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House Episode Guide

Written by Patti

EPISODE 12 – “Detox”

Opening Scene: A young man and woman are in bed fooling around. She asks him what does he say now? She asks if they can “do it”. He finally reaches in the bedside table and pulls out a set of car keys. Now the two of them with the girl driving wildly fast in his father’s Porsche are racing through the streets. Suddenly the young man starts coughing and then the girl sees blood on the rearview mirror. They miraculously avoid a accident but then unfortunately are in another.  

The boy is in the hospital with his girlfriend and father. House is waiting impatiently at the pharmacy to get a refill on his Vicodin. The Pharmacist tells House it is going to be awhile, House is not happy. Cameron approaches House and tells him about this young man. That he has been in and out of the hospital for three weeks with internal bleeding with no apparent cause. House sees Dr. Cuddy and angrily tells her hospital does not have his pain medicine. After Cuddy gets off the phone she confirms that it will take a hour to get his Vicodin. Now after listening to Cameron, Cuddy is interested in this case. House throws out some diagnoses and each one does not fit the boys symptoms or tests. House tells Cameron to get everyone in his office.  

House tells the team the kid is going to be dead in a few days unless they figure out why his red blood cells are disintegrating. Foreman says it is not environmental, their house is completely clean. Chase asks if they should recheck and House says no as if it is environmental he will get better just being in the hospital. Foreman suggests an infection; Cameron says no fever and no white count. Chase suggests drugs would fit just as much as lupus. House is listening but is starting to be distracted by the pain from not having his meds. House says so it is lupus, drugs or cancer. House starts to walk out and says he will speak to Wilson about the cancer and they should do an ANA for lupus and also test for drugs.  

House finally gets his Vicodin. Cuddy looks on concerned. She tells House there are other ways to manage pain. She tells House he is addicted. House tells her if the pills ran his life he would agree, but it is his leg that is the problem. Cuddy tells House it is not just the pain he wants but to get high. She tells House he is taking double what he was taking when she hired him. Cuddy tells House he can not go a week without the drugs. House says he does not want to go a week without the drugs. It will hurt. She offers House a week off of clinic duty for a week off his meds. Then she offers House two weeks off for a week off his meds.  She finally then offers him a month off of clinic duty. House finally agrees and gives her his pills.  

Cameron is sitting with the boy’s father explaining how drugs could be the cause of his illness. The father says his son is not on drugs but his girlfriend was in rehab in 9th grade. Cameron tells him the girl obviously cares for his son. He says she cared about the car. That is when the father tells Cameron about his wife’s death from cancer. Cameron tells him they are going to test his son for drugs anyway. Chase is going to take some hair for testing and the boy (Keith) insists to him he does not do drugs. Drug test comes back negative. Cameron keeps interviewing the father and they keep doing more tests. She asks him if any relative have been diagnosed with lupus. He does not even know what is, and Cameron explains. She finally asks him what kind of cancer his wife died of and he tells her pancreatic cancer. Wilson goes to do a biopsy. He tells Wilson that they told his Mom they were just doing tests and that she died three moths later. Wilson reports back to House and the team that it is not cancer. 

House is listening to Wilson and his team obviously in pain. Foreman asks House if he is okay? Keith interrupts them and asks for help. He says he is losing the vision in one eye. The team go in to check on Keith and Wilson asks House how long has it been? House tells him he is fine and walks away.  

House is with his team and Wilson in his office and notices a young attractive woman in his private office stretching. The team goes to leave and Wilson walks over to House and House asks him “Is it my birthday”? House says he is not lonely his leg hurts and Wilson tells House she is a legitimate masseuse. The woman goes over to House and when he tries to tell her he does not need her, she starts massaging his hand and House enjoys it. She then tells him to go inside and take off his clothes.  

Chase is with Keith and his Dad and asks why he is not eating? Keith asks Chase shouldn’t he be looking at his eye? Chase tells him that his eye is not life threatening.  

