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House Episode Guide

Written by Patti



Opening Scene: A recording session is in progress. They are expecting the legendary horn player John Henry. John Henry is in his limo on the way to the session. His partner asks if he is up to doing the session. John Henry says we will find out. Finally John shows up ready to start the recording session. He listens to the music, tells the people he has the music and they start recording. Suddenly he starts gasping for breath. He can not breathe and needs to go to the hospital ASAP.

House enters Cuddy’s office and tells her he wants in on the John Henry case. House is curious why John has been paralyzed for two years and no one knows why. Cuddy tells House to forget his paralysis, as far as the hospital is concerned it is a simple case of lobar pneumonia. Cuddy tells House that Marty Hamilton is John’s primary physician in California and he is dealing with the paralysis. Cuddy tells House that Dr. Hamilton already asked for House’s team but not for House. She informs him that Foreman did his residency with Dr. Hamilton. House tells Cuddy he knows that, she tells House it is Foreman’s case.

Back in House’s office, Foreman is at the whiteboard leading the differential. House is sitting at the table acting up. Foreman asks Cameron and Chase for updates, then asks House who tells him his results are not back yet, and is he going to fire him? Foreman says “no” but he can wash his car. House says, “this is going to be fun”. Foreman gives Cameron and Chase orders and to follow through. House asks Foreman what about the paralysis and Foreman answers that they are sticking to the pneumonia. Foreman says Dr. Hamilton already has determined John’s paralysis is a result of having ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). House gets up and starts to ask the team what else could his paralysis be from other than ALS? Cameron and Chase start giving ideas. Foreman tells House that ALS fits and even includes him having pneumonia. House tells Foreman ALS is a death sentence, and Foreman tells House that does not mean it is wrong.

Foreman is with John drawing blood. John asks Foreman if he thinks the “breathing stuff” is connected to his ALS? Foreman answers that it makes sense. John tells Foreman that Hamilton is a great doctor but his treatment obviously is not working. He asks Foreman if he is going to die here or will he make it home ? Foreman tells John that House thinks they should do an MRI which John questions? He also tells Foreman he has heard of House, that he is an obsessive son of a bitch. John asks Foreman who he thinks is right, Hamilton or House? Foreman plays it safe and says both doctors are excellent. He tells Foreman one says ALS and one says not, that Foreman has to pick one. Foreman says everything points to ALS, so John tells him no MRI. John also tells Foreman he wants to sign a DNR.

Back in House’s office he is listening to John Henry’s albums with his headphones on. Foreman walks in and tells House John signed a DNR. House sits up and takes the headphones off and asks Foreman “He rhymes with dinner”? Foreman says no he signed a DNR. House says that makes more sense. House asks Foreman if he told him it might not be ALS? Forman says no and House tells him no wonder he signed a DNR. Foreman tells House how is treating John. House tells him if it were his case he would be adding a little IVG to the mix. Foreman tells House John does not want anything done, no treatment. House tells Foreman DNR means “do not resuscitate” not “do not treat”. House tells Foreman to hold on to that DNR paper as it may be worth a lot of money real soon.

Forman is on the phone telling someone to start the IVG treatment.

House is at the clinic with a patient saying “his little man” has lost some of its bounce. He wants some blue pills. House tells him he does not need the blue pills, as his problem is a conflict in medications. The patient needs to up his insulin levels. House tells him he “forgot” to tell the nurse he had diabetes. House suddenly gets a page that John is “Code Blue”. House gives the patient a script for the blue pills and tells him if he has got heart disease from the diabetes the blue pills will kill him. Otherwise, have a nice weekend.

Chase and Cameron are with John who is having difficulty breathing. Foreman tells them that the problem was their mistake by giving him the IVG. Chase tells them they have to intubate him right away, and Cameron goes to get the equipment. Foreman tells them they can’t as he has signed a DNR. House shows up at John’s room and walks in he asks how long John’s condition has been like this? Foreman tells House he did put him on the IVG. House tells Foreman John is not dead and they can fix this. Foreman insists they honor the DNR. No one will do it so House goes to intubate him. Foreman keeps telling House he can not intubate him. House is not listening. John’s wife walks in and House tells her John had a reaction to some medicine they put him on. She asks what did House just do, and Cameron answers he saved John’s life.

