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Jericho Appearances

See your favorite "Jericho" stars!

Kenneth Mitchell (Eric) guest-stars on "Drop Dead Diva" 8/19 on Lifetime. Also, he has a new movie coming out on Syfy "Tasmanian Devils", out later this year.

Alicia Coppola stars in the new TV series "Common Law" on USA Network.

Richard Speight, Jr. (Bill) stars in a series of Pepsi Free commercials (one with Rollie Fingers).

Beth Grant (Gracie) is in New York doing an Off Broadway show, TRICKS THE DEVIL TAUGHT ME, at the Minetta Lane Theatre at Sixth Avenue, just north of Bleecker in the West Village.
Here is a new trailer of a movie she did with her dear friend, Frances Fisher, called "Sedona."
8/23 she said: "I'll be back in L.A. the week of September 2nd and later in the month, off to Colorado to do a movie, "Out West," playing Martin Mull's wife and mom to my friend Jennifer Elise Cox."

Alicia Coppola guest-stars on a rerun of "Castle" 8/26 on ABC.

James Remar guest-stars on a rerun of "Hawaii Five-0" 8/29 on CBS.

Skeet Ulrich guest-stars on a rerun of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" 8/11 on NBC.

D.B. Sweeney guest-stars on a rerun of "Hawaii Five-O" 9/3 on CBS.

Michael Gaston stars in the new CBS series "Unforgettable".

Richard Speight Jr. (Bill) has a recurring role on "Justified" on FX.

Siena Goines had a recurring role this season on "Criminal Minds", which re-runs this summer, on CBS.

Skeet Ulrich (Jake) was starring in the new Law & Order spinoff, "Law & Order: Los Angeles", but NBC is stupidly firing him.  He also appears in this video: The NBC Primetime Preview Show and he does voices on Robot Chicken.

Michael Gaston (Grey) has a recurring role on "The Mentalist".

Shoshannah Stern (Bonnie) has joined the cast of "Lie to Me" on FOX.

Lennie James (Robert) stars in the new AMC show "The Walking Dead", plus he has two new movies coming out.

James Remar (Jonah) has a recurring role as Harry on "Dexter". 

Erik Knudsen (Dale) has two new movies coming out this year, including "Scream 4".

Esai Morales (Major Edward Beck) has a recurring role on "Fairly Legal" on USA.

Bob Stephenson (Jimmy) has two new movies coming out this year.

Darby Stanchfield (April) has two new movies coming out this year, too.

After starring in Undercovers this year on NBC (it was canceled), Gerald McRaney appeared in the first episode of Fairly Legal on USA Network and has two new movies coming out this year.

Beth Grant (Gracie) has completed 8 films that are due out this year.

Daniel Benzali (Valente) plays Theo AKA The Balkan on General Hospital.

Emily Rose (Trish) stars in "Haven" on the Syfy Channel; it airs in the summer.

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Updated 8/14/12  


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