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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho First Season Short Recaps by Mary
Proofread by Fran


A train pulls into the station. Jake is there to meet the train and to retrieve his car. He, then, drives to his hometown of Jericho. While he drives to Jericho, he hears an announcement from the President of the United States which concerns global violence. The first two people that he sees when he gets to Jericho are Stanley Richmond and his sister, Bonnie. Jake then goes to see his mother and some of his other friends, who all want to know where he has been. He lies to all of them. Jake also runs into his old girlfriend, Emily Sullivan. She tells him that she is engaged to be married. Gail gives Jake some money and tells him to tell his father, Johnston of his plans. The President of the United States makes a speech to the nation.

The children at the school and their teacher, Heather, are on a field trip. Suddenly, there is an interference with the cell phones and the TV’s. Woody, a little boy on the bus, spies a mushroom cloud in the distance. It is 6:00 p.m. as everyone in Jericho looks at the mushroom cloud. Jake sees that his leg is injured from the wreck that he has just been involved in. A group of parents arrive at the police station to question Johnston about what is being done about the children. Mayor Johnston finds out that the attack was planned and not just an accident. They find out that Atlanta, as well as Denver, had been hit. Jake helps to get the children and Heather to safety. Johnston commends Jake for his actions.

Episode Two
“The Fallout”

Emily walks down the road with a gas can. Jake climbs a ladder. Robert Hawkins looks up at the sky. Robert needs to see the Mayor. Jake and Robert notice storm clouds, and they both know what Jericho is in for. They know that they are in for radioactive rain and they have to get everyone to shelter.

Jake goes to the clinic to try to find April, but runs into Gail, his mother. They go to City Hall to alert Johnston as to what is happening. Johnston, Eric and his staff will go to the shelter under City Hall while the others go to the shelter under the clinic.

Some policemen (supposed) drive by Emily on the road. Emily gets in the car with them and they drive to Stanley and Bonnie’s farm to get gas.
Dale is asleep when Gracie comes in and wakes him up. Dale mistakenly calls her, “Mom.” His own mother had been killed in the explosion in Atlanta. Eric arrives to vacate Mary Bailey’s Bar, but she refuses to leave until everyone else is evacuated first.

Jake tries to take some of the evacuees to City Hall, but Eric refuses to let him. Jake then thinks about the old salt mine, and decides to take them there. Emily begins to get suspicious of the two (supposed police officers) when she sees guns and bullets. Emily warns Bonnie that she is going for help. She goes upstairs, and then sneaks out of an upstairs window. She gets on the car radio, and calls for help.

Jake hears her plea for help, and leaves immediately. One of the men becomes suspicious that Emily had been gone a long time so he goes to look for her. Bonnie pulls away from the other man and starts to run away. He catches her and holds a gun to her head. Outside, one of the men holds a gun on Emily, but she cannot see him. Jake sneaks up from behind, and kills the man that is holding the gun on Emily. Emily kills the man, who was holding a gun on Bonnie. Emily wonders what Jake is doing here. Emily is in shock from the shooting. Robert and his family are questioned. Robert reads the message that he has received in Morse code. Robert has a map of the United States and he places a pushpin on all the cities that have been hit.

Episode Three
“Four Horsemen”

Robert Hawkins puts on a homemade Hazmat suit with a gas mask. Everyone else in Jericho is inside because it is raining radioactive rain. Bonnie questions Jake about her brother, but Jake assures her that Stanley is fine. Suddenly there is a noise outside and it is Stanley coming in from the rain. Stanley has been outside in the radioactive rain.

Inside Robert’s storage unit, you can see assault rifles. Stanley lets Jake, Emily, and Bonnie know that he had seen tanks on their way to Denver. Jake calls April about Stanley, and she warns Jake that if Stanley starts to vomit then he could die within hours.

Mayor Johnston starts to cough as he lies on the stretcher. Suddenly, the rain stops and everyone starts to go outside. Mimi touches the wall and her hand is covered with black stuff. She becomes concerned that she has radioactive poison. Eric gets a Geiger counter to check if everything is o.k. outside. Eric and Jake head immediately to the mine to get all the people out. Jake searches the hospital for Stanley, and finds him sitting in a wheelchair. Mayor Johnston is restless and argues with his wife. Gail fills Jake in as to what had been going on with Johnston. Jake suggests that they form search parties and they all go out in different directions to find out what news they can.

Jake and Emily will go to Wichita. Abrams and Crossfield will go to Nebraska. Ridley will go to Denver and Gray will go to Topeka. On television in Mary’s Bar, Eric, Mary and Robert watch as the television picks up a Chinese reporter, who shows a map of the United States and the cities that were hit. The cities were Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, and San Diego. Robert agrees to go out of the city with Jake to see what is going on. Emily overhears their conversation and is concerned. Dale goes out by himself and finds the derailed train filled with the food that was headed for Gracie’s store.

Episode 4
“Walls of Jericho”

An explosion is shown on the television set at Mary’s bar. Eric and Jake think that the explosion could have been in Cincinnati. The generator begins to run out of gas and the power goes out in the bar. They suddenly hear a crash outside, and they all run out to see what the crash was. They discover that it is a broken window at the Pharmacy. When Jake goes inside the Pharmacy to investigate, Jake sees a man, who collapses at his feet. Stanley helps Jake pick the man up, and they take him to the clinic.

Gracie Leigh hears a noise in her store, and when she investigates, she finds Dale who is stocking the shelves with the food that he had gotten from the derailed train.

Jake is taking a shower when Heather walks in on him, and she sees that he is wearing dog tags. Heather suggests that they siphon gas from the gas station. The disfigured man remains unconscious. Jake, Johnston, Bill, and Jimmy wonder what Victor meant when he said, “they are coming.” Darcy and Robert lie to the police when they say that they are from St. Louis.

Power goes out at the clinic. Gail performs CPR on Victor.

Jake, Stanley, and Heather siphon gas from the gas station. Jake and Heather arrive at the clinic with the gas. They manage to get the generator back up and going. Eric runs into the clinic looking for April. Dale shows up at Skylar’s party. Victor regains consciousness. Bill notices Shep’s truck. When they investigate they find Victor Miller’s wallet. Robert and Jake question Victor. Robert manages to get Jake out of the room. Robert questions Victor himself. Robert informs him that they said, “Families only.” Robert also wants to know why he went back to Denver. Victor lets him know that there is a traitor and then he dies. They find 20 more people that need help. Jake comes into the bar and asks for volunteers. He lets them know that there are people at Bass Lake that need to be rescued. When they arrive at Bass Lake, they find that everyone is dead.

