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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary

"Condor" - aired February 19, 2008

They recount how the bombs had destroyed almost all of the United States, and the effects that the bombs had had on the city of Jericho. A new commander comes to Jericho to take over and places Jake as the new Sheriff.

Mimi comes downstairs and finds a note and a rose. The note reads for her to come out onto the porch. On the porch, she finds that Stanley had prepared breakfast for her.  Mimi wants to know what all this is. Stanley tells her that this is a celebration of her first day on the job at Jennings and Raul. Stanley and Mimi kiss.  Stanley tells her that this is a big job for her. Mimi lets him know what she will be doing in the office. Stanley and Mimi realize that they are “boring.” They hear a noise and a helicopter lands in front of their house. One of the President’s men tells Stanley that the President will be announcing the Nation from his front porch.

Jake tells one of his men to get the rest of the cars out of here. A Hummer arrives and Major Beck gets out. Major Beck remarks, “Sheriff Greene.”  Jake tells Major Beck that he has his men directing traffic. Jake wonders what Major Beck needs him for and then asks, “to keep an eye on him.” Major Beck tells Jake that the President will be there in a couple of hours as he goes inside the building. Jake looks around at the town before he goes inside also .

They show the Jericho countryside. Hawkins and his friend goes over their plan for the day. Hawkins questions him if he had the password yet. Hawkins figures out the escape route and the diversion. Hawkins wishes that there was some other way to do this without getting his friend burned. His friend tells him by this time tomorrow he would be in Texas. Hawkins remarks or they would be dead.

Major Beck shows Jake the control room which they called, “The White House on wheels.” One of the President’s men comes in and notifies them that there has been a change of plans and the President will be there in twenty-eight minutes. Major Beck tells parkins that he wants him to be the eyes and ears outside. Darcy pays close attention to everything that is said and done outside.

Darcy leaves the control center and goes to Bailey’s tavern. She slides into the seat opposite Hawkins. Darcy tells Hawkins that the President will be there in less than thirty minutes. Hawkins assures her that they can handle that. Hawkins asks her if she can get the password. Darcy replies that she doesn’t know. Hawkins comes up with the plan that he needs to get his hands on one of the secret services’ walkie talkies. Darcy assures him that she can do that.

Everything is being organized at the Richmond farm. Stanley can’t believe how much he had let this place go. Mimi discusses their bridal registry. Mimi leaves to make sure that they are not scratching up the floors. Bonnie hits Stanley on the arm. She sign languages for him to use his head.

Jake watches the computer screen. Major Beck explains to Jake how the software works. Major Beck tells him to watch it and let him know if there is anyone that he should be worried about.

Eric and Emily enter the Mayor’s office. The Mayor asks Eric for him and Jake to join him to meet the President. Emily shows the Mayor the new American history textbooks. The Mayor looks at the history book. Emily asks how should they handle it. The Mayor tells her that he doesn’t know. This annoys Emily. Eric points out that this new government had first changed their flag and now their history. Eric wonders what will be next.

Everyone is busy at work in the control room as they await the President’s arrival. Jake looks at the screen when he sees Emily’s pic comes up. She had been flagged.  A reporter comes up behind Jake. Jake looks around and asks if he can help him. The reporter introduces himself as does Jake .Darcy sneaks into the control room. Darcy slips one of the walkie talkies into her bag. Jake watches her as she leaves the room. Jake grabs his coat and follows her out just as they get word that the President arrives. Jake walks out into the street. The guardsmen hold Jake back as the motorcade goes by.

Jake watches as the President gets out of the car amidst the many secret service men. Everyone is glad to see the President as he shakes hands with some of them and gives them a smile. Darcy watches very carefully as she wonders through the crowd. Jake watches her. Jake follows her as she goes into the tavern. Darcy meets up with Hawkins and shows him that she had gotten the walkie talkie. Jake hurries in and catches up with Hawkins. He grabs Hawkins by the arm and asks him what is going on. One of the secret service men comes in and calls out ,”Jake Greene.” The secret service man asked if Jake had taken one of the walkie talkies. He searches Jake and the reporter. Jake starts to leave, but the secret service man tells him not to move. The secret service man notifies his commander that Jake and the reporter are clean. 

