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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary

Jennings & Rall - aired February 26, 2008

The episode begins with flashbacks of past episodes.

Indian Springs, Missouri

A car and truck travel down the road. They meet up with an Army blockade. Dale gets out and tells the soldiers that he is trying to get through to the Whitman Trading Post. The soldier notifies him that he has to turn around and take a detour. Another Army truck drives up with the soldiers wearing masks. Dale looks at the men, with questions in his eyes. Dale questions the soldier as to what is going on. The soldier tells him to please return to his vehicle.

Major Beck, Jake and Eric walk down the street. Major Beck tells them that the administrator had arrived there last night. When Jake meets up with the head of Ravenwood, he starts to draw his gun, but Major Beck stops him. Major Beck tells Jake that the man from Ravenwood and already told him of his and Jake’s run-ins. Jake tells Major Beck of what had happened in Rogue River and all the men that Ravenwood had left dead. The head of Ravenwood asked the Major for a few words with Jake. The head of Ravenwood tells Jake that this is the new building of his new office and on his desk, he has a file on Jake Green. He reminds Jake that he has a period of interesting employment with J&R.

Jimmy comes into the Sheriff’s office. Everyone welcomes Jimmy back. Jimmy thanks them for visiting him in the hospital. Jimmy apologizes for anything that he might have said. Major Beck comes out and tells Jimmy that he is glad to see him back on his feet. Jimmy sees the wanted pics of Sarah Mason on the desk. Darcy watches him as Jimmy looks at the pics.

Hawkins looks out the window with a knife down at his side. Darcy comes in the door. Darcy tells Hawkins that Jimmy had come back to work today and had seen the pic of Sarah Mason. Jimmy told Major Beck that Sarah had been associated with Hawkins. Hawkins wants to know what else Jimmy had said. Jimmy told them that Hawkins was undercover F.B.I. Darcy wonders how long it will take them that Sarah is dead and Hawkins had the bomb. Darcy pleads with him to let them get the kids and get out of there while they could.

Hawkins comes into Major Beck’s office. Hawkins pulls out his F.B.I badge and introduces himself as Robert Hawkins. Robert tells Major Beck that he is killing his investigation. Hawkins tells Major Beck that he had been running Sarah Mason’s pic all over town. Major Beck tells Hawkins that he had run Robert Hawkins name and pic all over the database and there was no Robert Hawkins in the F.B.I. Hawkins tells Major Beck that he had not registered with Cheyenne and he didn’t think that he would .Major Beck informs Hawkins that Cheyenne is the law. Hawkins lets Major Beck know that he is more interested in catching a terrorist than playing politics and he thought he was, too. Major Beck tells Hawkins that he wants him wife out of this office.

Eric tells Jake that no one can do anything about Getts that it seemed that he was above the law. Jake explains that everything that J&R does is above the law. Jake tells Eric about his working for J&R. Jake recounts what had happened overseas and a little twelve year old girl was killed. Jake tells Eric that these guys answer to no one.

At the supermarket, Dale is busy getting in a new shipment. Emily comes up and wants to know what is all this. Dale lets her know that this is the antidote for the Hudson virus. Dale had checked around and had gotten the antidote for the virus.

Hawkins and Major Beck comes out of Major Beck’s office. Jake stands outside the window. Hawkins looks around as he leaves the office. Jake whispers and asks Hawkins what is he doing here. Hawkins tells him that he is waiting for the autopsy on the John Doe that was brought in. Hawkins tells Jake what he and Major Beck had talked about. Hawkins tells Jake that he can’t run.

Trish tells Bonnie that she is going back to Cheyenne for a while next week. She also explains what all is going on in Cheyenne and that Bonnie would like it .

Dale tells the head of Ravenwood that he had paid for all of this stuff and he couldn’t just take it away. The Ravenwood men load the boxes onto a truck. Jake and Emily come in and the head of Ravenwood explains to him how they were taking the stuff away. The head of Ravenwood tells them that if Jericho needs meds then the government will issue a fresh supply. Jake tells Dale not to worry about it that he will talk to the Ravenwood leader.

Eric, Jake and Emily discuss the Hudson virus and if it could be treated . Heather talks to a woman on the radio.The woman tells Heather that the virus is moving really fast and they had already lost about twenty people. Eric suggests going to Rawlings, but Jake insists that it won’t do any good. Eric leaves. Jake tells Emily to go and find Kinsey and find a way to inoculate as many people as possible. Jake assures Heather that that is not going to happen here. Jake also leaves.

At the sheriff’s office a pic of a bald man, who had had his neck broken and was buried out in the woods is shown to Jimmy, Hawkins, and Major Beck. Hawkins tells them that he had been on-line for awhile. Major Beck tells them to let them see what turns up. Hawkins gives Jimmy some evidence to test.

In the lab, Jimmy takes a sample of the evidence to test. Hawkins stands by. Jake and Hawkins have a quite conversation concerning Cheyenne. Hawkins asks for Jake’s help. Jake questions him is he going to do something that will cost Jake his badge. Hawkins assures Jake that that badge is something that they can’t lose. Jimmy comes in and tells Jake and Hawkins that the prints weren’t good enough.

At the clinic, Kinsey refuses Emily’s request. Emily lets him know that she wouldn’t ask if they weren’t in trouble. Emily lets Kinsey know that this is the only chance to save the town and they couldn’t do it without him. Kinsey agrees to tell Emily what she needs to know. Kinsey proceeds to give her the instructions.

