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Jericho Episode Guide

by Suzanne

"Coalition of the Willing" aired May 2, 2007

Stanley, Jimmy, and some others wait outside Jericho with guns ready, behind some barricades. Stanley tells them to stay alert because Jake had said the New Bern guys might be close behind them. They see a light in the distance, getting closer, and wonder what it is, as they cock their guns. They see it is a figure walking toward them with a lantern. The figure keeps walking, despite Stanley's shouts to freeze. We can't see it's face and it doesn't speak. It stops right in front of them, so Stanley goes over to the person. It is a skinny young guy who looks up at Stanley. Stanley, still holding the gun on him, asks who he is.

Gray is sitting in his office looking worried when Johnston, Jake and Robert arrive. Gray wonders what happened and where Eric is. Johnston tells him that he's fine and at the medical center. Gray asks if it's about the mine. Jake takes out a gun and throws it down. He says it's a lot worse than that. Jake tells Gray that they killed eight men. Robert confirms that he counted eight, too. Stanley brings in the young guy, who is from New Bern and has a message. The guy still doesn't speak but hands Gray a walkie-talkie. He picks it up reluctantly and says, "Hello?" Phil Constantino, the New Bern Sheriff, is on the other end. Phil tells the young guy, Henry, that he can return to New Bern now, so Henry walks out. Phil tells Gray angrily that they are still cleaning up the blood of the 8 deputies that were killed. Phil says they need seven of Jericho's farms (including Stanley's) and half the salt mine. He gives them four hours. Gray tells Phil that he doesn't understand. Phil tells him that Jericho will be invaded, so they need to surrender.

Jake, Gray, Johnston, Stanley, and Robert discuss their options. Jake traces on the map of Jericho, saying that they have guards on checkpoints and roadblocks along the border, but they don't have enough people to cover everywhere else. Gray asks if he's seen anything out there, but Jake says they haven't. Gray has a hard time getting his mind around their situation. He scoffs, wondering what Phil will do and notes that they were football rivals six months ago. Jake tells him pointedly that they tortured Eric to find out about Jericho's defenses. Johnston tells him that they have made hundreds of mortars. Robert guesses that New Bern can bomb them from as far as two miles away. Gray still doesn't think they will use them, but Robert reminds him that's what they said about nuclear bombs. There is 50 minutes left.

Eric waits at the Medical Center while people rush around. He sees the room where April died and goes ver to it, remembering, as he sees them working on someone else. He flashes back to that night with April and the baby. Gail comes up and interrupts his nightmarish reverie with a hand on his arm. They hug. Gail takes him away to get fixed up (and away from that room). Mary sees Eric and comes over to him, smiling. They touch each other's arms and smile. She was very worried about him. He tells her that he's back. She jumps into his arms with a giggle, and they hug. He assures her he's okay. Gail smiles watching them.

Gray has a town meeting. There is a lot of loud discussion about what to do. Gray doesn't want to give anything to New Bern. Dale tries to talk Mrs. Herbert out of giving away her farm. She tells him that Gray said her farm is too far outside of town to help. She can't stand out there by herself with a rifle. Dale tells her that he'll defend it. She tells him that the bank owns half the farm, anyway, so he can do what he wants. Dale makes an agreement with her that if he defends the farm, he gets to keep it. Skylar, listening nearby, wonders how they will defend it. Dale goes to some of the refugees guys he knows and asks them to bring every refugee they can find, so they do.

Dale and Skylar meet with the refugees at the store. He tells them that he owns the second biggest farm in Jericho, but he needs men to defend it. The men don't like the idea of a promise, but Dale stops them from leaving by pointing out that they have been treated like second class citizens and have to beg for everything. If they defend the farm, they will all own part of it and have a solid future. That convinces the men, who step forward to sign up.

Gray, Johnston and the rest wait around because the four hours are up. Stanley tells everyone that the rangers have not reported anything unusual yet. Gray doesn't bother to call Phil back because he doesn't have anything to say and is not going to give anything away.