John is now on an ventilator and Chase tells House he is stable. House says the IVG made him worse which means that multifocal motor neuropathy was a bad diagnosis. House asks the team what is really wrong with John? Foreman reminds House, John had a DNR and he totally violated it. House reminds Foreman that John signed the DNR because he did not want to die a slow painful death from ALS, and this episode had nothing to do with that. House says this is Foreman’s case and maybe he does not want to look bad in front of his old boss. Foreman shouts at House that he assaulted him and House says fine, that he won’t do it again. Foreman answers that he will. House asks Chase and Cameron what would make John’s lungs worse? They give him ideas. A woman walks in and is holding a paper for House. Cameron opens it and tells House it is a restraining order, and that House is not allowed to come within 50 feet of John Henry. They have also asked the DA to file criminal charges for battery against House. House tells Cameron to test his blood, he has some left in the lab just add this new test to the order. He tells Chase to get a biopsy to confirm Wegner’s, and finally move the patient to the second floor ICU. Chase asks why and House tells him it is right above the clinic and he is sure it is pretty much 50 feet in any direction. It is nice having a court order saying he can not do clinic duty.

Cuddy is in the clinic with some patients and House appears standing “50 feet” away and yells out her name. House asks why she paged him and Cuddy wants to know why he is yelling? He tells her John’s bed is behind that wall. House is confused about why Cuddy is not angry about what he did. She tells House when she hired him, she knew he was “insane”. She will continue to try and stop him from doing “insane”  things but once they are done, she set aside $50,000  year for legal expenses. So far she tells him he has come in under budget. Cuddy tells House that Foreman called Dr, Hamilton and he is flying in from LA. He is coming in as a friend to personally pull the plug on John. House tells Cuddy that yes, he does need a lawyer.

House is now in court involving the charges brought against him. House’s lawyer tells the Judge that they request to keep John on life support.  The Judge asks House did he beat up a guy in a wheelchair?  House’s lawyer tells the Judge that House allegedly forced a tube down John’s throat against his will. House stands up and tells the Judge it was a medical tube to save his life. House’s lawyer explains to the Judge that without the tube, it is likely that John will probably die. The Judge reminds him that the patient knew that as he did sign the DNR. Houses’ lawyer explains to the Judge that John dying will violate his client’s Six-Amendment right, to face his accuser. While John’s lawyer is talking to the Judge, Wilson (who is sitting behind House) asks him why is he doing this? Wilson states that even if the Judge rules in his favor the restraining order and the criminal charges stay. What has House gained? House tells Wilson he has gained time. House stands up again and tells the Judge he has a medical issue. The Judge asks him does it pertain to this case? House tells him it does not. House asks the Judge if he has any family history of heart disease? House points out that the Judge’s fingers show signs of clubbing indicating a heart problem. He tells him to please see his doctor and then sits down. The Judge is half listening to John’s lawyer but now is concerned about what House just told him. Wilson and House walk out of the courtroom and House has won.

House is now at the lab with Cameron and Chase getting new information. House tells them to start a new medicine to treat Wegner’s disease. Cameron asks that they have very little information to go on to believe it is Wegner’s. House insists that if the new medicine works, and John starts walking then he knows if he was right. Cameron asks House if he is asking Chase and her if he wants them to treat the patient and lose their medical license?

Back in John’s room, House walks in with the medicine he wants to use. John still is tubed but shakes his head “no” at House. Someone walks into the room and House introduces himself to Dr. Hamilton. He tells House they need to talk and House tells Hamilton he started John on Cytoxan. Hamilton tells House he checked him out and he knows he is a good doctor, and House should appreciate he (Hamilton) is a good doctor too. House asks him why? Hamilton tells House he checked on Wegner’s as well and the tests came back negative as his will as well. Hamilton tells House he is going to take John off the ventilator and let John die. Suddenly Foreman walks in the office. Foreman apologizes to Hamilton for putting his patient (John) on IVG medicine. House reminds Hamilton he has a court order to keep John alive, and Hamilton informs House that all charges against him have been dropped. House tells them both that John does not have to die. Foreman tells House it is not Wegner’s.