The President comes in and shakes hands with the Mayor. The Mayor introduces him to Eric Green. The President offers his condolences to Eric on the death of his father. The President tells them that the whole country needed to hear how the city of Jericho had been cut off from the rest of the world and how that they had managed to stay alive. The President tells them about the Constitutional Convention and how they could write the next chapter in American history. One of the women comes in and announces, “Crash Condor.” Everyone scrambles to get the President to safety. They announce that the “Condor” is secure.  A man falls to the floor as Hawkins walks off.

Darcy is in the control room and pulls the walkie talkie out of her pocket and puts into her shoulder bag. Major Beck comes in and tells Darcy to hold it a minute. Major Beck tells her that he hadn’t meant to startle her, but they are in a “crash.” Darcy asks what is a “crash.” Major Beck tells her that one of the walkie talkies had disappeared and until it was secured, they were to remain where they were.

Hawkins is at the computer and he downloads all the pics that is up on the screen. They show one of the secret service men lying face down on the floor.

Everyone paces the floor in the tavern  The reporter urges jake to have a seat.  Jake asks him what kind of reporter is he. Jake finds out that no reporter is reporting the real news, as he sits down on the stool.  Jake confronts him about being a journalist and not wanting to make waves. Jake finds out from the reporter that no one is reporting the real news.

The Mayor asks Eric about his Mother. Eric tells him that she is gone from the ranch. The Mayor assumes that it couldn’t be easy for her to be around here anymore. Eric questions the Mayor as to how anyone could be elected that no one had voted for.

Jake questions the reporter about him being a real reporter. Jake asks him what is the real story. The reporter tells him that there is plenty of theories out there. Jake and the reporter come up with some “what if’s of their own.

Darcy holds her bag close to her stomach as she watches Major Beck, pacing back and forth in the outside office.

Hawkins watches as the file is 55 percent downloaded.

Darcy holds her bag close to her as she runs her fingers along the bottom part of the bag. One of the secret service men catches her. He rushes to her side.

Hawkins still watches as the file is 62 perent downloaded.

The secret service man asks to search Darcy’s bag. Major Beck comes into the room and asks if that is completely necessary. They all look at each other.

Hawkins continues to watch the download.

Darcy hands over her bag and the man searches its contents.  Major Beck just shakes his head.

Hawkins continues to watch the  download.

As the secret service man searches Darcy’s bag, Major Beck asks him so he had searched the complete office.  The secret service man finds the walkie talkie lying on the shelf on top of some papers. He gets on the walkie talkie and tells everyone that the radio is secure.

Eric comes into the bar and tells Jake that the radio had been found in the Sheriff’s office. Jake comes to the conclusion that the “crash” was on purpose, as he leaves the office. 

Hawkins continues to watch the download which is 95 percent complete. The download finally completes and Hawkins takes the disc out of the laptop. He hurries up from the desk and starts out the door when he hears someone coming in. He raises his gun and hides behind the door. One of the secret service men comes in and finds another secret service man lying on the floor. One of the soldiers runs out of the office and down the stairs. Downstairs he meets up with Major Beck and some of his men. Turning around, he knocks Jake to the floor. Two of Major Beck’s men grabs him and takes him into custody. Major Beck and Jake exchange looks just as Darcy walks in.

Hawkins is on the laptop. He gets up just as Jake comes in. Jake confronts him about having a man in his company, who had injured one of Jake’s deputies.  Hawkins questions Jake as to why he would think that he had a man planted within the organization.  Hawkins rushes over to the computer and then back over to Jake. He pushes Jake and tells him to check his pockets. Jake finds a piece of paper in his pants pocket. Jake pulls out the piece of paper. Hawkins grabs the paper from him. Jake wants to know what is going on. Hawkins explains the situation to Jake that if his man couldn’t get the password to him then he could give it to Jake for Jake could be trusted. Hawkins explains how the government had falsified the info that had been given to the American people. Jake finds out that the bomb was a Soviet nuke.  Hawkins needs to get this info to the right people. Jake comes up with the idea of giving the info to the reporter that he had met in the bar. Jake promises to keep Hawkins insulated. Jake tells Hawkins to trust him as he leaves.

