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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary
Proofread by Fran

Episode 12


SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - Jake applies to be a charter pilot because he has previous training for the job. The company does a background check on Jake and finds out that the State Dept. has him flagged as a “person of interest.” Since Jake will not divulge any information to clear this up, he is denied the job.

Washington, D.C. - Robert Hawkins is on his laptop when a woman walks in and kisses him. Her name is Sarah. They discuss something extremely mysterious when Robert gets a call on his cell phone. The person tells him that there are trucks with barrels on them that are being wired. Robert and his associates have a meeting. They are handed keys to a truck and a list of cities where they are to place the barrels.

Jericho, K.S. - 33 hrs before the Bombs

Eric talks to his father, Mayor Johnston Green about getting Jericho some exposure to attract voters to beat Gray Anderson in the Mayoral election. Mayor Green isn’t feeling well. Johnston’s wife, Gail, brings April over to examine him. Jake needs a job. He hangs out with his friend, Freddy. They discuss Emily and the fact that Jake is hung up on her. Sarah is on the laptop when she gets a call from Robert telling her that he is on his way to pick up his children. She tries to warn him that he doesn’t have much time. Freddy asks Jake to be his best man when he marries his fiancée, Anna. Freddy fills Jake in on a cargo run that will make them a lot of money. Jake refuses. Roger has to go to Chicago, and he invites Emily along. Emily eagerly accepts. Anna visits Jake and asks him for his help with Freddy. She knows Freddy is in trouble and wants Jake to help him. Darcy takes the groceries out of the car when Robert pulls up. He tells her to come with them or she will never see the children again.

20 hours before the bombs go off

Jake visits Freddy and tells him that he has decided to help him. Freddy has a black eye from his business dealings with Ravenwood. Ravenwood is the group that Jake and Freddy are dealing with. April has divorce papers drawn up. She looks at the papers and then begins to cry. Mimi arrives at Mary Bailey’s bar. Eric calls Mary. When Eric arrives, they go into the back room to make out. Robert stops the truck and tells Darcy and the kids that he has something to take care of. While he is out of his truck, Darcy uses Samuel’s cell phone to call the police. Jake walks into his apartment and is greeted by some federal agents. They want Jake to help them to bring down Ravenwood. Robert walks in and finds that Sarah is missing. The police arrive and hold a gun on Robert. When one of the police attempts to search the truck, Robert knocks him unconscious. He catches the other policeman from behind and knocks him unconscious.

24 hours before the Bomb

Johnston asks Eric to run for Mayor just in case that he is unable to. Johnston makes him promise to talk it over with April and to think about it. Jake questions Freddy about the kind of equipment that they are running. The Ravenwood equipment is Stinger missiles and RPG’s. Jake warns Freddy that the Feds are on to them. Jake devises a plan to get away. Emily and Roger are out together and he tells her that when they get married that he wants to move to Chicago. Emily lets him know that if he takes the job in Chicago he should just not bother to come back. Robert and his family arrive in Jericho. Jake is busy packing when there is a knock on the door. When he opens the door, he sees that it is Freddy and he has been shot. Freddy warns Jake that Ravenwood had done this to him and that Ravenwood will be coming for Jake.

Albuquerque, New Mexico - 12 hours before the Bomb

Anna is at the bus station and Jake is with her. She is going home to be with her family when her baby is born. Freddy has died from the gunshot wound and Anna is left to raise the baby alone. Jake gives Anna the money that would have been Freddy’s share had they delivered the merchandise. Roger leaves Emily a message that he hadn’t gone on the interview and he was coming home to Jericho. Jake is 47 miles outside of Jericho. Stanley sees Mimi waiting for a cab. She asks Stanley if he knows where the Richmond farm is. Stanley tells her that it is now Stanley’s farm. Mimi says she is from the I.R.S. and that he owes $180,000 in back taxes. Robert finds out that Sarah has been captured and unless he delivers the bomb, Sarah will die. The President gives a speech on global terrorism just as the bombs go off. Robert comes downstairs and Darcy has a gun on him. She demands the keys to the truck. Allison comes running in, and lets them know that something is happening outside. There is a big mushroom cloud in the distance. The explosion in Denver has just happened. Jake can also see the mushroom cloud.

8 weeks after the Bomb

Robert gets a message on his laptop, “See you soon.” Jake and Emily share an intimate moment in Mary’s Bar while they are dancing. Everyone runs outside to see who is coming into Jericho. They are survivors of the Bomb. Emily recognizes one of the survivors as Roger. She runs to him. She explains to him what has happened since he had been gone. Roger is in shock. April gives medical attention to all the survivors that need it. She talks to one of the survivors and asks her if she knows anyone in Jericho. Sarah replies that she does know someone.

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