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House Episode Guide

Written by Patti

EPISODE 8 – “Poison”

House and Dr. Adams (Kurt Fuller)

Opening Scene: High school students are taking their exams. The teacher is monitoring the students for cheating. She catches a girl student using her phone and accuses her of cheating. Now a boy in the class raises his hand for the teacher, he needs to use the bathroom but she tells him he has to wait another 19 minutes. Matt starts groaning and the teacher finally goes to get him an escort. Matt gets up and is obviously in pain and very disoriented. The teacher continues to tell him to sit down. Matt finally collapses and a girl student yells at the teacher to go get help.

Foreman is updating House on Matt’s condition and what happened before he collapsed. House is very curious why Foreman took on this case. Foreman tells House that Matt is not responding to treatment and House tells Foreman the boy is on drugs. House finally agrees to take the case. He now is with the team in his office doing the differential. Chase, Foreman and Cameron are throwing out ideas. House tells Foreman to go to Matt’s house and look for his stash and sends Cameron with him. Chase goes to Matt’s room and starts asking him if he used any drugs? Matt is still very out of it. His mother tells Chase that her son does not use drugs, and he tells her that is what all parents believe. She tells Chase that her son was home last night, and she in fact used a home drug testing kit on him using some of his hair. Chase asks her if she trusts him why did she test him without his knowledge? Matt starts to have a seizure and Chase administers treatment.

Foreman and Cameron are searching Matt’s room and Cameron comments that it is way too clean for a teenage boy. Foreman tells Cameron that House thinks he and Matt are drug addicts because when you (meaning House) are a drug addict, you want to believe everyone else is too. Cameron tells Foreman that House takes pills because he is in pain and he is not an addict. Foreman tells her that is the definition of an addict. Cameron asks Foreman if he ever did drugs? Cameron tells Foreman he is beginning to sound and act like House, and they even have matching sneakers. Cameron finds a bunch of jars of homemade tomato sauce with the lids bulging out which indicates bacterial contamination. Foreman finds a jar open in the fridge.

House enters the lab where Foreman and Cameron are working and tells them he is disappointed that he sent them to find cool designer drugs and they come back with tomato sauce. Foreman tells House that Matt made a homemade pizza using the sauce the night before the test. Cameron tells House all the bacteria that could be in the sauce and suddenly House grabs the jar and spoons out a sample and eats it. House tells them that Matt just started seizing and that is not a symptom of bacteria. Cameron suggest pesticide poisoning, Foreman suggests Carbamates, House suggests other causes.

The start to wash Matt down and hope to rid whatever toxins might still be on him.

House is now at the clinic with an older woman and her adult son. She tells House she is happier lately and notices colors and music more. Her son thinks it is a waste of time her being here. She tells House she is 82 and supposed to be playing canasta with the other old ladies but now when she sees a guy with a cute butt, she can’t stop looking at him. A sexy beard also turns her on, looking a House. She tells House it started a month ago when her son got the wrong DVD and got instead a movie with Ashton Kutcher. She tells House now all she thinks about is Ashton Kutchner. She tells House he reminds her of him. House tells her people are always mixing them up. He tells her he does not need to check her heart as she starts to unbutton her shirt, but House is going to admit and do some tests. The son tells House she does not need tests that she is just old, and House tells the son he is just insufferable. His mother has had a major personality change and should be checked out.

Back in Matt’s room he is in bed sleeping and get his medication. His mother is just sitting by his bed and asking Chase why the medicine is not working and Chase tells her it takes time. She questions Chase that he is not even certain it is pesticides. He tells her the blood work was pretty conclusive. Suddenly Matt’s monitors start beeping and Chase orders Matt’s mother to step back so he can attend to Matt. Chase tells Matt’s mom they are going to beat Matt’s heart for him and

Matt’s heart starts to beat faster. Chase tells the mother they will keep Matt on the paddles for another hour and she asks what then? She tells Chase her philosophy is not to just sit back and wait especially when it comes to her son. She wants to know her options.

The team is back at the office getting an update from Chase and start throwing out new ideas for Matt’s illness. Foreman mentions a treatment his professor has used and Chase tells House and the team Matt’s chances do not look so good. House tells Foreman to call his professor. Chase says there are 40 different types of toxins, Foreman and House say at the same time to get all the antitoxins. Cameron chips in that “great minds” think a like alluding back to Foreman acting more and more like House. They need to find out how Matt got exposed to the toxins. Everyone goes off to do his or her part.

Cameron goes back to the house to look for what Matt used in the garden to grow the tomatoes.

