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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary
Proofread by Fran


This is the fall finale of “Jericho.” It occurs 8 weeks after the bombs went off and is 1 day before the election for Mayor.

“Traitor Identified” “Make Contact ASAP” flashes across the screen of Robert’s laptop. Hawkins is on his laptop as his son, Samuel, yells for him to come outside. Samuel wants Robert to play football with him. Samuel and Robert go outside.

Jake tries to install a hand pump on the “First Well In Jericho.” Jake and Emily reminisce about their past and when they had dated.

Dale walks into Gracie’s Market and finds her in a pool of blood. He knows that she is dead. He holds her as he cries. Johnston hurries to the market and Eric joins him. Johnston fills him in on the details that Dale had found Gracie, but there were no witnesses. Mitchell joins them and lets them know that Jonah had killed Gracie.

Emily and Jake discuss a Sinead O’Connor song, but Emily will not tell Jake the name of the song. Jake walks Emily home. When Emily goes inside, she finds Jonah with a gun. Emily walks out of the house alone.  

Jake goes over to City Hall to discuss the murder with Johnston, Eric, and Gail. They all agree to go over to Jonah’s compound to find him. Dale wants to go, but they refuse to let him.

Bonnie walks into the house, and sees all the dirty dishes and clothes. Bonnie finds Stanley in bed with Mimi, who had been sent there to take away their farm. Bonnie argues with Stanley over this fact. She leaves the farm, crying.

Robert plays football with Samuel, but cannot answer Samuel’s football questions. Jake drives up and asks for Robert’s help. Jake and Robert drive over to Jonah’s compound. Jake drives up to the house not knowing that he had been followed by Gray and his men.

Gray insists on talking to Jonah and searching the house. Robert promises to patrol the area so Gray and his men leave. Jake goes into the house and finds Jonah. Jonah is in shock and insists that he did not kill Gracie. Jake is furious that Jonah would be here to put Emily’s life in danger. Emily asks for a doctor for her father.

Bonnie questions Dale as to what had happened to Gracie. Darcy asks Robert if he found Jonah. Robert just blows her off, and tells her that he has work to do in the basement. Jake finds Dr. Kenechy and asks him for his help. Dr. Kenechy agrees to help and gives Jonah a shot for pain. Jonah refuses to turn himself in and leaves Emily’s home when they go outside.

Robert Hawkins gets a message from his “group.” Robert refuses to give them his coordinates. He changes his message to, “Compromised. Proceed without me.”

Gray gets everyone riled up as he gives a speech in front of Gracie’s Market. He promises to bring Jonah to justice and to protect the people of Jericho.

Stanley and Mimi work on the farm. She tells him that she made a mistake and their relationship is over. Stanley just makes jokes and then kisses her.

Jake and Johnston argue over the fact that Jake knew that Jonah was at Emily’s. Jake wants to wait to bring Jonah in, but as he is finished speaking, Emily walks in. She informs them that Jonah is gone.

Gray wins the election for Mayor. He promises to distribute the food as soon as possible.

 Jonah is on the run. He is chased by Gray and his men, captured, and brought in to City Hall. Jake talks to Jonah why he had run off.

Mitchell visits Dale and tells him that he will need protection. Mitchell warns him that unless he gets half, what happened to Gracie Leigh will happen to him.

Gray wants to move Jonah to another cell, but Johnston tells him that there hasn’t been a trial yet. Gray holds a gun up to Jonah’s head, but gives in at the last minute. Jonah agrees to leave town and never to come back.

 Jonah stays with Emily and they discuss her brother, Chris and how he died.

Eric yells for Jake to come outside of Mary Bailey’s bar. There is a group of refugees coming into town and Emily recognizes one of them as being Roger.

Mitchell is at the compound. Someone shines a light in his eyes. Dale shoots Mitch.

Robert gets a message asking why he is lying about his whereabouts. He also receives a detailed photograph of himself and Samuel outside playing football. The message ends, “See You Soon.”

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Updated 4/5/07  


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