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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary

Episode 4
“Walls of Jericho”

There is an explosion with people running away from it, and it is playing on the television set at Mary’s Bar. Eric and Jake thinks that the explosion could have been in Cincinnati. Robert shakes his head, “no” as he continues to watch the broadcast. The generator at the bar begins to run out of gas and the power goes out in the bar. Jake runs into Heather as he leaves the bar. They suddenly hear a crash, and go to investigate. It turns out it is a broken window at the pharmacy. Jake finds a man inside. When the man sees Jake, he collapses. The man begs for help. Bonnie, Stanley, Heather, Bill, Jimmy are all here now. Stanley helps Jake pick the man up, and they take him to the clinic. April and Eric argue because he had disappeared for three hours. Jake and Stanley come into the clinic with the disfigured man.

Gracie Leigh investigates a noise in her store, and finds that it is Dale Turner. Dale was planning on surprising Gracie by stocking her shelves with some of the food from the train. Mayor Green and his wife, Gail arrive at the hospital to help figure out what had happened to the man. April asks Gail to help her out in the clinic. Gail agrees. Robert Hawkins is on his laptop when his son knocks on the door, and wants water. Jake is taking a shower when Heather walks in on him, and she notices that he is wearing dog tags. She suggests that they siphon gas from the gas station. Eric and Jake argue over what to do with the disfigured man .The disfigured man still remains unconscious. Jake, Johnston, Bill and Jimmy wonder what Victor meant when he said, “they are coming.”

Darcy and Robert Hawkins lies to the police about them being from St. Louis. They go over the stories about where they lived. Robert won’t allow the children outside with the other children because they can’t get the lie straight. There is a knock on the door and it is Jimmy. He asks Robert to help out as a deputy. Reluctantly, Robert accepts the offer. Eric Green asks everyone to donate at least five gallons of gas. Gracie refuses to donate. Jake, Stanley and Heather tries to siphon gas from the gas station. Heather warns them about static electricity and that a spark could start a fire. Dale rings up some groceries for Alison Hawkins. Skylar offers Alison $20 for the bag of chips in exchange for inviting her to the party. Jake drives fast on his way to the clinic with the gas. While he’s on his way, the power goes out at the clinic. Gail performs CPR on Victor. A baby on a ventilator is also in danger. Jake and Heather arrive with the gas. With a little luck they get the generator back on and the power comes back on. Eric runs into the clinic looking for April. Dale shows up at Skylar’s party. Victor becomes conscious again. Jake asks him, “who’s coming.” Victor manages to tell Jake that they need help. Victor also manages to tell Jake that they are at the lake with a boat dock. Victor also tells him that his daughter is there. Suddenly, Jake screams for April. April comes hurrying into the room and gives Victor more oxygen. The police get a complaint about Skylar’s party using too much electricity. Robert arrives and sees his daughter, Alison, and demands that she get home.

Bill notices Shep’s truck and yells for Robert and Jimmy. In the truck they find Victor Miller’s wallet, but no Shep. Robert lies and tells them that he doesn’t recognize the photo in the wallet. Jimmy and Bill arrive at the clinic. They ask to talk to Victor Miller, but April refuses. At Mary’s bar, Emily and Mary watches the loop and wonders if the people, running will come here. Jimmy calls Eric on the radio and asks him to come down to the clinic. A big debate arises about what to do with Victor. Everyone else wants to awaken Victor, but Jake refuses. April is also against waking him up. Robert gives Victor an adrenaline shot. Robert and Jake begins to question Victor. Victor lets them know what he knows. Jake leaves the room, but Robert stays. Robert tells Victor that they had said, “families only.” Robert also wants to know why Victor had gone back to Denver. Victor lets Robert know that there is a traitor. Victor dies. They find out that there are 20 people out there that needs help.

Robert Hawkins’ house - Robert tells Alison that he had put everyone at risk for going to that party.

Mary’s bar - Emily keeps staring at the same loop over and over. Jake goes into the bar and mentions that he needs some volunteers to rescue some people out at Bass Lake. Mary decides to donate gas for them to make the journey. The volunteers and the police leave Jericho to search for the people. When the arrive at Bass Lake, they find that everyone is dead.

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