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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary
Proofread by Fran

"Heart of Winter" aired March 7, 2007

Eric and Johnston are back from a hunting trip. Jake and Stanley go out West looking for food. Stanley wanted Mimi to go with them. Johnston warns Jake to be careful and avoid trouble. Sarah is in the basement with Robert who knows that the “old man” is close. Mimi doesn’t want to kill “Bambi” and complains about the hunting trip. She and Stanley begin to argue. Jake makes jokes about their bickering. Jake asks Stanley to stop the truck. They see abandoned dogs in the distance, and when they investigate further, they find dead bodies. There were thousands of people migrating south, but some didn’t make it. Jake and Stanley estimate that there are a thousand people trekking south. Roger helps with the refugees as much as he can. Emily can notice a difference in Roger.

Robert Hawkins gets ready to leave with Sarah. He tells Darcy that when he returns this time then he will never leave again. Johnston hopes that Stanley and Jake will have better luck finding food than he did. Gail suggests that a storm could be coming in. Hawkins and Sarah make it to the “old man’s” house. They enter the house with gun in hand. They discover that most of the technology in the house has been destroyed. Hawkins discovers a body in the house. There is a man on the outside with binoculars and audio surveillance.
A truck is in the middle of the road. Stanley stops the truck. Jake suggests that it may be baiting them so he tells Stanley to turn the truck around. The black truck suddenly revs up its engine and begins to follow Jake, Stanley, and Mimi. The truck rams Stanley from behind. Sarah thinks that whoever had killed the man inside the house must have known Robert. The truck rams Stanley again. Jake loads his gun and begins to fire at the truck. Stanley loses control of the truck and flips it.

Hawkins uses a working computer to find out about his team. Gail and Johnston drink a toast to Jake. Mimi wakes up and finds that both Stanley and Jake are unconscious. Mimi wakes up Jake to tell him about Stanley.
Jake sees the black truck circling them. He tells Mimi to go and hide .Jake sees a pistol and begins to reach for it just as the four men walk up. Jake fakes being unconscious. The men take supplies and other things from the truck and then search Jake and Stanley’s pockets. The four men then leave. Jake’s leg is still pinned under the truck.

Robert and Sarah discuss that they are being hunted, but by whom. Sarah knows that Robert’s family is in danger. Stanley is up now, but he has a sprained ankle. Jake is stuck with Stanley so that only leaves Mimi to go for help. Sarah suggests that Robert take his family and leave Jericho but Robert is hesitant.

 Jake begins to freeze with his leg caught under the truck .Jake becomes concerned that Mimi may not come back. Mimi gets lost trying to find help. She finds a Jericho road sign lying on the ground. She hates that she had ever come to this place.

Stanley tries to keep Jake awake. Jake apologizes to Stanley for leaving five years ago. He tells Stanley about a woman in San Diego, who was dead now. Mimi’s flashlight batteries go dead. She sees car or truck headlights approaching, and instead of asking for help, she runs and hides. Unbeknownst to her, it is Gail and Johnston Green. Gail, Johnston, and Mimi find Jake and Stanley. Although they tried, they cannot get Jake’s leg free. Johnston stays with Jake while the others go into town to get help. Jake mumbles to Johnston that when he was in Iraq that there was a little twelve year-old girl that he killed. Help arrives and they manage to get the truck off of Jake’s legs.

Hawkins decides to take his family and leave Jericho. Sarah takes a walk, and encounters the man with the binoculars. He wants her to kill Hawkins, but she is reluctant. He wonders why, but then she turns and kills him. She mumbles that Hawkins is different.

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Updated 4/15/07  


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