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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary
Proofread by Fran

"Winter's End" March 28, 2007

The fuel supplies in Jericho are running low and they are on their last tank of gas. The new wind turbines have arrived from New Bern, and they have been set up. Mayor Anderson inquires if they can get more wind turbines. Johnston’s friend, who is the former sheriff, says they can certainly talk about it.

April Green, who is now 18 weeks pregnant, collapses while at the clinic. Jake hurries to find Dr. Dhuwalia. When Dr. Dhuwalia examines April, he finds that she is hemorrhaging profusely and in need of immediate surgery. April begs him to stop the contractions. Looking around, Dr. Dhuwalia notices the clinic’s lack of medical equipment, qualified hospital personnel, and the lack of sterile conditions. These unsanitary conditions are what make him oppose operating on April. Upon knowing that April could face possible death, Dr. Dhuwalia, agrees to do the surgery. Dr. Dhuwalia is unable to stop the hemorrhaging and the baby is lost. Upon realizing that he cannot save April either, Dr. Dhuwalia storms out of the operating room. Jake goes after him. After much persuasion, Dr. Dhuwalia goes back into the operating room. Dr. Dhuwalia’s actions give April a few more moments with Eric and she manages to tell Eric that Tracey would be a good name for the baby. April dies not knowing that the baby hadn’t made it either.  

The city of New Bern suffers from a lack of food and salt. New Bern and Jericho manage to make a deal that Jericho will give New Bern 700 lbs of salt and 10 percent of the spring crop in exchange for some more wind turbines. The city of New Bern demands 10 men from Jericho to help build the wind turbines. The men will return to Jericho after they receive the salt and food.

Devastated by April’s death, Eric agrees to be one of the 10 men. Jake warns Russell that nothing had better happen to the 10 men or he’ll be the first one that he comes looking for. Russell nods that he knows and tells Jake that Heather knew that they were coming to Jericho, but she didn’t want to accompany them.

Robert Hawkins buries Sarah’s body in the woods. Deputy Jimmy stops by Hawkins house to check up on all the refugees. Hawkins lies to him and tells him that Sarah had gone to New Orleans to be with her family. Deputy Jimmy doesn’t necessarily believe him, but he doesn’t say anything. Deputy Jimmy tells Robert that he wants to speak to Darcy about Sarah. Robert lies once again and tells him that he and Darcy are having marital problems. Robert hurries to get to Darcy before Jimmy does because he wants their stories to be in sync when Jimmy questions her about Sarah’s whereabouts. Darcy informs him that she is not doing this for him, but for Allison. Jimmy offers to let Darcy and the children stay with him and his family until their problems can be solved.

Jimmy shows Hawkins a picture of a dead body that had been found in the woods. Hawkins is worried that they have found Sarah’s body. Hawkins is ready to shoot the deputy when he sees the picture. The picture is of the bald man, who is in the pictures on the hard drive of his computer. Robert is relieved that he won’t have to shoot the deputy in order to protect his mission.

Dale becomes angry when one of the farmers refuses to live up to his end of the trade deal. Dale and Skylar take matters into their own hands when Mayor Anderson will not agree to help them. Dale holds the farmer at gunpoint to get what is coming to him. Dale and Skylar celebrate with a kiss.

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Updated 4/16/07  


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