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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary
Proofread by Fran

Episode 11

This special episode is narrated by Robert Hawkins

Jake returns to Jericho
There is a recap of events
Jake helps the children out of the bus and in the meantime, he makes friends with their schoolteacher, Heather. Dale finds out that his mother has died in Atlanta due to the bomb explosion. Robert Hawkins introduces himself to the Sheriff of Jericho. Emily drives to pick up her husband at the airport, and along the side of the road, she sees a lot of dead birds.

Fallout Family

Robert and Jake notice storm clouds and know that radioactive rain is headed toward Jericho in the next hour . Jake scrambles to get all the townspeople inside shelters before the rains begin. When Jake can’t get all the people in the shelter under City Hall, he decides to take them to the shelter in an old salt mine. He also decides to seal the mines up with dynamite. Stanley has been outside in the radioactive rain so the others are afraid to get close to Stanley.

Robert puts on a Hazmat suit and loads a barrel onto a truck. Gray questions Johnston’s leadership. Dale finds a derailed train filled with supplies. Mayor Green becomes ill with the flu. Jack, Gray, and other members of Jericho go out in different directions to gain info on what has happened. A Chinese broadcast is intercepted at Mary’s bar which shows the cities that were attacked. Heather kisses Jake. Mimi catches Mary and Eric together. Robert Hawkins becomes stricter with his daughter, Allison, after the bombs explode. Jake finds an abandoned airplane.

Outsiders Anarchy Sacrifice

Hawkins puts pushpins in a map that shows the cities that were hit. The city of Jericho loses power, but then regains power. On the televisions, there is a generic message from Homeland Security. Jake finds a man from Denver, who has radiation poisoning. Hawkins gets Jake out of the hospital room long enough for him to question the man. The man informs Hawkins that there is a “traitor.” Jake, Emily and a group of others find a group of refugees, who didn’t make it because of the explosion. Hawkins sends a message to his “people” about the traitor. There are fires blazing in Jericho. One of the fires is in the Jericho Library. Eric has an affair with Mary Bailey, and plans to leave his wife for her. April has had divorce papers drawn up. April and Eric had planned to leave each other before the bombs went off. Mitchell is arrested and put in jail. Johnston gets weaker from the flu. Mimi makes a deal with Stanley in which she is able to stay at his farm. Gray comes back to Jericho with news that New York is safe, but D.C. is gone. Johnston goes into shock and isn’t breathing.  April gives him at least 12 hours to live. Emily visits her father, Jonah, to get the needed medicines for Johnston. Jake and Eric decide to go to the nearby town of Rogue River to get the needed medical supplies for Johnston. Jake and Eric head out on their journey.

Savior Secrets Survival

Jake and Eric head out for the nearby town of Rogue River. On the way, they pass a dead woman on the side of the road. Jake and Eric arrive in Rogue River. Ravenwood converges on the hospital where Eric and Jake are to get the medical supplies for their father. Eric and Jake manage to meet and get out with Dr. Kenechy and the medical supplies that they needed for their father. Dr. Kenechy, Jake, and Eric arrive home and administer the medications to Johnston. Gray decides to investigate the new people in town. Hawkins is one of the people that Gray decides to investigate. Gray and Bill visits Hawkins. They question Hawkins and his family, and search the basement. Allison plants an F.B.I badge in the basement for Gray and Bill to find so it will get them off his back. An airdrop of supplies from China by Russian airplanes is dropped on Jericho. Mayor Green visits Jonah to negotiate a deal for the generator that his men stole from Stanley. Emily sneaks into her father’s compound, and steals the truck with the generator. Ravenwood visits Stanley’s farm. Jake, Robert, and Ravenwood have a standoff at the bridge leading into Jericho. Eric and Jonah sneak up behind Ravenwood, and have them surrounded. Ravenwood leaves. Gracie made a deal with Jonah. When Johnston visits her about distributing the new supplies, Gracie changes her mind, and decides to distribute them for Johnston. Mitchell questions Jonah’s leadership. Mitchell sets Jonah up and stabs Gracie.

Second Chances

Gray takes advantage of Gracie’s death and wants to track Jonah down in order to make an example of him. Election Day arrives and Gray is elected as the new Mayor. Dale finds out that Mitchell killed Gracie. Gracie’s dead and she leaves the store to Dale. April tells Eric that she wants to reconcile, but Eric tells her that he is with Mary now, and he just can’t be with her anymore. Emily shares a toast with Dr. Kenechy at Mary’s bar. Stanley shares Thanksgiving with Mimi. Jake and Emily share a close moment at Mary’s bar when they are called outside to find a group of refugees that has made its way into Jericho. One of the survivors is Roger. Dale visits Mitchell and shoots him. Hawkins’ secrets are unraveling. Allison finds out that Hawkins is a spy. Hawkins lies to his group. They send him a picture of him with his family to let him know that they have tracked him down.

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