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Jericho Episode Guide

Jericho Summaries by Mary
Proofread by Fran

"Casus Belli" aired April 18, 2007.

A convoy of trucks carrying the Jericho men head back for Jericho.

Gray goes down the steps of City Hall as the trucks pull up in front of City Hall. Gray tells them that he hadnít expected to see them until spring. Gray is glad to see the men back in town. Gray talks to one of the men that have come back with the men of Jericho. On the first truck is one of the wind turbines. Gray wonders what changed their mind when they had an agreement.

Mary comes out and walks through the crowd as if looking for someone. She sees Stanley, standing at one of the trucks. She hugs him and tells him that she is glad that he is home. Mary asks where Eric is. Stanley tells her that Eric said that he wasnít ready to come home. Jake comes up and hugs Stanley. Jake wants to know where Eric is. Stanley takes him aside from the others and tells him that Eric hadnít come back with them. Stanley explains to Jake that Eric is still pretty torn up about Aprilís death and he decided to stay in New Bern a while longer. Stanley also explains that it wasnít safe for them in New Bern. Jake walks away from Stanley and starts walking through the crowd. Jake asks Russell about Eric and if he even asked about Eric. Jake asks Russell if he even asked Constantino about Eric. Jake wants to know what is going on in New Bern. Jake grabs Russell and demands to know if he should be worried about Eric.

Jake walks away from Russell and Stanley is right behind him. Jake lets Stanley know that he will see Heather when he gets to New Bern. Stanley is puzzled by Jakeís attitude.

Jake goes to see Robert and asks for his help. Robert warns Jake that he canít just ride into New Bern and start breaking china. Jake assures Robert that something is going on in New Bern. Robert advises him that they need to understand the situation. All Jake knows is that his brother has been missing for three days and he came to Robert for help. Robert agrees to help Jake find Eric, but Jake has to do it Robertís way.

Mimi is hanging clothes up on a line on the porch and when she looks through the clothes, she sees Stanley coming up the road. She runs to meet him, as does Bonnie. He hugs them both in turn. He first kisses Bonnie and then Mimi. Stanley looks up and sees Shawn coming out of the house.

Mary comes to visit Johnston and Gail.  Mary tells them that the men had come back from New Bern and Eric wasnít with them. Mary tells Johnston that Eric decided to stay a little longer. Johnston asks Mary if Eric wanted to stay or if Constantino insisted that he stay. Mary tells them that Eric wasnít ready to come home. Gail bows her head. Mary tries to hide her injured hand in her coat pocket. Johnston sees the bandage on her hand and wants to know how she hurt it. Mary explains that she had been trying to make alcohol for the med center. Johnston leaves with Mary.

Gray tells the men to hold up as they are unloading a wagon outside of Gracie Leighís store. Gray comes inside the store and finds that it is more like a trading post. Gray questions Skylar as to what is going on. Skylar tries to explain to Gray, but he reminds her that she doesnít have half of anything. The men on the outside listen to Gray and Skylarís conversation. Gray reminds Skylar that she is a minor and doesnít own anything. Gray orders Skylar to take the salt back to the mine and not make him bring his men to do it. Gray leaves the store.

Robert and Jake head for New Bern. As they near New Bern, they see men with guns barricading the road. Robert slows the car to a stop and a man approaches the car. When the man finds out that Jake and Robert are not from New Bern, he orders Jake to turn the car around and head back the way they came. Jake demands to see Eric. The man reminds Jake that Eric came here as part of the deal with Constantino. The man orders Jake and Robert out of the car as he holds a gun on him. Robert has a gun that he hides between him and Jake. The Sheriff comes up and when he sees that it is Jake, he tells the other man that he will escort them in to see Constantino.

The Sheriff escorts Jake and Robert into town. When they come to a stop and get out, they are approached by some children. Jake tells them that he is sorry. Robert and Jake look around the town as they head to see Constantino.

A man is up on the roof with a rifle and Jake and Robert approach the building. As Jake and Robert look around the town, Robert wonders what happened here. Russell and the Sheriff come out and tell them there is nothing more he can do. Jake tries to attack the Sheriff, but Russell pulls Jake away. Russell explains that New Bern isnít too fond of Jericho right now. Russell tells them that there have been a lot of rumors flying around about Jericho. Robert wants to know what. Robert questions them as to when Eric was last seen. Jake tells Russell that he wants to talk to Helsinsky.