Episode 5
“Federal Response”

The streets of Jericho are abandoned and the litter is blowing around in the wind. The power comes back on and the jukebox is playing at an extremely high volume. All over town the phones begin to ring. Everyone picks up his phone and the message is from Homeland Security and it plays repeatedly. The message tells them not to be alarmed and not to leave. The television comes on in Mary’s Bar with an emergency alert message. Jake checks to see if he can call out, but with no luck. Emily tries to call Roger, but also with no luck.

At City Hall, Johnston explains to everyone about the reversed 911 call. Robert comes upstairs with his toolbox and his laptop.

Eric and Jake discuss what to do next. They consider investigating Topeka. Eric suggests that they start with the National Guard in Great Bend.

Alison takes a shower and when Robert sees this, orders her to clean the tub and fill it with water.

There is a lightning rod on the school and it breaks off the roof and hits Emily. Emily hit’s the ground. Heather bends down to help her.

Mimi looks forward to leaving Jericho. Stanley hears a siren, and he goes outside to see what is going on.

Robert sets up his laptop in his backyard. He gains access to the Internet by using a Black Amex card to bypass the Emergency Internet message.

Heather takes count of her students, and finds that one is missing. It is a little girl named Ashlee

Jake runs to the library and questions them as to how the fire had started. The power is shut down so the firemen can put out the fire. Eric arrives and goes into the building to search for Heather and Ashlee. Eric, Heather, and Ashlee become trapped in one of the rooms. The crowd applauds as the firemen put out the fire.

Eric becomes concerned about April. He goes back to the house, and finds out that April has sued him for divorce. April lets him know that she doesn’t want the divorce anymore.

A Seal of the State Department appears on the television screen. Jake tells his father that he wasn’t in San Diego.

Stanley arrives and warns everyone about the message on the television screen. They all go to the bar to see what is going on. The bar begins to shake as if an earthquake is about to hit. Everyone runs outside. Jake and Robert see two missiles flying into the night sky.

Episode 6

Everyone runs outside to see what is going on. They see two missiles flying into the night sky. The Mayor thinks that they are coming from Wyoming. The Mayor becomes worried that they could be hit again. Because of an electromagnetic pulse, the electricity goes off in Jericho. The clock shows 9:02. Robert threatens to go to the police because the people are beginning to act strangely.

Jimmy deals with complaints at City Hall because the Mayor is out sick. Mitchell and Jake exchange words at the bar and Robert has to separate them. Eric goes home and finds out from April that Johnston’s fever is getting worse.

Mimi stops by Stanley and Bonnie’s farm and asks them if she can stay with them in exchange for her deducting it from the amount that they owe the I.R.S.

Gail and Jake are stacking hay when there is a stampede of horses, and Gail gets knocked down. Jake wants to go after Mitchell, but Johnston objects. Johnston sees Jake with a gun and takes it away from him.

Stanley visits Grace and asks her for some pesticide for his crops. She refuses unless he gives her a percentage. Stanley refuses the offer.

Jake decides to investigate Mitchell against his father’s wishes. Jake finds Mitchell at the airfield and he can see the stolen horses. Mitchell sneaks up behind him and knocks him unconscious. Jake wakes up and sees Mitchell with a gun pulled on him. Jake warns him if he ever comes around his family again, he will kill him. Jake punches Mitchell in the stomach and the fight begins. Eric and Jimmy arrive just in time to save Jake’s life. At the police station, Jake questions Sean as to where Mitchell is.

Gracie learns that the pesticides are stolen and instantly thinks that Stanley had stolen them. Allison goes into the basement and sees a map of the United States, guns and a laptop which has a picture of Jake Green on the screen. Robert comes in and catches her, and orders her back upstairs. Stanley decides to torch his crops. Mimi owns up to him that she had stolen the pesticides. Gail encourages April to fight for Eric. Jake and Eric capture Mitchell. The Jericho natives arrive to help Stanley harvest his crops. April wants to reconcile with Eric, but he is distant. Jake visits Mitchell in jail. Mitchell threatens him that one day he will be in a situation where he cannot run away.

Episode 7
“Long Live the Mayor”

Pete reports to Jonah that Mitchell has been arrested. Jonah is not upset that Mitchell is arrested, but he is upset that Gail has been injured. Mitchell sings and annoys Jimmy. Jonah, Emily’s father, drives up outside Mary’s Bar in Jake’s car. Jonah wants to post Mitchell’s bail. Gracie Leigh moves from selling items to trading items as well. Skylar, upon learning her parents are dead, brings a jewelry box to Gracie to trade for a case of diet soda.

Jake insists that Jonah and his party stay away from Jericho. Gray Anderson arrives back in town with lots of news from the outside. Gray tells them that FEMA is still active, and has a supply truck filled with water. He also tells them that there is fallout in Lawrence. The Jericho natives find out that New York has been spared, but Washington, D.C. is gone. Dale gives Skylar the happy news. Upon learning this, Skylar goes to see Gracie to get back the jewelry box, but Gracie tells her that she already traded it. Skylar is devastated. Dale, taking some things into the back, finds Skylar’s jewelry box, and returns it to Skylar. Skylar is overjoyed and invites Dale to stay with her.

Stanley tells Mimi that Washington, D.C. is gone. Jake tells the other men about the deal that he made with Jonah. No one goes along with Jake’s plan. The town of Jericho celebrates Halloween. While ‘trick or treating,’ Gray shoots at some of Jonah’s men. Jake stops him. Heather gets a truck ready for Jake to meet Jonah. Jake tries to strike up a deal, but Jonah will only agree if he can get Emily to talk to him. Jonah threatens to tell Emily the truth about Chris’ (Emily’s brother) death.

Eric finds out that Gray wants Robert Hawkins, among others, investigated. Jake and Eric arrive home to find their father in a coma. April tells them that they need strong medications or their father will not last more than 12 hours. Emily decides to go visit her father for the needed medications. Jake and Eric decide to go to Rogue River for the medications. Gray notices that Eric is getting ready to leave and warns him to be careful.

Episode 8
“Rogue River”

Eric and Jake drive quickly on the road to Rogue River. They discover a dead woman on the road. Eric wants to stop, but Jake insists that they go on.

