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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary
Proofread by Fran



The streets of Jericho are abandoned as litter blows around in the wind. Jake, Mimi, and Stanley are at Mary’s bar. As they are playing the card game war, Jake asks Mimi what she would be doing if she was at home in Washington, D.C. Mimi tells him that she would be sleeping. Eric comes into the bar, and they begin to discuss Jake’s past escapades. Mary asks Eric if he has a plan for their relationship, not for the nuclear disaster. Eric lets her know that he will talk to April tonight. Jake watches as Eric takes Mary’s hand. The power comes back on and the jukebox plays at an extremely high volume. All over town the phones begin to ring. People come out onto the streets to see what is going on. Dale wakes up and picks up his phone as do Heather, and Jake. The message that they all receive is recorded from the Homeland Security. The message continues to play repeatedly. The message warns them not to be alarmed and tells them to stay right where they are if they are safe and not to leave. The television comes on in Mary’s bar with an Emergency Alert message.

Jake, Eric, and Mary talk about the recorded message. Jake checks to see if they can call out. Emily tries to call Roger, her fiancé, but she receives a busy signal. At City Hall, Johnston explains to everyone that they had received a reverse 911 call from Kansas. Skylar tries to use her e-mail, but with no luck. Alison offers her help. Robert Hawkins comes upstairs with his laptop and a large toolbox. Mimi tries to use the ATM at Gracie’s but the machine eats Mimi’s card. When Jake walks into his father’s office, Eric is trying to get the static out of the TV picture. Eric and Jake talk about what to do next. They consider investigating Topeka, but then Eric suggests that they start with the National Guard in Great Bend. Jake makes a few suggestions which have already been taken care of so he decides to go home. Robert notices that Alison had taken a shower and he orders her to clean the bathtub, and fill it with clean water. Robert realizes that there are several things that Darcy doesn’t know and he decides to teach them to her now. Jake and his mother, Gail, talk. They notice an electric power spike.

Heather and Emily are outside the school, watching the children play. There is a power spike outside the Jericho library and lightning spikes off the roof, and hits the ground. The live wire zaps Emily as the library catches on fire. Heather immediately kneels down to see if Emily is all right. Heather sends the other children away, but one little boy named Lucas remains. Stanley talks to Mimi at Mary’s bar. She tells him that she is looking forward to leaving Jericho. Stanley hears a siren, and goes outside to see what is going on. Robert Hawkins sets up his laptop in his backyard. He gains access to the Internet by using a Black Amex card to bypass the Emergency Internet message. April is in the library and notices that Emily is on a stretcher. Heather takes a count of her students, and realizes that one of them, a little girl named Ashlee, is missing. Jake runs to the library, and questions them as to how the fire had started. As Mayor Johnston puts on a fire retardant suit, Gail tries to stop him. Eric radios Johnston and tells him to cut the power.

The firemen get their equipment ready and wait to hear that the power has been cut off. April makes sure that Emily hasn’t had a heart attack. Jake holds her hand as she lies on the stretcher. Emily begins to ask for Heather, but they soon realize that Heather is still in the building. Eric goes in after her. Skylar tries to reach her parents on her cell phone, but with no luck. Stanley and Jake arrive at the pumping station and attempt to turn the valve at the pumping station. Heather still looks for Ashlee inside the library. April is worried about Eric, but is stopped from going into the building. Eric, Heather, and Ashlee are trapped inside a room. The fire continues to rage at the Jericho Library. Eric, Heather, and Ashlee are still trapped inside. The crowd applauds as the firemen finally put out the fire at the library. Ashlee is o.k. Eric and Heather are there with her. Eric becomes concerned as to where April is. He goes back to the house and finds her there. April moves a box and a bunch of papers fall out. Eric sees the divorce papers that April had drawn up but she tells him that she doesn’t want the divorce anymore.

Johnston, Gail, and Jake all gather for dinner. Just as Mary is closing up her bar, a Seal of the State Department appears on her television screen. Mary sends Stanley to alert Mayor Green of this update. Jake tells his father that he wasn’t just in San Diego, but Johnston stops him mid-sentence. Johnston lets him know that if he needs to talk to him that he will listen. Robert Hawkins is back on his laptop and he finds Jake Green’s passport information in the system. The Johnston’s begin to eat dinner when there is a knock on the door, and it is Stanley. He notifies them about the Seal of the State Department on the television. They all gather at the bar to see what the message is going to be. Mary sees April and Eric walk into the bar together. The bar begins to shake as if an earthquake was about to hit. Everyone runs outside. Jake and Robert look up and see two missiles flying into the night sky.

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Updated 4/3/07  


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