House walks into the clinic and sees Wilson. Wilson starts reciting a love poem out loud. Wilson tells House the poem is not bad for an 82-year-old woman. That Mrs. Adams asked Wilson to give it to House (her true love). Wilson tells House to watch himself around her and gives him her test results. Cameron calls House and tells him she found the pesticide container and it is empty, Matt used the whole can. House tells Cameron he will get the info to Chase. House tells Matt’s mother he is giving Matt an antidote for the pesticide. She argues that there was none of that pesticide in that can and Chase tells her he can show it to her. She tells Chase he never tested what was in the can. She tells Chase that the garden was part of a project for school on environmental gardening and they were not allowed to use pesticides. Chase says that maybe he cheated a little. She asks if he is wrong what will that do to him? She tells Chase not to give him this medicine she won’t allow it.

House is with Cuddy telling her to get a court order allowing them to give Matt the medicine. She says the mother’s concern does not mean she is necessarily wrong. House tells Cuddy the mother is basing her decision on believing her son. House tells Cuddy to write something up legally that the mother is temporarily insane, and Cuddy counters her (the mother) only sign of insanity is that she disagrees with House, and that some people would consider that a SIGN of sanity. Cuddy tells House to get the mother to sign off that she is refusing the treatment.

House now goes to Matt’s room to talk to his mother. House hands her a paper and reads to her that her stupidity in refusing treatment will result in her son’s death. She wants to know who he is? House tells her he works for the hospital. The mother is shocked at what House is reading to her and now he passes it to her to sign. She asks again who is he? House answers that he is the doctor who is trying to save her son. That she is the mom who is letting him die. House leaves the room with the papers. House tells Cameron she rethought her position and to restart the treatment.  Cameron says no as they have a problem. Another teenager was just brought in with the same symptoms.

Now in the ER with the new patient, Chase and Foreman are helping to stabilize him. The new patient is Chi Ling and Cameron tells House he was brought in 12 minute ago having identical symptoms to Matt. Chase is not sure he is going to make it. House asks Cameron if he could be Matt’s next door neighbor and she tells him they live ten miles apart and do not even know each other.

Both parents are sitting next to their sons waiting to hear some news. Cameron interviews Chi Ling’s parents about their home situation and they insist no pesticides.

Chase tells House that Chi Ling’s heart is just as bad as Matt’s and they may have to wire him up too. He does not know how long Matt’s brain will hold up. His heart is not pumping enough oxygen. House tells Chase to raise the oxygen but Chase says they then risk damaging his retina. House tells Chase he will have Foreman do it, and Chase ask why as he is the primary. House tells Chase the mom wants another doctor on her son’s case. The mother complained to Cuddy that Chase said he did drugs in high school. Cameron says the two boys have nothing in common, the same school but different cliques, grades, friend’s and cafeteria times. House asks them how do the boys get to school?

Chase and Cameron are now at the bus depot asking the driver of the boy’s bus if they can go inside and look. He tells them he does not care whom they are they are not getting in. He has to pickup the basketball team and to call his supervisor. Chase tells him two boys were poisoned on his bus and they are dying. The bus driver opens the door.

Foreman is with Matt and his mother and she is telling Foreman she can not believe the things House said to her. Foreman stands up for House saying he just did what he needed to do to treat her son. She says it was the wrong medicine. Foreman says they thought it was the right medicine at the time and the mother tells him they should have listened to her. He tells her House listened and he just assumed she was wrong. He says that is true of most of their patients and she tells Foreman he is just as pompous as House.

Cameron and Chase go to check out the bus. The driver tells Cameron that a truck was spraying down by the pond on the bus route.

House goes to see his 82-year-old clinic patient. She is very excited to see him, the son not so much. House asks the son to step outside for a moment. He asks why and House tells him he irritates him. The woman tells House to let him stay, he is just cranky from not eating. House asks Mrs. Adams if she had any recent sexual activity? She says that she supposes fantasies don’t count. Her son is mortified over this conversation. She tells House that she has had a dry spell. She tells House it has been 15 years, and her son tells House that this proves she is confused, as his father died 8 years ago. Mrs. Adams tells her son his father did not die in bed. Mrs. Adams asks House why he wants to know this? He tells her she has tested positive for syphilis. Her son says that is impossible and insulting! House looks at Mrs. Adams and tells her he does not think that this is the first time his mother has heard this news. She tells him they use to call it “Cupid’s disease”. House asks her when she first got it? She tells him 1939, prom night. They boy had a Chevrolet. Mrs. Adams tells her son this happened before she met his father. He says to her that he thought Dad was her first love, and she tells him he was, but they are talking about sex. She tells House she was treated. House tells her it was suppressed in her case for 60 years, but now it is back and the spirochetes that cause syphilis are eating away at her brain cells. He tells her it could be worse and that he can write her a prescription for it and in two weeks she will be cured. House tells Mrs. Adams to feed her cranky “kid”.

The team approach House and tell him the county is worried about West Niles. House asks if they have the medicine for the new pesticide and Foreman says yes, but the mother forwarded the records to the CDC and won’t approve anything before she hears from them. House tells Foreman he has the god like persona down, go talk her into it. He tells House she does not like him anymore nor Chase either. House says it is time to send Cameron in.