Gray and Jimmy call on Robert, Darcy and the children. Eric questions Jake as to where he has been the last five years and Jake refuses to answer. Gail and April sit with Johnston. April tells Gail that Johnston could hold on for at least 12 hours. The clock in the car is stuck on 9:02. As they enter Rogue River, they can see homes sprayed white. These homes have been marked by FEMA to let others know how many people have been evacuated and how many were survivors. They continue on to the hospital. Eric notices a sign on the ground which reads, “Don’t Drink the Water.” As they near the hospital, shots ring out. Eric and Jake duck down. Hurrying, Eric trips and falls down next to a dead body. There were quite a few bodies, and some of the bodies were in uniform. Jake recognizes the men as mercenaries from a group named, “Ravenwood.”

Jimmy and Gray continue to talk to Darcy and Robert, but don’t seem to get anywhere. A mystery gunman talks to Eric and Jake. The gunman has his gun pointed at Jake. April takes Johnston’s temp and yells for Gail. April encourages Johnston to hang on that she is pregnant with his grandchild. Gail overhears her and gives her a hug.

The gunman questions Jake if he had been in Iraq. Jake fills him in that he drove a truck in the Green Zone. The gunman introduces himself as Randy Payton. Randy takes Eric and Jake to see a doctor about the medications they need. Randy explains to them what had happened to the hospital. While they are talking, a group of men drive up outside. The men are members of Ravenwood. Randy runs over to the window and yells that there is one down. Eric manages to get the Cipro needed for Johnston. The Ravenwood group makes their way upstairs. Eric, Jake, and Dr. Dhuwalia plan their escape. Jake and Randy open fire to cause a distraction. Eric and the doctor run out of the hospital. In the basement, Jimmy finds a F.B.I. badge. They question Robert as to why he hadn’t told them that he was with the F.B.I. Jake runs out of the hospital, but Randy refuses to leave. Eric, Jake, and Dr. Dhuwalia sped away from the hospital and arrive back in Jericho. Dr. Dhuwalia injects Johnston with the medication. Eric realizes that he left his coat in Rogue River. He worries that Ravenwood may have found it. The Ravenwood mercenaries find Eric’s wallet and find out that they are from Jericho.

Episode 9

It is 8:00 a.m. and Emily is with Roger in bed. They discuss their wedding and where they will live after they are married. Emily begins to yell, “Roger, Roger.” She wakes up to realize that it was only a dream.

Bonnie hears a noise outside. Stanley gets his gun and goes outside. He sees a group of men who are getting gas. When Stanley questions them, they tell him that they are from the federal government and they are here to get medical supplies. Goetz tells Stanley that he is looking for Eric.

Eric comes downstairs to find Jake standing in front of the window with his gun. Jake questions Eric if he had talked to April. Before he can answer, there is a knock on the door. It is Stanley, Bonnie, and Mimi. They have come to warn Eric and Jake about the men at the gas station.

Jake and Eric warn Gray, Jimmy, and Robert about Ravenwood. Jake warns Stanley to leave his farm and come into town. All the men decide to fortify the bridge.

Johnston’s blood pressure begins to stabilize and he seems to be getting better. Robert questions Jake about his run-in with Ravenwood in Rogue River. Jake realizes that Robert must have had an experience with Ravenwood himself.

Emily looks in a mirror as she holds up her wedding dress. April stops Eric and tells him that she needs to talk to him. She lets him know that she changed her mind about the divorce because things had changed. Eric lets her know that he is in love with Mary Bailey.

Ravenwood approaches and everyone gets behind their cars with their guns raised on Ravenwood. Goetz steps out and tells them that he is under government orders to collect supplies. One of his men fires a weapon, and there is gunfire back and forth. Goetz orders a “cease fire.”

Jake and Robert wire explosives to take out the bridge. The other men disagree. Jake orders everyone off the bridge. Jake can see a flare and knows that Ravenwood is on their way. As Ravenwood approaches, Jake warns them that if they come any closer, he will blow up the bridge. A sniper has Jake in his sights. Robert takes the sniper out. Jonah and Eric drive up behind Ravenwood and have them surrounded. Goetz tells Jake that when things calm down he will be back to help them.

Episode 10
“Red Flag”

Jake, Stanley and another Jericho resident are out on turkey shoot. Robert tells Darcy that he had been invited on a turkey shoot. Gail invites Emily to Thanksgiving dinner. Jake and Stanley discuss Ravenwood and whether they will be back. Jake and Stanley look upward and see parachutes floating down to earth. Jake investigates one of the containers and finds that it is a container from China.

Mayor Johnston checks out the container that landed in Jericho. Eric and Mary are happy together at last. Jimmy comes in and lets Eric know about the parachutes.

Jake knows the jets are from Russia, but he isn’t sure the food is safe to eat. People begin to fight over the food. Mimi finds a container in the field and hopes that there is chocolate inside. Mimi and Stanley also find a generator. Mimi goes into town to find Jake while Stanley guards the generator.

Eric and Jake notice a, “Do Not Fight” flyer in with the food. There are also medical supplies in one of the containers, but there are some other things unaccounted for. Jonah and Gracie argue about him taking things from her store. Johnston comes in and tells Gracie about the supplies, but in order to distribute these supplies then she will have to give up all dealings with Jonah. Gracie agrees.

Gail tells Johnston that April is expecting a baby. Mimi finally manages to get up with Jake. Jake goes with her to find Stanley. When they finally get back to him, Stanley has been beaten up by some of Jonah’s men. Jonah’s men stole the supplies and generator. Johnston decides to have a talk with Jonah before anything else is done.

At Jonah’s compound, Jake and Robert spot the pallets and the other supplies as well. Someone sneaks into the compound, and manages to get into the truck that has the generator in the back. Emily rams through the gates with the generator. Jonah tells his men not to shoot because he sees Emily behind the wheel in the truck. Jake is upset that Emily would sneak into the compound.

Mayor Green talks to Eric about April being pregnant. Eric confesses to Johnston that he really didn’t love April at all. Mitchell is upset by Jonah’s actions. Jake discovers a microchip and takes it to Robert for him to look at. Eric goes to see April and confront her about not telling him that she was expecting a baby. He lets her know that he will take care of the baby, but he is staying with Mary.

Gracie walks back into her store. Someone catches her from behind, stabs her to death, and she falls to the floor.

"Return to Jericho"

Jake returns to Jericho. There is a recap of events. Jake meets up with all his old friends in town. The atomic bomb is dropped. Everyone in Jericho sees the bomb explosion. Jake helps the children out of the school bus and makes friends with Heather. Dale finds out that his mother had been killed in the explosion in Atlanta. Robert Hawkins introduces himself to the Sheriff. Emily drives to the airport to pick up her husband. Along the road, she sees dead birds.