The masseuse leaves House’s office and he seems to be better and then Chase walks up and tells House he has an idea of how to restore Keith’s sight. House tells Chase his idea is a good one and to do it. House walks away and leans against the wall obviously in a lot of pain still.

Chase does the surgery and he does restore the sight in Keith’s eye. 

Keith is back in his room and his girlfriend comes in. Keith removes the patch and they kiss. She is worried that they will not find out what is wrong with Keith and that it is her fault. Keith goes to throw up and his girlfriend screams for help and they rush Keith to ICU. House comes by and asks what is wrong and Cameron fills him in and that they are taking him to ICU. The father yells that the girlfriend must have given him drugs and she yells that she did not.  House yells that Keith’s liver is shutting down. The Dad ask what does that mean and House being in pain gets very sarcastic and tells him his son is just fine and can go home now. House tells the Dad what that means is Keith can not live without a liver and that he is going to die. Cameron walks over to House and yells at him that his son is dying and House is mocking him? House said the question was stupid and Cameron says is wasn’t. House then agrees with her that it wasn’t. Cameron asks House is proving Cuddy wrong worth all of this?

Back at the office Foreman tells the team that House should not even be here. Chase says if they sent House home every time he said something inappropriate, he would never be at work. Foreman tells Chase and Cameron that House should not even be here. Cameron states that he is in pain and Foreman asks her what does House have to do to piss her off? Foreman tells them House is detoxing and is out of his mind. House walks in and ask if they want to still talk about him or can they discuss Keith’s liver damage. Cameron still insists it is lupus but House says it is progressing too fast. House insists while lupus is more likely they should rule out Hep E. If they treat for lupus and it is Hep e, he is toast. House tells them to start Keith on a medicine that might make him worse but not enough to kill him and then they will know what they are looking at. Foreman asks House what do they tell the Dad? House tells Cameron to lie to the Dad about their treatment plan. The team thinks this plan of House is wrong but they do not know what else to do. Cameron tells them she does not want to lie but does not want to get fired either. Chase tells her House would never fire her.  

House is now alone in his office and in obvious pain. He picks up a metal object and smashes it into his fingers breaking them. This releases him of some of his leg from his leg and detoxing.  

Cameron is now with the Dad explaining the new course of treatment. She is uncomfortable lying to the Dad. The Dad tells Cameron about when his late wife was in the hospital and what they told him then. Cameron tells the Dad she does not think it is hepatitis that his son has lupus.  

Wilson is examining House’s x-rays and tells him it is broken. He asks House how it happened. House tells him he closed it in a car door. Wilson knows he is lying and that House broke his own hand to release the pain from his leg and detox. House asks Wilson not to splint it as he may want to “remedicate” himself later. Cuddy walks in angry and asks why he told Cameron to lie to the Dad. House tells her it does not matter what he tells her, that the Father is insisting on the lupus treatment. Cuddy says is House going to play chicken with the Dad over the boy’s life. Cameron walks in and tells them all that the Father wants Keith transferred to another hospital. Cuddy says Keith is not stable and won’t make it out the door and Cameron says that what she told the Dad. House says that is when the Dad caved and agreed to their treatment.  

Chase and Cameron are with Keith and the Dad in his room explaining what they are going to do and the Father asks them why bother as they are going to do what they want anyway. All of a sudden Keith starts having an hallucination and thinks that his cat is crawling on him.

Keith tells them he thinks he wet the bed. They turn him over and he is bleeding very badly out of his rectum. They have to get him to the OR stat.  

