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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary

"Sedition" Aired March 18, 2008

They show the happenings at the Stanley farm in which Mimi is shot and Bonnie is killed. Jake paces the floor as two of his officers come in the door. One of the officers ask how Mimi is doing. The officers lets Jake know that the bullets were from a 9mm and the tracks outside were from a Humvee. Jake instructs the men to stay around close to Mimi to keep Ravenwood from getting close to her. Jake comes into the sheriff's office just as Major Beck and his men are leaving. Beck tells Jake that a pipe bomb had gone off in New Bern and had killed six of Jake's men. Kinsey tries to get the blood stopped on Mimi while Stanley watches. Jake instructs his men to stand guard. They bring Bonnie into the hospital to take her to the morgue. At the Stanley farm, Getts finds Mimi's ledger and burns the page which shows the money deficit. Darcy is at the hospital when a nurse hands her a package. A police officer comes running up and tells Jake that Getts is outside. Getts orders Jake to let him see Mimi. Jake refuses. Jake refuses to let Getts enter the building. Getts warns Jake as to what might happen if he doesn't enter the building.

Heather is on the police radio. She lays down the receiver and goes outside. She meets up with Russell and his friend. Russell tells her that her being a laision between Jericho and New Bern is causing trouble for him and the people of New Bern. Russell warns Heather that a bounty had been placed on her head. Hawkins is on the phone with his informant. They go over the report that John had sent him. Hawkins vows that he will expose the sins of Jennings and Rall. Jake and his men carefully guard the hospital when the lights begin to blink. Kinsey drafts Darcy as a volunteer in the operating room. Kinsey carefully operates on Mimi. Stanley sits beside Bonnie in the morgue. Jake and Jimmy watch out the window and see that Getts had someone with him. Harry gets a call from his wife, who is on the outside. Harry leaves. Hawkins comes home and yells for Darcy. Two men are there waiting for him. They tell Hawkins that Darcy is being held hostage at the hospital. The two men advise Hawkins to come with them, Hawkins gets the upper hand of the two men and goes to the hospital without them. Mimi begins to come to and sees Darcy sitting beside her. Mimi asks where Stanley is. Darcy tells her that he is with Eric. Mimi asks about Bonnie. She begins to cry when she realizes that Bonnie is dead. Russell and his friend fill Heather in on what had been happening in New Bern. Stanley tells Eric to go and check on Mimi.

Jimmy and one of the other deputies guard the door carefully against Getts and his men. Hawkins arrives at the hospital and lets Jake know what is going on outside with Getts and his men. Getts looks at a map when one of his men come in to join him. Getts asks the man about Stanley. Getts calls Frank, but when Frank sees that it is from Getts, he quickly hangs up. Emily asks him what is wrong. Frank denies anything being wrong. A deputy shows Hawkins into Mimi's room. Hawkins grabs Darcy and hugs her. Mimi lets Hawkins know that someone had been embezzling money from Jennings and Rall. Mimi also tells him that the ledger was at her home, but Getts probably had it by now. Hawkins leaves Mimi's room and makes a call. Hawkins comes back into Mimi' room and asks her if she knew of anyone, who would help them. Mimi thinks of Trish. Hawkins gives Mimi a number to give to Trish., Jimmy comes into Mimi's room and tells them that they have problems. Jake, Jimmy and others hurry down the hall and find Frank lying on the floor. Jake notices that Frank's gun is gone. Jake and Hawkins discuss what to do without pulling more men off Mimi. Emily begins to realize that it is Frank, who is helping Getts.

Mimi calls Trish and lets her know what is going on and about Bonnie being killed. Trish wants to know what she can do. Jimmy and another officer take a sledgehammer to the wall to make a bigger opening. Jake, Emily, Mimi and the other officers hide until Getts and his men leave the building. Jake, Stanley, Eric and the other Rangers hide out in the woods, watching and waiting for Ravenwood. They are quiet when they see Ravenwood coming down the road and stop. Another Army convoy catches up with Ravenwood and his men. Trish gets out of the Humvee and hands Getts a piece of paper. Trish lets Getts know that he is fired. Getts lets her know that she cannot do that. Trish orders the men to take Getts and his men's Humvee and leave them there stranded. After Trish and the others leave, Jake and his men approach Getts and his men. Getts' hands are tied behind his back. Stanley aims a gun at Gett's head. They urge Stanley not to do it. Stanley pulls the trigger and kills Getts. An Army officer tells Beck that he has something that he needs to see. Beck sees Getts hung to a high tree with markings on his face.

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