Cameron goes to talk to the mother about the new medicine and the mother tells Cameron that she is thinking of transferring Matt out of there. Cameron reminds her that Matt is very sick and will not survive the transfer. She is getting a second opinion from the CDC. Cameron starts to tell the mom a personal story about her grandmother but the mother cuts her off. The mother is not “buying” any of Cameron’s comments. Cameron tells the mother that if her son does not receive treatment he will die and that is on her (the mother). The mother finally relents and lets them try the new medicine.  Cameron starts the treatment on Matt and Foreman starts it on Chi Ling. Suddenly Matt starts seizing again. His mother calls for the nurse and Chi Ling starts seizing as well. Matt’s mother yells out that they are killing her son!

Foreman is telling them that both boy’s hearts are barely pumping, their lungs are shot and now they are both showing liver toxicity. House, Cameron and Foreman start thinking of other ways they could have both got poisoned. House figures out that Matt probably got poisoned before he got on the bus. House asks them what do teenage boys do in the morning besides the obvious? House sends them back to each kid’s house to compare what they each could have used that morning that they have in common.

Mrs. Adams sees House leaving his office and goes racing up to him. He says he sent her home and she tells him she took a cab back to see him. She asks House if all these pleasant feelings she has been having are from the syphilis? House tells yes. She gives the prescription back to House. She says it is not likely she is going to infect anyone, and House says no but it will kill her. She says she has to go sometime. House smiles as she tells him she does not want to play canasta for the rest of her life. She tells him she likes feeling sexy again and making a fool out of herself with a handsome young doctor. House asks her does she think he would have given her the medicine if he thought it would stop her from flirting with him? He tells her if she takes the medicine she will be cured, but what was ate away from her brain is already done, that she is “brain damaged”. Doomed to feeling good for the rest of her life. She laughs and thanks House. She tells House when she is no longer contagious she will come back for a check up.

Foreman and Cameron are at each of the boy’s homes on the phone comparing what products they might have used on there skin before they went to school.  So far they find nothing in common.

Chase tells House Matt’s liver is about shot. House gets a call from Cameron and Foreman saying there are no matches. House asks about laundry detergent? Cameron and Foreman find both homes use the same brand of detergent. House tells them to bring in the detergent.

House and Chase go to Chi Ling’s parents and ask them if their son washed the clothes he was wearing today? His parents say no that their son does not even know how to do the wash. His mother tells House his clothes were new. Chase asks House now what? House asks Chase about Matt’s clothes. Were they new? Chase says they were ratty old jeans and have been bagged and taken downstairs. They both go to look for Matt’s clothes. House discovers that the jeans are “old” but the label is new. Fake old jeans for the $100 homeless look. Chase says Chi Ling was wearing a different brand, how could they both be contaminated? House tells Chase to get both jeans tested.

House is waiting in his office with Wilson awaiting the results. Foreman and Chase come in and tell House they identified the poison in question. They tell House Chi Ling’s parents said yes to treatment but Matt’s mom is holding out. House says to send Cameron again but Chase says that will not work this time. Matt’s mom won’t make a move until she gets the opinion from the CDC.

House goes to Matt’s room and walks in and gives his mom some coffee. He then sits down and plugs in his mini TV telling her that he is going to hang out here if she decides to change her mind. He can then give Matt the medicine right away and pulls out the vial and places it on the table. She tells him the CDC promised to call. He tells her he is sure they will call maybe tomorrow or the day after that. It takes time to review faxed records. The mom asks House what makes him think he is right this time? House says same reason as last time. He tells her he understands that she wants to see how the other kid does and that is okay.  The mom cell phone rings and she hears the “CDC” tell her they don’t have Matt’s records. She tells House the “CDC” can’t help her. She tells House to give Matt the medicine. House leaves the room and runs into Chase who we now find out was the voice behind the “CDC” phone call.

Now they all wait to see if the new medicine is going to work this time. Suddenly Matt opens his eyes. Wilson yells for House to come look. Matt’s mom is smiling. Chi Ling also wakes up.

Cameron is wheeling Matt in a wheel chair explaining he is going to be cured, as long a he does not wear any more poison pants. Matt apologizes to his mom for buying pants he knew were stolen. She tells him she is not mad just glad he is alive. She tells him that maybe she is too hard on him. She then tells him he can rest in bed and work on his college applications.

Foreman tells House that the boys bought pants from a guy selling them from the back of his truck near school. When he was not selling the pants he did day labor on a cornfield using the same truck for both jobs. House asks Foreman why is he still here? Why isn’t he making up with the joyful mother? House leaves the office and Foreman follows. They both run into Matt and his mom and she tells them that the CDC called, again. Matt asks his mom who they were and she tells him they were the arrogant jerks who saved his life. Both Foreman and House turn around to hear her and then get on the elevator. Cameron just smiles and continues walking away. House and Foreman get into the elevator and look at each other then down at their shoes and see they are wearing the same sneakers as each other.

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