, 9 p.m. ET on ABC Family
Jane is back, and we'll finally get to meet Jane's long-lost mother, played by Teri Hatcher.

John Shea (Lex) guest-stars on the premiere episode of "Common Law" on USA Network Friday May 11.

Dean Cain guest-stars on "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23" 5/23 on ABC.

Teri Hatcher stars in "Desperate Housewives" on ABC; it finishes its last season in May.

Patrick Cassidy (Leslie) guest-stars on "Castle" Monday, 2/6 on ABC.

Dean Cain guest-stars on Criminal Minds 2/8 on CBS.

New 'SUPERMAN' is cast: 'Tudors' ' Henry Cavill is your big-screen Man of Steel  

Teri Hatcher guest-stars on "Smallville" 11/12 as Ella Lane, Lois' mother.

From Kelly Souders & Brian Peterson Talk About Teri Hatcher On Smallville
As mentioned in an earlier post, Smallville Executive Producers Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders spoke with the press on Friday after a screening of Friday's 200th episode, "Homecoming."
One point touched upon by the producers was the casting of Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane's mother, Ella Lane, in an upcoming episode titled "Abandoned." The episode airs in November, and some spoilers may follow.
"We have our dream list, and that's right up at the top," Peterson said. "The video actually came from a personal story. This actually happened for somebody in the [writers'] room. Her best friend just found out she has a very significant illness and is dying momentarily, so she sat down and made all of these videos for her child. With Ella, was we just pulled that into the show, because it was so heart-wrenching. Then we thought 'Who do you get to play Lois' mom?' Then everybody just looked at each other and it was like, beat, beat... Teri Hatcher! And she's been fantastic," Brian continued.
"She was wonderful," Kelly added. "We got to watch the footage yesterday, and all I will say is I watched three takes, and then I had to stop for a while, because it was so heart-wrenching, and she had an incredible performance. It was beautiful."
As for Teri's former Lois & Clark co-star Dean Cain, Brian Peterson shared that he was aware that the former Clark Kent, who played Curtis Knox in "Cure," had recently talked about the notion of returning to Smallville. "We would love to have him back, actually," he said. "I think that may be on his wish as well as ours, so if that happens, that would be fantastic."
Episode #200 of Smallville airs on Friday. Teri Hatcher's episode, "Abandoned," will be on in November. Keep reading KryptonSite for an air date as soon as it is confirmed.

The CW to Air "The Gulf is Back," A Musical Tribute Concert
David Hasselhoff Hosts the One-Hour Special Filled with Musical Performances and Real-Life Stories of Resiliency In the Face of an Environmental Disaster
Dean Cain, Shannon Elizabeth and B.B. King will appear, along with musical acts including Lonestar, Ricky Skaggs, Taylor Hicks, Bo Bice and Brian McKnight
August 17, 2010 (Burbank, CA) - The CW Network will air THE GULF IS BACK, an emotionally charged one-hour special paying tribute to the people of Mississippi and the entire Gulf region, on Friday, August 27 (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET).
Actor and singer David Hasselhoff will host the special, which focuses on the resiliency of the residents of the Gulf Coast region and how they are bouncing back from the worst oil spill in the nation's history while working tirelessly to restore their communities and lives.
Musical performances filmed during two days of free concerts at the Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi will include such artists as Lonestar, Ricky Skaggs, Bo Bice, Taylor Hicks, Ace Young, Kyle and Chris Massey, Terri Clark, Drake Bell and Brian McKnight. The show will also feature special appearances by stars including Dean Cain, Shannon Elizabeth and B.B. King, along with moving real-life stories of the heroic actions taken by everyday people to overcome problems caused by the devastating oil spill. Additional stars will be joining the show and filming segments during the next week.
The special is produced by Associated Television International and will air in HD.

Desperate Housewives' Teri Hatcher Does Not Have Swine Flu

Watch Dean Cain in Microsoft ads!

Beverly Garland, who played Lois Lane's mom, passed away.

Dean Cain has many new movies coming out! Click on his name to see their info.

Teri Hatcher starred in the animated hit movie "Coraline" this year, too. 

K Callan stars in the TBS show "Meet the Browns" as Miss Daisy.

Justin Whalin has some new movies coming out this year.

John Shea also has new movies coming out.

Michael Landes has been in many new series and movies since leaving Lois and Clark. He has many new movies coming out this year.

Sadly, Lane Smith (Perry) passed away in 2005.

Tim Minear, who previously has worked on Lois and Clark, will be writing the new "Alien Nation" remark for the SciFi Channel.

I am Superman: A look back at Supermanís alter-egos

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