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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary
Proofread by Fran

Episode 9

It is 8:00 a.m. as the alarm goes off. Emily is with Roger and they are discussing their wedding, and where they will live after they are married. Emily suddenly yells, “Roger! Roger!” Emily awakens and knows that it is only a dream.

Bonnie hears a noise on the outside. Stanley, with a gun in his hand, goes outside to investigate. He sees Ravenwood filling up their gas tanks. The leader of Ravenwood, Goetz, tells Stanley that they are with the federal government and they are here to get medical supplies. Goetz also tells Stanley that he is looking for Eric.

Eric comes downstairs to find Jake, still standing with his gun. Jake is looking for Ravenwood to appear any second. Eric, once again, tries to discuss with Jake about the five years that he was gone from Jericho. Jake clams up and refuses to answer. Jake asks Eric if he had talked to April about Mary. There is a knock on the door, and it is Bonnie, Mimi, and Stanley. They have come to warn Jake and Eric that Ravenwood is on their way. Jake and Eric warn Gray, Jimmy, and Robert about Ravenwood. Jake warns Stanley to leave his farm and to come into town until this all over. All the men decide to fortify the town at the bridge.

April and Gail watch over Johnston, whose blood pressure is stabilizing and he is getting better. April still hasn’t gotten the chance to tell Eric about the baby.

Jake and Robert are on the bridge. Robert questions Jake about his run in with Ravenwood in Rogue River. Emily looks in a mirror and holds up her wedding dress. Heather comes in and brings her some flowers. Jake and Robert continue to discuss Ravenwood. Jake realizes that Robert has had an experience with Ravenwood himself.

April stops Eric and tells him that she wants to talk to him. She tells him that she thought she had wanted a divorce, but things had changed. Eric tells April that he is in love with Mary Bailey. April becomes upset, and walks away, crying.

Ravenwood approaches and everyone gets behind their cars for safety. They have their guns aimed at Ravenwood. Goetz steps out and tells the Jericho natives that he is under government orders to collect supplies. One of the men fires his gun, and then there is gunfire back and forth. Goetz orders a “cease fire.”

Jake and Robert propose that the bridge be taken out, but the other men disagree. Robert goes to round up supplies to make the explosives. Jake and Robert wire explosives. Jake goes over to Stanley’s place to try to persuade them to leave and to come into town, but they all insist on staying. Eric can see that Gray has taken the dynamite away, and they are going to blow the bridge anyway. Eric goes to see Johnston, but runs into Gail who is upset with him because he had slept with Mary, and doesn’t want April anymore.

Jake can see a flare and he knows that Ravenwood are on their way. Jake orders everyone off the bridge, and as far away as they can get .Ravenwood approaches in their Hummers. Jake warns them not to come any closer or he will blow up the bridge. Jake has the detonator in his hand. A sniper has Jake in his sights. Robert takes the sniper out. Jonah and Eric drive up behind Ravenwood. Ravenwood can see that they are surrounded. Goetz tells Jake that when all this calms down, the government will send them back to “help” them.

Emily still daydreams about Roger. In her daydream, Roger asks her if things would be easier for her if he were dead.

The whole town becomes scared and wonders what they will do if Ravenwood comes back with reinforcements. Jake visits Johnston in his office. Johnston warns Jake that he is being used by Gray. Jake lets Johnston know that they need a security force.

Eric tells Gail that he is not coming home for good, but he will be by the next day to gather up his things. Gail tells him that April will have a home with them as long as she wants one.

Emily stops by the church and sits down in one of the pews. Jake comes in to join her. They have a conversation about Heather being “wasted.” Jake bends down as if to kiss her, but he whispers in her ear that it is only a dream. Emily had been sitting in the seat by herself the entire time.

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