Jake finds Emily, and they hug. Jake tells Emily about Heather's disappearance and some of what they learned in New Bern. Emily wants to know if Heather is dead, but Jake has no answer.

The mortars hit the town, coming through windows, knocking people down. Jake makes sure that Emily is okay and then goes outside. The town looks war-torn. People are lying around on the ground and there are lots of little fires. He finds one of the town people injured by his truck and yells for help. He sees Gail lying on the ground and runs over to her. She doesn't respond to his yells. He hears another mortar coming, so he covers her body with his. MOre things are on fire. There is a lot of chaos and confusion, with people running around. Jake looks shell-shocked as he sits against a wall with his mom. Johnston finds them and helps, as does Eric. Emily, Gray, and others are outside, looking around at the mess. Gray starts giving orders, telling people to get off the streets in case there are more bombs, etc. Jimmy comes up and tells him that Constantino is on the radio again.

Gray yells at Phil over the walkie-talkie because of all the damage. Phil tells him calmly to take another hour. He threatens to send more mortars. The men all look shocked. Gray orders Stanley to take as many Rangers as he can, go out West (the direction the mortars seem to be coming from), and take out as many of them as he can. Stanley looks like he is not so sure what to do, but he runs off.

Robert is helping the injured people out on the street. Darcy finds him and makes sure he is okay. He tells her what is going on. He wants to take her and the kids out of there to a safe house he knows in Montana. She isn't so sure that it's safe on the roads. Robert starts yelling at everyone to get underground. Darcy tells Robert, "Let's go home", and he agrees. They go to their house with the nice safe basement. Robert says that the inner room is much safer, so they go in there. His son Sam says that it is cool. They all look around. Darcy sees the board that he put together with all of the bad guys, including a picture of Sarah that has her photo with a big red X through it. Darcy tells the children to go back into the other room. Robert tells Darcy, "No more secrets". Robert always thought that he could keep her safe, but now he's not so sure. She agrees that nothing is safe any more. He tells her that even in all this madness, the only thing that makes sense is her and the kids. He apologizes for how long it took him to realize that. Tears fill her eyes as she tells him that she missed him. They kiss and hug. Alison watches them from the other room and smiles.

Outside, Johnston asks Gray as he's walking through the street about Constantino, so Gray tells him briefly what happened. Johnston is annoyed that he didn't go with the rangers, but Gray tells him that he wasn't around and they had to act fast. Later, Gray, Johnson and the others look at the map again. Johnston says the mortars didn't come from far away. Gray says that there are four minutes left. Stanley calls them on the walkie talkie to tell them they are about 100 yards away from the mortars. He describes where they are, which is about 2 miles west of town. Stanley tells them there are about 12 men and they think they can take them. Johnston and Gray disagree about how Stanely should handle the situation. Johnston as usual wants to take the safer way. Gray tells him that there is no time; he doesn't want more bombs dropped on the town. Johnston tries to argue that these men are not soldiers, but Gray yells at him that this is his call. Eric yells into the walkie talkie for Stanley not to do it. He, Johnston and Gray struggle over the radio. One of Gray's men pulls a gun, so they stop. Gray tells Stanley to go ahead and take them out. Eric shakes his head while Johnston glares at Gray. The men are all tense as they wait to see or hear what happened. They are then hit by more mortars. Stanley does not answer on the radio as Gray shouts into it.

