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House Episode Guide

Written by Patti

EPISODE 7 – “Fidelity”


Opening Scene: Two men are jogging and one of them is telling his friend that the marriage counselor he and his wife are using is not working. The second man is winded and his friend asks him how are things with his wife Elyse? The second man comes home and calls out for his wife Elyse, there is no answer. He goes up to their bedroom and finds her still in bed asleep. She tells her husband to call her job and tell them she is not feeling well. Her husband reminds her she has not been to work in three days. He tries to get her to get up but she keeps telling him to leave her alone. Suddenly she turns over and slaps him hard yelling to him to leave her ALONE! She then sits up and tells her husband she thinks something is wrong with her.

Cameron gives House a file and tells him the patient (Elyse) has been sleeping 18 hours a day. House tells her it is Clinical Depression, very contagious. Cameron tells him it is not depression and House tells Cameron great she figured it out and she does not need him. Cameron tells House all the doctors who have examined her and no one knows what it is. Cameron goes over with House all the tests that have been done already. House asks Cameron why she is so interested in this patient. House asks Cameron for the chart and she asks why? He tells her that her interest in the case he finds interesting.

House is now in his office with his team reviewing the case. Foreman does not find the symptoms all that suspicious. House tells Foreman depression does not cause fever. Foreman then suggests brain issues, and Chase brings up parasites. Cameron tells Chase the patient has not been outside the US and Chase reminds Cameron that is what the patient claims. House orders the team to start tests and then leaves.

House is now at the clinic with a patient. He is examining a preschool teacher who is complaining of tightness in the chest. He tells her he is going to do an EKG and to just open the front of her gown, which she does. House turns around and is amazed at the size of her chest. He asks the patient if they are real and she tells House they were a present for her husband’s 40th birthday. House tells the patient the causes of her problems are right in front of her and he goes to page a colleague to come for a “consult”. House pages Dr. Wilson to the clinic.

Foreman and Cameron are with Elyse and her husband explaining what they are checking on and what they have found out so far. Cameron begins doing tests on Elyse.

House and Wilson walk out of the clinic patient’s room, Wilson is amazed at the women’s breast but tells House big deal they are just breasts. House tells Wilson the woman got the breast surgery not for her husband but for herself so other people will look at her differently. House says that is why Wilson is wearing that tie he has on. He is not wearing his regular Thursday paisley tie. Wilson tells House the tie is a gift from his wife and House says it is not. That Wilson bought that tie himself and that he wants to look pretty at work. House starts to “sing” Wilson has a girlfriend and Wilson asks him to stop. Cuddy then walks up and asks them both if it takes two department heads to treat shortness of breathe? Do the complications increase exponentially with cup size?

Foreman is back with Elyse and her husband telling them there were no masses or legions that they could see. He tells them both they still do not know what is causing the neurological problems. Elyse tells them she does not feel good and suddenly she starts seizing. Foreman is now with Elyse doing some neurological tests.

House is back with his team and Wilson reviewing Elyse’s tests and noting it is not a tumor. The team begins discussing new options that might be making Elyse sick. Wilson asks them if they have looked at her breast and House scoffs. Cameron confirms that Elyse’s mother died of breast cancer.

Foreman and Cameron are with the husband explaining how breast cancer can impact the brain as well. Cameron goes to give Elyse a mammogram. Elyse tells Cameron she and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for over a year and she guesses now it is lucky she was not pregnant.

The team is back reviewing the mammogram and they find no tumor. Wilson says it must be a small tumor that they are having trouble finding and to do more tests. House tells them to treat her symptoms and let the tumor grow till they can find it. They also need to check out where she lives and works.

Foreman and House are leaving the hospital and Foreman asks House why he is “riding him”. House tells him that is what he does. Foreman then goes to Elyse’s job and checks it out. Elyse’s boss tells Foreman that he and the rest of his staff are all fine so whatever she has she did not get at work.

Cameron is with Elyse and tells Ed (her husband) went to the gift shop to buy a shirt. Elyse tells Cameron how she and her husband met and how they are in love. Elyse tells Cameron that her neck hurts. She then complains her arm itches and starts really scratching it. Cameron goes to get some cream for her right away. Elyse starts hallucinating that bugs are coming out of her arm and starts screaming.

Foreman tells House they had to sedate and restrain Elyse. House asks if that is wise for a patient sleeping 18 hours a day. Foreman says it was either that or letting her scratch her skin off.

House is back with his team and Wilson reviewing the new information and House says maybe she does have bugs under her skin. House believes she could have parasites in her brain from a disease caught in Africa (African sleeping sickness) and Foreman says she has never been to Africa. Foreman says it could be a disease caught by contagious rabbits and House tells Foreman that’s why he “rides him”. House leaves the room and goes into his office to watch TV. Wilson tells the team he needs to think.

The team is in the lab testing for rabbit fever (Tularemia). Foreman is still upset by House’s attitude toward him, while Cameron and Chase discuss the best way to treat Elyse.