Keith is out of surgery and the team is reviewing his case so far. Cameron says the other symptoms plus hallucinations now make it official that it is lupus. House asks them who is Jules? Cameron tells House they waited to long and “we” screwed up. House tells her doesn’t she mean he screwed up? He tells her that always trusting him is a big mistake. House tells the team to put Keith on the transplant list. Chase and Cameron leave but Foreman stays and goes to talk to House. House is on his office vomiting and Foreman walks in, House jokes it was the cafeteria food. Foreman asks House what happened to his hand? Foreman tells House he came to work with him and not to cover his ass. He gives House a bottle of Vicodin. Foreman tells House to take his pills before he kills this kid. Foreman leaves and House holds the bottle and opens it on his desk. He picks one up. 

Cameron is with the Dad and he is angry that because of House playing games his son is dying. Cameron tells the Dad he needs a liver. Foreman goes to Cuddy to try and get Keith a liver but Cuddy tells him that it is difficult but that she will try. Keith’s Dad asks if he can donate part of his liver but he is not a match. House walks up and asks who is Jules? The Dad tells him Jules was Keith’s cat. The Dad asks House what does this matter? Foreman tells the Dad they will continue the treatment while they wait for a donor. The Dad asks Foreman how long can he wait? Chase answers, not long. House continues to believe it is not lupus. House explains that there is a difference between psychosis and hallucinations. The Father tells them there is no cat that it died. House asks him why he did not mention to them that they have a dead family pet? House asks how the cat died and the Dad says from old age. The girlfriend tells them that the cat died about a month ago. House asks them where did the cat sleep and the girlfriend tells him in bed next to Keith.  

Foreman and Chase go to dig up the cat. They find the dead cat and House starts to do an autopsy on it.  

Suddenly the donor liver arrives. House finds the answer in the cat. They are prepping Keith for surgery and put him under. House bursts in and tells them to stop the surgery. House tells the surgeon it is not lupus but acute naphthalene toxicity. The surgeon says it is not mothballs and House says no that it is termites. House then coughs on the surgeon attempting to stop the surgery. The he walks out of the OR.  

The team can not believe House stopped the surgery and House tells them all Keith needs is some chicken soup. They tell House that if it was environmental he would have got better being at the hospital, instead he has got worse. House says Keith has also dropped 14 pounds. Naphthalene is a gas and fat soluble. Keith breathed it in and it got stored in his fat cells and when he stopped eating the body drew on the fat cells. Then flood gates opened and the poison poured into his system. Cuddy rushes in and demands to know why House stopped the surgery and then the Dad hits House. House starts to explain again why Keith is sick and does not need the liver transplant. House tells the Dad to give him 24 hours to pump Keith with calories and he will be better. Cuddy says the liver is going to someone now, and the Dad says they are doing the transplant. If they do the surgery Keith will lie in the OR for 14 hours while his body continues to burn calories. House tells the Dad he did him a favor as Keith is awake now and they can say good-bye. Cameron tells the Dad to trust House. The Dad tells them to give the liver to the other person.  

Chase and Foreman go to Keith’s house and break down the wall in his bedroom and discover thousands of termites.  

The next day Cameron is with Keith and his family telling them his recovery looks good.

House is walking with Wilson and Wilson tells House he made it through the week and House says he won his prize. Wilson asks House if he learned anything and House tells him he is an addict. Wilson starts to suggest treatment methods for his addiction but House tells him he has no intention of giving up the Vicodin. House tells Wilson he does not need to stop, as it is a problem. He pays his bills, goes to work and make his meals he functions. Wilson asks is that all he wants? Wilson does not buy that the drugs have no harmful effects on House’s life. House then yells at Wilson of course he has changed! Wilson asks so everything is the leg? House says the Vicodin let him do his job, they take away the pain. Wilson walks out of the office.  

Wilson is leaving the hospital and Cuddy approaches him. She asks him how it went? Wilson tells her House admitted that he is addicted to the narcotics and that it is not a problem. Cuddy asks Wilson what he is going to do and he tells her nothing. He has done enough damage. Cuddy tells him she hopes that House never finds out it was his idea. Wilson says House would never believe that.

House is in his office and his recliner after taking his Vicodin and is just chilling out.

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Updated 6/29/12  


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