Stanley and some of the rangers walk back into town looking dazed, some injured. Gray and the others come running out to tend to them. Jake, Gray and Johnston ask Stanley if he is hurt and what happened. Stanely is not hurt but tells them that the New Bern guys were waiting on both sides of the truck for them. Stanley, in shock, stutters that they wouldn't stop firing. When asked where all the other men are, Stanley tells them that they are all dead. Johnston gives Gray a terrible look. Everyone looks shocked. Mimi yells that this is insane. Jake goes to attack Gray but is held off by his people. Johnston tells Jake to go to Bailey's, now. Eric, Robert and the others follow. They are clearly through listening to Gray. They plan to go scout for the mortars to see where they have moved. Johnston tells Jake to go scout but not to do anything else. Emily tells Jake that he's coming with her. He hands her a gun, and they leave on horseback. Eric gallups up to them. He tells them that Robert saw a 5-ton truck coming this way from New Bern. Jake speculates that it might be a supply truck. Eric wants to go get it, so they follow him. Next we see that Jake and Eric are chasing the truck on horseback. Robert is lying in the grass with his rifle sight trained on the truck. Emily is lying next to him. The men in the truck see Eric and Jake ride up They are about to shoot them, but Robert shoots first. Jake jumps off the horse into the cab of the truck. Half in the window, he holds a gun on the driver and demands that he stop the truck. Men on motorcyles come riding up behind them, and also being Robert and Emily, pointing guns, so they are all forced to give up. A car drives up. The driver steps out. It is Jonah, Emily's dad. He notes that they have finally turned to a life of crime.

Johnston meets with Dale, saying they are going to need his men. Dale says that his men don't fight for Gray. Johnston says they are asking him to help defend the town. Johnston points out that if Jericho loses, Dale loses everything, also. Dale thinks about it. Skylar pipes up to say that if they win, they get to keep the Herbert farm. Dale adds that they also get the abandoned Surrey farm. Johnston argues with him and concludes by asking Dale to do this for him, personally. Johnston walks out, leaving Dale to think.

Emily tells Jonah they need his help as he and his man ransack the truck. Jonah doesn't want to help the people who were ready to lynch him. He says they can all go to hell. Emily tries to plead with him. Jonah tells her that he's been watching New Bern move a lot of weapons and supplies around. He thinks it wil be a blood bath, so she should come with him. She tells him that Jericho is her home. They argue back and forth. She refuses to go with him and asks again for his help. She says he can half of everything and points out that New Bern's people will have a lot more supplies for him to take. Jonah gives her a wry smile and says that she has more of him in her than she will ever admit. Jonah tells his people that there is a change in their plans.

Johnston argues with the men of Jericho about fighting for their town and not giving up the farms. The man doesn't think they have enough people to fight with. Jake and Emily return with Jonah just then. Johnston doesn't look too happy to see him. Robert, Jake, Eric, and Johnston confer about the mortar trucks while Jonah is there, giving his two cents. Johnston is not sure he wants Jonah's help, but Jonah makes it clear they don't have enough people without his help. Jimmy comes in and tells them that Gray has the 7 farmers on his side, so he's going to call Phil and give the farms up. Johnston knows that they will never be rid of New Bern if they get those farms. He agrees to "make a deal with the devil", i.e. Jonah. Johnston orders Jimmy and Eric to go over to Gray's and make sure the deal is not made. Jimmy asks what he means, so Johnston replies in an exasperated voice that it's time to pick a side.

Deputy Bill is not happy to see that Jimmy has brought the other men into Gray's inner sanctum. Jimmy says they just want to talk. Eric and Stanley try to talk Gray out of giving up the farms. Gray orders them out. Eric and Stanley start yelling at Gray, so Gray's two men get in front of them. Stanley finally pushes one of them, so the two men draw their guns. Jimmy, Stanley and Eric also draw their guns. There is a tense moment as everyone points their guns and shouts. Eric manages to tell Gray that they have men outside. Gray orders his men to put the guns down, and Jimmy does the same with Stanley. Eric only tells him that they have Jake, Johnston and Robert. Gray doesn't think they have enough people and can't fight New Bern. He seems to be very frazzled when he says they are not ready for this. He has asked Phil to let them have more time to get what he wants. Stanley and Eric tell Gray that they have all this informaton about the enemy, plus guns, etc., and finally they tell him that Jonah and his 30 men are with them. Gray thinks they will just get them all killed. Phil's voice comes over the radio to tell them that time is running out. Eric tells Gray not to go near the radio. Gray babbles a bit about Phil being on the phone. Eric calmly tells Gray to negotiate with New Bern so that they can buy some time. After a pause, Gray answers the radio with a strangely calm voice. Eric tells Gray that he's a good businessman, so he knows how to do this. Gray tells Phil that they don't want to fight. He tries to negotiate with Phil about the farms. Phil eventually gets impatient and tells Gray they are through negotiating. He tells him that he has 15 seconds to agree. Gray still tries to get him to talk, but to no avail.

