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House Episode Guide

Written by Patti

EPISODE 10 – “Histories”


Opening Scene: A view of run down house where a party is going on. An apparently homeless woman approaches and asks about the party. The guy at the door tells her $20 admission; she looks through her bag and tells him she must have not taken the money out of the ATM. Her tells her he knows she is homeless and broke. She tells him she is looking for her friend James and he finally lets her in. The woman roams through the house looking for James and finally a girl tells her that yes James is around. Suddenly the woman starts having an episode. The woman tries to put some drug in her mouth and she spits it out. Two other women throw her into the wall. She hears a siren and the police are there breaking up the party and see she needs to go to the hospital.

Wilson is informing Foreman about the woman from the party and that her tox screen is clean but she is delusional. Foreman seems uninterested in this case mainly due to the fact the patient is homeless person. Wilson tells Foreman that this is a teaching hospital. Patient has no ID or no idea of her name. Wilson was brought in due to her having some lesions on her arm. Wilson tells Foreman the lesions were not cancerous but he noticed a twitch in her wrist. Foreman goes to examine her. The woman starts having a seizure and Foreman steps away while Wilson tries to help her. Foreman tells Wilson she is just manipulating him and that she just does not want to be discharged. Wilson proves Foreman is wrong and that she is really sick. After they stabilize her, Foreman continues to tell Wilson that she is still faking.

Wilson goes to see House to tell him about the case and that Foreman is wrong. House tells Wilson he should be angry with Foreman and not him. Wilson tells House he just wants her to get medical attention. House tells Wilson that is not even close to being true. This is something personal. House tells Wilson to give him the file.

House and the team go about doing a differential. Foreman still does not want to take the case but House is interested. House starts going through her purse. Foreman finds a vial of insulin. House instructs the team to hang a banana bag and give it 24 hours to correct her electrolytes. Foreman asks House even if she is not faking what is so interesting about this case? House tells Foreman at the moment, he is interested in why Foreman is so against taking it.

The team is with their patient and she is sketching, Chase tells her she drew a good likeness of Foreman. She tells Chase that she knows that Dr. Foreman does not like her. Chase asks her who is James? She suddenly grabs her head in pain and tosses her food tray. She tells Chase to get away from her. Foreman orders a sedative and then tries to restrain her and she bites him. Foreman orders a MRI immediately and then she is out of there. Foreman approaches a woman waiting for her MRI and switches her appointment with his patient. Dr. Cuddy finds out about the switch with the MRI’s and takes both House and Foreman to task. Dr. Cuddy tells them the patient can not have an MRI as she has a surgical pin in her and the MRI would have ripped it out of her body. Dr. Cuddy tells them they are treating her without any medical history, which House then tells her that Foreman believes she has a brain tumor. Foreman looks at House in disbelief but House tells them that if they do not do the test then she will die. Cuddy agrees to removing the pin and then doing the MRI but no other treatment or tests until they find out who she is. House tells Cuddy that Foreman “knows” all the homeless people and then tells Foreman to go check out the “hood”.

We see a new sketch showing some stores and then we see the actual buildings. Foreman starts talking to a homeless man who is not sure if he knows her. He then tells Foreman that he likes his jacket and that his memory is coming back to him. He knows where she keeps her stuff. Foreman gives the man his jacket and goes to check out her belongings. When Foreman opens the flaps of her tent, bats come flying out. Foreman finds a file folder and takes it with him.

Back at the hospital Foreman brings the folder to the team. Cameron tells him that there is no tumor and her brain is clear. Wilson walks in and says that it still could be a neurological problem. Foreman shows House the drawings in the folder. House asks if she signed them, as a name would be a good start. House looks over all of the drawings giving the team bizarre information, but in the end he holds up a surgical pin that told him the patient had been in a car accident on October 2, 2002. Foreman tells House that was why he insisted on doing the MRI so he could get the pins removed and look up the serial number. House tells them the patient’s name is Victoria Matsen. Foreman looks at the fax coming in and realizes that the meds they gave her she is allergic to. The team rush to her room where is coding and start to help her.

Foreman tells House and the team they sedated her. Cameron starts informing the team of her prior medical history but the addresses are fake and none of the medical problems explain her symptoms now. Wilson believes she has ovarian cancer and House orders the team to do an ultrasound.

Foreman comes back to the office and finds House looking over Victoria drawings. He believes she was married at one time. Foreman asks House why is he interested in a patient’s personal history and House asks Foreman why he is not.

House is walking with Wilson still trying to understand why he is so interested in the case. Cuddy walks up and tells him since he says he is too sick to work in the clinic he can supervise the two female med students for the day. He asks the med students if Cuddy assigned them a patient and they answer yes. House then asks them why they are still here?

Cameron and Chase do the ultrasound and Chase sees that Victoria does indeed have cancer. Wilson finds House down in the clinic room looking over Foreman’s personal file and discovers his parents have been married 40 years. So why does he hate homeless people? House is also curious about Wilson’s interest in this case as well. House gets paged and he and Wilson leave to go see the results of Victoria’s ultrasound. It shows a mass on her ovaries and Wilson says she has 2-3 months to live. House asks the team to consider it is not cancer and it is a tuberculoma. He tells them to start her treat for tuberculoma, as there is no treatment for advanced ovarian cancer.

