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The original "Law & Order" on NBC is about the two parts of the criminal justice system: the police, and the prosecutors.  The show covers homicide detectives as they investigate the murder and arrest a suspect, then the prosecutors bring the suspect to trial. Unlike many dramas in today's TV, we do not learn too much about the characters' personal lives.  The shows focus on the crime and the criminals.  "Law & Order" has been on the air for almost 20 years. It has had many spin-offs, including Law & Order; Special Victims Unit, which is still very successful, and Law & Order; Criminal Intent, which is now on the USA Network. There was also the short-lived; "Law & Order: Trial by Jury" and a British show "Law and Order UK".


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Law & Order: UK
BBC America
season 3

Season 6 is airing now on BBC

Law & Order: SVU
NBC Season 13 airs on Wednesdays

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1/18/12 Official Story
2/8/12 TBA


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