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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary

"Reconstruction" - aired February 12, 2008

They show flashbacks of Series I in which the bombs had been dropped on American cities. Major Beck questions Constantino and Jake about their battle between Jericho and New Bern. Major Beck tells them that as of now the battle between Jericho and New Bern is over.  A newswoman reports that it had been six months since the bombs had been dropped. They show pics of the destruction in the American cities. This happens 4 weeks after the battle between Jericho and New Bern. The American flag comes down and a new improved American flag goes up. Jake sees Emily in the street and they hug and kiss. A shooter comes out to shoot at an unknown man in the street. Everyone scrambles to hide. The officers take the man into custody. Darcy is busy at work when Hawkins walks in and just watches her for a moment. Darcy begins to feel that the men he once worked for are still looking for him. Hawkins tells her that they are looking for Sarah. Darcy offers to be the eyes and ears for Hawkins in the new government. Hawkins refuses her help. Jake is at the police station when the shooter is brought in. Jake and Major Beck lock horns once again over the shooter. Jake turns around and sees Heather. They hug. A new government agent talks to Stanley about his crops. They come up with a new plan so that Stanley can repay the government. Mimi asks Stanley to marry her, but Stanley hesitates. Stanley then agrees to marry her, but Mimi tells him that she doesnít want his pity. Major Beck asks Jake to be Jerichoís new Sheriff.  Jake meets up with Eric in the street and they decide that they will kill Constantino for killing their father. Major Beck gives his men their instructions and a pic of Sarah and the command to shoot on sight. Hawkins comes to visit Jake and asks him to help him hideout. Jake gives him the keys to a mountain cabin that once was used as a hunting cabin. Heather is sitting at a table with Mary Bailey when Major Beck walks in. He questions Heather about the shooter. It is found out that the shooter is one of Constantinoís deputies and that he had been instructed to take her out. Major Beck asks Heather to be his liasion between the people of Jericho and New Bern. Heather refuses. Mimi looks over the papers that Stanley had signed. Mimi canít believe that Stanley had signed these papers. Jake explains the rules of the new government to Hawkins and Eric. Hawkins backs out of this plan to kill Constantino. Eric advises Jake to sit this one out. Major Beck drives up and tells Jake to get in. Major Beck takes Jake to an old abandoned mine where he is shown the body of a young woman. Major Beck gives Jake some helpful advice on what Jakeís father would have wanted for him. Mimi confronts the government agent and tells her to tear up the contact. The government refuses until she can talk to her superior. Darcy comes out of a building. Without her knowing, an officer watches her. Jake visits Emily, who is preparing one of his fatherís favorite recipes. Mary rushes in and tells Jake that Eric and some rangers are going after Constantino to kill him. Jake goes after him to stop him. Jake catches up with him just in time. Major Beck and his men arrive at about the same time. Major Beck tells Jake that he will escort them back into town. Major Beck tells Jake that he had saved his brotherís life tonight. Hawkins hears a noise and goes to investigate. In the barn, a gun is held to his head. The man tells Hawkins to drop his gun. The man turns out to be one of Hawkinís old friends. Darcy sneaks up behind the man and holds a gun to his head. Once in the house, the man explains everything to Hawkins and Darcy about the new Cheyenne government. Hawkins tells the man that he may just have the evidence to bring down the new Cheyenne government .Mimi tears up the contract right in front of Stanley. Stanley gets down on one knee and proposes to Mimi and places a ring on her hand. They kiss and hug. Major Beck, on the phone, tells the person that they are not ready for that. Jake comes to visit. Jake tells him that he had decided to take the job as Sheriff of Jericho. Major Beck tells Jake that the President of the new Cheyenne government is paying Jericho a visit.             

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