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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary
Proofread by Fran

Episode 22 ďWhy We FightĒ

A young girl sneaks a bite of wedding cake and then runs off. Gail, Johnston, Eric, and April are having their picture taken as part of the wedding party.

6 years ago

Gail, Johnston, Eric, and April are having their wedding photographs taken. Gail reminds the photographer that she is pulling her shoes off in ten minutes. April tells them that they canít really do this without Jake anyway and Gail wonders where Jake is. Gail goes in search of Jake. She says, ďHiĒ and pats one of the women guests on the shoulder as she heads out the door. As she heads out the door, she is no longer in the day of Eric and Aprilís wedding, but she is in today. Standing outside, she looks around at all of the devastation that the bombs had caused. She recognizes one of the fellow Jericho men and they walk off together. Jake rides into town on a horse. He hurriedly gets off as he is met by Eric. They both head for the mayorís office where they are met by Johnston, the Mayor, Robert, and others. Johnston immediately questions Jake as to how many men there are. They begin to make their plans to defend their farm and if they do this then they will be overwhelmed by the enemyís forces. They decide to make their stand at the Stanley farm.

Constantino and his entourage head out for their attack on Jericho.

60 miles away
State Route 37

A car is found overturned. Two bodies are found on the ground, dead. The one soldier goes around to the other side of the car and finds another womanís body. When they check for a pulse, they find that the woman is alive.

6 years ago

Everyone is at the wedding of Eric and April. Drinks are served all around. One of the men tells the waiter to keep the drinks coming. Jake, his date, and Stanley are having a good time, talking and laughing. The one man begins to tell a story about World War 11 and the Nazi army. Gail approaches the table and asks the man if it was his plan to get her son drunk tonight. Gail tells Jake to come with her so they can take some pictures.

Robert comes into the office of the Mayor and he meets up with Johnston. Robert tells Johnston that he has access to a satellite that he can use as a tracking device. Johnston is confused by Robertís suggestion, but Jake nods his head to let Robert do as he suggests. Robert tells Johnston his plan. Johnston goes along with it and tells him that it sounds good. Johnston begins to argue with Jake and Robert and then walks out on them. Robert and Jake just exchange looks.

Stanley, Mimi, and Bonnie visit the graves of his Mom and Dad. Stanley tells them that they just wanted to pay their respects. Stanley introduces Mimi to his Mom and Dad. Mimi begins to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Stanley. Mimi misunderstands something that is said concerning the subject of marriage and Stanley laughs. Mimi becomes disturbed by his laughter and asks him if everything is a joke to him. Stanley explains his reasoning behind the laugh and Mimi understands and they all hug.

The men of Jericho ready themselves for a battle with the men of New Bern. Johnston, Jake, and Eric arrive on horseback. Johnston confronts one of the men and asks if more men are coming. Johnston gives Jake and Eric their instructions on where to go. Jake and Eric leave on horseback. Gray starts to go with them, but Johnston stops him. Gray wonders why. Johnston informs him that the people of Jericho have named him their leader and he is to stay there and arm their tank.

Robert is on the computer and he is typing in the coordinates that are needed. His wife is annoyed that he is once again getting involved in this. Mrs. Hawkins is worried about the safety of their daughter, Allison. Robert assures Darcy that Allison is at City Hall and the fighting will be miles away from there. Robert manages to get a picture on the screen of where Constantinoís men are.

Jake and his men are busy getting their road blocked off to stop Constantinoís men. Robert calls him and tells him that he is about to have company. Jake is surprised that he will be having company this fast. Robert tells Jake that he thinks that they will need the mortar round in the tank. Robert begins to see different numbers coming up on the screen. Darcy asks him what is wrong. Robert tells him that someone is trying to track him. Darcy looks at the picture on the wall of the Head of Homeland Security. Robert concludes that they will have to disconnect before the trace can be finished.

Heather sits up on some sort of sterilized table .She slowly gets up and begins to walk around the room. She opens up curtains and walks through. When she walks through the last curtain, she finds herself on the outside. She sees that she is in some sort of Army refugee camp for she sees army trucks and army men going to and fro. Unbeknownst to her, she is in Camp Liberty which is located in Southwest Nebraska. She looks around as she sees helicopters coming in for a landing.

Jake looks through a pair of binoculars at the road ahead of him to see if any of New Bernís men are approaching. As Jake continues to look through the binoculars, Eric has his gun aimed, as does Emily and a fellow Jerichoan. They see two men with guns walking up the road. In a few seconds, they see a convoy of trucks also approaching. One of the trucks is covered with a canopy. As the truck approaches its destination, the men throw the canvas off and hit the ground with their guns aimed. All the Jerichoans plus the convoy from New Bern have their guns aimed at each other. The man, who has the machine gun, begins firing. Jake and Eric hurry to hide behind the car.

6 years earlier (Eric and Aprilís wedding reception)

Eric walks up and asks Jake if he is having a good time. Jake nods his head that he is. Eric hands him a piece of paper with a speech written on it so he will be ready when the time comes for the speech. Eric makes a comment that Jakeís life is a joke. This remark hits Jake the wrong way and he wants to know why he thinks that Jakeís life is a joke. Eric enumerates to Jake the things that he had done in his life. Jake wonders if his life was such a joke, then why he wanted him as his best man. Eric owns up that he didnít really want Jake as his best man. Eric walks off and leaves Jake standing alone.