Robert and Jake notice storm clouds and know that radioactive rain is approaching Jericho. Everyone begins to seek shelter. When Jake can’t get everyone under City Hall he takes them to an abandoned salt mine and seals the entrance with dynamite. Stanley has been out in the radioactive rain, and the others feel he has radioactive poison.

Robert puts on a homemade Hazmat suit and loads a barrel onto a truck. Gray questions Johnston’s leadership. Dale finds a truck filled with food for Gracie’s market. Mayor Green becomes ill with the flu. A Chinese broadcast is interrupted and it shows the cities that were attacked.

Mimi catches Mary and Eric together. Jake finds an abandoned airplane. Hawkins pins the cities that were hit with pushpins. The city of Jericho loses power. On the television there is a message from Homeland Security. Jake finds a man from Denver who has radiation poisoning. Hawkins and Jake visit the man. Hawkins gets Jake out of the room so he can question him. Hawkins questions him as to why he went back to Denver. The man informs Hawkins that there is a “traitor.” Hawkins sends a message to his people about the traitor. Fires blazes in Jericho and one of the fires is at the Jericho Library. Eric has an affair with Mary Bailey and plans to leave April for her. April has divorce papers drawn up. Mitchell is arrested and put in jail. Johnston gets weaker from the flu. Mimi makes a deal with Stanley for her to stay at their farm. Gray comes back to town and tells everyone that New York is safe but Washington, D.C. is gone.

April gives Johnston 12 hours to live. Jake and Eric decide to go Rogue River to get medication for him. When they arrive in Rogue River they find out that F.E.M.A. has already been there, and has evacuated the people. A man begins to fire at Jake and Eric, but they soon make friends with him. Ravenwood converges on Rogue River. Eric steals the medications that they need. While Jake and Randy create a diversion, Eric and the doctor escape. Randy refuses to leave. Jake jumps into the car and they speed away.

Once back in Jericho, Dr. Dhuwalia administers the medication. Gray decides to investigate the new people in town including Hawkins and his family. Alison plants an F.B.I. badge in the basement so that Jimmy and Gray will find it and get off Robert’s back.

An airdrop of supplies from China arrives in Jericho. Mayor Green visits Jonah to negotiate a deal for the stolen generator. Someone (namely Emily) sneaks into the compound and steals the truck with the generator. Ravenwood visits Stanley’s farm in search of Eric.

Gracie makes a deal with Jonah, but then changes her mind. Gracie Leigh is murdered in her market. Gray takes advantage of Gracie’s death, and wants to track down Jonah for the murder. Gray is elected the new Mayor of Jericho. Dale finds out that Mitchell killed Gracie. Gracie leaves Dale the store in her will. April wants to reconcile with Eric but Eric refuses. Dale visits Mitchell and shoots him. Allison finds out that Hawkins is a spy. Hawkins “family” sends him a picture of his family to let him know that they know where he is.

Episode 11
“Vox Populi”

“Traitor Identified. Make Contact as soon as possible” comes across Hawkins’ computer screen. Hawkins is on the computer when his son yells for him to play football with him. Jake tries to install the hand pump to the “First Well in Jericho.” Jake and Emily reminisce about their past. Dale finds Gracie dead.

Mitchell joins Johnston and Eric at the market. Mitchell lets them know that Jonah killed Gracie. When Emily arrives home she finds Jonah there with a gun. Bonnie walks into the house and finds a lot of dirty dishes and clothes all over the floor. She finds Stanley in bed with Mimi. Bonnie leaves the farm, crying.

Robert plays football with Samuel, but plainly doesn’t know much about football. Jake and Robert drive over to Jonah’s compound. Jake drives up to the house not knowing that Gray and his men are behind him. Emily walks out of the house alone. Gray insists on talking to Jonah. Robert promises to patrol the area in case they see Jonah. Jake goes into the house and finds Jonah there. Jonah is in shock. Emily begs Jake to call Jonah a doctor.

Bonnie questions Dale as to what had happened to Gracie. Jake finds Dr. Kenecy and asks him for his help. He agrees.

Jonah refuses to turn himself in. Hawkins gets a message from his “family.” Robert refuses to give them his coordinates. He sends them a message that he is compromised and for them to proceed without him. Jake and Johnston argue over the fact that Jake knew where Jonah was, but wouldn’t tell anyone. Emily walks in and tells them that Jonah is gone.

Jonah is on the run and he is chased by Gray and his men. Jonah is captured. Mitchell visits Dale and tells him that he will need protection. Mitchell warns him that unless he gets half, then what had happened to Gracie will happen to him. Jonah agrees to leave town.

Eric yells for Jake and Emily to come outside of Mary’s Bar. A group of refugees is coming into town and one of them is Roger. Robert gets a message asking why he is lying about his whereabouts. He gets a detailed photograph of him playing football with Samuel. The message ends, “See you soon.”

Episode 12
“The Day Before”

Jake applies to be a charter pilot, but because he is flagged by the State Dept as a “person of interest,” and is denied the job. Robert Hawkins is on his laptop when a woman comes out of the bathroom and gives him a kiss. The woman’s name is Sarah. Robert gets a phone call that there are trucks being loaded with barrels and they are being wired. Robert and his associates have a meeting and they are given a list and keys to a truck.

Eric talks to his father about getting Jericho some exposure so that Johnston will win the Mayoral election. Gail brings April to examine Johnston. Jake needs a job and he hangs out with his friend, Freddy. They discuss Jake being hung up on Emily.

Sarah is on the laptop and gets a call from Robert. Robert tells her that he is going to pick up his children. Freddy asks Jake to be his best man at his wedding to Anna. Freddy fills Jake in on a cargo run that will make them a lot of money but Jake refuses to join him.

Roger has to go to Chicago and invites Emily to go along with him. Emily accepts. Anna visits Jake and asks him to help Freddy. Darcy arrives home with the groceries and starts to take them out of the car. Robert comes up and tells her to come with him or she will never see the children again.

Jake visits Freddy and tells him that he will help him. Freddy has a black eye caused by his business dealings with Ravenwood. April has divorce papers drawn up. Darcy manages to get Samuel’s cell phone and calls the police. When the police arrive, Robert manages to get the upper hand on them and knocks them both unconscious.