A black phone receiver is shown and the words come across loud and clear for them to take care of each other. Darcy sits at the desk in the police station. Darcy explains to Jimmy about some riots that were taking place out west. Jimmy thanks her for taking on another shift. Jimmy points out all the things that Darcy did for his family and they dread the day that she and Robert work things out. Darcy thanks him as she smiles. Jimmy shows Darcy a picture that Samuel drew. Jimmy says the picture looked as if it had been drawn by a child that was facing some kind of trauma. Darcy tells Jimmy that she will talk to Samuel after school.

Johnston and Mary are together in a building. Johnston has his hands full of some copper wiring. Mary wants to know where he learned to do this. Johnston asks her if she remembers the book, ďMen are from Mars and Women are from Venus.Ē Johnston is reminded of a part in the book where it says that if a man canít find a cave then he will make one. Johnston tells Mary that it isnít her fault that Eric hadnít come back from New Bern.

Jake and Robert are taken through some sort of warehouse. They are told that this warehouse is the heartbeat of New Bern. Jake and Robert meet up with Ted, who is a friend of Heatherís that they had met at Black Jack. Ted informs Jake and Robert that Heather and Eric had went home that morning. Ted also tells them that Heather had to talk Eric into going home. Ted had given Eric his car and a gun. Jake and Robert donít quite believe Ted. Ted shakes hands with Jake and tells him that he hopes that Eric and Heather are all right. A man comes up and tells them that they have to clear the building. Russell asks them if they had gotten what they needed. Jake (lying) tells Ted that he guessed the mystery was solved. Robert tells Russell that he and Jake didnít need to be escorted out of New Bern. Jake and Robert are escorted back to the barricade. The Sheriff orders the men to move the trucks to let Jake and Robert through. Jake shows Robert a piece of paper with an address on it that Ted had slipped him when Ted shook hands with him. Robert loads the gun. Jake and Robert drive through the barricade.

Shawn and Bonnie sit on the porch and Shawn holds her hand. Stanley asks Mimi how long he had been gone, but then he changes his mind and asks her how long Shawn had been there in the house. Stanley becomes upset with Mimi because she didnít do as he asked her. Mimi reminds him that Bonnie was not a child anymore. They begin to argue and Mimi suggests that they let Shawn stay there.

Jake and Robert ditch the car and sneak back to the address that Ted gave them. Jake sneaks up to the Sheriffís truck and holds a gun on him and they sneak into the house. Jake questions the man inside the house as to where his brother is. The man informs Jake to, ďAsk him.Ē The man explains that Eric hadnít been seen for days. He also tells Jake that Heather left for work that morning and had since turned up missing. Jake questions the Sheriff as to where Eric is. Robert begins to search the drawers and then begins to sharpen a knife with Jake, the Sheriff, and the other man looking on.

Robert sits down in a chair in front of the Sheriff and holds a butcher knife in his face. Jake demands to know where Eric and Heather are. The Sheriff lies yet again, and tells them that Eric and Heather ran away. Robert tells Jake to hold the Sheriffís knees. Jake bends down and does as he is told. Robert holds the knife up to the Sheriffís face and demands to know what is in the factory. Robert pulls Jake aside and tells him that they cannot search the whole town, but they will go to the warehouse to see what Eric risked his life for. Robert then takes the young man aside and asks him if he had anywhere safe to go. Robert unties the Sheriff and handcuffs him to the pipe under the sink. Robert leaves the trailer and Jake follows. Robert reminds Jake that he had been the one who had invited him to come along. Robert also tells him that he did a lot of things and he knew better. Robert walks off.

Stanley recounts to Mimi a story about one of the men that he had worked with in New Bern. Stanley, Mimi, Bonnie, and Shawn eat dinner. Shawn tells Stanley that they need to get the Internet back up. Stanley wants to know where they will get the stuff. Shawn tells him that once the Internet is back up, they can order everything that they need. Stanley gets up and leaves the table. Stanley picks up Shawn by the shirt collar and starts to throw Shawn out the door, but Mimi calls his hand. Stanley throws Shawnís suitcase onto the sofa and tells Shawn that he will sleep on the sofa.

