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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary
Proofread by Fran


Pete reports to Jonah Prowse that Mitchell had been arrested. Jonah is not upset that Mitchell had been arrested, but he is sad that he stole horses from Johnston Green and that Gail had been injured. In jail, Mitchell sings and annoys Jimmy. Eric, Jake, Emily, and Heather reminisce about past Halloween’s in Jericho. Emily’s father, Jonah, drives up in Jake’s car. Jonah mentions that he wants to post bail for Mitchell. Jake and Jonah negotiate an agreement to get Mitchell out of jail. Gracie Leigh moves from just selling things to trading things as well. Skylar, upon learning that her parents are dead, takes the jewelry box to Gracie’s. She wants to trade the jewelry box for a case of diet soda. Jake insists that Jonah and his party stay away from Jericho.

Gray Anderson arrives back in town with a lot of news from the outside. Gray informs everyone that FEMA is still active, and he has a supply truck filled with water. He also tells them that there is fallout in Lawrence. The Jericho natives find out that New York had been spared because of the quick actions of the police and they are saddened when they find out that Washington, D.C. had been destroyed. Dale gives Skylar the happy news that New York had been spared which means that her parents may be alive. Skylar hurries to Gracie’s to get back the jewelry box, but finds out that Gracie already traded it for something else. Stanley, upon hearing this sad news about Washington, goes home, and tells Mimi that Washington, D.C. is gone.

Jake tells Gray, Jimmy, Billy, and Eric about the deal that he had made with Jonah. Not a one of the men goes along with Jake’s plan. Jonah arrives with the truck loaded with food, but when Jake arrives, he has failed to bring Mitchell. Once Jonah finds out this news, he gets in his truck and drives away. Gracie gives Dale a vase to put in the back. When Dale goes into the back, he finds the jewelry box that Gracie had supposedly traded for something else. Dale takes the jewelry box, and returns it to Skylar. Skylar is overjoyed, and invites Dale to stay with her. The town of Jericho celebrates Halloween.

While everyone is out trick-or-treating, Gray begins to shoot at some of Jonah’s men. Jake sees him, and stops him from shooting. Heather gets a truck ready for Jake to meet Jonah. Jake arrives at Jonah’s just in time for a fight to break out. Jake tries to strike a new deal with Jonah. Jonah will only agree to the new deal if Jake can talk Emily into talking to him. Jonah threatens to tell Emily the truth about her brother, Chris’ death. Eric finds out from Gray that he wants Robert Hawkins investigated along with some other newcomers to Jericho. Jake and Eric arrive home to find that their father, Johnston, in a coma. April tells them that they need medications or Johnston will not last longer than 12 hours. Emily decides to go visit her father in order to get the medications that Johnston needs. Jake and Eric decide to go to nearby Rogue River for the needed medical supplies. Eric gets a truck ready for their trip. Gray notices what he is doing, and tells Eric to be careful. Eric and Jake head out for Rogue River.

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