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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary
Proofread by Fran

Episode 17
“One Man’s Terrorist”

A little boy and girl chase a rabbit through the woods. The rabbit runs through a hole in a barn that belongs to Stanley. When the little girl crawls through the hole, she finds herself standing in front of the tank that the men of Jericho had taken from the so-called Marines.

A crowd gathers in front of City Hall. They have just found out about the fake Marines. Emily and Roger are inside City Hall arguing with Gray. Roger wants more rations since the Marines are gone and aren’t coming back. Jake tries to defend Gray.

Robert goes over Intel acquired on the buyers. They use Sarah’s text messenger to contact Robert who arranges for them to meet him in Nebraska.

Gray meets in private with Harry and Bill to discuss rationing. Gray concludes that the only answer is to evict the refugees from the town. Gray goes out into the street to tell them. One of the refugees named Kyle begins to challenge the cops and insists that they are staying. At the Green farm, Jake tries to get a signal on the ham Radio. Emily comes in, and lets him know that the refugees have barricaded themselves in the church. On Main Street, Roger is out in the street and he yells at Gray. Johnston, Gail, and Jake arrive. Jake tries to talk to Roger and calm him down. The refugees have armed themselves and have boarded up the church. Gray tosses tear gas into the church. The refugees stampede to get out of the church. One of the refugee women is trampled and killed.

At Jimmy’s place, Hawkins watches as his family tosses a football. Dale and Skylar spy on Mr. Simmons’ barn. Mr. Simmons owes Dale gas and he is very reluctant to pay up. Dale is without a clue as to how to get the gas that is owed him. Skylar comes up with a plan, and informs Dale to watch and learn. Skylar runs toward the barn. She meets up with Hank and informs him that Ravenwood is approaching and they need to run and hide. They run into the barn. Skylar tells him to climb the ladder into the barn loft so he can better look for Ravenwood. Once up in the barn loft, Skylar pushes the ladder away and Hank is stranded up in the barn loft. Skylar grabs the gas cans, ties them together, and rides out. She picks up Dale on the way.

Hawkins is in Nebraska and is outside a warehouse. He messages the buyer to come to him. Robert changes the location to the warehouse. He then grabs a bag and runs inside.

Roger tries to get Gray to agree not to evict the refugees, but Gray will not agree. Gray pulls out a gun. Gray and Roger struggle over the gun and it goes off. The bullet hits Gray in the stomach.

Gail has just come downstairs with a basket of laundry. In the kitchen, she notices muddy footprints on the floor. Starting out the back door, she is grabbed by one of the refugees, who pushes her back inside the kitchen. Chaos erupts for a few minutes, but then when everything settles down, the refugee begins to rummage through the cabinet drawers. Gail insists on knowing what he is looking for. He informs her that he needs some “Crazy Glue” to fix his only pair of shoes. Reaching into the drawer, she hands him a tube of “Crazy Glue.” Everything seems to settle down, and Gail is able to talk to the refugee.

Inside the warehouse, Robert watches as the buyer shows up and he spots three snipers. Robert lures the buyer to the other side of the warehouse. Robert then sneaks down and, sliding under the truck, he plants the tracking device. He then texts the buyer that something spooked him and requests that they meet at the original location. The men get into the truck and drive off without seeing Robert underneath the truck.

Emily tends to Gray while Roger explains to them that while most of the people made it, nineteen of the people didn’t. Roger demands for Jessica to be brought in to care for Gray instead of Dr. Kenchy. Jessica arrives and Roger tries to bargain with her. Roger tells them that he will allow Jessica to come in if, and only if, Gray allows the refugees to stay. Bill climbs to a snipers vantage point so he can get a clear shot in the window. Jake hurries inside and orders everyone away from the windows. Bill takes the shot and the viewing audience wonders who has been shot. With only glass as a casualty, Jake tries to reason with Roger, offering transportation, food, and fuel. Roger demands that things be taken care of and then he will let go. Jake leaves to make the deal.

Hawkins shows up at Jimmy’s, and this time he sees Allison. He wants to know how everyone is. Allison assures him that she will take care of Darcy and Samuel. Hawkins hugs her and mumbles that she was not him.
Gray thanks Jessica for helping him. Jake comes back to tell Roger the deal is done. Gail pleads with the people outside not to let the refugees leave. She then tells them that her family can help feed two of the refugees. She asks volunteers to help the others. Jake convinces Roger to use him as a hostage instead of Gray. Jake is brought out of the building at gunpoint. By the time that they walk down the steps, Gail has found each of the refugees a home. Roger is immediately apprehended. Emily visits Roger in jail. She informs him that all the refugees have found homes except Roger. Emily tells him that Gray wants him out of Jericho. Emily offers to go with Roger, but Roger refuses to let her go.

At Gracie Leigh’s, Dale and Skylar are proud of their trading post. Mr. Simmons and Hank show up demanding their horse and the gas. Dale tells him that the horse is tied up out back, but the gas is his. Hank goes into the back to get the gas can, but two men with guns stop him.

Hawkins labels a photo of the buyer. He uses a tracking device to aim a spy satellite. Hawkins gets, yet, another message from the group.

Jessica and Jake see Roger off. Jessica gives him a pack filled with food and water. Jake gives him a coat and hidden inside is a gun. Hawkins re-aims the satellite to look in on his family.

At Bailey’s Bar, a message comes over the ham Radio that the terrorists that were apprehended in New York were carrying nearly perfect fake F.B.I. badges. Jimmy’s face suddenly takes on a funny expression. Jake wonders what is wrong, but Jimmy will not tell him anything. Hawkins is still on the computer spying on his family. On the desk is his fake F.B.I. badge.

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