Jake meets with the reporter and gives him the info. The reporter thinks that this is a lot of info to publish just on pure faith. Jake wants to know that the reporter will follow this through to the end. The reporter is skeptical which makes Jake more than a little nervous. The reporter agrees to do as Jake asks.  Jake and the reporter shake hands on their mutual deal.

Stanley and Bonnie are busy helping to get the ranch ready for the President’s visit. Stanley speaks to Trish. Stanley asks Trish for a favor. Bonnie sign languages to Stanley that this can wait and for him not to be annoying. Trish sign languages back to her that they had to learn a sign language and she had picked sign language. Stanley starts to explain, but Bonnie stops him. Bonnie goes on to sign language that Stanley is getting married to Mimi. Trish asks Bonnie what is the favor.

Major Beck comes to the jail to visit the prisoner. The prisoner looks straight ahead. Major Beck tells him that this is probably his last chance to tell him what is going on.  Major Beck asks him who he is. The prisoner tells him that he is a dead man. Major Beck calls for the lieutenant.

Jake meets up with Eric in the street. They discuss going to hear the President’s speech. Jake tells Eric that he will see him there.  Jake hurries to see whose body is on the gurney in a body bag. Jake sees that it is the body of the reporter.

The President makes his speech on the steps of Stanely’s. He tells the people that he wants to honor the fallen heroes of Jericho. The Honor Guard comes to attention.

Hawkins is once again on the computer when Jake comes to visit him, making sure that he is not followed. Jake tells him that it is over as he throws his badge onto the table. Jake tells Hawkins that the reporter is dead.

While everyone looks on, the Honor Guard folds up an American flag and gives it to the President. The President presents it to the Mayor. The Honor Guard gives a gun salute.

Hawkins tells Jake that they had killed the reporter. Hawkins tells Jake that the reporter had called the paper and the call had been intercepted. Jake wants to have an autopsy done. Hawkins explains that they will never see that body again.

The President continues his speech.

Jake and Hawkins figure out what they are going to do next. Hawkins asks Jake to not be his problem right now.

The President continues his speech to the Jerichoans. The President tells them that Mayor Anderson will represent them at the Constitutional Convention. The President concludes his speech with God Bless the Allied States of America.  

Jake waits when Major Beck and his men bring  the prisoner down the hall. Jake asks the Major where they are taking him. Major Beck tells Jake that the prisoner is being moved. Jake grabs the prisoner and pushes him up against the wall. The officers soon gain control of the situation and takes the prisoner away.

One of the officer comes in to Major Beck’s office and informs him that they had brought Parker back and he was dead.  Major Beck looks at the report and then gets on the phone. 

They show the abandoned Army vehicle. The door is open and the soldiers lay dead.

Eric comes into Mayor Anderson’s office. Grey tells Eric that he wants to go to that convention. Grey shows Eric a pic of his Dad’s, who had once hung in Eric’s Dad’s office. Mayor Anderson asks Eric to be the acting Mayor in his absence.

Major Beck talks with the head of the agency, who is after Hawkins. The head of the agency tells Major Beck that he is sending him a private contractor, who will take care of the town while Major Beck hunts the terrorist. Major Beck comes out of the office just as Jake comes into the office . Major Beck fills Jake in on what had happened with the soldiers and asks him if he had any ideas.

Mimi is busy cleaning up Bonnie explains to Mimi what she had done in trying to find her family. They tells Mimi that none of her family had been found. Mimi thanks Stanley. Mimi lets them know that they are her family.

On a mountainside outside of town, Hawkins meets up with his partner. They discuss their plans as Hawkins’ partner leaves.

Jake comes home to Eric and Emily. Jake gives Emily a kiss. Eric tells Jake that Grey had asked him to be the acting Mayor in his place.

The men of Ravenwood arrive in town and there to meet them is Major Beck.  The leader of Ravenwood tells Beck that he will take it from here.

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Updated 3/5/08  


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