House is standing outside John’s room talking to Wilson telling him if it is Wegner’s his lungs will not be able to handle it. As soon as they pull the plug he will die. John nods his head to the doctors that he is ready for them to pull the plug. Hamilton starts unplugging him from the machine. Wilson and House look on. Amazingly John is still breathing. He is holding his own. House says it is not Wegner’s, wrong again.

Wilson tells House and the team that John is stable but one of his arms is now paralyzed. House says the real question is why is still alive? House is still determined to find out what is really wrong with John.

Hamilton is with John telling him to have him paged if he needs him and leaves the room. House sneaks around the corner and walks into John’s room, and John tells him to get out. House tells John that yes his life sucks, but just give him a chance to find out what is wrong with him. If after that John still wants to kill himself, House will give him a hand. John tells House that playing at that recording session was his way of testing “his air”. He can’t play anymore. House asks him is that all he is, a musician? John asks House isn’t it the same with House. John tells House that both of them have their “one thing” and if they lose that there is nothing else left for them. House while still wanting to figure out what is wrong with John, does now understand better his reason to wanting to die. House leave John’s room, then turns around and starts to disconnect John’s wires and tells him it is not over for him. He tells John he can call the police if he wants and that he is going to get a MRI.

Foreman and Hamilton are having a catch up lunch. Foreman and Hamilton are laughing about the fun times they had at some medical conferences they attended together. Hamilton asks if Foremen if he enjoys working with House? Foreman says enjoy is not the word he would use. Hamilton tells Foreman that they work too hard not to enjoy ourselves. Hamilton ask if Foreman is seeing anyone, and Foreman tells him sort of. Hamilton asks if he thinks she would enjoy moving to LA?

Cameron and Chase are reviewing the MRI when Foreman walks in the room. He tells then that Hamilton offered him a job. Cameron asks if he is going to take it? He tells them that it would be a partnership, more money, a car allowance and other extras. Chase asks then why didn’t he tell Hamilton yes? Foreman tells them it is because he made a commitment here. House would let Foreman out of his agreement in a heartbeat. Cameron looks at the test and determines it was a stroke, that John’s arm and legs being paralyzed are separate issues. House is up behind Foreman listening to him and then asks what is the verdict? Cameron tells House that a clot caused the arm paralysis. Foreman says if they bust the clot he might be able to use his arm, House says go ahead and try it.

Foreman tells John they found a blood clot and they would like to treat it and see if he gets use of his arm again. Foreman tells him the negative side is he could lose function in his lungs. John does not want that. He tells them no. Foreman tells John they could do a embolectomy, were they go in and pull the clot out. Foreman says that it will either help or kill him, either way for John it is a win-win situation. John gives the okay.

Cameron and Chase do the procedure and it appears to remove the clot and John seems fine afterward.

House is back in his office and Foreman is telling House that with Hamilton here he notices the difference in the styles. House is getting on Foreman for his remark about House having no humility. House gets a page and tells Foreman they have to go. They walk into John’s room and Hamilton tells House congratulations. John woke up and can use his arm. House goes to leave and pats John on his leg. John starts to tell them all he felt it.

House says that John now has feeling all the way up his calf. Now they are trying to figure out what is making John better. House tells Chase and Cameron to stop all their drugs. When John starts to get worse again then add back their medicines one by one until he starts to get better again then they know what works.

House goes to see John and sees that he is getting worse, losing feeling again in his legs. He tells Foreman that as long as he works for him he will do his job. House tells them to start the steroids again and get another MRI.

Cameron and Chase do the MRI and Cameron discovers something shocking.

Meanwhile House and Foreman sit down to talk. House tells Foreman he checked Hamilton out and that he is a good doctor. He asks Foreman if he thinks he is better then him? House tells Foreman if he thinks Hamilton is a better doctor than House he should take the job. Cameron and Chase rush in with the result for House and Foreman, Ateriavenous Malformation. There is pressure on his spine causing the paralysis, and Foreman wonders how Hamilton could have missed that? House says they missed it too, as it was not there before. House tells them if they remove the blockage on his spine John will walk again.

John awakes after the surgery and is fine. He starts rehab on his legs and makes great progress. House is now leaving the hospital and runs into John who is walking with a cane. House bets him $50 he can beat him to the curb. John thanks House for sticking with the case. John hands House his horn as a gift.  House is amazed. John tells House he can sell it if he wants just please do not play it.

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