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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary
Proofread by Fran


Jake, Stanley, and another Jericho resident are out on a turkey shoot. Robert tells Darcy that he had turned down an offer to go on a turkey shoot. They have a can drive in Jericho. Gail invites Emily to share Thanksgiving dinner with them. Gray Anderson busily prepares a voting station for the election that is only a week away.

 Jake and Stanley discuss Ravenwood and if they will ever come back to Jericho. Jake and Stanley look skyward and they see jets with parachutes. Jake investigates one of the parachutes and finds that it is a container from China. Mayor Johnston checks out the container that had landed in Jericho. Gail wonders why the United States is getting things from China. Jimmy counts 12 parachutes.

 Eric is with Mary, and her supplies are running low. Eric and Mary are happy being together and that is all that matters. Jimmy comes in and lets Eric know about the parachutes.

Jake knows that the jets were from Russia, but he cannot tell the truth about how he knows this. Jake isn’t sure that the food is safe to eat. People begin to fight over the food in the containers. Bill has to fire his gun to stop the turmoil. Gray, reluctantly, takes a bite of the food.

When Gray doesn’t get sick from the bite of food that he ate, he believes that the food is safe to eat. Johnston and Gray debate about what to do with the food. Johnston, Eric, and Jake notice a, “Do Not Fight” flyer with the food. There are medical supplies along with some other things that are still unaccounted for.
 Jonah and Gracie argue because Jonah is just taking things from her store.  Jonah tells Gracie that if it was up to him, she would have had her neck snapped long before now. As Jonah leaves her store, he runs into Johnston. Johnston fills Gracie in about the supplies, and says if she wants to be the distributor of the food then she will have to give up all dealing with Jonah. Gracie agrees to Johnston’s demands.

Mimi and Stanley find a container of the supplies, and Mimi hopes that there is chocolate inside. Eric tells Gail that he will not be spending Thanksgiving with the family, but will be spending it with Mary. After he leaves, Gail tells Johnston that April is expecting a baby.

Mimi runs into town to get Jake. When they arrive back at the site, they find Stanley, who had been roughed up by some of Jonah’s hoods. Jonah’s men stole the supplies and the generator. Johnston decides to go have a talk with Jonah before any other drastic actions are taken.

At Jonah’s compound, Jake and Robert spot the pallets and other supplies as well. Someone sneaks into Jonah’s compound under the fence. Mayor Green asks Jonah for the generator and he will not even consider returning the generator unless he is given a share of the supplies that Jericho had received. Mayor Green starts to warn Jonah against his actions when someone rams through the gate. Jonah orders his men not to shoot when he sees that the driver of the truck is his own daughter, Emily. Jake is shocked as well. Mayor Green talks to Eric about April, and tells him that she is pregnant with his child. Eric confesses to Johnston that he didn’t really think that he loved April anyway.

Jonah is questioned by Mitchell who is highly upset by Jonah’s actions, and his not being able to handle situations. Mitchell accuses him of becoming “soft.”

 Jake discovers a microchip and takes it to Robert for him to look at. Eric visits April, and he asks her when she was going to tell him that she was going to have a baby. He informs her that he will take care of the baby, but he is remaining with Mary.

The camera pans around Jericho. Eric and Mary are shown kissing. Gracie has been watching them. She goes back into her store where she is grabbed from behind and stabbed. She falls to the floor dead.

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Updated 4/5/07  


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