Eric goes to Trish for help. Eric requests info on how to get transferred out of Jericho. Trish gives Eric some very confidential info about Ravenwood. Eric asks her had she been inoculated for the Hudson River virus yet. Trish refuses to answer.

Heather lays a note on Major Beck’s desk of the name of a town that had been very badly hit with the virus. Heather stands up to Major Beck and tells him that people in that town are watching their families die and they are not getting help.

Jake confronts Dale that he had noticed that he had been re-stocking the shelves. Jake questions him about the trading post out on the road. Jake advises Dale that it would be a big mistake to hijack the truck that is carrying the antidote for the Hudson River virus. Jake advises Dale of how to hijack the truck with the antidote.

The head of Ravenwood asks Trish when the truck had left with the antidote. Trish points out to him that he had been inoculated and she had been inoculated against the virus. The head of Ravenwood becomes angry and tells her that if there was a threat then he would let her know. The head of Ravenwood reads the supply report and notices that there is an order for a lof of syringes. The head of Ravenwood wants to know who had ordered this. The head of Ravenwood orders an inspection of the truck.

At the hospital, the head of Ravenwood questions Kinsey as to why he had ordered 3,000 syringes. He orders Kinsey to tell him what he knows.

Mimi, Stanley and Bonnie eat dinner. Bonnie begins to tell them about talking to Trish and how Trish had told her about Cheyenne and the many job opportunities that they had there. Bonnie might find some kind of work there in sign language. Bonnie assures them that she is not going . Stanley wants to know why. Bonnie tells him because she lives in Jericho.

Out on the porch, Bonnie and Stanley discuss her going to Cheyenne. Stanley gives her the option of leaving,. Bonnie tells him that he had been the one, who had planned on leaving. They discuss the past and what had happened. Stanley had been afraid of losing Bonnie too. Stanley tells Bonnie that he wants her to be happy.

Jake paces the floor in the warehouse. Dale on the other men arrive with the antidote. They have the antidote for 1,000. They make plans on how to distribute the antidote.

Kinsey lies to the head of Ravenwood. Kinsey tells him that he knows what he is. The head of Ravenwood demands to know where is the vaccine. Kinsey still refuses to answer.

Major Beck comes into his office and finds Hawkins there. Hawkins wants to know what the prints showed. Major Beck tells him not a thing. Major Beck tries to use the phone, but Hawkins places his hand on the phone to keep him from using it. Major Beck tells him to take his hands off the phone. Hawkins tells him that if one agent killed another agent then it would be a professional hit. Hawkins persuades Major Beck to call for a special meeting and ask him if Sarah Mason was a federal agent. Hawkins warns Major Beck that if they say, “no” then he would be part of a government conspiracy.

Jake comes into Kinsey’s office before the head of Ravenwood can do something to Kinsey. The head of Ravenwood leaves Jake alone with Kinsey. Jake asks Kinsey what had he told the head of Ravenwood. Kinsey tells Jake that he had told him nothing.

Dale and Emily prepare the coolers with the antidote. They hear a noise from the front of the warehouse. Emily grabs Dale by the arm and pulls him quickly to the side. Hurriedly, Jake comes in and tells Emily and Dale to take everything and go out the back . The men of Ravenwood come in the front and split up in order to search the warehouse. Jake tells Dale and Emily to take everything and go out the back that he will buy them some time. With his gun raised, Jake begins to search the warehouse.

Major Beck talks with the head of the government agency. Major Beck asks if Sarah Mason had ever been employed in the United States government. The head of the government tells Major Beck that Sarah Mason had never worked for the U.S. government. He informs Major Beck when he contacts him again that he had better have found and eliminated her.

Hawkins paces the floor in Major Beck’s office. He picks up a piece of paper on the desk and looks at it. Major Beck walks in the door and speaks to Hawkins.

Jake ,with his gun raised, continues to search the warehouse. The head of Ravenwood and his men continue to search the warehouse also . The head of Ravenwood and Jake meet face to face. Dale escapes with the antidote.

Hawkins questions Major Beck as to what his boss had said. Hawkins and Major Beck shake hands. Hawkins leaves the office.

The head of Ravenwood questions Jake about the vaccine and if he had any idea where it could be. Jake lies and tells him the warehouse is clean. The rest of the Ravenwood men come up behind Jake.

The head of Ravenwood orders one of the men to get on the phone and tell them that they have found the vaccine somewhere in the warehouse. One of the men tells the head of Ravenwood that the vaccine had been located in Cheyenne. The head of Ravenwood and his men leave the warehouse.

Mimi and Bonnie sit on the porch, talking. Mimi asks Bonnie to give her some pointers on how to take care of Stanley. Mimi promises Bonnie that she would take care of Stanley. They hug.

Kinsey administers the vaccine. Eric tells Jake that he had heard what had happened with Gatts. Jake lets Eric know that someone on the inside had changed the logs. Eric smiles and tells Jake that he had an idea, who had changed the logs.

Trish receives and checks the supply report that she had altered. She shreds the info.

Heather tells Major Beck that she had received a call from Christina and she had said that an Army truck full of vaccine had arrived in her town. Heather asks Major Beck why had he jeopardized his position. Major Beck tells Heather that his wife was in Sante Fe when the attacks came and he had no idea where she was now.

Hawkins and Darcy looks at the fax that he had found in Major Beck’s office. Hawkins gets a call from a man, who knows who Hawkins is, knows what he is trying to do and wants to help .

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