Johnston and Mary share a happy time together, reminiscing about the past, sipping on their coffee, and laughing together. Johnston tells Mary that they should go and check on the still.

Jimmy is behind the desk at the police station when Samuel comes in. Jimmy is upset by the picture that Samuel drew. Samuel comes into the police station and Jimmy tells him where his Mother is. Jimmy suggests that he and Samuel go into his office and talk.

Russell comes into Daleís trading post. Russell shakes hands with Skylar and asks her about the salt mine. Russell offers Skylar a deal for some of the salt in the mine. Skylar asks him when he needs to know. Russell tells Skylar that this will be good for everyone and leaves the trading post.

Jake and Robert run down an alleyway. They come to a chain link gate that is locked. They take a crowbar and prize the door open. Raising their guns, they go inside the warehouse and search it. They notice a door with a sign that reads ďAuthorized Personnel Only.Ē Robert gets the door open and they go inside. They see a chalkboard with a list on it of all the things that they would get from the Stanley farm. They also see a map which clearly shows Jericho.

Looking at the map, Robert wonders what New Bern knows that the Jericho natives donít. They leave the warehouse.

Jimmy watches through the window in his office as Darcy returns. Jimmy gets up when he sees Darcy is back. Darcy questions Samuel as to what is going on. Samuel asks Darcy if they are talking about his drawings. Darcy sends Samuel out as she talks to Jimmy.

Stanley and Mimi are on the porch when Bonnie comes out. Bonnie and Stanley have a conversation about Shawn in sign language. Mimi wants to know what Bonnie said about her. Stanley tells Mimi that he is very lucky. Mimi uses sign language to ask Stanley if he wants to get luckier.
Skylar and Dale visit Gray in his office .Skylar wants to declare her parents legally dead. Gray tells them to forget about this and insists that her parents are coming back. Gray asks Skylar if she wants her parents to be dead that badly. Skylar and Dale leave the office.

Robert and Jake sneak down an alleyway. Inside a building, they see a group of people pushing carts. Robert tells Jake that New Bern is getting ready for war. Jake starts to run when he is spotted by the men of New Bern. Robert remains hidden behind some barrels with his gun raised. Jake reaches a dead end and is arrested.

Jake is thrown into jail. Looking across he sees Eric in another cell.

Johnston arrives home. Gail is peeved at him for missing lunch as well as dinner, Johnston reminds her that they had said that they would take care of Mary. Gail reminds him that they promised that they would keep her safe from getting killed. Johnston starts to walk out. Gail asks him does he blame her for Eric being gone.

Darcy asks Samuel what did he and Jimmy talk about that day. There is a knock on the door and it is Jimmy. Darcy sends Samuel upstairs. Darcy knows that Jimmy is curious about their lives. She thanks Jimmy for his concern.

Gray sits alone in his office when Russell comes in to join him. Gray wants to know how everything. Russell assures him that everything had gone off without a hitch. Russell tells Gray that he has another proposition for him. Russell tells that New Bern needs salt. Gray tells Russell that that is not a problem that he will have his men to load a truck. Russell wants Gray to agree to let him sell salt from the mine. Gray will not agree to his terms. Gray tells Russell that the salt mine is not for sale.

Jake and Eric talk and Eric fills Jake in on what had been going on in New Bern.

Gray gets up from his desk and yells for Jimmy to come into his office. Russell tells Gray that New Bern hardly survived the winter. Gray orders Jimmy to take all the officers up to the salt mine and it was to stay heavily guarded until further notice.

Russell meets with the people of New Bern and lets them know that since the people of Jericho had gotten the wind turbines then they was not going to hold up to their part of the bargain.

Jake and Eric continue to talk. Jake wants to know where Heather is .Eric tells Jake that Heather is dead.

Russell rallies the support of the people of New Bern. Russell tells them that the people of Jericho wants to see New Bern destroyed. Jake and Eric are taken out of jail. The Sheriff brings Jake and Eric out in front of the crowd. Robert watches the goings on.

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Updated 6/30/07  


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