Johnston and Jake have the truck that Jonah's men commandeered, along with the New Bern guys. Johnston is holding his gun on the driver. The driver recognizes Johnston from last year's Bass fishing contest, where they both participated. Johnston gets an uncomfortable look on his face. Jake, Robert, and some other men are locked in the back of the truck, and they drive away. Robert asks Jake if Jonah will have their backs. Jake shrugs, so Roberts says that he is filling him with confidence. Jake laughs and says that Jonah will be there, since Emily is with him. They drive the truck up to the mortar camp. There are many armed men there. The driver talks to one of them, who asks why he took so long. The driver tells him that snipers held him up. He lies that he has food in the back, which makes the man very happy. He whistles to the others that they have food. They proceed to head toward the truck. They open the back of the truck, expecting food, but instead they get guns pointed at them by Robert, Jake, and some others. They get out of the truck and tell them not to move. The New Bern men have to give up their weapons. Johnston, still in the truck with the driver, watches what's going on at the back of the truck through the rear view mirror. Since he is distracted, the driver takes that opportunity to jump out of the truck and go running towards the others, shouting, "They're here!". Suddenly, there is gunfire between the other men in the camp and the Jericho men. A firefight ensues. Jonah's men come in and clean things up, overpowering the New Bern easily with better weapons. Jake and the others are horrified to see all of the dead New Bern bodies lying around. Jonah's men steal guns and other valuables off the bodies. The driver lies on the ground wounded, so Jonah shoots him. Johnston goes to stop him, but it's too late. The Jericho people are stunned, especially Emily.

Jonah tells Jake that their deal has changed. Jonah's men get everything - food, fuel and weapons. Jake and Emily object, reminding him that it is a 50-fo split they agreed on. When Jake asks what they get, Jonah says that they get not to have bombs falling on their heads. Jake tries to attack Jonah, but his men hold him back. Jake yells that they need the guns because things are about to get a lot worse. Emily grabs Jonah and tells him that he owes her a lot more than this. He says, I'm a thief, not a soldier. Jonah tells her quietly that she shouldn't be near him because she's a schoolteacher. He pushes her away and gets in a truck. Jonah looks upset, like he might cry, as he drives away. Jake is annoyed that they didn't get the guns. Robert tells him, "Guns are easy". He takes Jake back to his garage, where he shows him that it's filled with weapons. Jake is shocked that Robert had this all the time and never said anything. Robert replies that he never thought he would call this town his home. Robert and Jake load the weapons into a truck.

Gray and the others wait to see what has happened, since Phil is not saying anything, and no bombs are falling. Johnston returns and tells them quietly that they took out the mortars. Jimmy, Eric and the others are impressed. Gray is relieved. Phil comes back on the radio. Gray picks it up. Phil tells him that they've brought this on themselves. He says, "There's no deals. No mercy. We're coming. This means war." Gray shuts off the walkie-talkie, not wanting to hear any more. Gray tells Johnston that he needs his help. Johnston steps forward and takes charge. He tells Stanley to get all the runners he can find so they can send orders out to all of the patrols. Johnston puts out his hand, and Gray takes it.

It is night time. The townspeople, including Dale and his men, mill around the town square. Jake and Robert drive up in their truck. Johnston gets up, standing on a truck bed. He addresses the town. He addresses their fears and says that this is a fight for their very existence. He urges them to pray for their town and for New Bern. Jake gets up on his own truck and tells them all that they have guns for anyone over 16 who needs one. Jake and Robert start passing out the guns to everyone. Stanley and the other runners go out in the dark, their faces painted dark. Stanley watches one of the New Bern camps via binoculars.

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