Johnston asks Eric to run for Mayor just in case that he is too sick to run. Jake warns Freddy that the Feds are on to them. Jake devises a plan to get away. Emily lets Roger know that if he goes on this interview then he need never come back to Jericho. Freddy warns Jake that Ravenwood did this to him and they would be coming after Jake, too.

Anna is at the bus station. She is going home to be with her parents. Freddy has died from the gunshots that he suffered at the hands of Ravenwood. Jake gives Anna the money that would have been his after they carried out the job that they had. Stanley meets Mimi waiting for a cab. She lets him know that she is from the I.R.S. and he owes $180,000 in back taxes. Robert gets a message that Sarah has been captured and unless he delivers the bomb then she will die. The President gives a speech on global terrorism just as the bombs go off. Darcy comes downstairs and pulls a gun on Robert. She demands the keys to the truck.

Allison comes running in and lets them know that something is happening outside. There is a big mushroom cloud in the distance. The explosion in Denver has just happened. Jake can also see the mushroom cloud. Robert gets a message on his laptop, “See you soon.” Jake and Emily share an intimate moment in Mary’s Bar. There is a commotion outside. Everyone goes to see what is going on. There are refugees coming into town and one of them is Roger. April tries to administer assistance to everyone that needs it. She talks to one woman and asks her if she knows anyone in Jericho. Sarah admits that she does.

Episode 13
"Black Jack"

Jake breaks into a house looking for Mr. Joe Bitner. He finds Joe dead. Mayor Gray Anderson lets the town know that they will run out of fuel soon. Heather suggests that they use wind turbines to create power. Hawkins is greeted coldly by Sarah. Roger mentions Black Jack Fairgrounds. Mayor Anderson asks for volunteers.

Sarah punches Robert and accuses him of selling her out. Robert tells Sarah about Victor and how he had died of radiation poisoning. Sarah is upset with Robert for leaving her.

Roger gives Jake and Mayor Anderson directions to Black Jack Fairgrounds. Heather offers to go with Jake.

Mary tries to talk to Gail, but Gail is cold to her. Johnston mentions to Jake that he always seems to volunteer for all the risky moves outside of town. Jake informs Johnston that Heather is coming with them. Johnston decides that he will go along as well.

Emily tries to adjust to her relationship with Roger. Robert brings Sarah home as a guest. Dale looks at the gun that he used to kill Mitchell. Robert refuses to tell Darcy who Sarah really is. Sarah finds out that Robert still has the package after Robert tells her that he is still being tracked. Jake, Heather, Johnston, and Dale make their way to the fairgrounds. At the gate, they are asked for their weapons, and told that they can pick them up when they leave. A man at the fairgrounds asks Heather how much it would cost for an hour with her. Jake pushes the guy off Heather.

Heather meets up with an old friend of hers named Ted. Someone warns Dale about the silverware. Ravenwood paid Black Jack a visit and killed 3 people. The news is posted on the wall. Heather and Jake see a map of the United States. On the map are six stars showing the federal government. It also looks like there are six capital cities with six presidents. Jake and Johnston try to make a trade in one of the shops. Dale sneaks into the back room and finds out that the person that they are trying to deal with is involved in capturing and torturing people. Johnston immediately calls off the trade. When they leave the store they find out that Dale stole the part that they needed and sneaked out the back. A security guard calls out for them to stop. The security guard grabs Dale and threatens to take him to management. Johnston takes a swing at the security guard and a fight breaks out. Russell pulls a gun and stops the fight.

Allison continues to ask Sarah questions. Sarah gets a message on her laptop from the “old man.” Darcy questions trusting Sarah. Jake, Johnston, Heather, and Dale rush to the car. Heather decides to stay behind for a few days. Jake hugs her. Mary opens the note, and reads, “Be Nice.” Jake, Dale, and Johnston make it back but without the part. Dale questions Skylar as to how much of the Salt Mines her dad owns.

Episode 14
“Heart of Winter”

It’s Wintertime in Jericho!

Eric and Johnston are back from a hunting trip. Jake and Stanley go west looking for food. Johnston warns Jake to be careful and avoid trouble. Sarah is in the basement with Robert. Robert knows the “old man” is close. Jake, Stanley, and Mimi go hunting. Jake makes Stanley stop the truck. They see some wild dogs in the distance, and when they investigate further, they find dead people and Jake and Stanley estimate that they were about 1000 people who were trekking south.

Robert gets ready to leave with Sarah. Hawkins and Sarah make it to the “old man’s house.” They discover upon entering the house that most of the technology has been destroyed. Hawkins discovers a body in the house. There is also a man on the outside with binoculars and audio surveillance. A truck is in the middle of the road. Stanley turns his truck around and the truck behind rams Stanley in the back. This causes Stanley to lose control and it flips pinning Jake under the truck. Jake and Stanley are both unconscious. Mimi manages to awaken Jake to tell him about Stanley. Jake warns her to hide since he can see the black truck in the distance, circling them. Jake pretends that he is unconscious when the men come near the truck. Jake sees a pistol in the distance, but cannot manage to get it until the men are upon them. The men search first the truck and then they search Jake and Stanley. After robbing Jake and Stanley, the men leave. Jake’s leg is still pinned under the truck.

Robert and Sarah discuss being hunted, but wonder by whom. Stanley finally comes to. Jake is stuck with Stanley while Mimi goes for help. Jake becomes concerned that Mimi may not come back. Mimi gets lost going for help. She finds a Jericho road sign on the road. Upon hearing a vehicle approaching, she runs and hides, not knowing that it was Gail and Johnston. Gail and Johnston find Jake and Stanley. They are unable to get Jake free. Johnston stays with Jake while the others go into town to get help. Jake tells Johnston that when he was in Iraq, he killed a twelve-year-old girl.

Hawkins decides to leave town with his family. The help arrives and manage to get Jake out from under the car. Sarah takes a walk and comes upon the man with the binoculars. She kills him and mumbles to herself that Robert was different.

Episode 15
“Semper Fidelis”

Bradley packs up to leave Jericho. Johnston advises him against it. Mayor Anderson has mixed feelings about the refugees being in town including Roger. Suddenly, there is a rumbling on the streets of Jericho. Eric is on horseback, and he clears the way for the tank to roll down the street. The tank rolls up in front of City Hall. Sergeant Hill lies and tells Gray that he is with the United States Marines and he is there to help them.

Mimi kisses Stanley and tells him that it is finally over. Mary invites the Marines to the bar. Jake takes an interest in Maggie Mullins.

