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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary
Proofread by Fran

Episode 8
“Rogue River”

Eric and Jake drive quickly on the road to Rogue River where they encounter a dead woman on the road. Eric wants to stop and check on her, but Jake insists that they are not stopping until they get to Rogue River. They discuss what route to take, and then cannot seem to agree on the directions. Eric questions Jake as to where he has been for the last five years, but Jake does not even answer him.

Darcy bakes a pie with Allison and Samuel. There is a knock on the door, and it is Gray and Jimmy to talk to Robert and it isn’t a friendly visit.

Gail and April sit with Johnston. April tells Gail that Johnston could possibly hang on for another 12 hours. Heather stops by to bring some food, and informs them that she may know of a way to make ice.

The clock in Jake’s car is stuck on 9:02. As they drive into Rogue River, they notice that the city appears to be abandoned. As they pass by the homes they notice that some of the houses has been sprayed white by FEMA to let others know how many have been evacuated or if there are survivors. They continue on their journey to the hospital. Eric begins to notice the signs on the ground which read, “Don’t drink the water.” As they near the hospital, shots ring out. Eric and Jake duck down to keep from being hit. The shots are coming from the first floor. Eric trips and falls next to a dead body. There are quite a few dead bodies in the room in uniform. Jake recognizes the men as mercenaries from a group called Ravenwood.

Jimmy and Gray continue to talk to Darcy and Allison about their lives. Jimmy and Gray see a picture of Samuel and wonder where he is. Gray asks Darcy and Robert why they moved to Jericho. Robert sends Allison from the room because he is afraid of what she might let slip out. Heather does her “ice” experiment. Emily reveals to her that the next day would have been her wedding day. Allison rehearses Sam’s life about going to Crow Island School. Jimmy questions Samuel about where he came from. Sam makes the excuse of being hungry, and says that he wants something to eat now. Sam leaves the room. Gray asks to talk to Allison and she explains her life to him.

A mystery gunman talks to Jake and Eric. Jake and Eric yell and tell him that they need medicine. Jake and Eric go upstairs and the gunman has his gun pointed at Jake.

April takes Johnston’s temp and then calls out for Gail. April encourages Johnston to hang on. She then lets him know that he is going to be a “grandfather.” Gail overhears April’s confession and gives her a hug.

The gunman asks Jake if he had been in Iraq. Jake fills him in that he had driven a truck in the Green Zone. Jake introduces himself and Eric. The gunman introduces himself as Randy Payton. Randy takes them to see a doctor, Dr. Kenechy Dhuwalia. Randy explains to them what had happened at the hospital because of one of the members of Ravenwood. While they are talking to the doctor, several vehicles from the group pull up outside. Being afraid of what might happen, the gunman goes to the window, and yells that there is one down.

Eric and Jake try to leave with the Cipro and the doctor agrees to accompany them. Gray tells Jimmy to search the Hawkins’ home. The Ravenwood troops make their way upstairs. Eric, Jake, Dr. Dhuwalia, and Randy plan their escape. Dr. Dhuwalia explains that the Cipro will not work and that they will have to go to I.C.U. to get Levaquin. After Eric finds the Levaquin in the I.C.U., Jake and Randy open fire to cause a diversion. They all run out. Jimmy looks around in the basement and finds a badge with Robert Hawkins I.D. on it. Jake runs out of the hospital, but Randy refuses to leave. Jake joins Eric and the doctor in the car. They speed away from the hospital as a succession of gunfire follows them. Jake, Eric, and the doctor rush back to Jericho and to their father’s side. The doctor injects Johnston with the Levaquin. Eric realizes that his coat with his wallet is still in Rogue River, and that Ravenwood may have found it .The Ravenwood mercenaries find Eric’s wallet, and find out that they are from Jericho.

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