Jake, Eric, and Emily rise up and begin firing at the men from New Bern. The gunfire continues. Jake starts to leave the safety of the cars. Eric wants to know where he is going. Eric tells Jake that he has his back as Jake begins to run away from the car and toward the trees.

Robert watches the action on his computer. Darcy goes through some papers on a nearby desk. Darcy concludes that whoever is tracking Robert wants to keep Robert from using the bomb or they want the bomb for themselves.

The gunfire continues as Jake continues to hide behind a tree. He only steps out long enough to fire. Jake continues to run and hide until he comes to a pile of rocks. He hides down behind the rocks and lays his gun on top of the rocks.

Robert laughs as he watches the action from his computer. Robert explains to Darcy about the bomb. Darcy realizes that this bomb could expose the main man, who was responsible for the attacks.

Jake continues to hide behind the rocks and he is able to shoot one of the main men from New Bern. The gunfire continues. Jake continues to hide as the gunfire is all around him. In the distance, he sees the tank coming (the same tank that Johnston had taken from the so-called Marines). As the tank continues to find its way down the hill, the men from New Bern retreat, but not before firing upon the tank. The tank fires and blows up one of New Bernís main trucks. The men from New Bern retreat on foot and any way that they can to get away from the firing of the tank. The men of Jericho rejoice that they have won the first round against New Bern. Stanley and a fellow Jerichoan canít believe what they have just done. Jake assures them that they will be back and there will be more of them. Eric notices that Johnston had been shot as he and Jake rush to his side.

Jake and Eric carry Johnston into a house and lay him on a table. They yell for the woman to get towels, etc. for them. Jake grabs a towel and hurriedly begins to apply pressure to the wound. He orders Eric to apply pressure to the wound. Jake gets on the walkie-talkie. Jake calls Robert. Robert gives him the up-to-date details. Jake informs Robert that Johnston had been shot. Robert continues to watch the numbers on his computer. Robert questions Jake if he knows what to do. Robert lets Jake know that the people of Jericho will be looking to him now. Robert tells Jake to keep the radio close and he will keep him abreast of what is going on. Jake turns back to his father, who is still bleeding profusely.

Heather walks toward one of the Army men, and she tells him that she needs to talk to the man in charge. Heather walks over to another man, who sits on the back of one of the Army trucks. She begins to explain to him about New Bern having a munitions factory and they are aiming revenge on a town named Jericho. The man refuses to help Jericho. Heather urges him to help, but once again, he refuses to help.

Johnston, still bleeding, tells Jake to order the people out that are onlookers. Jake goes back to his fatherís side. Johnston begins to talk to Eric and tells him that he loves him. Johnston tries to make a joke about his getting shot. Jake lets Johnston know that Gail is on her way. Johnston holds tightly to Jakeís hand as he tells him that he is proud of him. Johnston dies. Eric bursts into tears as he bends over Johnston. Eric and Jake hug.

Jake and Eric walk slowly out of the house and into the yard. In the yard of the house are other Jerichoans, who are eagerly awaiting word on Johnstonís condition. Jake slowly looks around the crowd.

Six years earlier

Everyone enjoys Eric and Aprilís wedding. Jake proposes a toast to Eric. Eric and April exchange looks with each other. Jake exchanges looks with first his Mother then with his father.

The present

Jake continues to look around the crowd.

Six years earlier

Jake proceeds with the toast to Eric as to how proud he is of him and how lucky he is.

The present

Jake tells the people that his father is dead, but he assures them that they will get through. Everyone goes into the house. Jake tells the men to get Gray back to town. Gray tries to persist, but Jake lets them know that Gray is too important to them and they need a leader. Jake tells the men to get into position. Emily and Gail arrive at the house. The men leave Gail alone with Johnston.

Jake sits alone out on the porch. Emily joins him and they begin to hug as he softly cries. Jake dries his eyes and answers his walkie-talkie. Robert asks him about a set of train tracks. Darcy cuts Robert off and will not allow him to finish warning Jake. Jake kisses Emily before he leaves.

Robert tells Darcy that he has to go. Robert lets Darcy know that he had to stop a train.

The head of the Army unit gives instructions and updates to the Head of Homeland Security. The head of the Army also tells him about a skirmish between the two towns and their locations. The Head of Homeland Security tells the Army head that they tracked a terrorist close to there. The Head of Homeland Security tells him to go to Jericho and quash the skirmish, and then they will move in and hunt for the terrorist.

Robert, hurriedly, rides on horseback to his destination.

Stanley points out all of Mimiís faults but says that he still loves her. Stanley tells Jake that he doesnít want to die today. They hug. Robert rides up on horseback. Robert tells Stanley that he needs to borrow his tank. Robert approaches the tank and climbs up on it. Robert wishes Jake good luck.

Jake loads his rifle. Emily comes up and says, ďAny minute now.Ē

Six years earlier

Jake comes outside to join Johnston. Johnston comments on the speech that Jake made for Eric. Jake assures Johnston that he is fine.

Constantino calls Jake. Constantino offers his condolences on the death of his father and urges him to throw his guns down and return to town. Jake tells him about his father and that he is coming after him in his fatherís name.

Heather thanks the Army head for helping Jericho. They show an American flag turned up sideways as it blows in the wind.

Jake tells the other men that they are going to do what his father wanted them to do, defend their homes. Jake and his men aim their rifles and get ready for a clean shot. Jake yells,ĒNow.Ē

This is the season finale of Jericho!!!!! See you again in the fall.

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