Sarah is in the basement sending a message to the group when Robert comes downstairs. He tells her that he will drop off his family and will leave town with her. He gives her a kiss so he can steal her messenger. Once back upstairs, she begins to check and finds out that her messenger is missing. Robert comes upstairs with his gun drawn. He sees Sarah with a gun by her side, standing close to Samuel. She tells Samuel to sit on the sofa while she and Robert have a chat. She holds the gun on Robert as she asks him when he had fallen back in love with his wife. Robert unloads his gun and lays it on the table. Robert also puts the messenger on the table.

Mimi decides to leave town and go to New York. This upsets Stanley.

Johnston explains to the sergeant how Jericho has fared since the bomb. Maggie makes a call and when she gets a reply, the Marines are ordered back to Dodge City.

Sarah demands that Robert give her the package. Robert wants to know what Sarah will do with it. Sarah informs him that she will sell it. Darcy walks into the room. Sarah points the gun at her. Darcy makes a lunge at Sarah and knocks the gun out of her hand. Sarah knocks Darcy to the floor. Robert begins to choke Sarah to get her off Darcy. Sarah grabs a knife and cuts Robert. Sarah goes in for the final kill when Allison shoots and kills her.

Jake figures out the so-called Marines plan. He alerts his father, Johnston, and Gail. They want to alert Gray and Stanley. Jake confronts Maggie who spills the beans about the whole operation. Maggie informs Jake not to make her shoot him. Jake is knocked out from behind. Maggie and the sergeant debate what to do with Jake. The sergeant wants to kill him. Johnston and Eric load their guns.

Upon hearing about the so-called Marines, Gray wants to punish them publicly, but Johnston wants to give them a “hero’s” exit. He explains that the Marines had given Jericho hope. Jake tries to get Maggie to stay with him, but she refuses. The “Marines” are leaving town when Johnston stops them and tells them to leave their weapons on the tank. Johnston mutters to himself that you never know when you may need a tank. Stanley plans to keep the tank in his barn.

Episode 16
"Winter's End"

The fuel supplies are running low and Jericho is on their last tank of gas. The new wind turbines have arrived and already installed. Mayor Anderson wants to purchase more wind turbines and the former sheriff tells him that they can certainly talk about it. April Green begins to hemorrhage in her 18th week. Dr. Dhuwalia is sought to do the operation. Noticing the disadvantages concerning the medical equipment, lack of hospital personnel and the lack of sterile conditions, he is reluctant to operate. Jake talks him into doing the surgery. They lose the baby, and when Dr. Dhuwalia sees that he cannot save April, he leaves the operating room. Jake goes after him and convinces him to come back to the operating room. Doing this gives April a few more minutes alone with Eric. She picks out the name Tracy for the baby. She dies, not knowing that the baby hadn’t survived. The city of New Bern suffers from lack of food and salt. They make a deal with Jericho for 700 lbs of salt and 10 percent of the Spring crop. Jericho agrees to the terms. New Bern asks for 10 men to help build the wind turbines. They tell Jericho that the men will be returned when they get the food and salt. Jake warns Russell that if the men are harmed that he will come after him. Russell also tells Jake that Heather had known they were coming to Jericho, but she didn’t wish to accompany them.

Robert Hawkins buries Sarah’s body in the woods. Deputy Jimmy stops by and asks Robert some questions about Sarah. Robert lies and tells him that Sarah had gone to New Orleans to be with her family. Jimmy insists on talking to Darcy about Sarah. Robert lies, yet once again, and tells him that he and Darcy are having marital problems. Jimmy offers to let Darcy and the children stay with him and his family until their problems are resolved. Robert gets to Darcy before Jimmy can so that his and Darcy’s stories will match when she talks to Jimmy. Darcy tells Robert that she is doing this for Allison. Jimmy shows Hawkins a picture of a dead body that was found in the woods. Robert begins to panic that he might have to kill Jimmy. The dead body turns out to be the bald man, whose picture is on the hard drive.

Episode 17
“One Man’s Terrorist”

A little boy and girl chase a rabbit through the woods and into Stanley’s barn. When the little girl crawls through the hole, she finds herself standing in front of the tank that the Jericho men had taken from the “so-called Marines. A crows gathers in front of City Hall when they find out about the so called Marines. Emily and Roger argue with Gray. Roger wants more rations for himself and the other refugees. Gray meets with Harry and Bill over the rationing problem. One of the refugees begins to challenge the cops and insists that they are staying in Jericho. Jake tries to get a signal on the Ham Radio. Emily comes in and tells Jake that the refugees have barricaded themselves in the church. Gray throws in tear gas. The refugees hurry out of the church. One of the refugee women is trampled and killed. Hawkins watches his family as they toss a football. Skylar steals a horse and gas from Mr. Simmons farm because he would not pay up what he owed Dale. Gray and Roger argue. Gray pulls out a gun. They struggle over the gun. Gray is shot. Roger asks for Jessica to be brought to care for Gray. One of the refugees ends up at the Green farm. He hunts for Crazy glue to mend his shoes. Hawkins plans to meet the buyer in Nebraska at a warehouse. At the warehouse, Robert watches as the buyer arrives. He also spies three snipers. Hawkins lures the men to the other side so he can slip a tracking device under the truck .

Gail manages to get homes for all the refugees so they can stay in Jericho. Jake reaches an agreement with Roger. Roger and Jake are coming out of the building just as Gail had managed to get homes for all the refugees. Roger is quickly apprehended. Emily visits Roger in jail and lets him know that all the refugees can stay in Jericho but him. Emily offers to go with Roger, but Roger refuses to let her. Jessica and Jake see Roger off. Hawkins labels a picture as “buyer” and fastens it onto his bulletin board. He receives yet another message from the buyer. He aims another spy satellite.

Episode 18
“A.K.A.” recap

Jake, Johnston, and Jimmy come into Mary’s Bar. They have the radio on. A special report comes on concerning the terrorists that had been apprehended and how that they had had nearly perfect fake F.B.I badges. Robert continues to watch his family’s activities via satellite. The camera scans down to the desk and it shows Robert’s own fake F.B.I badge. Robert receives yet another message from the buyer asking him if they can meet again. Robert gets his coat and leaves the house, but not before he places a paper clip in the door. Jimmy catches up with Jake and Emily and asks Jake if he can talk to him for a few minutes. Jimmy explains that he had seen a fake F.B.I badge somewhere before and it was in Robert’s basement. Jake and Jimmy go over to Robert’s while he is gone. Jake is cautious about going into Robert’s house when Jimmy breaks in. They show the map of the United States as Jake and Jimmy go down the stairs. Jake opens the desk drawer and all the different badges are revealed. Jake wonders if Jimmy had told anyone else about what he had suspected. When Robert comes home he finds that the paper clip is still in the door. He goes inside and immediately goes downstairs. He senses that something is wrong. Jake comes out of his hiding place and holds a gun on Robert. He questions Robert as to who he is. Jake orders him to sit down and he handcuffs him to the chair. Robert begins to explain to Jake how he is with this group that their main objective was to infilitrate the terrorists groups and find the missing nuke. Allison reveals to Emily that something had happened at her home a couple of weeks ago and she had done it and now her Mother looks at her differently.