House turns off the TV as Wilson enters and ask him if the team is testing for tularemia. House asks Wilson what his new girlfriend’s name is and when does he get to meet her? Wilson continues to deny a new girlfriend. Wilson admits to House he had lunch with one of the nurses. Cuddy then enters the office; she has the “breast lady’s” test results. Cuddy says her tests results are normal and House asks if she (Cuddy) looked at her EKG. House goes downstairs to see the patient. She asks House if she will have to get rd of her implants and he says no. He says her EKG show a decreased heart rate. He asks her if her husband has high blood pressure and she says he was diagnosed with it six months earlier. House asks her if he does the cooking and she tells him he only makes oatmeal in the morning. House asks her does it seem to taste funny to her? He tells her that her husband has been stirring in his blood pressure meds with the oatmeal. He tells her that her husband is not trying to poison her he just does not want to have sex with her. Decreased sex drive is a common reaction to the meds and her husband must have figured if they both did not want sex that was fine. House tells her to go to a bar and than his mind wanders to realize something about his current case.

House heads to the lab and walks in asking if the test were inconclusive? House tells them anything transmitted by blood can be transmitted by sex. Elyse could have slept with someone who had the disease and caught it through sex. Cameron says the husband has never been to Africa and that cheating is not the answer as they are both devoted to each other. House tells Chase and Foreman to find out from the spouses if thy ever cheated on the other. Cameron goes chasing after House, and asks him if he does not trust her to do her job?

Foreman is with the husband explaining that either disease is fatal without treatment and that the treatment itself is extremely dangerous. Chase is with Elyse asking her questions about her condition. Both Foreman and Chase ask the couple if they have had an affair? Both spouses deny they ever had an affair.

Foreman informs House and he knocks off sleeping sickness and tells them to begin treatment for the other illness.

Cameron is in Elyse’s room doing the treatment with her husband in the chair sleeping next to her. Elyse asks Cameron what time is it? A minute later she asks her again. And moment later Elyse is in a coma.

House is with the team the next morning telling them there is only one way a tularemia patient goes into a coma while on the medication is that the person does not have tularemia. House goes into Elyse’s room and begins to examine her. The husband walks in and asks what is he doing? House tells the husband who he is and that his wife has sleeping sickness not rabbit fever. The husband insists he never had an affair. House tells him he believes him. He also tells the husband that the treatment for sleeping sickness is so dangerous that he will need his written consent before he can even prescribe it. The husband asks House why his wife would lie if she knew how dangerous it was and House just tells him that he assumes everyone lies. The husband tells House he does not know if he completely trusts his wife and House tells him he will begin the treatment.

Chase and Foreman begin setting up the dangerous new treatment. Cameron is now with Elyse and the husband and he is asking her how soon will they know if the treatment is working? The husband tells Cameron that if the treatment works and she gets better, that just confirms that she did cheat on him. Cameron tells him that means she just made a mistake. He tells Cameron that part of him can’t handle that. He asks Cameron does that make him a terrible person? She answers, “yes”.

Wilson and House are talking and Wilson asks House is he treating her for sleeping sickness because he does not think it is possible for someone to be faithful in a relationship? Wilson tells House he does think it is. Wilson insists to House he is not having an affair just having lunch with a nurse.

House sees Cameron in the lab working on some equipment. He asks Cameron what is going on? He asks Cameron to turn around. He tells her fixing the centrifuge is a very sad thing. It makes him cry too. She tells House she is not crying and he says, okay. She tells House that she told the husband he was a jerk. House asks her why? She tells House that when she was in college she fell in love and got married. She tells him it lasted 6 moths that her husband had thyroid cancer that metastasized to his brain. There was nothing they could do. She was 21, and watched her husband die. House tells her he is sorry but that is not the whole story. She knew her husband was dying when she married him. House’s pager goes off.

Chase tells House and Cameron Elyse’s fever spiked to 104 and blood pressure is very low. Chase says killing the parasites is no good if they kill her heart as well. The husband walks in and asks what is happening? House tells him they would have expected some improvement in his wife’s condition but that has not happened. The team walks away and let the husband go be with his wife. The husband tells his wife not to die. Suddenly Elyse starts to move her hand and the monitor starts to beat. The husband is so relieved and the team rush in to check on Elyse. House leaves the room.

The husband is in Elyse’s room talking to her. Foreman walks up to Cameron and tells her Elyse is going to be okay. The husband steps away from Elyse’s bed and picks up his suitcase to leave. Elyse is left there crying. The husband walks right past Cameron without saying anything. Cameron goes after him asking was he always honest with her?

House goes into Elyse’s room and sees her crying. He tells her he needs to know who she had an affair with. He has to be notified so he can get treatment also. House asks her why did she lie to them? She tells House her husband is not coming back. He tells her we all make mistakes and we all pay a price.

Final Scene: A shot of Elyse’s neighborhood and Cameron looking for an address. She sees a boy playing and asks where his Daddy is? A man walks out and it turns out to be the friend of the husband who Elyse was cheating with.

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Updated 1/4/12  


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