Victoria is in her room sketching and asks Foreman what he is giving her? He tells her and she says that she knows she does not have a tuberculoma. Foreman tells Victoria she is probably right about not having a tuberculoma and that he is sorry he did not believe her. She tells Foreman she lied too, that she took too much insulin, as she wanted a place to sleep. Foreman asks Victoria if she was ever married, and who is James? He asks if he can help her find him. Suddenly Victoria says the light in the room is too bright and getting even brighter it is physically hurting her. Victoria says that Mr. Fury is trying to hurt her and Foreman tries to calm her down. He takes her temperature and it reads 105 degrees. Foreman closes the blinds and goes to give Victoria something to drink but she spits it out saying that it is poison. Foreman tells Victoria he will not let the bad guys hurt her. She tells him that Mr. Fury is not the bad guy, she is.

Foreman goes to see House and tells him it is not a tuberculoma, and House asks why not? Foreman tells him that her temperature is 105 degrees. Their treatment for tuberculoma is not working, it is cancer and she is dying. Chase comes in with lab results saying it is a tuberculoma. House tells them that they are right about the diagnoses but that the treatment is killing her. Now Wilson and Foreman are arguing the issues and House tells them to take her off the Prozac and do some other tests. Chase offers that they might want to get her in an ice bath if they want her to live long enough to see the tests results.

They are preparing the ice bath and Victoria is telling Foreman she is sorry, and please don’t do this to her. Foreman tells her they have to bring down her fever right away. The nurses put her in the ice bath and she is screaming to get out.

The two med students are in House’s office presenting the history’s of their patients to him. The girls start arguing about the different versions they each have of what happened to the patient. He asks them both how much the patient weighs and what color is her nose? They are both confused by his question and ask him what is wrong with her? He tells them that would be “telling” and starts to leave after getting a page. Before he leaves them he gives them a medical book and tells them it begins with a “C”.

The team tells House urine is negative and chest x-ray is clean. House asks them if there is a positive coming? They believe she might have meningitis so House orders meds and to put her in isolation. Either she gets better or she dies. When the team get to Victoria’s room she is gone and Cameron is amazed as Victoria was sedated.  Foreman sees the pictures Victoria drew on the wall.

Wilson is with Cuddy and Foreman angry that a patient with 10 milligrams of Haldol in her system just got up and walked out of her room and the hospital. Cuddy is concerned that if Victoria does have meningitis, which is highly contagious and she is out on the streets the hospital is so liable. Foreman goes to look for her. Cuddy tells him to call the police.

The med students are calling off illnesses that begin with “C” to House and he asks if they even know what these diseases are?  House goes into the patient room wearing a big bird pin on his lapel. He asks the patient what has brought her to the hospital and she tells him it is her wrist. House asks her how it happened?  She tells him she was riding a Ferris Wheel and this huge seagull flew right at her. We see she is looking directly at House’s bird pin and a picture of a Feriris Wheel on the back of his notebook. The med students tells House the patient is lying, and the patient says she is not. Houses says of course you are lying as you have no idea what happened to you. He and the students’ step out of the room and House tell them she has Korsakoff’s syndrome. She uses visual clues to fill in her lost memory. He tells them from now, on they should treat all patients as if they have Korsakoff’s syndrome as we all lie. He gives them the medicine to give to her and says she will be fine. One of the students asks House if he had to be so cruel as now the patient is crying. House goes back in to the patient and reintroduces himself to her. She starts to tell him a new story of how she got hurt. He tells the students that she does not even remember he even being in there a minute before.

Down in the ER they rush Victoria in. Victoria is asking for Foreman.

Foreman is now back with the team updating them on Victoria’s condition. House confirms it is still meningitis and to start the treatment then he walks out. House goes to talk to the officer that brought her in. The officer sticks to his story that he found Victoria lying on the grass. House notices the officer’s tasar and asks him about it. He tells the officer that a tasar firing off 60,000 volts would jack a person’s heart rate up to 150. The officer still sticks to his story and then House offers him $100. House then goes back up to Victoria’s room while Foreman examines her. House tells Foreman the heart rate thing is not related to her condition and Foreman says that is bad because the treatment for meningitis is not working either so she is dying. House takes a needle and pushes it into the same place the cop tasared her and she has no reaction. House sticks a needle into Foreman’s arm where Victoria bit him and he feels no pain either. House is now in the lab with the team and Wilson going over all Victoria’s symptoms and they realize she has rabies. She is dying and has maybe one to two days left. House tells Foreman he needs to start getting his shots right away or else he will need to get another affirmative-action hire.

Wilson begins to give the painful shot for rabies to Foreman and asks him if he wants him to tell Victoria the diagnosis and that she is dying? Foreman tells Wilson that there is nothing that they can tell her that will change anything. After Wilson pull out the needle in Foreman’s stomach he tells him to rest for a minute. Foreman sits right up and takes off. He tells Wilson to tell House he had to go out for an hour. Wilson tells Foreman she might not have an hour and Foreman tells him that he does not want her to die alone. He tells Wilson he is going to try and find James. Wilson goes chasing after him and they both go to some abandoned house. They find the room Victoria has been drawing and they also find a strong box with pictures and documents. The come to realize that Mr. Fury was her husband Paul Furia. They also find out that James was her son and he died. We now see a flashback of a healthy Victoria with her husband Paul and baby James. Wilson finds an article and tells Foreman that in the car accident 2 years ago she broke her arm and her husband and the baby died and Victoria was driving.

Foreman goes back to Victoria and sits with her and holds her hand. She thinks it is James but Forman tells her he is her husband Paul. He tells her he has come to forgive her. Victoria gasps. And he tells her that the accident was not her fault. She keeps apologizing over and over.

Wilson is sitting outside at night and House walks up. House tells Wilson he has met his parents and brother and then Wilson tells him he has another brother. He did not tell House because he is not in his life anymore. He has not seen him in 9 years.

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Updated 6/12/12  


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