Mimi comes into the kitchen and finds Shawn eating the rest of the sprouts. She is puzzled as to what he is doing here. Bonnie comes downstairs and gives Shawn a good morning kiss. Mimi finds out that Shawn had spent the night. Mimi is distraught because she doesn’t know what Stanley will say when he comes home. Hawkins manages to get free of the handcuffs and gets the upper hand on Jake. He knocks Jake to the floor and holds the gun on him. Jimmy begins to yell for Jake, and Hawkins warns him not to make him shoot Jimmy. Jake gets up and tells Jimmy that they need a little more time. Jimmy leaves. Hawkins informs Jake that he is through talking and now he wants to show him something. After digging deep in the ground, inside an old storage building, he reveals the missing nuke bomb to Jake. Robert tells Jake that he had to make sure that he could trust him and that he could handle what he told him before he told him the whole truth. After they come out of the building, Jimmy wants to know what is going on. Jake tells Jimmy that Robert is indeed F.B.I . Jimmy starts to protest, but Jake motions for him to let it go.

Episode 19 "Casus Belli"

A convoy of trucks carrying the Jericho men head back to Jericho. Gray comes down the steps of City Hall as the trucks pull into town. Gray talks to Russell, who has come back with the men. Gray spies the wind turbines on the trucks. Mary comes through the crowd, looking for Eric. Stanley lets her know that Eric had decided not to accompany them back to Jericho at this time. Jake begins to question Russell if he had even asked Constantino about Eric. Jake demands to know what is going on in New Bern. Jake walks away from Russell and Stanley is right behind him. Jake tells Stanley that he will see Heather while he is in New Bern. Jake goes to see Robert and asks him for his help. Robert warns Jake that he just can’t ride into New Bern and start to break china. Robert decides to help Jake, but they will do things Robert’s way. Mimi hangs up clothes when she sees Stanley coming up the road. Mimi and Bonnie go out to meet him while Shawn stays on the porch. Mary comes to visit Johnston and Gail to let them know that Eric had not returned from New Bern. Gray goes into Dale’s trading post and questions Skylar as to what is going on. Gray orders Skylar to take the salt back to the salt mine. Robert and Jake head for New Bern. As they near New Bern, they run into a blockade. After talking to the Sheriff, the Sheriff decides to escort them into New Bern. Robert hides a gun under his coat. Jake tries to attack the Sheriff, but Russell pulls Jake off him. As Robert and Jake look around New Bern, Robert wonders what had gone on here. Robert questions them as to when was the last time that Eric had been seen. A black phone receiver is shown and the words are heard that the people of Kansas should take care of themselves. Darcy sits at desk in the police station. Jimmy comes in and thanks her for all that she had been doing .Jake and Robert are taken to a warehouse in New Bern which is the heartbeat of New Bern. Jake and Robert meet up with Ted, who is a friend of Heather’s that they had met while at Black Jack. Shaking hands with Jake in the warehouse, Ted slips a piece of paper into Jake’s hand with an address on it.

Robert and Jake ditch the car and sneak back to the house where they had been given the address. Once inside the house, they meet up with a man, who tells them to ask the Sheriff about Eric. After not getting the answers that he wants, Robert handcuffs the Sheriff to a pipe under the sink. Jake and Robert run down an alleyway and are blocked by a chain link fence that is locked. Prying the lock off the door and entering, they see another door which has the words on the door, “Authorized Personnel Only.” Going inside they find info about New Bern which leads to them wondering what New Bern has in store for them. Inside the building, Robert and Jake see men working on shell casings. Robert comes to the assumption that they are getting ready for war. Jake starts to run as he is spotted by some of the men of New Bern. Robert remains in his hiding place. Jake runs down an alleyway and is arrested by some of the men from New Bern. Jake is taken to jail and placed in a cell opposite Eric. After refusing to allow Russell to sell salt from the salt mine, Gray orders Jimmy to take some men up to the salt mine and guard the mine until further notice. Eric tells Jake that Heather is dead. After Gray refuses to help the people of New Bern, Russell rallies the support of New Bern against the people of Jericho. Russell has Jake and Eric brought out in front of the crowd.

Episode 20 "One If By Land"

The camera shows the salt mine and the massive confusion that is erupting there between the people of Jericho and New Bern. A house is shown in the woods. Robert knocks on the door, and then steps back so that when the man comes outside he will not see him. The man comes out and Robert steps out from his hiding place with his gun raised on the man. Robert and the man go inside the house. Constantino orders Jake to tell him what the name of his partner is, but Jake refuses. Jake is thrown back into the cell with Eric. Gray threatens to arrest the men at the gate right now. Dale and Skylar try to talk some sense into Gray, but Gray will not listen. A man is brought into the clinic with gunshot wound. Other men are brought into the clinic with gunshot wounds from the gunfight at the salt mine. Gray argues with Ross in his office about what was he thinking when he went up to the salt mine. Johnston comes into Gray’s office .Johnston finds out that Jake, as well as, Eric are still in New Bern. Johnston and Ross go to New Bern in search of Jake and Eric. Maggie is put into the cell with Jake and Eric. Maggie fills him in as to what she had been doing since she left Jericho. Maggie begs Jake to give her info that she can use to get them released. The plan backfires and Maggie is once again thrown into jail.

Robert causes a diversion that gives Johnston the opportunity to steal one of New Berns trucks. The guards that have been holding Jake and Eric bring them outside. Gunfire erupts between Robert, Jake and Eric. Maggie runs out of the building and gets shot. Robert shoots the guard on the rooftop. Johnston drives up. Jake, Eric, Maggie and Robert manage to get into the truck and escape New Bern. Gunfire follows them out of town. Outside of town (New Bern), Johnston ditches the truck and the four men (Johnston carries Maggie over his shoulder) all strike out to go back to Jericho.

