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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary

"Termination for Cause" Aired March 11, 2008

They show scenes of past episodes.

The clock on the wall shows 9:35. Major Beck instructs his men to get into position. Major Beck remarks that they have had their chance. They show a bulletin board with Jake's, Eric's, Stanley's names on it. First, the men investigate the Green farm. Major Beck sees a pic of Mrs. Green and a young boy on the nearby table. Next, the soldiers investigate the hospital to see if Jake or any of the others are there. Mimi peeks through the blinds in her hospital room. Mary wants to know what is going on. Major Beck informs her as to who he is looking for, for the murder of John Getts. A soldier comes up and tells him that there is a locked door in the kitchen. Mary tells him that it is a pantry. Major Beck wants the door opened or it will be broken down.

They show an arsenal of rifles. Jake is deep in thought as to what has just happened. Stanley has tears in his eyes. One of the officers suggests that they go and plead their case to Beck. Stanley starts to leave to turn his self in, but Jake stops him by pushing him up against the wall. The other Rangers assist in helping to hold Stanley from leaving. Jake insists that he is staying there with them. Hawkins comes in the door as the men as their guns raised. Hawkins lets them know what is going on in town. Jake remarks that it won't take long for Beck to figure out what had happened to Getts.

Major Beck comes out of City Hall with other soldiers as Jake comes into town with his hands raised. Jake confesses that it was his fault. Jake tells Beck that he surrenders for the other Rangers. Beck accepts his surrender. The other soldiers handcuff Jake's hands behind him and they put a black bag over Jake's head and take him toward City Hall. The other Jerichoans watch the goings on.

Jake's hands are tied behind his back. Beck takes the bag off her Jake's head. A bright light beams in Jake's eyes. Beck sits down in a chair in front of Jake. Beck wants to know the truth about what had happened. Beck knows that Jake is lying to protect his friends. Beck wants to know where he can find Stanley. Jake refuses to tell him. Beck assures him that Jake will be here for a very long time. Beck yells at the soldiers to bring him in. One of the soldiers brings Russell in and pushes him up against the wall. All the men go out and leave Jake lying on the floor with the bright light beaming in his eyes.

Heather visits Eric and the other Rangers. Heather tells them what had happened to Jake in town that they had put a bag over his head and had drug him away. Eric suggests that they need leverage against Beck.

Hawkins brings his wife and his children to the cabin. The little boy remarks that the place smells funny. Hawkins assures him that it will only be for a few days. The phone rings and is is his friend. He asks if Robert is ready to go to Texas. He tells Hawkins that Texas is on the verge of joining Cheyenne. He advises Hawkins to get the package to Texas as soon as possible. Hawkins looks at a map and then gets back on the phone with his friend. Hawkins assures him that he will be there as soon as possible. Hawkins pours out the contents of a metal box onto the table. Hawkins picks up one of the fake I.D.'s

A convoy of Army trucks travel down the road, but are soon stopped. One of the drivers instruct his partner to see what is going on. The man gets out of the truck and goes up ahead to see what is going on. The driver yells for them to get out of the road. Two of Jake's deputies climb up on either side of the truck and asks the driver to do them a favor as Jimmy holds a gun on the driver. Jake's men take over the Army trucks.

Beck goes over a map in his office when one of the other soldiers come in and asks Beck why he is the Army convoy so late getting there. The soldier hands Beck a brown manila envelope. Beck opens it, scans through the pics and then reads the note. The note tells Beck that they have his trucks .

Jake, with his hands tied behind his back is crouched up against the wall with the bright light beaming in his eyes. Jake coughs a little bit. Beck and his men come into the room. Beck shows him a letter that he had received from his Rangers. Jake refuses to help Beck. Beck vows that he will find the Rangers.

The Army trucks arrive in town. The Army men begin to unload the trucks. They begin to put "closed, until further notice", notices on all the businesses. Beck asks Jake does he want to test him to see how far that he will take it. There is massive chaos in the streets amongst the people of Jericho and the soldiers.

Hawkins, with his duffel bag on his shoulder, walks out in front of the house. He receives a call on his cell phone. When he answers it, John asks Hawkins, what is this that he hears about Texas. Hawkins loads his duffel bag into the back of his Jeep. John asks Hawkins had be promised them the bomb. Hawkins denies the accusation. John advises Hawkins as to what to do about the bomb situation. He also tells Hawkins to give him a day to make all the necessary arrangements. Darcy comes out of the house and wants to know what is going on. Hawkins advises her to keep the children in the house until all this blows over. Hawkins shows her that he had stolen a shirt of Jennings and Rall and also a Jeep of Jennings and Rall which will enable him to get into Texas. Hawkins and Darcy kiss.

Heather brings a notice to show Major Beck and she questions him as to what is going on. Heather points out the good qualities of the Rangers. Heather looks down into his helmet. Beck turns the helmet over. Beck asks Heather to help him get through to Jake. Heather refuses and leaves the office.

The bright light comes on in Jake's eyes. Jake has a vision about him talking to his Grandpa about global warming . Jake comes back to reality with the bright light in his eyes.

Mimi lies on the bed as Mary sits down beside her. Mimi wants to know where Stanley is. Mary tells her that he is with Eric and the other Rangers. Mimi asks how Stanley is. Mary tells her that he is not talking to anyone. Mimi requests that Mary take her to him. Mary doesn't answer. Mimi asks her again to take her to Stanley.

Mimi goes to visit Stanley. She sits down beside Stanley and tells him that she loves him. Stanley doesn't want to hear this. He tells her to stop. Stanley lets her know that they cannot change anything that had happened the last few days. Stanley tells her what had happened with John Getts. Stanley recounts how that John Getts had been tied up, but he had killed him anyway.

Beck once again visits Jake and tries to get info out of him, but Jake once again refuses to divulge any info about the Rangers.

Hawkins travels down the road out of Jericho. He receives a phone call from John. John lets him know that he knows that Hawkins is headed for Texas. John was under the assumption that they were going to do this together.

Gail comes to visit Jake. She talks to him and encourages him. She gives him a drink of water. She tells him to tell Beck whatever he wants to know. Gail whispers in Jake's ear for him to stay strong that the Rangers were coming.

Major Beck is in his office when he gets a call from John. John lets Beck know that Sarah Mason is dead and she was killed by the man that he is tracking. John sends Beck a pic of Robert Hawkins and that he has the bomb.

Hawkins travels down the road when he notices some Army vehicles after him.

The Rangers meet with Gail, who gives them info on where she had been held. They devise a plan to rescue Jake.

Army vehicles, as well as, helicopters are in pursuit of Hawkins. The pilot of the helicopter advise the men in the jeeps as to the whereabouts of Hawkins. Hawkins runs into the bushes to get away from the Army jeeps.

The Rangers rescue Jake from his prison. They escape with Jake, but not without gunfire between the Rangers and the Army soldiers.

It is daylight, Hawkins walks down the road. He gets a call from John. John had warned Hawkins if he took the bomb to Texas what would happen. John reveals to Hawkins that he was the one, who had taken out the twenty three cities with the bomb and he was planning on taking out Cheyenne with Hawkins' bomb. Hawkins becomes angry and reminds him what he would do if he betrayed him.

Emily sits beside Jake in the cabin. She aims her gun toward the door when Hawkins comes in. Hawkins lets Jake know that he had lost the bomb to the government. Hawkins asks for Jake's help in getting the bomb back. Jake asks when do they leave.

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