Episode 21 “Coalition of the Willing”

Stanley, Jake and other Jerichoans wait outside Jericho with guns ready. Stanley warns them to stay alert because Jake had told him that the New Bern guys might be close behind them. Stanley and the others notice a light in the distance and it is getting closer. As it gets closer they notice that it is a figure. The figure keeps walking toward them. The figure comes to stand directly in front of Stanley. Stanley asks who it is. Gray sits behind his desk in his office, looking very concerned as Johnston, Jake and Robert arrive. Gray wonders how Eric is. Johnston lets him know that he is at the Medical Center. Jake takes out a gun and throws it down onto the floor. Stanley brings in the young man, who has a message from New Bern. Constantino tells Gray that he is still cleaning up the blood of the deputies that were shot and killed. Constantino also tells Gray that he needs seven of Jericho’s farms and half the salt mine. Constantino gives them four hours to meet his demands. Constantino warns them that unless his demands are met, Jericho will be invaded so they need to surrender. Jake, Gray, Johnston and Robert discuss their options. Gray wonders what Phil will do. Johnston reminds everyone that New Bern had made hundreds of mortars. There is 50 minutes left. At the hospital, Eric walks into the room where April had died and he relives that horrible night until Gail comes up and takes him away from it. Mary arrives, sees Eric and comes over to him, smiling. She jumps into his arms and they hug. He assures her that he is okay. Gail smiles as she watches them. Gray calls a town meeting to discuss what to do. Dale and Skylar meet with the refugees at the store. Dale lets them know that he now owns the second biggest farm in Jericho, but he needs men to help him defend it. The refugees will only help him defend it if he will give them part of it. Gray, Johnston, and the rest wait because the four hours are up. Jake finds Emily and they hug. The mortars hit the town, coming through windows, knocking people down. Jake then makes sure Emily is okay and then he goes outside to survey the damage. The town looks like a war zone. Jake finds Gail lying on the ground and runs over to her. She doesn’t respond to his yells. Jake looks stunned as he leans back against the wall with his mom. Johnston comes to their rescue. Constantino calls them again on the walkie-talkie. Constantino threatens to send more mortars.

Gray orders Stanley to take as many Rangers as he can and go out West in the direction that the mortars came. Robert helps the people in the town. Robert goes home to check on his family, and to tell them that he is taking them out of there, but Darcy refuses to leave. Stanley calls Gray on the walkie-talkie to let him know where the mortars are about 2 miles west of town. Gray orders Stanley to take them out. Jericho is then hit by more mortars. Stanley and the other men arrive back in town to let Gray and the others know what had went on. Robert alerts the others that a five ton truck is on its way from New Bern. Jake jumps up on the truck and manages to make the driver stop the truck. A car comes up and the driver is Jonah. Emily asks her Dad to help them defend Jericho. Johnston argues with the men of Jericho about defending their farms and Jericho. Eric tries to talk Gray out of giving up the farms. Constantino comes back on the radio and tells Gray that time is running out. Eric tells Gray to negotiate with New Bern to buy them some time .Constantino tells Gray that he has 15 seconds to agree to his terms. Johnston and Jake manages to take over the truck that Jonah‘s men had once occupied. Johnston holds his gun on the driver. They drive the truck up to the mortar camp. Robert, Jake and some others hold guns on some of the New Bern men . A firefight erupts between the men of Jericho and the men of New Bern. Jonah’s men arrives and cleans up the mess. Jonah tells Jake that the deal has changed that they get everything. Jake and Emily object. Jake attempts to attack Jonah, but Jonah’s men hold him back .Jonah gets in his truck and drives away. Robert takes Jake back to his garage that is filled with weapons. Jake is shocked that Robert had had all these guns. Robert and Jake load the guns into the truck. Gray and the others wait to see what had happened since Constantino was not saying anything. Johnston arrives and tells them that they had taken out the mortars. Constantino gets back on the radio and warns Gray that there are no deals, no mercy and this means war between Jericho and New Bern. Gray asks Johnston for his help. Johnston takes control of the situation. Jake and Robert arrive back in town and begin to pass out guns to everyone. Stanley watches one of the New Bern camps through binoculars.

Episode 22 (Why We Fight)

(6 years ago)
A young girl sneaks a bite of April’s and Eric’s wedding cake and then runs off. Gail, Johnston, Eric, and April prepare for their wedding pictures. Gail heads out the door and immediately comes back into today. She spots a fellow Jerichoan and they walk to the Mayor’s office together. Jake rides into the town on a horse. Eric and Jake head for the Mayor’s office to talk strategy about how to deal with the men from Jericho. They decide to make their stand at the Richmond farm. Constantino and his entourage head for Jericho. Sixty miles from Jericho a car is overturned and two bodies are found on the ground, dead. When the soldiers go around to the other side, they find a woman alive. Everyone in Jericho attends the wedding of Eric and April. Drinks are served to everyone. Robert comes into the Mayor’s office and meets up with Johnston. Robert tells him that he has access to a satellite. Johnston is confused as to Robert’s suggestion, but Jake nods at him to do as Robert suggests. Stanley, Bonnie, and Mimi visit the grave of their mother. Stanley introduces Mimi to his mom and dad. The men of Jericho ready themselves for a battle with the men of New Bern. Gray starts to go with them, but Johnston stops him. Robert is on the computer and he types in the coordinates that are needed. Darcy is annoyed that Robert is once again involved in this. Jake and his men get the road blocked off to stop Constantino’s men. Robert alerts him that he is about to have company. Robert lets Jake know that he will need the mortar round in the tank. Robert sees different numbers coming up on the computer screen. Darcy questions him as to what is wrong. Heather sits up on a sterilized table. She gets up and looks around and finds herself in an army camp. Jake and Emily see two men coming up the road. In a few seconds, they see a convoy coming up the road. A gunfight erupts between the men of Jericho and the men of New Bern. Robert watches the action on his computer. Darcy concludes that the person tracking Robert thinks he still has the bomb. Robert laughs as he watches the action on his computer. Darcy realizes that the bomb could expose the main man, who was responsible for the attacks. The men of Jericho see the tank approach in the distance . The men of New Bern begin to retreat. Eric notices that Johnston had been shot. They carry him into the house. After talking a few words to Johnston, he dies. Eric and Jake both begin to cry. Jake and Eric go out onto the porch and tell the others that Johnston is dead. They all prepare for battle with the men of New Bern.

This concludes the first season of Jericho. Stay turned for the second season beginning in November.

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